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2019 Pan-Ams vs. Brendan Zhang | Chess and Psychology – IM Dorsa Derakhshani

hi welcome to Chesham psychology and today is the first day I'm teaching and I'll be going over why I think psychology and chests are so related on how to pretty much keep your nerves cool during playing it official game and then I'll show you two of my games and analyze those by saying how what was I .

Thinking how did they come to this decision and things like that hopefully it will be helpful so I think that this class is important mainly because sometimes when you're learning chess and you're reading comments and you're watching videos or you're just playing online you they're like very if you hear something it kind of clicks and then .

That helps your chest level improve tremendously and that's something that happened to me and just by thinking more logically about the moves and by asking yourself question during the game those are the things that will help you improve your chest level so let's get started so this is a game that I played maybe about a little over a week ago and .

Pan-american tournaments I played for established University chess team and for the first time we had a all-girls team which was very interesting but they actually didn't play any girl anyways so my opponents I got a chance to look at what my opponent played right before the game for a very brief amount of time because they only gave out the board .

Pairings about an hour before the game and I saw that he's a d4 player and I decided to go and play names o against him and I didn't have much information what he would do at this situation because there are many moves Quincy to e3 Knight f3 gtav 3580 f3 it doesn't stop so I wanted to play something that I was comfortable with and especially .

Because he was lower rated by maybe about hundred points I thought that it's important for me to get into a position that I'm comfortable with and I know what I'm doing and so he played Quincy to Quincy to is the ID main idea is well white also have control over the center just thinking about it super logically if it were my way to move again most .

Likely white would try to play E 4 and if Y did get to play efore the next move would be to try and play e5 Bishop d3 and the amount of pressure that these Queen and Bishop would have on the Kings side it wouldn't it simply would be like suicide to make short castle for black so there are many different variations here for black to play there's simple .

Castle there is C 5 D 5 b6 there are so many different lines to look at so one move that I've played years ago and I thought that it would be good idea to give it another try in this game is knight c6 it's a sideline it it has a very simple idea you want to fight the center you want to play D 6 e 5 and because after the Bishop is on .

Before whenever they play a tree you would most likely exchange the bishop off so the bishop is not you're not really planning and keeping this fish on the board so it makes sense to have your pawns on these dark squares neither three is a very common move you're just defending your d4 pawn d6 I'm following with my plan Bishop g5 .

After Bishop g5 I thought that's I say if I've is not that easy to do anymore because if I 5 there is always there's always take take and there may be roopd ones or then this knight is pinned and it's just really frustrating for me to just have my hands tied up like this so that's why I chose to play h6 and here it's like I'm questioning where do you .

Want your Bishop to meet you you want to keep your Bishop on the board you want to exchange it off if you do decide to keep his Bishop on the board let's say which I wish for so here it is important as we like to think to start making candidate moves because most likely this is an unknown it's the opening that you would just new .

Every single move – it's not that common it's not like Lopez the T with new ant to move 30 so this is important that you can make candidate news and you can start eliminating moves so think about it like this when the bishop goes to h4 usually the best way to start making candidate moves is to think about checks then takes then moves with threats .

And then so usually by the end of these three you would have a handful of candidate moves that are worth considering and if you can't come up with something like that then you can start thinking about some maneuvering your pieces putting your places in putting your pieces in better places making your king safe and just took off .

It's some sort of plan or will to just simply block what your opponent wants to do so in this situation the candidate moves are the Tudors you should definitely consider is Bishop c3 and move with treads what is how can you do a move that creates a threat the simplest one the most logical one is g5 because when you for the g5 the bishop .

Has to go to g3 now you start thinking now that the bishop goes to g3 same same same principles think about checks and takes again which is Bishop c3 or this pawn is kind of hanging around here and it's only being defended by the night so think about g4 when the knight moves you just grab a cap on this is something that you is worth considering but it's .

