Thursday, May 26, 2022

Flat Earth Vs Scientific Method

Hello flat earth researchers debaters and debunkers uh just wanted to show you this share this magnificent cobweb in my garden here in phuket difficult to see .

There's quite a feat of engineering hi zu scott ah fantastic i mean you know can you kind of see the various dimensions of that it's like um it's not just one thing across it's like you know .

I can see you too and i hope you're uh paulie hello hello so yeah i thought this was a nice way to start this one just wanted to talk about the scientific method uh and it starts with making an observation uh so what you know you look at a spider .

Web like this and so what can we observe here is something that's very very cleverly put together by a very small creature uh you know incredible uh you know precision and obviously you know the spider can see a long way .

Because it's joined up all these threads here like all the way up there uh you know down here so that's some amazing stuff going on isn't it let me just uh turn the camera around hi .

The the view of this is a lot better than the view of me anyway but uh yeah um you know so this is it isn't it you know you look around you look around and we see we see intelligent design everywhere uh and it's .

And it's this you might be able to see this can you still see the spider web there so it's all kind of constructed in these you know in amongst these trees here it's the lemon tree and uh some kind of palm have you got any lemons coming .

I know we've got some somewhere in this tree but uh yeah okay i'll just ask hello well uh glad you can join us live this is you know fairly early it's it's um fairly early in the morning here .

In phuket i in my garden got the these are rose apples uh yeah flowering again made a nice little uh put a swing up for the for my daughter she insisted .

So hang on let me go and get my um piece of paper how you all doing anyway uh you'll uh hello from london all right yeah suspect is pretty are you are you looking at a white christmas there just ask in london uh .

Up paulie the beauty of this is the spider has the program this programmed into its dna and thinks nothing of doing it yeah um interesting isn't it you know where did the pro where did the programming come from .

Uh if that's the case i mean sure obviously they just they just know how to do it uh i suppose yeah in the case of a spider it doesn't necessarily learn from an elder does it no i just bloody freezing okay a miserable christmas coming up then eh .

Ah but i mean yeah fresh out all those people out there that are you know getting out onto the onto the streets and uh you know making their voices heard and all that amazing stuff you know in many ways i i wish i was i wish it was there .

Uh but uh yeah uh i i really wanted to you know it's here it's already christmas eve so i've got lots to do uh as as a as a father of five uh so it's gonna be a busy day today uh but i i wanted to catch up with you all before before then and just wish .

Everyone uh whether you celebrate it or not you know we're we're um with a kind of yeah okay nice christmas dinner coming sweet yeah huh sorry hello yes hi yes i was just filming the spider web .

There yeah it's very clever isn't it well i'm sharing uh showing my friends on youtube oh there is a spider right in the middle there i think well it's difficult to see from here the leaves are in the way i'll show you later okay yeah .

Sorry yeah yeah one more video's done oh hi uh fine horse aussie jesus many souls to season from aborting hot australia yeah of course yeah it's uh it's hot there hi tom tom budas long time no see alternate alternate view enjoying your summer scenery here at 9 22 p.m in .

Central oh so we're we're like 12 hours apart then icy and snowy ah yeah uh and paula you're in scotland oh this is great it's fantastic okay um yeah of course you know um yeah you're thinking about okay all right we've got i've got lots of yeah uh you know we we have snowmen decorations and things like that but my .

Kids have never seen snow uh they would love to of course and um yeah one day one day i mean uh before i got stuck in the uk i did manage to get their british passports but um i think it's a long time before we'll ever be visiting that country especially .

Especially now and it's being so difficult to come and go uh yeah uh so um we'll see anyway uh scientific method yeah it's funny isn't it because uh um the globe and the whole heliocentric .

Thing is is assumed to be a scientific discovery um and of course it's passed off as as science um because of a certain aspect of the the scientific method uh what's that uh just ask her what's .

Your plight to try to get back yeah oh hi brian dix thank you very much yeah just ask um yeah thank you it was it was horrendous at that time and actually uh after you know it it's still very very difficult to get back get in here um if you want to come as a tourist until just i think it was yesterday or the day .

Before um they had this thing where you can apply for what they call a thailand pass you had to be you know double jabbed and uh um all sorts of other things get the insurance and what have you stay in .

Quarantine but now with this new um moronic uh thing uh they've actually just suddenly turned around and just it was i think it was yesterday or the day before just the prime minister just said right no we're stopping that now no more tourists uh no more tourist applications accepted as of today .

Yeah i think you're right just ask yeah of course uh this is it you know um it's uh cease to forget the how traumatic it was to be separated from the family but of course as as a father you're always oh hi gary thank you very much uh you know you you try and you know you're constantly thinking about your .

Future for your kids and of course you know at some point i'd love my kids to at least see and know a little bit about the culture of from of their father uh but um yeah the more i think about it and the more you know it's just really .

It's the they'll get there one day whether it's with me or without me uh exactly just to ask it's less con and all that stuff it's just you know it is moronic the way people are behaving over this is that a kratom tree no but you can go down the road and just just get the .

Kratom leaves there they're legal now so it's easy to get um you know for about the same as a pound or a dollar you can get a whole a whole bunch of kratom leaves which is just you know i don't you never ever take you know one maybe and it's just uh you just chew it and it's and it's uh it's kind of nice .

Yeah uh okay you got one kid left yeah well you know my eldest daughter she's you know she's 25 now so she's um it's obviously a great help and she's got some gigs over christmas she's got a gig tonight at a hotel called salah phuket which is quite a respectable kind .

Of luxury hotel uh and then she's got another gig on new year's eve uh so you know in that respect uh the thing things are happening uh oh jay dad oh hello jay dad yeah you're um yeah you're constantly following me around and constantly laughing but .

You've never had anything constructive to say what am i teaching my kids i'm teaching my kids to think for themselves i don't i don't insist that they believe that the earth is any particular shape all right um and in fact you know we're talking about the scientific method here so we'll go .

Through that j dud uh everybody who's watching this you'll see j daddy's uh um commented teaching your kids this is nonsen and nonsense santa baran now he's been following me around for a few months and just uh been uh kind of very uh yeah never been very constructive hi dave .

Hinkle hi uh yeah and uh you know there's you know the usual rhetorical questions we get uh and i've spent some time with you j dad giving you answers and trying to talk to you decently but i always get the same uh nonsense from you really which is just .

You know it's just what what you're displaying here is just the usual kind of uh uh cult-like behavior where you refuse to actually listen uh and and it's the kind of dunning-kruger thing where you think you know it all .

And and never actually come up with anything that's um scientific just um cult bile yeah that's the thing you know when when when the globe is supposed to be something scientific it should be easily defended with science not uh ugly uh words and and .

