Friday, May 20, 2022

Historians vs New World – Bill Farley (Archaeology and Youtube)

Hello hello everyone welcome to little history and welcome back to historians versus new world let's go i'm joined by bill farley today a professional archaeologist and a fellow content creator on youtube hi how's it going thank you so much for having me this is pretty uh this is thrilling i'm thrilled .

But honestly i'm so excited uh how are you doing i'm doing really well i'm doing good i i've never we were just chatting before we started i've never done anything like this before i've never been on stream before in my life i'm exclusively a youtube slash twitter sort of person so uh .

I was actually a little bit nervous to get ready for this but uh i think i'm doing all right i've never seen this game i've heard about it i remember the discourse about it which obviously made its way around the archaeology of course world when it first came out and everybody was looking at it sort of squinted and and uh twisting their heads .

A little bit and wondering whether this was gonna be uh uh what it was gonna be uh and then watched like a you know a preview of it and then never experienced it again so i have no no predisposed notions about this game at all before seeing you play it so it'll be exciting this will be great then uh but honestly playing people who .

Have truly not experienced anything about the game is a little bit hard because it's circulated with so much discourse and it was all so negative yeah yeah and i i remember when the discourse made its way through archaeology i was surprised it felt like it was going to be a big thing like .

People were really going to discuss this and it never hit that hard that i saw people just kind of forgot about it sort of quickly um i don't know if in the history circles maybe it was a little bit more debated but no it's been completely dead oh my because there's just there just was so .

I don't know there's so many it's a target rich environment in archaeology you know there's so many uh indiana jones tomb raider sort of things to discuss exactly unfortunately right well both good and bad there's so much going on right now so many games coming out .

That touch on archaeology but i think this one despite a peak having a million players every month just the history or lack thereof completely went under the radar which is really weird you made me think of what was the what was the game the other day i'll think of it in a few minutes but this this game makes me think of the .

I don't know if it's a if it's fair to call it a cop out but the the where you you take something and you you just you just twist it slightly so that it's in a fantasy version of obviously supposed to be the real world right and whether game companies are doing this explicitly to avoid criticism to not be criticized for being .

Anti-indigenous or for being uh promoting colonialist or imperialist notions or or something or if it's just because well that lets us put magic in the game without it having to without us having to pretend like that's in the real world or or something so that's a very interesting topic and this game seems like it's really in that ball it's .

In that it's in that uh that wheelhouse a little bit it's exactly in there i think we'll see as we get in at just how much it is but before we do uh do you want to introduce sort of your specializations because uh certainly archaeology is a big field so yeah introduce kind of what you do .

What your research areas are yeah there's a gap between my i don't know my my traditional research and then what how i've gotten into this this stuff like what we're going to be doing today so my my normal research is i'm a historical archaeologist which means i study .

Archaeology in the historical period particularly in the colonial period so my specialty is early colonial um settings in new england uh mostly 17th and 18th century especially interactions between native americans and and european settlers uh during that during that period uh particularly in in um in the state of .

Connecticut uh which is where i'm from and so i've been doing archaeology in connecticut for a decade for wow god a long time now longer than i'm willing to admit uh and that's uh and i'm um i'm a professor of anthropology at southern connecticut state university which is also in connecticut so i'm lucky to be able to .

Work uh where i uh where i where i teach which is great to be able to do opportunities with students and stuff like that and then um during the pandemic like everybody i desperately needed a new hobby and my only other hobby besides doing archaeology because i'm doing work is i .

I love games i love video games i have all my life so i thought wouldn't it be cool to make this like a youtube channel about uh video games and archaeology so i made this youtube channel it's called video game archaeology i was lucky enough to get that name so it's just at youtube c video game archaeology all together um .

Or you can always follow me on twitter at archaeology game uh as me as me on twitter and see updates on that and i just make videos about the intersection of archaeology and games i'm certainly not the first person to do that there's a whole vibrant community young but but vibrant community called archaeogaming which is uh which is um .

Archaeologists who are interested in exactly the sort of topic representations of archaeology and games representations of uh archaeological settings and games you name it a lot of different approaches um to doing that so i think that's me i think that's my whole that's the that's the short uh elevator pitch version .

Uh honestly a very similar story on my end though i experimented with streaming before the pandemic and then the pandemic actually screwed it up and then we got back rolling with it so yeah and it's just it's just been a thing i've done for fun and and i the the bigger videos that i try and do .