Up to you to decide if you want to push your Jeep on or not I would I would do it especially because this is such a strong pawn in the center if my night isn't d4 then I can start planning on maybe doing c4 maybe mmm c5 sorry maybe if I've been opening up this Bishop I have just it's so you are already controlling the center is black you .

Would have so much more opportunity just after move before move 10 so yeah in the game my opponent took on f6 I took back with the Queen the idea of IVA of still stands he played a tree because I assumed he was also kind of frustrated with the bishop over there because you don't know if I'm gonna take it if I'm just gonna keep putting .

Pressure on it take take so now the waited to think what does white one because it's so easy to just say you have you have short cancel right here you can't make a castle but it's it would be a little premature there's nothing wrong with it but if you make a stall you give to white the chance to start pushing over .

Here with before gain more space and then most likely something like b5 and it would it would just be annoying for you to do it to have to have to play that position so in order to take away the B for what you do yep this doesn't require that much calculation it's just something that you see what your opponent wants to do you .

Don't let them do it so after a five I clearly want to try and play a four and put this night in b3 because it's a really good outpost so I think that the move that my opponent should have considered is b3 just because if b3 if I do this a4 now you get to play p4 I can't play Knight a5 93 anymore at Lisa and it would just be mmm psychologically .

I would I wouldn't like to like if I could have that 19 b3 it psychologically it's would give me an advantage because I'm advancing any pieces I'm gaining more space in the Queen side and I had a clear plan but in this situation if he white would have played b-tree then I wouldn't have then I wouldn't have that psychological and space advantage he .

Decided to play g3 because he wanted to fianchetto his bishop so I have two options I can try to play the same a 495 93 or I could try and face this Bishop coming to g2 off with another set of moves suggestions well you also you can't think about it another way you can't think about where .

You want this Bishop to be where would be the best place for this bishop in that situation if you do play this a five a 4/9 a five let's say you put your knight on v3 and then where would the bishop is on g2 this bishop can mmm let's let's look at it like this so you do get to get to your knight on a five where would you .

Place this Bishop are you gonna try and play e5 and bring your Bishop out from this side because even if you do manage to play e5 let's say you play Castile rook e8 and you play e5 you still if you do bring this Bishop out – that's the g4 f5 this b7 pawn is always a little Wiggly because and this Bishop on g2 is constantly looking towards your queen .

Side so the best way the most logical way that you could just block this idea that white bishop on g2 is looking towards your your queen side is you can play b6 Bishop g2 Bishop e7 now you also have some ideas with maybe taking immediately so you're kind of forcing your opponent to make a stop because if b-tree right now you could consider .

Taking because this knight is pinned so now but White has to make sure it's Castille that was gonna kind of an only move because of the pan you mean theoretically you could just play rook e1 or e3 but it will still be pinned and you have to make castle so now another move to think about just because your opponent made castle you .

Shouldn't immediately castle you can't think about another move that's also good and follows with your plan you're not going to rush to put your king in itself safe place nobody's attacking it just yet so that's why maybe take a few seconds and see what you're comfortable with if you do want to make a sale or if you want to go and .

Follow with the plan of putting your knight in the South post I was I wanted to slight and be three really bad so I just played a for Luke c1 now Knight a5 now it's it's a matter of for what if white doesn't do anything like give me two moves three moves I'm gonna play c5 I'm gonna try and stabilize this pawn structure over here and then I would put .

A rope I wouldn't castle I would put this stroke on f8 to c8 and I would start attacking your c4 pawn so my idea is if you give me a few moves I'm gonna make Casto I'm gonna play c5 I'm gonna put this rook to c8 and I'm attacking this guy so the best way so now now that you know my idea think about what is the smartest way for white to not let me .

Play this sequence of moves okay-y can play 92 stopping three will take on PTO they can take maybe white I like that idea it's very solid I don't I think what has something better than just 92 because if 92 then white is kind of already already giving giving up the any .