You know belief based uh bias basically and that's what we see and to be honest that was one of the major tipping points for me as well it's like when you start looking at this and when you just start questioning questioning alone and you can see it here as well right with the current .

Climate right now you start questioning things the official narrative and you're considered an anti-this or a an anti-science or or whatever you know believe the science you have to believe the science go with the science and and someone simply mentioning the word science or follow the science uh .

Is enough without actually producing any blooming science you know it's uh it's uh this is what we're dealing with so uh jay dad you know this is the kind of attitude that actually makes people realize that we were born into and raised into a global cult yeah and uh and then you know by actually .

Thinking about how we came to believe certain things we we managed to uh uh extra what's the word extricate or get out of uh the cult yeah so uh that's right paulie didn't come in with any bias i mean yes we all kind of probably had a bias to start with because of uh the belief system on my .

Door hi yeah you want to say hello hello yeah see all these people in chat say happy christmas everyone happy christmas yeah okay all right am i am i hogging your swing now you .

Want me to get off your swing no it's okay all right yeah so all right there's lots going on in chat here hang on where are we what's that iron horse a high globus and scientific methods is a massive contradiction yeah this is it firmware .

Was created to separate the waters from the waters i mean yeah i mean obviously without any kind of other scientific explanation i mean that that seems to be what's going on there j dot answers yeah explanations answers all right paulie i'm open to anything uh .

That can be proven exactly paul i would be happy absolutely happy to for someone to provide measurable proof of bendy water and uh and i would say okay great we live on the globe fantastic now what let's uh it doesn't it still doesn't tell us who we are where we are why we're here there are still many many many questions to be answered yeah so um .

Yeah this isn't coming from a closed-minded uh flat earther whose mind can't be changed but all you guys have got to do is change our minds with um measurable scientific proof that's it okay glenn sauce hi uh nothing wrong with being a free thinker critical .

Thinking is becoming absolutely yes i mean yeah you're right i mean you know it's been taken out of the education system you know dell beyond imaginary curve talks about this a lot about the trivium and you know we um yeah it's funny isn't it because if you look at what's happening now as well uh what was it i can't remember his name .

But he was a he was a good um a good uh a member of parliament once uh was it i can't remember but he was saying you know a healthy and uh knowledgeable or a healthy and educated nation is difficult to control an unhealthy and uneducated nation is easy to control so you know just look at what's been .

Been done to to the general population yeah and uh you can see that we're all just being controlled because we we've become intellectually lazy lazy we're not even given the tools we're not even taught how to think in a scientific way yeah we're just we're told to have faith .

In science it really has become a belief yeah so uh yeah reality versus uh fairy tale okay jay dudd you know what we have with the heliocentric spinning globe model is a creation story no different to any other religion yeah .

And it's just an attempt to have all this stuff happen without any divinity without any creative spark yeah it's supposed to have just been supposed to have just evolved and at some point kind of become intelligent uh you know um and as i was saying earlier on there's no denying that the world around us is .

Intelligently designed it's beyond us could you could you create a spider web yes so just um that and and the leaves fall down oh really yeah that's okay but daddy um oh right yeah yeah .

All right here you are jay dud you know your your belief is is making you make accusations against me yeah you say believe what you like but indoctrinating your kids is inexcusable what am i undocumented my kids to do i'm indoctrinated i'm not i'm just telling them how to think for themselves i'm not telling them what to believe .

And the whole point here is to not be governed by belief to actually take reality as you see it make those scientific observations and then yeah go ahead and make some scientific measurements which is what a lot of people have been doing truth seekers you know and they found out that we can see further than .

We are supposed to be able to see you know and the horizon isn't um geometric curvature and all sorts of other stuff like that um that um completely destroys any notions that we live on the outside we're spinning ball yeah and that's scientific approach and so we realized that the ball was a .

Belief believing that we live on the outside of a spinning ball and believing in gravity um just because we see stars do certain things and believing that they are certain distances away in fact my previous video about um uh you know celestial navigation explains and illustrates why we've had .

To adopt this belief that light travels in parallel lines and it's simply to justify um the globe yeah so the thing is jay dudd we've all been indoctrinated that's and you're right it's inexcusable to have people indoctrinated and look what they're doing in the schools now telling them to .

You know the the propaganda telling them to do this or do that in the name of you know certain scientific here you know people are people are being you don't this is it you don't realize that you and all the rest of us .

Are being constantly indoctrinated by everything around us the people the culture the tv the media yeah it's constant it's incessant and one of the first things about waking up is realizing that you know you you've been carried along by this and and so do you have to examine your own beliefs .

It's like well why do i think and believe certain things why do i act or react in certain ways and it's only when you start thinking about that and reflecting on your own actions and thoughts and beliefs that you start to realize the depth of the indoctrination that you are displaying right now by .

Just you know uh with your ugly rhetoric yeah and you know cognitive dissonance adam some people can be so dumb when idol brains have only sour fruits my brother oh that's that's i like that's a very nice let's say that again some people .

Can be so dumb when idol brains have only sour fruits yeah sounds like an aesop's fable kind of uh line yeah just ask reality no curvature tin for hatter hello does jdub think they put a man on the moon too bad if they can't yeah uh-huh science versus scientism right iron horse uh .

Yeah okay freemason schooling hello this is beyond a joke hello yeah yeah okay jay dud you know you said there's no faith or belief in objective reality well the objective reality is that we're not on a spinning ball there is nothing nothing whatsoever at all about our objective reality the water on this plane .

Demonstrates to us that it's a plane it's not a globe water doesn't behave the way it should if it was on a globe yeah the the the the the weather everything moving in the atmosphere uh so say atmosphere yeah shows us that it's not sticking the fact that we are you know we detect movement that's just you know .

The thing that's the thing isn't it you have to come back down to reality and you have to look around you have to you have to admit to yourself that what you see is level you see you know we we understand how our eyes work and how um a level surface the horizon of a level surface appears to be at our eye level .

We we see no motion we detect no motion we see no curvature we measure no curvature and and um you know there are things like um the earth doesn't spin beneath us when we when we leave it you know things like that yeah you it's you the globe believer .

That has to hold these contradictions in your head you know you might have a belief that the folcolt's pendulum proves that the earth spins beneath it well if you believe if that's your hypothesis then every single thing that leaves the earth's surface uh should leave a spinning earth and the earth should spin beneath it now go and ask .

Any pilot any pilot you want it doesn't matter whether they believe you live on a globe or not does the earth spin beneath you no it doesn't but then they'll say oh well but the earth spins beneath a bullet but not a power jet it's just like you know to hold these two concepts in your mind and then you actually you look at .

