Wednesday, May 25, 2022

What is Mechanical Engineering Technology? | College of Engineering and Applied Science

Hi everyone my name is Chris Jacques and I'm a fourth year studying mechanical engineering technology here at UC right now we are in the highway lab which I think it's one of the cooler labs here on campus but some of the questions I get about MIT is what is the difference between MIT and Chemical Engineering MIT is gonna be a lot more hands-on based .

You get to take some cool labs like welding and machining and then you're gonna take a little bit less calculus but it's still a really great position to be here at UC you get you doing really cool co-ops I've talked with a company called Tech's power in Utica New York where I worked with a ton of aerospace components so that was really .

Cool there are a ton of great machine shops here on campus and then off-campus as well so there are tons of resources for you to work with your hands with machining equipment welding equipment board working equipment any types of equipment like that and then of all the projects in your classes will help you utilize those skills that you have one .

Of the really cool clubs here on campus is the Bearcats Motorsports car it is a Formula SAE car that they build every year any year any major can be a part of this club it's just a really great opportunity to meet some upperclassmen and also just work with the people who are outside of your major one great thing we carry you see is that we just .

Redid our first year engineering curriculum it's called engineering design thinking it is meant to just help you develop those first year engineering skills and also to let you have experience to all those engineering fields out there


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