Friday, May 20, 2022

Amazon vs. Architecture

In this video you'll discover the Amazon secret to running a successful architecture practice hey Enix is here and in this video well look from outs from my office right here I can see right into the front walk right there and I just noticed that we just got a little gift from Amazon so let's go take a look .

Alright so I look here and then we'll get into what the Amazon secret is to running a successful practice all right let's see what we have here the kids are gonna be so excited right so one thing I love about Amazon Prime is the fact that they have absolutely mastered the fulfillment of just getting things right things that you need so inside of this .

Little package here some video games from my kids okay they had order these and they were really excited because they were gonna they knew these these were gonna be arriving today right so here's here's the idea and the concept that we're going to be going over in today's video yesterday I was driving down the road and it just kid according .

To me in front of my car I saw one of those brown UPS trucks so here in the United States we have the United Postal Service and they for the past 10 15 years they've absolutely dominated the speedy delivery service if you want to send a package you do it through ups and they're very efficient and they're very efficient about how they do things now .

Amazon use them for a long time for their fulfillment however recently Amazon has acquired its own fleet of trucks shipping and logistics so now Amazon is literally cutting ups out of that out of that you know eco system that UPS used to have they used to get a lot of business from Amazon shipping these things to people all over the .

World ok now here's how this deals with your architecture firm if you don't innovate you die if you don't innovate you die just last week I was on the phone with an architect who hopped on the phone with me because his firm that he's been running for almost 30 years is in dire straits now the cashflow is negative the profit is negative and it .

Because he has not been innovating in all areas of his business primarily in marketing business development and sales now unfortunately this architect he didn't realize that the things he was experiencing in the market the low profit the low the low cashflow were a result of some underlying causes that they were just symptoms of a larger .

Problem so the symptom was that they were losing projects they should have won the symptom was is that they were going up against other firms and other firms were undercutting them on their fees and they were losing those projects the symptoms were that they were losing against larger firms that had large marketing departments now you might say .

Well yeah that happens to me all the time that has nothing to do with what this firm owner does it doesn't do but here is where you might be wrong if you have that thought so over the past 20 years I asked this architect what do you do for marketing and business development it turns out he doesn't do a whole lot right so going back to Amazon .

Right now Amazon is making a large number of retailers out there in the market completely irrelevant because Amazon is gobbling up all the business Amazon is not only having their own fleet of trucks to deliver these packages they've also bought whole food so they're getting into the grocery industry right Amazon is a successful .

And efficient business and this is what is allowing it to put out of the market to put out of competition to absolutely destroy other businesses that are innovating so we go back to this idea of innovation we go back to the idea that if you're not innovating in your firm you will die and it may happen slowly you may not see the signs until it's too .

Late but if you're not innovating if you're not consistently growing you are dying and here's some areas where you need to innovate my guess is that you probably already innovate in software you're probably already innovating in the practice of architecture the craft of architecture however I want you to sit down after you watch this video your .

Homework is to think about how are you innovating in the business of architecture right in everything that isn't the actual craft of architecture in the way you structure your proposals in the way you structure your fees in the way you sell you position and you market your services in the market in the way that you continue to sell to .

Clients and the way that you generate referrals proactively okay all of these are outside of the scope of the practice of architecture well we don't want is at the end of the day to wake up and realize that we have no profit that we've missed the boat that we should have been innovating like IBM big blue back in the early 80s when .

They missed the boat and started suffering in the marketplace because they didn't innovate Microsoft came along and practically put them out of business with Microsoft focus on the personal computer right there are trends happening right now in the business of architecture that you need to be .

Innovating in all the things I just mentioned this video and if you don't your firm may go the way of the dodo bird okay so this is Enoch Sears signing off let me know what you thought about this video in what ways are you focusing on innovating in the way you market and the way you sell to your customers and what ways are you innovating in the way .

You position yourself in the marketplace to beat your competition as always I'll bring you the best information tools and tips right here on YouTube on the podcast so that you can always stay up to date but what ultimately what's gonna take it's going to take an investment in yourself and in your firm that's all for now as always carpe diem seize today .


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