Reality and you look at the reality and it tells you that the the earth doesn't spin beneath us and we are effectively on a stationary level plane that's where you start if we're not going down any curves and if the earth isn't spinning beneath us then you start with that scientific observation .

And if you want to prove that it's any different then go ahead and provide measurable scientific proof not just beliefs about what we see in the sky you know this is what you've got to understand j dad yeah and every time you're asked you don't come up with anything scientific you .

Just come up with the same kind of you know spiel we hear from cult members who can't defend their position without attacking the messenger yeah actually i am an honest person and you have to be honest to realize and admit that .

We don't know where we are we do not know where we are and but we've been told to believe that we are in a certain place in space going around the sun so i'm you know enough of dealing with your nonsense yeah there's plenty of people in here that can put you two .

Rights as well yes exactly this is uh beyond a joke the water in is the same level in sydney as it is in phuket yeah uh yeah that's it iron horse the globe is have indoctrinated pollution and so that's it last first hello i appreciate .

All you share mcm okay mc and hny not sure what that means but mate oh merry christmas okay thank you yes yeah thank you very much last uh first uh i'll give you a one-handed why there thank you very nice and likewise to you okay uh all right we're well behind on the chat there sorry oh thank you who's that .

Make make country love god again okay make hang on what's that make our country love love okay thank you very much yeah she's cool um uh yeah dave hinky agree there excuse me adam hayes yes you know this is it it's that first isn't it you know .

That's what that's what brings us to the realization that we live on the level earth isn't it because you know there's that thirst is i want to know i want to know for sure what i'm being told is it true or not and you start investigating and at first you probably kind of try to debunk the globe yeah uh i'm sorry debunk flat earth uh yeah .

Oh who's that on on that vl we're talk to about yes definitely yeah j dad that's all you've got all you can say is it's reality but you've got no proof of it adam hayes yeah uh one on on the level okay i always had a problem doing anything i'm told likewise .

I mean no problem if it's uh if it's a mutual agreement that you're in some kind of subordinate position and you have a mentor and you've got stuff to learn and you can see that there's a reason for doing it but no being told to do illogical stuff never sat right with me either yeah and i would always you know i might not kind of confront .

Directly but you you know you find a way to to resist right and that's that's you know david hink uh the glory is not reality dude yeah okay mainstream school in israel yes j dud i do have measurements of flatness 10 000 kilometers of absolute flatness ask any pilot as well if they follow a curve no they don't yeah uh .

Simple as that yeah uh and no one can debunk this no one can ever debunk it all right so yes ten thousand kilometers from phuket to england level all the way yeah .

Done the measurements and many others as i said you can you know once one one experiment where you can see further than we're supposed to see should be enough yeah looking at water should be enough for you to realize that when you talk about the globe you're just talking .

About a model yeah all right um many other things many other things yeah okay sorry let me just okay eddie and anderson hi uh the world is flat and nasa is the world's biggest crook stealing enormous amounts of money from the u.s taxpayers .

To show that yeah it's it's incredible isn't it the amount of money that that is pushed around and you can you know again we you know um i've got a friend leon who's or he always you know always goes back to the same same thing it's all about invoices and it is it's just business what we're seeing now happening with the whole um .

Uh you know uh everyone getting uh afraid of the common cold it's a it's a it's a it's a business it's a whole massive business sector that's been created yeah the people pushing are going to benefit directly or indirectly from it massive profits because the best contract you could ever get as a business person is one that is uh .

A government contract uh where everybody that the government presides over has to take part yeah so if you know it's funny because people still don't understand that you know you but for example the tests are free and it's like well yeah but they're being paid for by the taxpayer you're not paying them but .

Someone somewhere is making a huge amount of money by having uh you know enough tests for the entire population you know it's insane isn't it just think how much they make on masks alone you know there's billions of people .

Wearing new masks every day look at the industry that's been born out of that out of what trying to stop the spread of the common cold right i'm getting way behind in the chat i hope this isn't uh black sheep hello and yeah uh what's such a jw you either have a .

Curved earth and straight sunlight rays or a flat earth and curved sunlight rays it's the same but you forced her now absolutely well said yes okay all right youtube hi yeah iron horse that's right isn't it it's funny there are horrible gifts a lot of the time you know i'd be quite .

Happy to enter into constructive discussion but again isn't isn't that one of the reasons that we see that we're dealing with a cult mentality it's like yeah you know alternate view fe globe wax unwaxed mark yeah yeah pay attention to what's going on in the other hand too absolutely always .

Distractions going on yeah okay all right youtube uh replying to iron horse there i'll leave that okay all right what's that black sheep uh the only experiment which physically measures if .

There's curvature in the rectilinear experiment first described by stephen price this implies constructing a straight line of planks of decent length uh yeah that would you know that's it works for measuring doesn't it yeah yeah you're right paul it's not until you escape the programming that you're being to see how ridiculous the globe is .

Yeah what's that you'd you pick up word they answer that one by claiming the wind is magic watching your video are you i'm great okay i'm typing in things oh are you yeah well you're probably doing all my my account so okay oh okay great we'll see your chat in a minute then .

Okay all right right uh what's that adam hayes earth was known flat in times when our best achievements was being left for us to find so today totally blown away by the super large blocks building uh yeah yeah yeah um it's interesting yeah another another thing that is worth pointing out is you .

Know the whole celestial navigation for example uh that's been done for thousands of years and of course it's well known that um you know until a few hundred years ago everyone believed the earth was uh flat so uh this sudden change to a globe nothing changed about uh celestial navigation .

It's all been done on a level earth when they believed the earth was level yeah so if the sun suddenly became 93 million miles away or whatever uh then things would have to have changed wouldn't they yeah just ask hey nick i'm on the same seat yeah that's right .

Glenn souch what's that nick j dud doesn't really doesn't understand the globe is the last truth he has from his childhood he'll hold on to it at all cost it's it's right it's it's did you mean fight or flight right yeah yeah i understand totally understand and of course this is this is the whole .

Thing to me this whole uh thing the whole reason for doing all this is is you know not to necessarily say right the earth is like this here are the dimensions of the earth but it's just that learning to discern and it's been a journey for me you know for all of us hasn't it you know it's it's learning to .

Discern between reality and belief and uh once you have those tools you can much easier navigate reality right i mean you as you were saying you know you see yes my love cat box cat box .

All right you're trolling me yeah um seeing isn't it you know you can navigate life a lot better when you can see the things and it's the same as being able to see the predators hiding in the trees um i keep referring to this i'm bored of saying it but you know our life .