Chance of any sort of attack but on each side so my idea is to play c5 I want to play see if I was black yeah that's the idea that should be at least one of the candidate moves that you could consider so I think you your two candidates should be 92 and c5 my opponent chose to play c5 which I think was the best move .

Because it gave me some troubles I have to play 9th Petry because if I start taking out c5 let's say for example I take c5 you take back I do I think I do have to exchange the Queen's off and then this I think white is better in this position white has no weaknesses or as I have this week a four-pound well the db2 pawn is also kind of weak but .

I'm not planning and attacking it anytime soon I can't take this because my c7 pawn would be extremely weak and next if it were white over again white with hopes like the exchange these pawns off and put and put the fruit on c7 so taking is not a real option Knight b3 your order do you following with the plan you're .

Placing your knight in the place that it belongs now if white would see if y-yeah would simply move the rook anywhere you have the option of taking with either D or B and as soon as white would take back you would take back with the night so now for white think a little about making candidate moves and choosing between .

Them so we said to think about moves with checks takes which don't really exist here well then the takes are these which are not really worth considering more than a few seconds and then we thought about we should think about Musa threats the the one will be the clear threat is C six that should be one of the .

Candidates and the other candidates should be moving up the rook because that's the one that's under attack and between Roxy two and c66 definitely wins well wins the contest between c6 and Roxy – so because it works C – you just take and take with the Knights or with the D pawn does that childrens really matter and you would enter an endgame .

With a pawn up and should be enough for clear advantage so in this situation my opponent plays c6 which was the best move now to start making don't start calculating start making candidatos your what should you candy it moves out gloppy and yeah don't start calculating just have .

These if you see a move that is a clear blunder in one move then yeah that's off but if it's not a clear blunder then not see one should be a candidate because you went after night c1 there is this 92 that's a fork and there's the Queen so it's worth considering but after further consideration let's say if you take night c1 takes you end up with well to .

Pista so but it is important that you consider it because let's say if you your King has already made the castle then this night C one would be the winning move because after there after B would take in this situation if your king as black was already in castle then the B takes a eight making a queen wouldn't have won .

So mister basics oops here which is a six is the best move and the idea that Bishop a six is that you're attacking you're putting your bishop in a better place you're attacking the rook and you're attacking the pawn so what options are pretty limited what has does something to protect the rook and the pot so Juke c2 is the clear .

Because if you play Rickey one I mean you can't consider it but in this situation tricky one you would just as White's you would just be pinning yourself think internally because you can't really move the pawn and you can't really unlock to 110 so after a bit of 86 the Roxy – now it's important that you you can decide you .

Can think about both the Jewish Buddhist eyes and think what are the threats what is white one who does black one ideally black would wants to eventually play d5 for a Bishop c4 and cut off the communication between this Queen and rook with this pawn so that's the ideal situation but it's far from reality at this situation what would what would be .

The ideal pawn structure situation for white as black I want to play d5 I want to cut off your communication so as white you would want your pawns to be yes so that's the ideal situation so what's next move should be clear regardless of well not regardless but logically white would want to play rook you want a rook .

To e1 and start pushing efore d5 so that's why it makes few moves Castle I mean I have to make Castle at some point so castle white played rocky one with the idea to play a 45 so now it's important because if you if you rush it if you play d5 immediately there is this gnarly net if if I've that's gonna come pin like .

You here and I mean technically yes you could play with d8 and if there is a 97 there could be Queen takes and it would it would give more opportunity to white then you should so eventually if you do get to play this d5 you would want this trip to be on d6 attacking this pawn knowing that you can give one of your candidate news because here you don't .

Really have take sort Reds so another way to make candidate loses where do you want your pieces to be it's like making solving a puzzle if you want this part to be on d5 you want this work to be 96 you don't you shouldn't just play d5 and let your opponent have the chance of playing 94 you can easily play rook t8 first and now white hands point 95 so .

