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Total Weight Of Everything Humans Built On Earth

Imagine that everything built by humans now outweighs everything else living on the planet including humans animals fungi plants and even microorganisms and what if it won't be long until we have no room left and we'll need to move to mars and take what we can with us the world leaders have turned to frederick salazar the extraordinary .

Problem solver with this predicament they inform him that it's essential to measure the total weight also called anthropogenic mass if we want to take what we can from earth to mars although frederick is the right man for the job to manage the situation he knows he will need someone reliable the person he has in mind is annie supernova .

The daring explorer gifted with the superpower to lift the heaviest things is known for her deeds throughout earth once she quickly lifted the heaviest tower in the world burj khalifa and moved a pyramid of khufu any supernova is driven with an adventurous spirit no task is too large no path too long she is not one to be .

Afraid to get her hands dirty and those hands will get pretty messy when she calculates the total weight of the objects that humans have built it will be a difficult task but annie has a game plan to examine materials used for buildings concrete bricks and metals she needs to consider which buildings to take to mars and what will .

Remain annie will need to venture deep into different areas around the world some locations are tough to access and may be dangerous well the mission is on new york annie is rushing through the busy metropolis she quickly lifts the empire state building confused people .

Wonder what annie is up to as she quickly notes down the total weight of 365 000 tons on her way she also picks up a couple of skyscrapers each of them being about 222 500 tons she estimates the total weight of nyc is 3 billion tons in total well she can move the city she puts the .

Buildings back and quickly runs to the airport annie flies towards japan parachuting down she stops at tokyo tower amongst the crowd of people she quickly lifts it up to measure it weighing 4 000 times as the onlookers are confused with annie's actions she quickly drives to a .

Nearby fairground which turns out to be abandoned annie arrives at a forest with high walls of vines the vegetation makes it difficult to record the size it's narra dreamland closed for many years great roller coasters stand motionless with vegetation growing in every part of the park taking advantage of the still standing structures of .

Rides and old buildings the foliage has made homes to birds and small animals it doesn't appear as though any human has ventured this way for a very long time compared to when it was at its peak with 1.7 million visitors per year it's now become a haven for nature she takes a mass indicator to measure .

Its total weight she has an idea that all the materials can be reused or demolished to unload the earth from the unused mask she calls her robot friend the leveler who appears in no time recycles all the materials and saves the earth from several thousands of tons and he takes notes and heads to paris dodging the croissants and baguettes .

Annie quickly weighs the eiffel tower built with solid wrought iron it weighs a total of ten thousand tons and he wipes the sweat from her brow and moves on and he collects her things and takes a submarine to england she arrives at the southern coast from there she discovers the monsal sea forts standing quietly .

Alone with nothing but the surrounding sea lonesome they sit in the water the walls falling apart with seabird's nest resting in the crooks and crannies of the buildings it seems as though they were close to falling over the legs beneath the wave stand firm seaweed and small crustaceans .

Live peacefully attracting small fishes that many birds above feed on although these structures were decommissioned in the 1950s they were later used for pirate radio stations providing free music the seagulls now continue to deliver music instead with their amazing songs .

Annie takes the notes with her mass indicator of this cast area from here annie takes a refreshing swim in the mediterranean sea to egypt to weigh the largest of the three pyramids the great pyramid the largest weighing five million seven hundred fifty thousand tons made from a mixture of limestone basalt .

Granite and mortar and he does some yoga to stretch her muscles after such a challenging exercise and takes her time to the following location and he gathers her warm weather clothing as she takes a trip to the arctic in northern russia .

There she finds an old weather station buildings make the only significant sights in this lonely area surrounded by snow as far as the eye can see amongst the buildings polar bears have moved into the houses as if they were built for them the bears sit on the porch and look out into the distance through the windows annie laughs as they .

Look as though they were impersonating humans living in their stead houses of one thousand square feet or less fall into the small homes category they have an average weight of around fifty thousand to one hundred thousand pounds bears can stay there as they naturally took them over .

Later annie heads to a warmer climate finding herself in china along the great wall she has to carefully pick up independent sections of this massive structure that covers a total of 5 500 miles altogether the great wall weighs a whopping 58 million tons exhausted and he gathers her scuba diving gear to go for a relaxing swim .

Towards vanuatu here in vanuatu she dives underwater in a place called million dollar point where people dump many cars trucks and other vehicles in the late 1940s annie dives underwater and experiences the breathtaking beauty of the submerged mountain of metal machinery laying silently in the depths of the water .

Annie records the assortment of old vehicles amazed because she notices that they have naturally created an artificial reef barnacles corals oysters and algae have all attached themselves to the steel mechanisms feeding off the minerals and growing into forests of underwater vegetation each vehicle creates an .

Independent biosphere she wants to call the leveler but doesn't as she sees hundreds of fish have made their home throughout the pile of discarded objects the fish have found themselves shelter and the provided benefit of an unlimited buffet of vegetation .

It's time to make her way back to headquarters and report to frederick she takes her time on her way back as she flies over china she sees 50 abandoned cities altogether and on her way through the usa she finds over 3 000 abandoned towns and through some off-road locations takes account of abandoned hotels lighthouses monuments .

Churches castles and all other types of structures in various shapes and sizes once again noticing a different element throughout each one that nature is abundant in the absence of humans annie finally arrives at the headquarters of frederick's office exhausted frederick greets annie together with her .

Friend leveller who just joined them the boss awaits the final report and he shows her presentation as per her assessment and calculations the total weight of what humans have created on earth is about 1154 gigatons it is in direct opposition to the dry weight of all life on earth called .

Global biomass in about 20 years it is expected that the world will be covered in only anthropogenic mass she presents what she had witnessed with the famous sites and abandoned structures no doubt she can lift and move the necessary buildings to mars but there is no need to leave the earth they just .

Need to unload the planet from the unused materials from the abandoned places whether on land or in the sea nature has a second chance to return which takes advantage of the materials and constructions to create their biospheres vines crawl the height of the walls trees grow in the soft sandy bricks .

Insects feed upon the plants and flowers birds nestle within the vegetation all kinds of animals have found a home in manufactured covers these structures provide a new place to live frederick silently sits as annie says that humans should also take an example from the other living things and give themselves a second chance on the earth .

The leveler smiles and is ready to work on the unused materials and frederick is ready to remind humans how unique and beautiful their planet is


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