Thursday, May 19, 2022

Architecture vs. Interior Design

I'm proof Paul Bell and recently I've got make a lot of questions from people who request questioning the difference between interior design and architecture and I met with an interior designer a few months ago and she actually told she mural interesting perspective we didn't have any interior design students within my university it was mostly just .

Architecture so that was kind of all that I knew but she explained to me that what interior designs its architecture it's kind of like architecture – structures a lot of what's interior design is actually is laying out spaces figuring out where things are going to go doing walls that divide up the spaces it's not just like picking drapes and .

Furniture right that's what a lot of people think and I have to admit I was kind of ignorant about this whole situation I maybe thought that it as well but what it is actually is it's like blending out the plan and sometimes you even have to do exterior exterior work like walls you can even do projects if .

You're an interior designer you can even do projects that are below I think 5,000 square feet or three stories here in the US and what interior designer does is refer very very similar to what an architect does but they just don't do structures it's almost everything except that everything within the structural frame .

Or the structures of the building but they still would even have to know those structures when it comes to like demising walls and fire proofing system and that type of thing so some people who are interested in interior interior design but are some people who are interested in architecture but are not necessarily good at like the structural .

Side of things interior design may be a very great option for you to pursue look into design for duty to look into those if like architecture looks great to you but the structure part really scares you so don't if you're in the world of architecture and you're feeling a little uneasy about it but you still love architecture go check this out and see .

If it's really for you all right so hope this helps don't forget to Like subscribe and share this video if you enjoyed it and I'll talk to you next time


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