Which i would love to make more often but it's not my day job so i do it not as often but i have a few of them tend to be about trying to teach about archaeological concepts of archaeological method or theory or even ethics yeah um using video games as a kind of like the new to do that so they're more they're sort of pedagogical .

So if you're interested in learning about archaeology in a fun way you could check those out awesome yeah i mean i super i find doing pedagogy with games to be super interesting and there's so many different ideas on how to do it right because i know mostly on the historical side but like lots of people .

Are experimenting with literally teaching historical events through both like designing games or playing games uh the one that comes to mind is like rob hodden does who's organizing the middle ages modern games twitter twitter conferences um teaches like the investiture crisis in the .

Uh i guess late 11th early 12th century by having students design an asymmetrical board game that's cool which is extremely cool but i mean uh in my incredibly sporadic video essays i try and i'm trying to do like similar stuff with thinking about internet moments either like games tv twitter .

As entry points to think about like historical theory all right what are all the weird parts that people don't teach you right not just what happened but right what does it mean when i say theory yeah well i mean before we started uh uh before we went live we were talking about the we were getting into a little .

Conversation about um you know public sci-com science communication value of that and uh there's so much value there just just in the sense that there's these huge communities one of the reasons i wanted to get into it and i'm sure this is true for a story too right there are literally billions of people who play .

Games yeah that's not even millions billions of people play a game and how many people really know about archaeology or know about history past sort of what they learned in high school you know uh uh not very many right there's there's this gap there um it's an avenue it's a it's a route to reach communities .

Of people who maybe would be interested in these topics but they don't really have another way to you know they're not university students they're not a uh whatever reading uh academic history books or something like that right they just don't have access to those sorts of things but they do play uh overwatch or .

Something right i don't know whatever they're big call of duty fans or they like games and uh and this is a way to reach those folks and and uh maybe maybe maybe engage them with it they otherwise wouldn't get a chance to learn about so it's a beautiful thing i think it's cool yeah it's it's super cool uh .

We were talking also a little bit about just you know access to people right uh i mean i got through it basically through youtube following other youtube spaces uh so right a few months ago i had blue from overly sarcastic productions on for this in the same series and right .

Clearly proving that there's a market of right millions of people who like make watching video content about history specifically so i'm curious in your i guess what over six months of experiment now uh are there how well do you think it's been working oh that's a great question so one of the .

Reasons i i well here's harrison to admit when i first started this project i i told myself and i also told my work that one of the reasons that i was doing this was i wanted to eventually write a paper about it uh and that's true i do i do and that allows me to sort of pretend like i'm doing this which i don't know if i necessarily am .

But one of the things i'm really interested in is exactly this question how do you actually um leverage these tools like youtube like twitch which i haven't done anything with with twitch uh discord i don't know all these great tools that are out there um how do you leverage those to try and .

Communicate in a new way or or at least in a better way because people have been experimenting with us a long time don't pretend like like any of us are making this up right but is there is there some way to end into that i've been frustrated personally and it's like youtube is just not all that interested in promoting channels that .

Are not already quite large uh you know you can youtube has great and i'm sure you're familiar with this they have really cool like metrics tools they have this thing where you can go and you can see exactly you can't see exactly who's watching your videos but you can see how they how they saw them did it come from .

The next site did it come from a search did it come from right it gives you all this information and uh and i've gone through that and looked through that and i don't know 99 of the people who have viewed my videos it comes from like i can trace oh i know where that came from that came from a toy i wrote or that came from me sharing .

It on this door discord or something so you're just very little organic elements there so it's a lot of work to try and build something and like i said i've been doing this for six or seven months i have about something like 300 350 subscribers on youtube which is not a lot it's more than i think i thought i ever was going .

To get um and again something we were talking about before we went on stream it's more people than would ever show up like an academic talk at a conference right um but yeah i want to see that i'd like to grow that a little bit obviously it would be that would that's the goal exactly right i think that's one of the big things right academia skews the .

Metrics so far and to be like oh yeah like anything more than like 10 people is a raging success and youtube excuse it the other way of anything less than going like mega viral with 300 000 views is a massive failure yeah exactly right yeah it's like i was i just shared a tweet this morning that .

