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Why Restaurants Put Rice in Salt + Other Kitchen Secrets Nobody Told You

When you're hungry or peckish the kitchen is no doubt your favorite place to be and you probably think you know your kitchen pretty well in actuality maybe not as well as you might think you see there are quite a few hidden secrets in your kitchen you're likely .

Unaware of first we're going to take a look at something with holes in it no we're not talking about swiss cheese so now you mention it all this kitchen talk is making me hungry instead take a look at the knives in your kitchen you may notice that some of them have holes or dimples across the .

Blade you won't just find these features on one type of blade either there are quite a few knives in your kitchen that likely have these holes or dimples these can include the paring knife the bread knife and of course everyone's favorite kitchen knife the chef's knife this feature isn't just decorative .

Though there are a few excellent reasons for these holes and dimples one of the main reasons is to reduce cutting friction think about it not all foods are easily sliced say you're trying to make a delicious pumpkin curry of course you've got your main ingredient maybe you want to add some carrot among other vegetables all .

Of which are pretty thick and hard to cut through pick yourself a knife with some holes in it those holes will help reduce the friction between that tough to slice food and your blade these knives will also be lighter and therefore kinder on your wrist if you plan on cutting food for an extended time .

The holes in your blade mean less steel which means less weight so you'll be making cleaner cuts in your food with ease another use for these holes is to hang your knives up significantly larger ones that are harder to store in a drawer having it hung up at arm's length of the kitchen bench for a commonly used knife .

Like a meat cleaver will also be convenient of course when you're cutting your food you want to be doing it so on a chopping board which you guessed it has a kitchen secret of its own you'll notice in most chopping boards there's also a hole at the top of the board .

Sure this can be handy for when you need to carry it around or hang it up in your kitchen as you did with your cleaver but there's an additional purpose behind this feature which probably hasn't occurred to you before once you've sliced up your herbs and vegetables all that delicious flavor you're going to be adding to your dish .

Hover the hole at the top of the chopping board over the pot pan or whatever it is you're cooking in take your knife and gently push your ingredients through the hole for a clean transfer from the board give it a try a clean kitchen is a happy kitchen i'm sorry i was just cutting some onions but did you know .

There is in fact a secret way to cut onions without the tears first of all it's important to know that your onion isn't a hooligan that's not why you end up crying when you cut into it the onion skin contains amino acids and when you cut into it the chemicals produced from the damage you incur are .

Released into the air and end up stinging your eyes kind of like payback the best way to stifle the production of these tear-inducing chemicals is to cool the onion either by freezing it or running it under cold water either way you should now be able to cut through your onion with dry eyes and a smile keep the water running for this upcoming .

Kitchen secret and we need to fill the ice cube trays next it seems almost impossible to refill your ice cube trays without making a complete mess of the water but the design of your standard ice cube tray lets you fill it with ease and a dry kitchen bench rather than filling each well one by one direct the water .

Onto the flat area in between four ice cube wells it'll channel the water evenly into each well without overfilling and splashing over the sides if you're after a speedier method of filling your ice cube tray tilt it onto an angle and run the water from the top two wells the water will run down the tray like a waterfall and fill up each .

Well with speed and relative cleanliness of course it's still a challenging journey carrying your ice cube tray from the kitchen tap to the freezer we haven't discovered a secret for that yet other than well an automatic ice cube maker now let's get out of the freezer and heat things up a bit however did you .

Know that spicy food isn't actually hot at least not in the traditional sense of the word a chemical compound in hot peppers called capsaicin tricks your brain into experiencing that burning sensation in your mouth and throat so no need to worry you are not really on fire though it may feel like it .

Your first instinct is to probably grab a tall glass of water and wash it down like you're dowsing a house fire but you do not want to do this the water will only spread the capsaicin around more and make it worse instead dairy is your secret best friend when you need relief from an overly spicy pepper most milk products contain .

A process called casein which can help wash away the capsaicin so as long as you have a glass of milk candy go ahead and test yourself by seasoning your meal with some challenging spices speaking of seasoning the most common seasoning ingredient to any meal is undoubtedly salt .

But have you ever grabbed the half full salt shaker turned it upside down and despite shaking it and tapping the bottom barely any grains come out sooner or later salt starts to clump together it tends to happen because salt absorbs water vapor in the air and eventually it can attract enough that the salt partially dissolves and sticks .

Together well the secret solution to this has been under your nose this whole time and you probably never realized it have you ever noticed some grains of rice in the salt shaker on the table at your favorite restaurant they're not there to add flavor it's done because the rice absorbs water even faster than .

The salt keeping the salt dry for longer you can do this with a salt in your kitchen too just add some uncooked long grain rice to your shaker and you'll notice your salt coming out of it with ease from now on but now let's talk about something you might be flavoring with your now easy to .

Use salt shaker or rather what tends to sprout from it potatoes are one of the most diverse foods on the planet as samwise gamgee once put it boil em smash em stick em in a stew but if you don't get around to cooking your potatoes as fast as a hobbit surely would .

You likely notice some shoots start to sprout soon enough your potato looks like something out of a scary alien movie it's not an unnatural process however like most things reproduction is part of a potato cycle of existence and sprouting is part of the process of creating a new potato .

The speed at which your potato starts sprouting it shoots depends on its exposure to light temperature humidity levels and how long it is left dormant for so if it's been sitting around for a while it's likely going to have some sprouts it's excellent if you plan to plant your potato of course this is not so much the .

Case if you plan to eat it however a secret to preventing potatoes from sprouting too early is to store them with your apples the apples ethylene gas prevents the sprouting process for longer but don't store your potatoes with your onion no they won't make the potatoes cry but they will have the opposite effect and .

Cause them to sprout so you see sprouts on a potato aren't nearly as unsavory as mold on bread when the bread is fresh however one of the most popular uses is to create toast almost every home has a toaster mine does it might surprise you to know that there's likely a secret compartment inside your very own toaster .

What's inside the compartment may not be too exciting but it happens to be a critical feature that not many people know exists it's the crumb tray whereas the name suggests all the crumbs and debris from your toast end up here to find this hidden feature you need to look for it between your toasters upper and lower .

Body now it's essential to keep this tray clean not only does it keep your kitchen cleaner but it also reduces the risk of your toaster being a fire hazard well that would be crummy those are some unveiled kitchen secrets we bet you never knew now you're ready to reacquaint yourself .

With your kitchen and make a meal with all these handy secrets in mind yup now i'm hungry


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