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46 Survival Tricks to Get Out of Trouble in Seconds

If you're ever hiking in an anaconda's backyard listen up stay away from shallow rivers because these giant snakes love to hang out there if an anaconda decides to give you a little squeeze don't exhale every time you do the snake's gonna squeeze you a little bit tighter .

Anacondas do have a weak spot though they don't like their tail to be bitten it's not exactly delicious but it'll get the job done avalanches are pretty powerful so remember these tips next time you're out on the slopes if things get a bit hairy first off cover your mouth .

Use a scar for some other piece of cloth and don't let the snow in keep one arm straight above your head and don't forget to dig out a little pocket in front of your face that'll let you breathe for about a half hour get rid of anything heavy you're carrying even if it's expensive .

But make sure you hold on to your backpack it's an extra layer of protection and grab onto a tree if you see any to get back to the surface move like you're swimming straight up snow is just water anyway if you ever somehow get trapped in a sinking car .

Don't panic and don't try to open the door the water pressure from the outside will be too strong you'll just waste valuable energy and that door just won't open the best way to escape is through the windows roll them down and swim away if you're not a great swimmer .

You can try to create your own makeshift floatation device like a plastic bag with air trapped inside tie a knot in it and make sure it's tight a plastic bottle would work great but one probably won't be enough you can also use a raincoat or a pair of those waterproof pants .

You can even use an upside down trash can if you have some car trouble at night out in the woods for example you need light to see what you're doing all you need is a bottle of water or a jug or even a pickle jar filled with water just strap it on a headlight and voila .

The water will spread the light so you can see better perfect for setting up an emergency tent or finding wood for a fire mason jars those pickle ones are really handy when it comes to storing matches if you're camping in a forest it's really important to hide those matches away .

Somewhere dry and safe to make it even more convenient make a strikable lid cut off the strips on the side of your matchboxes and glue them to the lid of your mason jar before your next big outdoor adventure make sure you're all stocked up on dark chocolate .

Chocolate is probably the most delicious survival food but it's also one of the best it's loaded with calories and helps keep your mood up plus you don't need a fork plate or fire to prepare it last one for today people still having trouble lighting that fire .

Look no further than that bag of chips you secretly hid from your fellow campers corn based chips are everywhere these days and apart from tasting delicious and turning your fingers a weird color they have one more trick up their sleeve you can use them .

To start a fire these kind of chips are flammable so make a little mound of chips and keep that dry wood handy they'll light in seconds you probably know that without water a person can survive no more than three days but it may take even less time before your body stops .

Working properly it depends on how hot the weather is or how active you are so if you run out of water in the wilderness your top priority is to find a source of it keep in mind that water always runs downhill head in that direction it's your best chance to find clean .

Water and avoid dehydration speaking of flowing water if you get lost in the wilderness and have no idea what direction to choose find a stream or a small creek follow it until it merges with a larger river and it'll take you to an inhabited area where you'll get help you should never go on a hike without .

Some means to make a fire a lighter sounds good but what if you lose it or drop it in the water to be on the safe side put some matchsticks in a plastic bag and bring them along keep in mind that the bag should have a secure seal to protect the matches from liquids .

Another way to ensure that your mat sticks will work when you need them is to cover their heads in wax it's easy to do just dip the matches into hot wax and let them dry it'll make them waterproof and to use one you'll just have to scrape the wax off the match head .

So let's say you're wandering in the wilderness lost and desperate when suddenly you see a cave no one will deny that it can make a perfect shelter there's some wood and tinder you can pick up nearby and you have matches it seems all odds are in your favor and they are if you don't make a fatal .

Mistake which is building a fire inside the cave the main problem isn't the smoke from the fire the thing is the heat coming from your fire will cause the rocks which make up the walls and ceiling of the cave to expand eventually they'll give in and you may get trapped in a rock fall or a .

Landslide to stay warm and safe build a fire right outside the cave if you find yourself surrounded by snow and with no drinking water on hand eating snow is not the best way to rehydrate in fact it'll most likely lead to further dehydration how come .

Well once you stuff some snow in your mouth your body must start a process that will melt the snow and warm it up therefore you'll need to spend more energy which will make you lose liquids faster but that's not all eating snow can give you hypothermia where your body temperature is too low .

Which is twice as dangerous if you're alone in the wilderness besides chances are that snow contains harmful bacteria that will cause an infection if you don't have any other solution you should melt the snow you're going to consume in your hands first and stay away from .

The stuff that doesn't look fresh and white imagine you're in the water and your hands and legs are securely tied up with a rope it's not your day it may seem like an already lost battle but it isn't first and foremost do your best to suppress .

Panic and the instinctive urge to flail hold your breath and wait until you get down to the bottom as soon as you feel something solid beneath your feet bounce off it and get back to the surface once you're there bend your knees and curl your body into the fetal position .

Then arch your back and kick yourself toward the surface until your head is above the water take a breath and repeat the whole submersing bouncing breathing thing while moving toward the shore if your car conks out in the middle of a .

Railroad track and a train is approaching abandon the vehicle as fast as you can after that run away from the track but towards the upcoming train if you choose the same direction as the train is moving you'll find yourself in the path of your late car's debris and you'll have to duck under the flying .