My the very first video i made just crossed 500 views which is like in youtube world that sounds like nothing but that's why the people yeah it's a lot of people that's more if i'm thinking about like a paper you know a paper i've written that's in a really good academic journal no way 500 people have read that paper no way .

And that's been out for two or three years so in six months this bizarre this bizarre video i made where i didn't even have microphone i was like talking into my ear buds uh about dark souls you know 500 people like that that's really cool you know and so that's that's um you know there's trying to keep that into .

Perspective of like i don't really have all that interest in having a gazillion subscribers or a million bajillion views no scicom person is getting that and and you really shouldn't aim for it it's too niche for that you're still you're still reaching a lot of people who otherwise would never have access to this kind of .

Information or this sort of stuff so there's a there's something really valuable so that's been my experience yeah i mean i totally agree right it is it is niche and i think there's a fun distinction between right academics doing cycom and new media and history youtubers .

Right even the best of them and there are some who are very good just the way that we go about like making content feels so radically different that's that's a real that's a really interesting point because there are there are communities of people who are making stuff .

Especially in history i think this is not as common in archaeology but especially in history right there's people who are because history is like more i don't know broad than archaeology i think everybody has to study in school everybody has a kind of natural interest in history to a certain extent some people maybe don't even know what .

Archaeology is uh but so there's there's people who are making content like who are who are making stuff that might be good history but they're not historians you know they're trained as historian they don't have a academic credentials in history they've got like a ba in that right yeah .

Well they've maybe got to be and it raises the question of is that you know is that good or okay and i think it's fine and like you said some folks who don't maybe don't have any degree at all in history are making fantastic stuff well researched factual with evidence good stuff uh and then .

There's other people who are making like absolute crap right there's absolute trash uh and it's the wild west that's not to say that just because you have a master's degree or a doctorate it means you're not gonna make trash that's not true but i think we both know of more than a few people that have made absolute trash .

With the phd so yeah i guess what i'm the long the long way of saying is i don't know what the relationship is with being like credentialed and making good science communication i think that that's a um that's an unanswered question uh and one of the things i've tried to do is take more inspiration from .

People who make really good videos on youtube that aren't about that actually aren't academic so there's you know some of my favorite youtube creators who are making stuff about games but they're like you know games analysts they're not they're or they're people who make games or whatever and they're doing reviews and .

Stuff like that and sort of trying to learn from what they do and how do i apply that to something that's speaking about more of an academic context uh is is um that's been what i've that's one of the things i've been trying to do even so even not even so much in terms of content but in terms of style you .

Know how do they how do they cut their videos how do they play with audio how do they use music how do they use sound effects how do they uh how do they integrate game play uh how do they literally structure their essays and how they're written um because some of those folks are they're really good at that they're really good .

At that a lot to learn there's a lot to learn that science communicators maybe don't you know we're not taught how to do that yeah it is basically a completely unrelated skill set to can you do research it's even a completely different skill set than can you make a good conference paper .

Totally different yeah because i mean a conference paper is not structured like a good youtube video not at all uh it's and if you do it if you try and you know do a conference paper like a uh or a youtube video like your comments paper it's probably gonna be kind of boring i don't know maybe not but it can be fine one of my best .

Performing youtube videos is basically just a lecture with a powerpoint but it's on a topic i i just that's when i feel like i really nailed the topic because it was about loki and everyone freaking loves him yeah even though a super difficult figure to work with so right use this .

Exact topic as a way to get around the some of the i guess stylistic and scripting challenges of yeah you know it's an hour-long lecture and that's another challenge with trying to work the algorithm for better or worse right if you're thinking about oh .

I want to try and make a video that's going to be popular one of the things that i think normal content creators people who really know what they're doing you know they know how to react to news they're going to write something about a show that's big right now or a game just came out uh which is not which is a very different um .

Uh pace to what i think academics are you right as an academic it's like well anything i'm publishing now is actually research i completed like five years ago and that's how long it takes to percolate to the point where it actually is published in a journal it's a slow pace and that's not necessarily good or .

Bad it just is what it is and to make really good content on the internet you can do that you can write about stuff that's 20 years old or you know write about a game for and and make that interesting but if you really want to um pull in people it helps to be writing about something that's current right uh .

I made a video a few weeks ago about an episode of uh the book of boba fett the first time i ever played with this i'm gonna make something that's like a reaction to something that just happened which was there was an episode of the book of boba fett that was very much engaging with like um issues of uh representations of indigenous people and .

