Saturday, May 28, 2022

Element vs Compound

Welcome to moomoomath and science in this video I'd like to talk about elements first compounds an element is a pure substance in other words an element cannot be broken down into a simpler substance by physical or chemical means an element is made up of only one type of atom an atom consists of a proton Neutron and an electron some common .

Examples of elements would be carbon oxygen or iron the elements are arranged on the periodic table based on their number of protons for example sodium has 11 protons potassium has 19 the number of protons of an element always stays the same each element also has its own unique set of properties a compound is a pure substance of two or more elements .

Chemically combined elements combine during a chemical change a particle of a compound is called a molecule when the elements combine chemically a new substance is created this this compound has different properties than the elements that make it up hydrogen and oxygen are gases but they combine to make liquid water here are some items .

That combine to make compounds table salt is sodium and chlorine glucose a type of sugar is made of carbon hydrogen and oxygen when elements create a compound they always join in a specific ratio the ratio of water is to hydrogen to one oxygen if a compound has a different ratio of hydrogen to oxygen then it is .

Not water glucose a type of sugar has a ratio of six carbon to 12 hydrogen to six oxygen glucose will always have the same ratio compounds are all around you in the food you eat your school supplies and even yourself so there we go elements verse compounds thanks for watching and moomoomath uploads a new .

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