Now you would want to play d5 and 56 and attacking c6 and following with the plan so efore why don't support defect this is you gotta play d5 this is it shouldn't even be a question so you have to play the files back now well for white demos to consider is taking pushing and 95i I'm still considering maybe 95 to have .

Been more that devalues one of the moves that you have to start calculating because if 95 then you have to if you take then the d4 pawn is under attack and you could technically take back with the rope but the the dynamic position would start to change because now black is the one who's opening up rather than white and but I'm still if I were white .

I think I would have given 95 some serious thoughts 85 students really being in the in the mix of chemicals that deep cause first of all you can always take with the rook and then the d4 pawn is kind of just Wiggly here so the trivial is the two realistic candidates were white be five and ninety five my opponent chose to play e5 now .

Not a question that white should ask for what is so my next move after I save my Queen somewhere would be I want to play Bishop c4 and then I want to play b5 and then I want to establish that structure and I want to start attacking your c6 pot so the question for white is how to not let my bishop get to c4 and knowing that let's say if you play queen a7 .

How can white prevent this Bishop c4 yep so if I'm I can't believe a sub C for anymore I could exchange it off or I could try to plea b5 and keep this Bishop here but this kind of looks like a tall palm so I think in this situation ideally well realistically you kind of have to trade it off and then your .

Pieces aren't are kind of uncoordinated because you still have good chances you could try and move you to the rook start pushing here and things could still happen but it's not that strong clear plan that you had that's whack so after a five think about so you know your opponent's next one was kind of bishop of fun regardless of what you do well .

After you move you're clean so think about when Bishop if fun happens this Knight is losing one of its protectors so and if you do get to play Bishop c4 and say of a fun Bishop c4 you should take c4 d takes c4 Queen would want to take c4 right so if the Queen would want to take on c4 then this Knights would again be unprotected .

Because the bishop is already exchanged up and the queen is on c4 so in this situation your candidate goals are clear you only have three logical moves Queenie 726 and queen f5 how to choose between them some might say 27 is like you could do Queen e8 and keep attacking the pawn and Queen and five might be a little too much because you can't come .

Back to e7 on this side anymore but that's so between those candidates we looked at 27 of after Bishop if one blacks plans kind of don't work anymore so if Queen a5 mister with one now what is the difference between having the Queen to e7 from 2 to f5 the difference is the attack on this night so in this situation you do have this .

Bishop f4 so sorry ships e4 so you should see for if white decides to exchange it off you have this b5 coming up next and the pawn on c6 is already planning for his funeral so after Bishop c4 black has a clear plan you want to play b5 and you're gonna go for this pawn the way that white could think is well first of all .

White has to kind of defend this night that's why I think my opponents played rookie tree b5 stabilizing note that not Bishop over there hear my opponent came up with a very interesting plan it might be kind of hard for some of some to see I didn't see it in the game I caught up on it when it was happening but so black white still ideally wants to force black .

To change off these bishop without having to take it so oops white wants to create some some sort of situation that this bishop would be strange off at this bishop so keeping that in mind my opponent did some desperate rice here some knight is for queen g4 I'm going for the first rank weakness so he just went back and I in .

This situation I realized that this jerk is doing absolutely nothing over here and that it would be more useful in b8 so that's what I did my opponent here my opponents came up with a form of plan that that if he managed to execute it I would lose my queen it was between either losing my queen or .

Having to exchange off the bishops willingly from my side moving my c4 bishop so take a few minutes in three seconds and see if you can come up with this so let me give a hint first of all Kim G – and I followed up with my plan to attack the c6 pawn all right now this is the situation now come up with the three .

Move plan that you are trying to completely clear my Queen off the board are you looking at h3 radiation I of g43 just a sufficient degree yes I know because you have the moves right but not the move order because if white starts playing h3 g4 it creates some weakness that potentially I could start exploiting .

Yes exactly it was very smart of him I didn't catch it in the game as after he played Bishop d3 oh yeah Bishop d3 was brilliant you are taking away these two squares that's my queen has and your idea to play h3 queen is five only move g4 by by Queen so I have to take Bishop d3 if someone can come up with a better move down Bishop d3 please .

