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Abdulla vs. Derakhshani, Sharjah 2014 | Chess and Psychology – IM Dorsa Derakhshani

Hello everybody we had a lot of monsters and obstacles to deal with but with the help of ben and danny hopefully the problems are solved and i am live and about we double checked that on the ipad 2 or i see an ad so that's usually a good .

Thing well two of it's not as good but all right i guess we are yes hi you see i love the technology but at the same time i'm just like i needed to be over the board so i can just go on the screen and say okay this is it this is that move the king up move the queen down voila .

All right i'm glad to know this is working so um i was uh looking at some of my well old games baby dorsa games well actually not two baby dorsa this is still um this was 2014 so it makes me feel old but um i was actually 2014 i was just sixteen years old six years old so not .

That old but um still i was trying to find some games with good stories for uh one of the panels that i was doing for uh usgs jennifer shahadi right before this class so um that is why i took this memory lane .

The took this drive down memory lane i guess that's the right way to say it anyways um in this game this was a very a nice game for me because this was the first tournament that i was like super close to scoring my first wgm arm and i fell short by few rating points performance wise but it .

Was a very interesting tournament it was in uae in sharjah man when i was in iran i used to go to uae like every two months three months like play a few tournaments win some money come back feel nice ah that's one of the things i do miss about middle east i was just .

Really um there were a lot of good quality tournaments in uae anyways this was a um women's specified um women tournament i think it was called like sharjah the capital of islamic center something like that they had a very nice chess club so i remember it was formed like a castle i .

Really like that anyways um so this game was one of the last rounds i believe this was um two rounds before the the uh this was like this was a nine round tournament this was round seven i was playing against um if i'm not mistaken yes abdullah she was higher rated than me by .

About 100 something points she is a very strong azerbaijani um at that point she wasn't the one i am but i think she got her woman jean ever since i mean it's been six years man i've updated my titles by a few anyways so let me show you this game um for those of you who have watched other .

Videos of mine you already know that i am um kind of good with um preparation so i had prepared against her but i was pretty sure she was gonna go for bishop e5 and i think i wanted to play yanish for those of you who .

Are fan of playing ganesh i would definitely recommend that the video i did on yanish when i played the jean abdemalik in 2015 ward junior championship ah poor girl had a seven out of seven strike and faced me and well no more strike .

Anyways um i think this is what i was planning to play against her and i was quite nervous because i had some new ideas new ideas for myself and this knight c3 and i wasn't completely sure if they were the best ones to go for so she played d4 and i was like .

Okay d4 uh scotch and still not my favorite to play against especially because i played with white after bishops if i was like oh thank you all the big guys up there bishop c4 yes and after bishop c4 i actually do know this line very well so if you're playing against me .

And one of the players viewers um feel free to give it a try but be prepared all right so bishop c5 castle d6 uh it's just kind of critical not to rush into knight f6 because light f6 now they're e5s or bishop g5 a lot of different things for white to um for black to deal with so d6 stop all of this shebang with e5 none of .

These stuff anymore and now as uh black if you give me two more moves i'm going to put this bishop on g4 this knight on f6 maybe bring my knight on e5 go after d's and everything is under control so white's gotta play c3 .

Still bishop g4 uh if you do take here from what i remember just knight takes and it's so good black is a pawn up i can just play knight f6 and i want a castle and everything seems to be going alright so um that is why the best move here is queen b3 going after f7 so now um even though .

I am a little rushing because i gotta talk a little faster in the remainder of the time but i would like to ask your opinion on what do you want to do here as black you do have limited choices you can either defend f7 and deal with the problems on d4 and b7 or you could take on f3 so what do you .

Think you should do should you take on f3 and after like bishop takes f7 king f8 is that something you would want to enter or well basically how do you wanna give the pawn that you are up right now back okay interesting there is a queen d7 suggestion .

Um i am a little um not sure about queen d7 because um queen d7 what if just take on d4 and you can't really take back because just take take and then b7 falls and also bishop b5 is coming up you can't really play c6 so you got to play like rook c8 bishop .

Goes to a6 and this is uh unpleasant to say the least you move the roof there should be five and loopsie-doopsy so let me go back to back here so that is kind of why we are going to look deeper into bishop takes f3 so after bishop takes f3 um if white simply takes back .