As humans is no different to an animal making its way through the jungle or the prairies or whatever you've got to be on your guard because you are prey we've got this false sense of security thinking that we're top of the food chain when we're not and that's the thing it's uh you know any moment you can be .

Jumped by some someone or something a predator that's basically um you know watching and waiting and we forget that we have this false sense of security yes so if you can't see my cat box cat box out i'm um tight um why don't you just try to .

Scroll down yeah i will in a minute i'm scrolling through lots here lots of lots of things and j-dad says there is no argument well you're a fool jay dad for you know you're a bigoted single-minded um individual for thinking that there is no argument there is always an argument and even even even .

Even if it's one or the other that's a false dichotomy yeah you know that's just idiotic and that's very unscientific isn't it yeah what's that uh eddie anderson would you be interested in attending a swedish fe channel street well yeah okay cool can't .

Speak swedish though but i'm sure you'll be conversing in english right yeah what's that flat sabbath hello dud can weigh the globe with his formula yeah right uh how are they okay uh ben salch if you don't if you can't question science then it's not science .

Absolutely absolutely right okay wow i'm just trying to sorry i'm just trying to scroll through the chats here yeah uh nick calibrate your phone phone level in the different places yeah that's it i mean i tried my best to see if there was any way of measuring curvature and you just you know uh .

Is that how you say it a-i-d-y a-d definite news appeal to authority yeah oh i like that one youtube yeah youtube i imagine that in court i'm not guilty because everyone knows i'm innocent okay all right okay right .

Um do you mind if i kind of uh carry on with what i was gonna say about wow i'll uh this is fantastic to see so oh sorry so much in the chat here jose j uh jg when you say level that's how you describe earth do you mean flat in the globe the surface of the earth is level welcome to the globe .

Uh well they say it's very simple um level in the real world is a horizontal perpendicular to plum perpendicular to vertical and it's from one point to the other okay i mean do i really have to explain this let's uh you know uh .

Let's have a look all right this wall is level okay it's horizontal and you go from one point to another and it's level okay horizontal all right that's what level is in the real world um but of course it is understood that in the globe world or the for the globe belief then uh you can assume .

Um this uh level being uh perpendicular to your vertical that is going towards the center of a spherical earth and therefore you can say that if you're going around this earth at a consistent height above the surface then you are maintaining level okay so it's it's understood all right it's very very simple to understand that you can .

Um assume that level is something other than we experience in reality and you can model it i'm just gonna have some my coffee here um but that doesn't make it true it just makes it maybe true for your model or it means that you have to um stick to just one particular definition of level .

Whereas uh people like myself uh can quite easily understand and accept that there are many definitions of of level but there's only one that's actually you know but we talk about reality and the reality is is what i just showed you with the wall there yeah so if you want to dispute that yes .

Yes i'm seeing your trolling chats there yeah that's you know yeah okay so simple you know go ahead and show how well i'm kind of looking there's lots of other people chatting at the moment but um yeah .

Okay all right so it's great to see any everyone everyone here so i see that's yours yeah current sketches okay all right yes that's what i said maybe it is a computer i'm scolding but it's great you know someone programmed .

That computer didn't they someone programmed that bot yeah uh so just ask you don't get angry yeah you know obviously the longer this goes on you know the the the easier it it gets coffeehouse technology hello uh there's no problem with science again .

It's all about discernment all about discernment so uh what's that glenn sauce uh nick try making a tea of thinly sliced fresh ginger squeezed honey yes um i i am getting over a cold um yes thank you it's very um nice that you noticed that uh it's been .

A pretty heavy cold um we've all had it it's done the rounds in the family so yes i've been doing the ginger and the lemon and things like that so uh yeah thank you thank you for the uh yes i sent dog sick .

Um eating noodles in the water yeah yeah okay all right did you see this yes uh well i'm getting oh yeah yes that's yours okay jose j okay well i appreciate that and yes you know .

It's okay to disagree i you know this is you know i invite researchers to debate what you know debunkers but um yeah and and it's okay to disagree it just becomes ugly when when people take these beliefs personally and of course that's what we're often .

Dealing with yeah eddie okay all right you're answering my question we would we were actually streaming on christmas day at 10 a.m yes that's probably around 5 8 p.m i it's difficult to say what are we doing at 5 p.m as i said i'm actually well i will be to be honest i know i will be ferrying my daughter about .

Because she has to go she's got a singing gig at uh the hotel um so i will be involved in taking her there at about that time so um that's kind of uh yes uh yeah yeah well i well i saw that okay all right sorry i'm just going through the the chats again yeah there you go yes i .

See it now yeah okay youtube you look over sharpened hmm i don't know if that whatever yeah all building requires flatness absolutely all construction yeah okay paulie is saying that there is measurement to the globe and it's been tested and guess what it does not add up .

To yeah okay tin foil hatter there's no logical explanation while this sun hasn't splashed down into the ocean or crashed down on some small town already it's rather a mystery for what goes that must come down uh okay yeah i saw some lovely .

Images of uh sun in front of the horizon you know it really kind of adds to the mystery there okay all right eddie anderson we tend to stream a very low g time though our very first stream went on for a whopping eight wow okay well let's see how it goes uh connect with me uh .

You should be able to see my email in the in the about description there so feel free to contact me then we'll try and hook up but i can't promise anything on christmas day eddie uh but yeah we can we can certainly talk about uh a later collaboration yeah because i do have to reserve that you know .

I spend a lot of time you know my regular income is is is freelance writing i've been doing a lot of that yes i see that yeah i've been trying to kind of clear up everything to to get to this point where i can at least have one day off with the family so uh yeah .

Oh god jade dad suspension bridges uh but i can't be asked can't be asked okay yes renegade one it is good vibes yes it's all about yeah and this was it you know for me right right from the start it's always been about sharing it's like wow okay this this this realization and it really was this freedom this sense of .

Freedom that you feel isn't it because you free yourself from that belief and you become free from the cult and even you know that realization that you were in a cult comes later on once you've you know and it's like wow uh you are literally free from the gravity and or those holds it has on you and and you are free to think um and think more .

Creatively uh so i'm trying to just try and keep this a bit more steady yeah so this this has always been to me it's always been about sharing i just wanted to share that and i naively thought at first that um wow if i just point out that the horizons are not curvature and that they are they .

They happen in your eyes uh then people will realize that we're not on a globe and um you know they'll they'll you know this will all um suddenly make sense uh but no i of course you know the moment you start talking about that you're met with resistance yes okay try try not to do too many of those my love okay .