Media and it was in in westerns and stuff like that it was sort of in the wheelhouse of things that i teach about um although speaking as an outsider because i'm not i'm not an indigenous person so i'm not not trying to speak about it as from that perspective but just from somebody who you know teaches about .

These topics as an anthropologist um and that video did that video did did pretty well compared to the most just because it was about a show that's on right now a lot of people are talking about um but it didn't get he was not huge didn't get thousands of views or anything like that but i got hundreds of views versus most of my videos which get .

Dozens of views within the first you know whatever few days um so that that that's interesting it's the pace is really different the thing i've noticed i think is the most different because i mean in live streams this is doubly true uh because .

Uh for the most part you know i don't know anything more about the game uh what we're gonna see today i know a couple of things but we're gonna also be doing some like new stuff main story i hear there's like a fight club that i need to go do for the main quest right now .

So right i don't actually know what's coming up anymore and so there is this element that i think can be a real strength but also a real weakness of just you're reacting to something new and that means you don't really have time to .

Really formulate a single coherent argument unless if you're really good at this yeah which some people are uh you know and probably the best streamers the the kind of streamers who get tons and tons of viewers they had some sort of a knack .

For that right of capturing some essence in the moment but you do have to be you have to be really yeah that's a skill in itself or a talent or something um and like yeah right it's not something that academics to do very often i guess there's there's probably corollaries to that in regular academic academia right being on like a .

Panel or a or or even in a discussion in a class maybe it's something more like this discussion is probably honestly the closest because yeah even on the panel right at least i have 15 minutes where i know what i am talking about after that anyone's guess but i like about that one little chunk where i definitely know what i'm doing .

Yep yep yeah where you're in a class either either participating as a student or leading it as a teacher uh and you're participating in that sort of socratic discussion that's that might be the closest you get uh but that stays very isolated right that's just that tiny little people that are in the class maybe that's what maybe that twitch is a .

Good maybe twitch is a good a good corollary for that twitch is like that right you're in a you've got a handful of people most people right maybe a few dozen people you know most people are not i don't know one of these screen reactors you have a million people on their stream right just though .

Thank goodness yes don't please don't well it would be nice for a stream like this to have that kind of audience but if the only way to do that is by acting like those guys that's not good yeah yeah i'm not .

Don't think that's worth it yeah but uh as we continue here let's switch over and start booting up the game itself yeah i'm still extremely fashionable as you can see you're looking good .

I like the hat thank you as a reminder in this moment of downtime while it's loading uh if you want me to change my gear uh or hot takes ice cold takes design discussions any of that stuff remember you can check out that channel point discussion by clicking on the box .

The little circle below the uh message box in chat most of change and yeah i'm leading the charge there with the most egregious available history degree or barring that your most egregious gun well i don't have any history degrees so i'm afraid we're .

Gonna have to go for the bright blue shiny gun that is really something isn't it let's see what all this other new gear is too see how bad we can make it that's just a shield that's that's no fun oh good we got another we got another hat that was a goofy looking hat .

That that had some potential yeah oh man this has got like so much real goofy excellent like that's that's that's fat that's fantastic i love how bad it clashes oh man this has got classic sort of modern video game trinket trinketitis right like i just that item menu that's just the .

Little squares full of junk oh my god oh yeah cyberpunk 2077 fallout 4 honestly i expected this gun to look worse oh that's because it's doing the crap there we go there we go that's oh man .

They really just took a little gun and made it like a horrible blue color yeah they loved that they called that a new item that's wow magnificent let's shoot whatever that is uh that's an alligator that's just the world's biggest alligator .

He's got some he's got some hp's yeah he does he's coming well i don't think he can i think he had this oh you could that's a dark soul dodge oh yeah that's that's that's that's uh wow realistic oh and now he's running away and there's .

A full health again i'm glad i used all that ammo oh man online games are wild isn't it truly spectacular this game has been uh a whole lot because turns out making mmos are is hard and um was not very good at this yeah it's it's it's very interesting to .

Think about and this game had so much hype probably because amazon is you know has the gdp of like most countries so like crea you know they just created that hype and then the game itself was you know in this weird nebulous area of not being absolutely dreadful but not being good .

It's just in this bad i don't know because if it was really bad you know you could at least like make fun of it you know just have uh you can just ride on that exactly and instead we're in this weird space where it's almost bad enough but in ways that are not actually necessarily fun to talk about .