All right great now i have knight e5 defending this guy attacking your guy everything is working out great so that is why um white has to be very careful and take on f7 first and then take this so now in this position how do you think we should .

Follow yeah bishop f3 idea is definitely worth thinking about but another way to think about it is in this position yes your king is uncastled but the problem is for white is that this bishop here had a lot of issues like you give me few moves i'm gonna .

Start developing attacking your bishop i could even try to bring my queen athletes this way and your king isn't safe either so it is a very complicated position yes um so another idea to think about yes my type 6 is definitely doable .

Bishop d5 i think is something to consider uh because now knight e5 is popping up what about something with uh maybe maybe just bishop let's go to c4 now we can take on one take on here but what if i do knight a5 i think this is also interesting for both sides .

Um the problem is that eventually i do have to take this d take c3 and if the knight takes now the d5 score is also an issue so that's something that it's it would be great if we could take care of immediately that's why we could start thinking about taking a c3 first .

Because now if you take with the knight now um this is bad why why why how do you think as black we can use this it is very complex you got that right so what do you think we should do now there is a big problem with knight takes c3 exactly thank you everybody knight d4 .

And um you are in big pickle basically you can't you cannot hold um your position um you play something like queen c4 i'm gonna take over here and then i'm gonna play knight t5 you play by queen d5 but can i ask let's just do knight f6 huh i guess that's .

Good enough exactly and i want to do this again as soon as you play queen c4 so you are losing your bishop on f7 so in the other line that we saw after um not taking let's say after knight f6 the issue was that eventually i had to take and he would take with the knight and .

The knight was getting in the game right so that is why um now we shouldn't just play knight f6 we should use this opportunity to take that pawn now if y takes with the knight we had the knight d4 that was just mentioned but what if y takes with the pawn what .

Do you think we should do now no more knight d4 but we still have knight e5 so what do you guys think about that 1895 is good um knight h6 now um i mean it's possible but why not play at e5 because knight e5 you would be attacking f3 and f7 .

So this is much more pleasant than any other move to be completely honest you move the bishop i'm gonna pick that up then i'll give you a check over there then i'll develop my knight i mean it's still pretty complicated um but black definitely um is putting a very good fight .

And also having one more pawn helps so yeah um yeah i think this is an interesting position but i do think that after so let me go back here as black we decide to use this chance and take on c3 when he can't take back with .

The knights so what do you think is the best thing for black for whites to do keep in mind that we just talked about white can't take back with the knight because we go here we take that and the knight e5's that we did the queen would be on c4 so it would .

This bishop on f7 is the problem so but here is white to move so what do you think white can try and do to deal with this bishop on f7 so right now white to move what do you think we should do yeah exactly why should get rid of this bishop it doesn't look very .

Um smart at the first glance because you're like whoa this bishop is already here um dealing with the king so why would we take on f8 but you're correct i think you can come because you're going to avoid this temple of knight e5 so take .

We're going to take that back now white gets to take knight takes c3 so how is this any different can i still do knight d4 is 94 still strong what do you guys think about this position all right so you i see you guys still like knight d4 .

And heads up my cat is very vocal and he's giving me some meowing stuff so be careful with those uh yeah he's made some lovely appearances on twitch channel i guess he wants to conquer youtube as well from the looks of it all right yeah i .

Think knight e5 and knight d4 are the best ones but knight d4 is more natural because you're also wearing a trap what if queen takes b7 now how do you guys want to deal with this you could take on f3 but uh oh i see there's jump coming up oh my god kitty .

You gotta go not the right time for an appearance all right bye bye kitty good boy okay he graced us with his presence so we are all blessed we can win this game yep basically all right um so what now what do you guys want to do .

In this position yep exactly rook b8 first after rook b8 queen has to go to d5 basically now we get the queen out we don't need to rush into taking on f3 we can't first get the queen out no way for white to actually defend this if you play like king g2 i still have jeep oops g5 and g4 .

And that is also a huge issue so yeah queen b7 is a mistake let me go back now so after take take um knight d4 queen d1 is the best move now what do you think we should do here how can we uh can we still try with the same g5 idea .

Should we try and create more should we bring more pieces before we start g5 stuff like that curious to see so yes we definitely should be considering g5 but we should yeah i hear queen f6 first we are preparing for g5 um the one question that we could we should definitely have an answer for is what if .