Yeah um so yeah uh it's always been about sharing it's not been about in doc you know trying to convince people to believe in anything it's just uh you know go look for yourself and find out for yourself .

What's that absolutely poorly yes euphoria euphoria you you for euphoria sorry yes it was my experience i wanted it absolutely you just wanted to share it's like um yeah it's not about of course but then you know again i think that's part of the growing process because you ultimately have to realize and accept that .

Certain people aren't ready you were ready when you when you started looking into it and i remember that kind of like it was at a point where you'd gone through all the other stuff and you you'd you know realize that um a lot of things in the .

Around us are um are um a fake you know and we kind of you know we're living in this kind of fabricated system and so but then there was there was very much this kind of what's next what next what's next uh there was i knew there was this thirst .

For knowledge we were talking about earlier right there's this i wanted to know more and and but it's ah there's more to this but i i'm not i'm not you know what is it and eventually um fe came along and and yeah so i'm sure it was the same for a lot of us you know you we were ready to hear it because we'd .

Already realized that there was a lot of stuff we don't know and a lot of stuff we'd um grown up believing um or just assuming was normal or just a natural consequence of uh evolving as a species i suppose and that's the other thing isn't it we've .

Given this idea that we've been on this linear timeline uh uh that has brought us to this point of development um evolution as it were uh and of course ultimately uh where does where should we be evolving to next it would be that kind of transhuman agenda wouldn't it you know .

We we alternate and so but but that's the thing you you you come back down to earth and then you start seeing the beauty of the things like the the the cobweb i showed you at the beginning of this video you know it's the magnificence of that i mean just you .

Know to look at that and appreciate it and have that presence of mind when you're in and around nature is a wonderful feeling you know and without any presuppositions without any um you know thinking about how how that evolved or it's just you know it's um it's a again you are free you're a lot .

Freer to be on that kind of wavelength where you're not too fussed about how it came about i must say yeah i haven't mentioned this because it's not really worth saying but i the other day i saw what i can only describe as a ufo i saw a cluster of lights in .

The sky it was and they were moving across the sky i have no idea what they are yeah um and so you know of course i couldn't film it but um all i know is it was something that i couldn't explain and uh .

Yes if you take this if you don't take this up you wanna yes i know i know i don't see them yeah um you know it might be close to some of these kind of triangular craft that people have talked about before but i couldn't say you know and i couldn't say how large it .

Was or how far away but it just drifted across it was like a cluster of lights that drifted across the sky they kind of they look very similar to stars um but that's it and it it was all you know within i suppose it lasted about maybe seven to ten seconds i just watched them i was out walking the dog .

Drifted across no idea can't say yeah okay hang on uh you can take uh sorry uh yeah you can take one of those if you're like yeah no no i need i need this one but you can take the others okay sorry daughter's daughter stealing my notes yeah so again you know but it's like um .

It doesn't it's to to see that was like uh at this stage it's like okay there's there's stuff going on there there's there's entities there's there's things going on that we we have no idea about so um and and i don't it doesn't bother me to not know it just you know it's just uh things going on .

Sorry i need to just what's that dave i remember that free free feeling back in 2015 our native i thought yeah it's funny isn't it you know but isn't it you know but it's part of the process you have to learn to accept that um and that that's that's fine that's absolutely fine because we're all at a .

Different stage you know it's you know you you yeah it's that and that's what maybe that's what this whole thing is about maybe that's it that is the whole idea here is to have this experience uh to learn from it and it's a personal journey it really is isn't it you know and of course what we're seeing is is .

Every aspect of individualism uh being standardized that's what they've done with the globe you know uh the very fact that we could all be looking at the same sun but it will appear in different places is is the subject subjective nature of what we're experiencing but of course the globe and all that stuff has .

Tried to um you know the money system everything it's its attempt to standardize everything globalization is really this standardization of of your lives and it is very robotic it's very unnatural yes it makes sense to have certain currencies or .

Metric measurements and uh time zones all these other things they're all very very useful for doing stuff yeah but um at the same time that that's not you know that they have their place but it takes away the subjectivity of reality for each individual yeah .

Alternate view any comments on the rv truth journalism and the jake that are so bored of under confusion no idea i don't follow those guys too much um yeah hello hello oh yeah yes i am all right sorry okay .

What's that paulie this is very truenick i remember following you walking through the streets having discussions with people all right right nice one yeah yes my love sorry oh there's lots of people here in chat oh hello after that world .

Right okay lovely so you know let's wow so much you know i'm going to have to try and catch up with the chat okay whoo he's swinging me right scientific method okay let's let's have a look all right i'll just you know some quick notes here there's various different ways of of explaining it but .

Um uh okay first of all is make an observation so when did anyone ever make an observation of curvature never all right so that's a scientific method yeah and then you would you know ask a question so you know we we look at .

Let's say we look at around us we say well you know where would we get to that point where we're asking are we on a globe yeah and then so you make an observation ask a question and then you come up with a hypothesis .

Or a testable explanation okay so that didn't happen no one ever tested whether there was curvature on the surface of the earth surface of the earth yeah uh it was just so all that's been skipped but .

Yeah that's right glenn it's all just gravity no science required but of course the reason um that uh the globe and the heliocentric model has been passed off as science uh is because of this next bit where you you then make predictions okay so of course if we for example go to the copernicus model and copernicus .

Had to make a whole bunch of assumptions the first being that the earth is another planet and again i've said this many times but you know the only way to justify night and day in a heliocentric model with an essentially stationary sun at the center is to assume that you're on a spinning ball in order to get night and day because you know it doesn't work .

On a flat earth if you assume that the earth is going around the sun so you can't have this this change so that's that's why you know that's why it uh ends up being like that in the heliocentric model so um these were all you know assumptions that were put together uh for the model .

Uh but the thing is what what what they could do was they could come up with this hypothesis and say and make predictions so we we're going to say the earth is round and we're going around the sun and we predict that you're going to see certain planets or certain stars or even the sun rise and set at certain times .

And um of course they could make these predictions because the observations of the sun had already been done uh over thousands of years and the stars or whatever that's all been done you know eclipses you you can you can look you can watch the sun and the moon for a few months .

excuse me make your own predictions on on when you're going to see an eclipse can't you because there'll be a point at some time where they'll converge uh you don't have to make any assumptions about the shape of the earth to make predictions about when you're .

When you're going to see a solar eclipse or any other things happening in the sky you just track it over time and so that's the thing isn't it being able to make those predictions is what uh allowed uh these mathematicians to pass off the heliocentric model as a .

Scientific uh discovery but nothing was ever discovered you know it's and so yeah it's being able to make those predictions and of course testing those predictions uh year after year you'll see the same things happen which of course tells us that we're not flying through space .