Set me up alright so I had to probably should be three Queen takes tea tree I thought maybe rook tea tree but look if rook to e3 maybe I had something like Queenie for or if Luke tea tree maybe I would play district to b6 anyways going to Gandhi 395 I'm directly attacking this pawn and I'm also planning to play Knight c4 to again cut off the .

Communication to this pawn who came to c5 Knight goes to c4 so my idea here is very simple I'm gonna keep putting pressure on the CC pawn but the problem is even if okay one step at a time right now I'm attacking the bishop the rook and the pot so you have to put a rocket that's not really a question at this situation a situation if I do play .

Something like with p6 I can never really take this c6 pawn because my b5 pawn is always under attack with your rope so that's not really that's kind of out of the question so try and make some candidate moves and then we'll go over why I did what I did what are you can do yeah what else .

Okay so your are you're just focused on trying and bringing the opening up here all right I'm not entirely sure how much worse considering it is but I thought maybe something like when g6 should be worth considering maybe just to try and exchange off the Queen's but this coin is kind of strong over here and my queen is not really doing much that's not bad .

At this in the game I just had it I just had the idea in mind that if if I do get a chance to exchange the Queen's off I should consider it more seriously because my queen is kind of cut off from the rhythm of the game that's happening in the Queen side so I did fight before indeed it's time for the breakthrough and so if white would have taken .

I would just take it back and I'm still attacking the pawn over here I'm assuming something like when c3 would be played and um I think I would play with me six or maybe even rook b3 trying to again push the Queen further back whoops and then again this guy over here so the question would be how can Y defend this and I don't really see any clear ways .

So maybe that's why my opponent didn't take it what my opponent did all right let's take a second and look at it from white side so what what is the best course of defense for white I was like ssin but it's kind of defense at this point or something that if why it doesn't do anything if it's my turn again I'm gonna .

Take B takes a 3 B takes a three-drug p3 attacking you're clean and when you move the Queen your knife goes bye-bye so knowing that you can either try to relocate my clean or you can try to really catch your knight that's why can you can Davos well we have one online sure yeah that's .

What I thought history should have been definite speak and it move because if h3 if I do play Queen as five there's always g4 if there's Queen g6 and if Y trans managed to get the Queen's off the board I think White's position is is still pretty uncomfortable and as black I have way better chances of winning but back but at least right now why doesn't .

Have to worry about it we king or there's ideas of me taking victory and rook taking a three and rugby tree so I mean it's used as what your rook is extremely misplaced over here and kind of trapped so that's a story is definitely a move worth considering for white because white doesn't really have much option I mean it's kind of is when .

She moves it's either h3 that you should consider or something like 92 that's what my opponent did in the game he played 92 his idea was pretty clear he wants to take away this strong night he wants to exchange it off and he also wants to not let me play this through Petri if if I do take on a tree now right now this knight is pinned so I .

Can't really take on b2 so you have few options first candidate goes check stakes treads well I kind of think the making candles in this situation is not that hard because you don't really have that you can't really move this night you could I think you should give it a few seconds to think about the sacrifice but you can .

Immediately almost immediately see that it's completely wrong and it's not going to work but it's worth considering it and candidate news are just a moves worth considering and another you have to be quick because if as black you just try to improve let's say you play with p6 or something like that the Knights get exchanged off you lose a .

Pawn and it's the position can turn pretty quickly so that's why I took take I took on a tree that should have been your one of your candidate balls and the best way to think about it is what can I do this is a baby Queen over here that the white can try and take it off or white could try and take c4 there are no viable checks in this situation so don't .

Even bother with them but the takes are this one is a viable one taking the pawn back is the valuable one I don't really see anything else that should be worth considering that because some kind of making a queen over here so let's think about what if 9c for if not c4 would you play a 2 a 2 would you play rook p3 would you take back these are .