Knight goes to d5 what's now what do you want to do with your queen because um if white didn't play knight d5 if white looks played king g2 now we can simply play g5 or even queen g6 i kind of like queen g6 queen h5 idea first let's get this queen in a very dominant position and if you play king .

G2 now i can simply play g5 yeah i really like this even more so um let's see what else can we go so the only thing that we should actually consider like be worried about is knight d5 so what do you want to do after knight d5 .

Do you want to do queen g6 are you gonna do like are you gonna try and get your queen to h5 or uh just keep your queen on the um on the f file um question about f4 i kind of just after i try to call this i'll play queen h4 then try for g5 .

Maybe queen h3 i think i like this idea um how far i i get that after f4 g5 you want to play f5 maybe but then i have g4 and i can start pushing this and go after the g3 with the bishop on c5 yeah f4 i think g5 is also interesting all right so after knight d5 what do you .

Guys want to do take on f3 um you could but if you take knight takes f3 what are you gonna do after king g2 give this check potentially but the king comes to h3 and then what do you want to do with your queen go back to d8 i don't think this is a very um ha .

Long castle yeah a good one i wish i could do long castle now actually not now my queen is under attack but yeah so let me uh i don't think knight f3 is a blunder but i definitely do think that knight f3 uh is not the most accurate one after knight these five i think win f7 .

Is just good enough well careful not to take on f3 with the queen because after exchange uh you're still c7 is a problem so you also you do give this check king goes to let's say just h3 you move the sniper a little around .

Now i can just take here and then attack give you this um nice fork so that's why we just play queen episode just keep it all um normal after bishop e3 now what do you think we should do should we take on f3 now is it time keep in mind that king g2 is also .

Possible but not the not the um nothing that we couldn't handle because we still have c6 and then we give this check and we still do this queen f6 so we could still try with g5 later on but from what i remember um i was kind of ready for a perpetual like this like if you play .

Kg to king h1 i think that was something that i had looked into that potentially if this happens and also i just know that papa blanco was in a hollywood production movie but definitely should be i think that's a good idea i would watch that movie i was i didn't really feel the the .

Fisher movie that they made what was that palm sacrifice back in 2014-15 i didn't feel bad what i thought i thought they made fisher look weak fisher was very strong very strong-minded person so i'm not entirely sure how i felt about that one .

I mean definitely could be better anyways so king g2 would be interesting but what if bishop e3 now how do you wanna do do you think it's the time to take on f3 well we could bring the rocks into games but um why not nights knight xf3 .

Don't you guys like eating ponds what's wrong with knight acceptory why can't we eat it now the problem previously was we couldn't just take it like that because the knight on d5 was attacking our queen on f6 so why not take well hold on hold on rookie one you .

Still have issues with a tie to f3 so after knight f3 if king goes to h1 you have no problem you're just gonna play g5 you're gonna do g4 and voila so the best thing for whites is to play king g2 now we can think about c6 or knight h4 because c6 we're not technically defending the lines but we are .

Going as our opponents might so doable but i played knight h4 because i wanted to keep as many pieces as i could king g3 now what do you think we should do heads up king h3 was the best move can't someone tell me why how why these two moves are different .

Like why king history is better than king g3 um queen h5 uh careful whoops no the thing is we do c6 take take over there and after queen exchange um this is a drawing game so this is what white should have tried to get into um whereas after king g3 c6 .

Um wasn't the best move but after i think here he should have taken on h4 and after take take queen f3 queen f5 some exchanges like this um black is still doing slightly better because of the weak bond and the pass pawn or later on the palm majority but um .

The thing is that here back in this position c6 wasn't the most accurate one because now i have the chance to actually play g5 but i slightly chickened out because i wasn't sure what i'm going to do if let's say take and f4 that slightly worried me but i simply .

Had knight f5 check and i did not see that one in the game because okay i hope that explained how hard this was for me to figure out knight f5 wasn't a natural move to me and i just didn't see it but now in this position black is actually pretty winning .

I'm gonna pick this up soon and i'm gonna attack your queen unless you move your queen which i'll still pick this up next move i'm gonna take that the rooks are active the queen is active this pawn is kind of covering my king so it was kind of a it would have been a good deal um another move that i was .