Um but uh that that is to be ignored yeah and then of course uh the the last part of it is to draw conclusions or to iterate to explain so again we have these um so-called scientific explanations so uh you you know the sun is uh said to rise and set because the earth is spinning that's an explanation or uh the .

Uh the seasons change because the earth it's explained that the earth is tilting never observed never seen absolutely no way that anyone has ever managed to to see this or measure it or see it actually happening from a kind of exterior perspective it's just assumed .

That the earth tilts yeah and um so all we have is explanations so we've got about you know these two or three parts of this scientific method which are passed off for the globe yeah nicely said youtube yeah uh how do eclipses work on how does any of .

This work how did any of this begin yeah start there jay dudd yeah where do we come from where does this all come from some everything came from nothing apparently how why we don't know nobody knows so you know demanding alternative explanations is is silly because .

Ultimately you have to realize that nobody knows and not even these people making up all these you know wonderful things and saying oh it happened over billions and billions they don't know anything they don't know anything all they know how to do is to play around with numbers and make equations yeah .

Yeah good question flat sabbath how do lakes curve yeah sun arrival yes practice righteousness you've pointed that out before and i like it uh you know um sun arrival sun departure yeah why not yeah so uh black sheep in the sunset is .

Easily explained the light has limited traveling distance so the father absolutely that's it you know that's another thing you realize you know of course an explanation that goes along with the globe is that light travels in parallel lines and it travels for infinite distances well it doesn't that's the thing it doesn't yeah .

And you can even you know you just if you imagine like a a light in in water or something you know and you could you might be in the water and you can you can see a light in the water and you can see a glow around that light but you can be outside of that glow you're not you're not under or in the influence of the sphere of light .

Coming from the the light there yeah what are you trying to do trying to get on there trying to get in the chair yeah well hang on give me a while yeah anyway so uh well the thing is j dad you know again you know you you've always got to look sun departure yes it does sometimes the .

Sun often does disappear into uh but usually just like horizons are at a short distance we're on the surface of the earth the horizon is very short distance in front of us yeah just because of perspective so what happens is the sun goes off into the distance and it gets cut off by the horizon .

Before there's a chance for it to for us to see it shrinking it's very simple it's just the way perspective works yeah okay get higher up and you'll see it go on for longer but a lot of the time what's actually happening is the sun is getting cut off by the clouds you know clouds dense atmosphere above the or dense air above the surface yeah .

We see the sun go behind clouds all the time and you're in shade once the sun goes behind the clouds you're in shade so you just gotta you know take reality take take what actually happens in reality and apply it to um the distant horizon where you can't see the clouds anymore .

But they're still there blocking off the sun so are the mountains so is everything else yeah the land and all that stuff yeah it's really really really really really simple actually but it's very difficult to process if you're just .

Clinging to this globe earth belief how does fire even work on on on flat earth checkmate's purple uh yeah okay glenn nice one yeah nice one there nice bit of math there yeah that's you're right it's uh .

This is it i mean you know when you when you look when you actually start look and you you realize that there is intelligent design in the in what we see in the sky uh and in many ways it it leads us to realize that we can be easily misled by interpreting .

What we see in the sky so that in itself you know it's quite i find that quite fascinating that it's um it's like a clue it helps us navigate which is great and all that but at the same time it's like uh here's a clue you look up at the sky and you can make all sorts of uh theories about what's actually happening .

And to me that's a clue to tell us that um you know this is um this is a mystery and you'll actually never really find out uh it's part it's like a it's like the the creator's stamp as it were i was here you know but it it you see it's uh .

Again it a lot of this comes down to acceptance surrender i think that's a wonderful word to use you know you have to surrender to to what we what we experience and on a personal note that's that's how my life has become a lot better a lot less stressful you know just uh .

You know when when you stop worrying as long as you're you know as long as you're doing what's what's what's good what's right you know you're doing what's right by your family you're following a kind of middle path you are you know you make commitments and you stick to them or you do you know you work you work hard uh you know you .

Meet you know you do what you promise to do and of course this all takes time to manifest it doesn't happen overnight but you you know you stop uh you stop having too many concerns about how am i going to afford the rent or how am i going to pay for this as .

Long as you just carry on then you are focused on doing you know step by step making making good solid steps it all works out uh so you know this so this is why you kind of that's what i like the word surrender because you kind of surrender to to .

The universal magic that's going on you know you surrender to that and uh and you accept it uh like i said it doesn't mean just sitting back and doing nothing but it you know means not getting distracted by .

The past the possible futures which is you look again you look around us and everyone is distracted at the whole thing this whole sham that we see going on around us over the past couple of years is based on predictions models of drastic dire consequences if you don't do this if we do this .

This could be the end result yeah just using fear and poking people with a stick uh to make them do stuff it's that is criminal that's ins but again at the same time uh it's to be expected it's to be expected of the predators out there they will do and they will use whatever means they have at their disposal to uh .

To you know to to create their own future to create their you know to create their own little world of of profits and and what have you yeah and they don't they don't care i mean yeah and they often can't foresee the the implications of what they do .

Uh you know the way the universe will it will send ripples out into the universe so you know doing things like locking everyone down and telling them to do this and that you know uh stay at home it's all going to have you know consequences that .

Nobody can really imagine until until these things happen and people start reacting uh and and doing things as creative individuals so our creativity as humans will always will always prevail in that case yeah and we won't be victims of these uh these uh robots .

Uh so yeah anyway uh yeah this is great practice okay i love i love to see thank you so much for engaging here and even you know uh yes jay dud it could all be a simulation as well who knows .

Who knows yeah who knows but no one has got to the point where we can actually create life yeah we can't do what this ball of rock spinning through space is apparently done by accident yeah we can't create life .

Yeah yeah you know we can't create trees we can copy and we can garden and we can do these things and there's a certain level of intelligence there but we we can't we can't do any of the things that we actually we can't create earth we can't create our own you know imagine if you could create your .

Own sun and carry it around with you know if science has got it all sussed out then give everyone a portable sun to carry around yeah and this is the dunning-kruger that we get you know dunning-kruger means that you you think you know enough about .

Something that you you then become you know you you you find it difficult to accept uh you put your c you elevate yourself and this is what we see with the globes you know they they they know all the explanations and they think they know the science and they can .

Do some mathematics and so they're at the top of what they call mount stupid in with the dunning-kruger effect yeah they're right at the top here looking down on everyone else i know more than you yeah but that's that's just the start of your .

Learning curve because then then you then you start to realize how little you know and how much you believed you believed you knew it all just because you could repeat a few stories yeah that's the thing so actually you know the opposite of the dunning-kruger after this long learning .