Big pieces imagine your car got stuck far away from civilization and you don't have a phone or radio to call for help in this case a simple spare tire can save your life while burning it will produce thick black smoke visible from miles away .

And chances are somebody will notice your sos signal but remember this never ever wander far away from your car all too often rescuers find undamaged deserted vehicles while the drivers who've left them in search of help .

Don't survive you've probably heard that lightning doesn't hit in the same place twice well guess what it's just a misconception the probability of a second strike is pretty high that's why you should stay away from a spot hit by lightning the safest option is to lie down in some .

Hollow in the ground since lightning tends to hit higher grounds get rid of all metal objects and your mobile phone three to four seconds before lightning strikes you'll feel a metallic taste in your mouth and your hair will stand on in immediately sit down .

Bring your heels together and place your hands on your knees if you suspect that some object might be electrified but you have to check it touch it with the back of your hand this way if your suspicions are correct you'll get a charge out of it and you'll be able to snatch your hand .

Back but if you touch this object with your palm the electric charge will make your hand form a tight fist and you won't be able to draw it back if you're calling an emergency service first of all give them your address only after that should you explain the reason for your call .

In this case even if something or somebody forces you to end the conversation the operator will already know where to send help in a wildfire choose where to run depending on the wind direction if it's blowing toward the fire then you should run into the wind .

But if the winds blowing towards you behind the fire better skedaddle perpendicular to it this will help you to avoid both the flames and the sparks carried by the wind when you've fallen in cold water and can't swim to the shore hug your knees close to your chest if .

There are other people with you huddle together to keep warm do that until help arrives don't use water to extinguish a grease fire water and oil don't mix so it'll only make things worse you need to smother the fire by cutting off the oxygen put a metal lid over it or a damp rag to escape from a car trunk .

Boy what a day find the trunk release inside it looks like a glow-in-the-dark handle all american-made vehicles built after 2002 are required to have it but if the car is older rip the wires out of the brake lights and kick them out .

Then you'll be able to slip your hand through the hole and let people know you need help if you happen to have an analog watch you can use it as a compass place it flat on your palm in the northern hemisphere align the hour hand with the sun south will be halfway between the hour hand .

And the 12. if you're in the southern hemisphere point the 12 directly at the sun instead a bee constantly bumping into you is a sign of a swarm planning to sting so find shelter asap and don't wear dark clothes in places with bees .

They find it threatening so they're likely to become defensive if your car broke down in a remote area without a phone signal burn one of your tires thick black smoke will attract attention for sure always put your electric car key fob on your bedside table before going to sleep if a burglar tries to break in at night .

Press the panic button the sound of the car alarm will probably scare them away now imagine someone is about to tie your hands with a metal cable keep your elbows close to your ribs this way there will be some extra space between your wrists when you straighten out your arms .

Carefully twist your wrists to free one hand through that space say you've run out of food out in the wilderness oh boy you can actually eat the bark of some trees mostly birch or pines cut off the rough darker outer bark to get to the soft light inner part .

You can eat it raw but frying and boiling it will make it easier to chew don't walk up or down the stairs with your hands in your pockets if you slip or trip you need to be able to quickly catch the handrail or protect your head to open a car with a frozen lock put a plastic drinking straw into the keyhole .

And blow into it a few times the heat from your breath will unfreeze the lock before going on a camping adventure prepare some cotton balls soaked in vaseline and put them in a closed container now you'll always have perfect fire starters no matter whether you live near the .

Coast or travel there for the weekend you should know the signs of an approaching tsunami it might be a deafening roar that's coming from the ocean or some other unusual ocean behavior for example the water may suddenly drain showing the ocean floor or vice versa a wall of water may appear on the .

Horizon also pay attention to strange behavior changes in animals if they unexpectedly group together hide in different nooks leave the area or show extreme anxiety these may be signs of an approaching natural disaster as soon as you hear a tsunami alert .

Don't wait for even a second evacuate immediately leave behind your personal belongings and documents now is not the time to think about your possessions gather your loved ones and use any available transport to get away from the coast hop in your car get on a bike or simply .

Run as fast as you can move as far away from the shore as you can heading toward high hills mountains or a forest if possible go at least two miles inland and 100 feet above sea level if you're trapped by the rising water choose the highest and most solid .

Building and climb to the top it's not an ideal way out since the construction can collapse under the force of the tsunami waves but at least it's something also keep in mind that roads often get wiped out by tsunamis therefore after everything's done you .

May have trouble finding your way back in most cases tsunamis are closely linked to earthquakes that's why you should try to escape to open areas with no or few buildings to avoid being hit by falling debris on top of that stay away from power .

Lines walls bridges and whatnot even if these constructions look sturdy enough they can collapse during the aftershock the whole time pay attention to tsunami warnings and evacuation orders if you aren't in a tsunami hazard zone stay where you are and wait for further instructions keep .

In mind that evacuation routes in potentially dangerous areas are often marked by a special sign with a wave and an arrow on it it points in the direction of higher grounds if you fall into the water grab onto a tree trunk a door .

Or a raft in short find something that floats and the sooner the better


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