Thursday, May 26, 2022

Availability vs Durability – Which is more important in a system architecture design? #shorts

So friends while designing any system. if you were given a chance to choose between availability or durability, what you would choose? So, in order to understand this concept better and to understand, the reason why certain Cloud providers, almost every cloud provider, give 99.9% SLA for availability .

but give 99.9999 …. % uptill 11 9s, percent SLA for durability. So, what makes availability and durability? So different, as far as the SLAs are concerned. So it's all about what is your need and what is important for you so availability and durability In order to understand .

Let's take an example of two banks Okay? Bank 1 and Bank 2 Okay, so if you want to open a savings account and you want to choose between Bank 1 and bank 2, you need to understand what each band provides as offer or what is special about these two banks so bank 1, which is a highly available Bank. .

Gives you 24 x 7, window to come to the bank and it's open seven days a week and you can do your banking operations anytime. Where in this particular bank is only open 3 days a week But at the same time this particular bank is prone to thefts Because in the last two years it has seen three different thefts and you know the money has been stolen from this bank and the security .

is not that good. where In this case, that has been zero such incidents. Okay. So it is very, very secure, from that perspective It is very very good So if given a choice between Bank 1 and bank 2, .

if you were to ask me, I would rather go for a bank which is, which might be less available, but highly durable. Okay. So now you understand, what is availability and durability is how good you are available across across your landscape, how quickly you can spin up various instances. .

If there is a down time. How quickly you can make an application up and running. But durability is that what are the chances that my application would not face any loss or any loss of data or something like that. You rebuild the cloud providers, always go for this that, okay, your application might be down for for some time.But rest assured, .

that whatever data you have with us is not going anywhere. Take for example. If you take Google, you know, it provides like for certain products provide like cloud storage and other products it provides this kind of durability SLAs and availability is slightly lower. But having said that, .

I'm not saying that you have to choose between the two a good system design would always have both best of both the worlds Okay, but if given a choice in a solution, any business would always want to, you know, have this particular durability more than availability. So next time whenever you use, you know, you hear these two words, .

always remember this difference and try to design your system in that manner. I hope this helps you in future. So, yeah. Thank you so much. Bye.


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