This these are solve the candidate whose but you can try and sort them out switch it takes first and the treads and take a little bit say and think what would you do after 94 we takes I like it but I think kind of the only move is rookie one .

You could think about something like rugby to take i-64 p1 I like it but I think it's might make it unnecessarily complicated well if Queen takes there is also this rugby – I think because if rook takes peaches he takes with you you can't this is what done and if the rook doesn't take back .

Let's say if you don't take the rook my next one is going to be either a tree depending on what you do or I have a check here that I'm making you clean and if you don't take back if you say let's say do something like this I always have the Queen exchange offering to exchange the Queen's off and then I have a two and this should be winning so also if .

They take back with the rook there's always this – baby Queens and so he did not play Knight c4 in the game but for Wyatt those are the moves that you should consider that you should think about Knight takes e4 you should think about me take a tree and those seem to be your only two viable candidates so we take .

Say three now it's black what do you do you don't have the rupee 3ne more and your night is be under attack of being exchanged and also paint so the best way to try and make a decision of how you want to think about it as black is well you kind of have to you kinda have to come up with something that keeps your knight on the board .

Because this Knight is extremely strong it's cutting off the rope and it's kind of dominating the position so the best way to keep your knight on the board think about it like this your knight is pinned and the best way to keep your knight is to pin his Knight back how can you pin this Knight .

Yep both nights are penned but this pin is a stronger for black because white can't really get rid of it that easily the the best way that white tried to get rid of it was with f3 cutting off the connection between the attack of the Queen to the rook now don't think about crazy moves no need for making .

Sacrifices just yet as black just think about making candid news keeping your pieces and keeping pressure on your opponent's what would be your candidate news thinking about takes and checks just briefly considering them there is not much reality to it because my tasty to cook tasty to taking stuff with the .

Queen and it's not that realistic most of it is blender anyways so the other move is making a threat and attacking the defenders so this queen is the big defender the d3 queen is defending the rook which is pinned and the night which well tonight spins so you should immediately think about queen g6 taking off this Queen exchanging .

After screens would mean that this night would fall immediately so here black is winning and my opponent tries to come up with some creative ideas just to kind of trick me so I'm gonna flip it again as white what's with that tricky move be what is your best chance of tricking your opponent's to review briefly if you take it's .

Winning for me for black because this night is complete depend and you can't move it next move I'm gonna pick it up and your queen doesn't really have anywhere to go because if you go to c3 I would most likely simply play something like route B six or I would hunt your queen I want the Queens to be exchanged and .

That's what I'm going for so after queen g6 what is what's they'll move for white to try and like one last try to trick opponent yeah that is kind of the last try so after 94 as black again you start thinking what takes check checks takes here they're all the same and so the moves that you should be considering is .

Definitely rook takes you to definitely taking on e4 but you can kind of eliminate both of them immediately rook takes each you it takes away all of your attack and your knight is a still pinned here they D takes e4 there is this Queen c4 which would continue attacking your rook over here so ideally you would want to take on e4 take on c4 and then have .

This take on f3 but if do you do manage to let's say if you do manage to get this there is always going to be more what could most likely hold this even if you give some check here there is maybe clean d3 and you don't you don't have enough material to attack this rook is under attack so the best way for black to continue is to play group III you are .

Attacking this idea you're following up at the idea of taking me for I'm taking f3 for your next move you guys have a new queen the queen has to go somewhere so the Queen my opponent replace 21 because I mean what else can you do at this situation and I took on e4 and I believe he resigned yeah because if even if he does take on c4 there is this I .

Take on f3 and I should be able to win I broke up right so that's what I had for today I had another game but it doesn't really get to and I hope you enjoyed it for me again it's was a big stepping stone when I started asking myself these questions middle of my game so hopefully after a few lessons here you would be .

Comfortable enough to automatically ask yourself questions during the game what does my opponent want hit my opponent did this why how how can I not let him do it and stuff like this so till next week you


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