Curve is that realization you know real you know the real kind of humble open-minded people that don't suffer from dunning-kruger are those that are actually they might well be experts in their field but then at the same time they they .

They have this realization that they know very little compared to what could be known and so they they actually look at themselves in a diminished way rather than a superior way yeah so the dunning-krugers are those guys that think they know it all and they've got something to tell everyone .

And they're at the top of the thing and no no no when really yeah they don't got a clue yeah and it's accepting that we don't have a clue we don't know i'm sure a lot of people in the chat here will admit that nobody knows we don't .

Know who we are we don't know where we are yeah we don't know why we're here lots of theories lots of ideas we could talk about that till the cows come home why not but ultimately uh .

That's the thing you realize that people have ideas and opinions and consensus is formed it's very easy to see how consensus is formed again look at the past two years if that's not enough to wake people up just to see how easy it is to to form what's referred to as scientific consensus .

And you've got people like j dud here just shouting and ranting and raving yeah believing they've got their beliefs backed by scientific consensus which is nothing more than public relations campaigns and and stuff yeah if you employ the .

Scientific eye mighty atom oh it's 3am okay no it's it's live right now it's live right now 3am in london yeah oh wow it's fantastic okay ask and reserve go be happy somewhere pretend to laugh and enjoy this yeah okay practice righteousness the most likely .

Explanation is often the closest to the truth yeah true yeah what's that black sheep in the big city shitty uh same with evolution from monkeys as far as we can look back there is no monkey that makes humans yeah exactly yeah actually i was thinking about that the other day you know it's funny isn't it .

Because humans we can look at any animal we could look at a duck a butterfly a bird a monkey and we see traits in them that we also have yeah and that's that's kind of that's why it makes them endearing a lot of the time isn't it because you you see a .

Human trait but is it maybe the other way around that us humans have a whole mixture of animal traits within us and maybe a bit more yeah uh you know we you look at a dog or a cat .

Especially dogs you know they love their routine certain things make them happy sad but they they get over things pretty quickly because they they don't have that um you know we us humans have this extra layer of emotion i'm sure you know any any most parents in the animal kingdom .

Especially the mammals you know they they you know they have this love for their um their their young but even the reptiles too i mean you know crocodiles will uh you know obviously care for their young to a certain point and things like that so that's always prevalent and again that might be just something that's .

built in in our dna because it's necessary to to propagate the species you know the parents have to look after the young uh to a certain extent uh but you know there's no doubt that those those feelings are there uh uh so we can see that in other animals too and so in that sense we see that other .

Animals suffer but in many ways us humans suffer a lot more because we imagine all this stuff about the future and we get distracted a dog might not be so concerned about the future or for example .

You know you can't say to a dog all right i'm going away for a couple of days uh and i'll be back uh so you you can't you can't put the dog's mind right by letting it know that there's something to hope for in the future because the dog is really going to be .

Just working in in the present in the now so uh you know in in in so in some ways the dog will suffer because it doesn't know or it can't be told that the owner is coming back or its companion is coming back uh but in other ways you know it's it's .

Not suffering because it's not preoccupied by those kind of imaginary futures do you see what i mean so this is something this is a burden you know this is a form of suffering that we we deal with as humans is is our and again just as i was saying just now with the whole you know the the past two years of the shenanigans from .

The gates and all that you know it's all based on fear and it's all based on imaginary scenarios imaginary futures if we weren't uh if we weren't so easily distracted by that kind of thing then none of this would have happened what's that youtube i even hold on .

To to to go after dave for claiming to be a professor and and i can't read that name how to gave the most weasel answer he could he came dave is blocking him so he can't ah okay glenn's house i like that yeah we procreate because we are a product of .

Creation yeah nice one okay any literalists sons will rotate you and around and around and around yeah black sheep that's how it is with the earth your house's floor is flat your yard is flat your neighbor is fat yeah you never understand at what point will it enter your the idea that you're on a sector .

Exactly yes yes you know again ask i would love give me some science give me a scientific measurement where does it start to curve mighty atom by design i was wondering how a tree can grow from a seed i know yeah it's not and yet you cut it down and it doesn't grow from the stomach well actually .

Uh that's that's kind of one thing i should this tree i'll show you uh mighty atom uh this tree has been cut several times only because it gets so big so quickly that um you can see the telegraph wires up there uh i have to prune this one regularly but .

This has been cut several times but it will grow it will carry on growing again so that one seed and that one tree uh will carry on growing yeah these every time you cut it yes this is my treat yeah that's your tree yes that's right yeah it all got chopped off uh-huh so yeah these become branches so this you know for example this this big .

Branch here came up after this bit was chopped off so these these two big branches have come up yeah but unfortunately it's just had to be cut so uh yeah uh .

But yeah isn't that amazing uh oops i'm going to minute my love let me just sit down again it won't be long yeah the information in the seed absolutely incredible isn't it iron horse once you really know stuff you know that you don't know not knowing .

You don't know is done in kruger that's very well said you said it a lot more succinctly than i did yes that's exactly that stay humble yeah okay thank you mighty atom all right how smart a rocket scientist well they're very smart i knew a rocket scientist once he had he had a restaurant here um don his name was and he worked he worked on the the moon .

Missions uh so he was of course adamant that they went to the moon so he knew his stuff you know he was a rocket scientist he worked for nasa and you know um i don't deny that you can get rockets up there and don't deny the existence of satellites as you know things it's it's just how do they it's very easy to .

Realize that there could be many other ways that the things move around up there or get carried around in streams or winds again these are things that exist you know but spherical gravity doesn't exist what's that role roll the losing dice uh .

I'm pretty sure i'm pretty i'm sorry i pretty sure should sure our souls hang on the line of eternal hell that could come from a aha a jibby jab yeah that's you know what's what's going on there is very very dark isn't it it's very dark you know what's really .

Happening you know to change yeah it's just wow and of course the worst thing is is trying to talk to people that are already and i don't to be honest i don't i don't .

Get on my soapbox about it with with you know relatives that have that have taken the the thing because well you just i mean obviously they're going to defend what they've already decided to do and there's no point in trying to make them feel bad about what they put in their bodies you know .

So yeah yes renegade one i agree with what you say there uh black sheep uh yes we have similar traits because we have the same designer like a painter the paint's different paintings but they are okay nice yeah nicely nicely said .

They don't have an ego jason were you talking about dogs uh yeah uh they kind of do though in some respects don't they um and that's what makes it but not not to the extent that humans do you know but that's kind of like again that's why we find them funny sometimes isn't it you know .