Unsure what i would do after was f4 but even after f4 i was like still like what am i supposed to do if i take it king takes on h4 i take that then there's queenish five what if just knight takes on e3 but i think knight d3 i thought about queen f6 so that's not a big deal because there's queen .

Six so what a queen h5 trying to cover up the king and now basically only move anybody want to take a stab at it or shot at it i don't know why those are the expressions but anybody wants to take a chance not like take a chance better then take a stab take a shot or such .

Things like that anyways um yeah rick g6 good one daruslav uh yeah our g6 and the ifcoin tries to go to f5 you exchange that that's perfectly fine and you try to bring your other rook and i looked into this end game quite a lot after the game because i wanted to .

Be thorough on what i missed and this end game is actually quite pleasant for black as you guys can see the king is in the center but uh still dangerous uh my bishop is very pleasant position this pawn could become a monster soon .

All right let me go back to something else that i was thinking about and i wasn't sure how i would respond in the game so c6 is what i played but after g5 another move that i wasn't sure is what is b4 so after b4 i played bishop b6 a4 queen e8 sorry i didn't play bishop b6 that's something that i .

Potentially could have played but it just i just couldn't find the right way to break through and i was just like right i know there should be something but where is it where is it and i um ended up chickening out and not playing this g5 so up at c6 .

And we ended up just getting into this position check i had to play queen e7 and finally how what do you guys think about this end game is it good is it bad you want to be white you want to be black yeah i think something like um being able to figure out all of the .

Moves after g5 was a little bit unrealistic at least over the board so all right anyways yeah black does look uh quite better but after king e7 knight f5 would have been the best move to try and exchange the knights like that .

But he went with knight she went with my g4 i got some nice h5 and rook f8 see going after this cute mate over here and we got into this position so rook and game two pawns up shouldn't be that hard right but she put up a really good fight .

Um i thought maybe rook d6 then rookie 7 but still this endgame should be winning enough yeah the the dynamic yep i agree so i'm going to go a little fast right now because i'm just basically trying to improve my position i'm trying to push some ponds i'm trying to .

Make white give me some weaknesses some nice targets oh please take that rook all right now rooks exchange let's bring the king trying to bring the king and saving all of my pawns uh but it is pretty worse i agree but it still needs i still need to get my my pieces .

Out so that's what i'm trying to do i'm trying to not rush it and i'm still trying to get my pieces to get into where they need to go here was another interesting um position i thought about king d6 but king d6 i wasn't entirely sure if i'm comfortable giving this pawn up so simple king c8 now i might want to .

Go around like this he going to shoot king e4 with rook d5 let's just keep everything super duper chill and here i could have just brought the king but i really wanted to just go with some font to be completely honest with you .

If you play king f5 go after this pawn whoops i have rook four and i'll pick all of these guys up so she went king e5 rick d3 he hit one pawn i eat bunch of puns sounded like a good deal to me let's eat that guy let's defend here uh careful if we took .

Over here there there could have been some king b6 ideas but anyways this is super duper winning now um just let's just try to get the king out lovely let's eat that pawn too and you guys can't imagine the rest actually not much left let me just show you up .

Until how it's wins um it was kind of interesting because if i played a4 then um he wants to she could play something like king's a8 and try for some stimulate so i thought that was an interesting last try but she just simply went so i mean i .

Just simply played through e4 and then i got the con out no no need to rush it and finally won this game yeah it was a very interesting game especially because um she was high rated i kind of got an interesting position out of the opening but it's still had a lot of ups and downs .

I think g5 would have made the game much more beautiful compared to c6 but g5 was just i don't know if i would play g5 right now if like having um matured and live nhs and um having more experience under my belt as expression says i still don't know if .

I would have played g5 today so i'm not too sad about not playing g5 but i think this is a very good game i kind of wish i had more time to ask you guys some questions about what you wanted to do so um have a lot of tactical points so if you want to .

Go back and just pause and think about other moves i would encourage you to do so and without further talks i am going to um say goodbye to you for now and give you to my coach alejandra ramirez i think that's happening on twitch .

I think so um feel free to check him out tell him i said hi and yeah this was fun thank you for sticking around with some of the issues that we have glad you stayed alright i will


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