Tuesday, May 24, 2022

What is the Difference Between a Business Dictionary and a Business Glossary?

The business dictionary or business glossary there is a difference in this video i'm going to quickly explain the difference between the business dictionary and you guessed it the business glossary if you remember from the what is a business glossary video a business .

Glossary is a collection of business terms with their unique definitions and other useful related information so again three keywords here business unique and information so we're talking about business terms business language business very we're talking about .

Having this common place this trusted source of information where anyone can go to and understand the business terminologies and you know even other relevant information how is a business dictionary different from a business glossary well let's do that by pulling the merriam-webster dictionary though obviously any other dictionary .

Would work and as you can see i've already typed in report and taken a screenshot of it what's the main thing that becomes apparent when we're looking at this what's the main thing that's really stands out when we're browsing through a dictionary it's the fact that the term report in this case has multiple entries .

For its definition whereas with a glossary of business glossary there's one term one unique term and it's one unique definition so remember from the definition of the business glossary there were three key words business information and unique so the main .

Takeaway is that a business dictionary can have multiple definitions for the same term but a business glossary has one unique definition for one term so let me let me rephrase that again because both of these artifacts really have the same purpose what differs is some of the rules that .

Govern them so for a business glossary a term is unique we have you know a definition for report and we can't add a new term that's also called report that's called the same thing if we wanted to add another entry for a report well we either modify the existing one or we .

Need to create a new term for it such as you know news report versus a dashboard report whereas for a business dictionary we can have the same term added multiple times so when we are searching for a term report in the business dictionary we can actually just get two entries as search results one with a definition for a news .

Report and the other with the definition for a dashboard report similarly a business glossary has only one definition for each term so there's a one-to-one relationship a business dictionary could have the same term point to multiple definitions so there's a one-to-many relationship i'm not really a fan of implementing a .

Business dictionary because for the most part i think that it can be confusing so if you're looking for the term report and its definition as an end user i think you always need to figure out the context and understand which definition for that term report you should refer to on the other hand it can be a challenge to have unique terms .

So some organizations kind of try and marry the two concepts how so well at the data domain level or sub domain level the same term can only be found once but when one looks at all data domains at the enterprise level you can find multiple entries for the same .

Term again i still prefer the business glossary route as it reduces the risks or wrong assumptions and misunderstandings but i also recognize that certain organizations have different needs and priorities that can be addressed quicker through a business dictionary so now you know this is what .

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