A dog will know to be shy or guilty or something but it yeah it's kind of it's very fleeting yeah eddie uh considering that fact i really should see okay go to bed now yes okay uh right okay well j dad you know i'm just back .

To you you're being sarcastic i know when you say you know what you could be onto something it does look flat out there again this goes back to the scientific method that's the observation that is the observation we make and we know that parallel lines appear to converge that's how our eyes work that's perspective okay so we've got the .

Parallel line of the the earth and the and the sky okay appearing to converge we see flatness we do not see any curvature and we don't see any curvature where you know again the horizon if you say the horizon is curvature and it's six or ten miles in front of you you should be able to look across the horizon and see the same .

Amount of curvature across the 20 mile horizon you don't see it okay it doesn't exist we see flatness okay and we you know the earth is demonstrably level as i showed just now and it's still we're not moving there is so any all of these things you know the the curvature the spin and all that stuff you know are all .

Presuppositions of a model they are requirements of a model they are nothing they they've never been scientifically scientifically measured yeah so that's where we start we start with our observation that it's fat and we also know that um we see declination so when you move further away from a light in the sky it's going to appear to .

Get closer and closer and closer to the horizon this is reality that's what happens in reality when you go across a level surface so there is absolutely no reason whatsoever to even begin assuming that we're on the outside of a spinning ball unless of course you want to come up with a model .

A heliocentric model and what's the heliocentric model i'm sure i've told you before in fact i remember telling you distinctly earlier on in this whole thing j done several months ago the heliocentric model is a representation of the gregorian calendar it is nothing more than an illustration of the gregorian solar calendar .

Putting the sun at the center and then having the earth as another planet spinning around okay you can have a lunar calendar but it doesn't mean that you suddenly have to decide that the moon is at the center of this physical place yeah .

It's very very simple the heliocentric model is just an illustration of the gregorian calendar yeah predictions and people talk about making predictions it's not because you know they suddenly made it perfect with a globe .

It's just that the fact that we can make these predictions allows you to make all sorts of different models a geocentric uh you can you can put anything you want at the center the moon the sun a star you put the north star at the center you could you could say everything's moving around .

The more more star you know you could you could make up some stories yeah sorry excuse me as i said i've got you so you know it's just understand that simple fact that us humans are very good at making up stories we are creators of stories in that respect yeah we love a .

Good story and look at we spend our lives watching movies reading books yeah full stories yeah the whole thing we love we love stories and we hate it when we don't have an ending we hate cliffhangers yeah .

So we love to and this is it this is just again it's just this idolization of the the the globe is just a symptom of our uh our desire to have a story and be told a story with a beginning middle and end when really you know we should be focused on our own stories .

Youtube what causes ocean's tides the sun yeah i like yeah the sun is an obvious answer yeah because it the heat you know yeah simple yeah practice righteousness yeah good point feelings are spiritual nature god will and yeah you know and again i think it's you know .

Feeling guilty about something uh whether it's you know you decide to go vegetarian or something or whatever you you know reflecting being able to reflect is is you know and having those feelings is okay that's part of being human it's part of the process and in many ways we should .

Embrace them again i think it's easy to become addicted to feelings and that's what we're seeing is is a problem these days people are addicted to the fear and they they want to be locked down they want to be told you know and it's just they want to you know it's just bizarre rather than celebrating life .

And just enjoying it they want to be they want people to literally locking themselves down and it and and of course that's being that's being relied upon uh yeah and it's sad you know you just want to help you don't want to be you know it's it's easy to get angry with people that are just you know .

Being consumed by all of this but at the same time you feel sorry for them it's just oh gosh you don't want you to you know just want you to be free free from all that free from all that worry goodness j dad evolution all right let's see annie give us one example anyone anyone at all any anyone in the scientific .

Community give us one example of one species can uh turn turning into another or one kind turning into another if evolution is a fact not just a story okay again we're not we're not coming up with alternatives who knows whether evolution actually happened or whether you know things just .

Disappeared like that who knows nobody knows for crying out loud but we do know that evolution is just a story adaptation maybe adaptation i find it funny that there are chickens and rats all over the world cats and .

Dogs yeah all over all over the world when you wake up to animal level intelligence you've probably reached enlightenment oh nicely put iron horse yeah alternatively does phuket experience an autumn season meaning uh there are a few deciduous trees i noticed the rubber .

Trees the other day uh but they might be just dead they just get to a certain age and then they so no most of most of uh you don't get any changing uh you don't know there's no real there are changes in the season it's now becoming the dry season and it's the kind of you know uh .

And it will stay that way until april and again it's funny because the seasons are you know the moon indicates the seasons so when we have uh songkran which is the water throwing festival which is the hottest time of year in in march april but it's based on a full moon uh then immediately after that you'll get uh the first reigns .

Oh do you okay i'll get out your way then okay daughter wants her to swing back and he's hogging the swing yeah so yes there are seasons but um it's not the kind of um they don't really have any deciduous trees here that uh that you see seasonal changes with hope that answers your question .

Yeah jay dad you see you see even though you know you come even it's been an hour jay dud and you you haven't you know you just come here with the same bigoted attitude which hasn't changed and you're just demonstrating an inability to learn yeah and it's just it's just a lot of .

People do get like that they get to about 30 or 40 and they think they have to stop learning we're always we're all learning there's so much more to learn yeah then soush it starts to curve on the drawing board yeah okay all right thank you .

Thank you marty atom yeah all right wow okay well listen guys um i think it's been quite quite a long one and i really appreciate you coming in so uh wow thank you so much for your contributions in chat there youtube nice the debunked himarari yeah okay .

Uh wow okay now really good really good really good okay yeah if i if i carry on going with the through the chats and answering them it's going to take ages but uh i hope that's kind of you know we you know .

I know we're all on the same page and uh yeah scientific method you know no observation was ever made of curvature so they didn't even start there the only reason that they the the scientific method is is attached to the globe is because they're able to make predictions yeah so uh .

Yeah all right so uh yeah i hope you have a wonderful uh festive time and uh you know it's it's spent with with people you love and uh yeah i'll probably take a break on .

Christmas day and uh thank you so much for coming in we'll be back uh you know we'll get back to it soon soon after christmas and and again thank you very much to the the phuket word patreons you've been really helpful you know there's a few of you and you you know you you made a really nice commitment there so thank you for that .

It's really helping i'm hoping to move forward with this a lot more there's a lot more to be put out there um especially with the celestial navigation so uh yeah great stuff it's great to be you know have all this support thank you very .

Much and i hope you have a great time we'll uh we'll catch up soon okay take care see you soon all right


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