Some of them are very fun to talk about but not all oh we got a huge map enormous map right yes is about like from here to here so it's like 15 kilometers across so yeah before i think that was before we went live we were talking about i .

I've never actually seen this game i when it was first announced there was a trailer for it but it was like really early trailer which didn't really show anything i watched that and then i remember when the game first came out it created a little bit of discourse in archaeology twitter and .

Places like that a little bit but less than i think i expected there to be and then i just kind of forgot about it so uh so i'm i'm i'm totally blind going into this we're cl very close to blind coming into this um in terms of what to expect i know it takes place on .

Some sort of island that's like fantasy caribbean right yeah so we'll see uh the environments throughout are wild truly wild uh but the uh supposedly according to the games marketing and some of the internal .

Information we are either at the end of the 16th or or sorry end of the 17th or early 18th century okay we are on the island of eternam which is somewhere in the mid-atlantic it basically is on top of the base on top of the azores according to the map in the opening cutscene and .

Nothing else uh this mystical world that is surrounded by a perpetual storm and in which nothing can die everyone lives forever oh so they did that again oh it's exactly like dark souls it is exactly like dark souls that's my .

Favorite that's my favorite video game joke it's a classic and unfortunately it is uh right it's true in almost all cases exactly every game since dark souls is exactly like dark souls but that need to make it like a a part .

Of the ludo narrative uh speaking of uh your you know to the name of your channel uh part of the narrative of making it so that your character there must be a reason why they respawn after death right there's a reason why you can fast travel and the reason why there are no mounts in the in this mmo .

And a reason for everything even when i really would prefer there isn't back and back in my day you know when mario fell in the hole and died he just you know he just you just started back he didn't ask questions he didn't ask questions exactly .

Also yes we are in the 18th century which is you can tell because this guy has uh whatever this place is yeah i was gonna say the material culture is like gives me a vaguely 1700 vibe exactly i had the impression it was going to be 17th century because i guess i associate caribbean colonialism .

No no the marketing of the game does say 17th century but newton already lived which means we're 18th century yeah and just gets mentioned in the game explicitly yeah and just the clothes and the guns and stuff yep are not really 18 but that's kind of i think what they're supposed to evoke that's .

What it looks like to me yeah like that's not a full that's not a flintlock rifle that's something like it's a it's a well it's it's it is a flip lock it is a breach loading flintlock okay does that make any sense no but uh .

Here we are it's a fantasy world it's okay i clearly got a flintlock uh firing mechanism yeah it's got the results know what that thing's called yeah good luck i swear to god i studied battlefield archaeology for years and i don't remember i think that's called a frison .

Prison so what one of your viewers is like a serious reenactor and is yelling at us right now oh almost certainly neuro please don't correct us too hard anyway the first place i wanted to go here is our archaeological site oh an archaeology site well i don't know why would it have an archaeological site .

In the 18th century who knows know doesn't make any sense and there's monsters and there's zombies oh wow you know there is a surprising there is a real that is not an uncommon coalition archaeology and zombie yeah i think it you know i think it really .

It relates to uh kind of eldritch horror stories that are always um often have archaeology in them right the people who you know plumb the tomb or open the book are often archaeologists that leads to the eldritch monster and that's not the art eldritch stories like .

Uh lovecraft stories that have in but i think a lot of modern tellings the zombie is like such a uh common trope to use for any kind of supernatural thing that you get this weird it's just this just uh there's a lot of overlap there yeah there is only one kind of undead anymore you know what came out you know what .

Game i was playing just the other day that had surprisingly had zombies and archaeology in it was uh wolfenstein the new blood i played all those wolfenstein games the newer ones and they're uh they're pretty wild they're pretty they're they're fun they have exactly one theme which is it's always okay to kill nazis honestly .

Yeah yeah and uh and uh and it's it's uh that's the whole game but there's one the the new blood it takes place like in the early 40s it's like a prequel and the whole game revolves around essentially you know the nazis like uh you know looking for supernatural stuff with archaeology in .

That mine on horrible things that was a surprise that was a surprise yeah anything that's got nazis in it i don't think indiana jones right yeah often we'll have ideology because everybody knows you know they were they were interested in utilizing .

Uh archaeology towards uh those sorts of goals and oh we've got a magical wolf we got a pup here can you pet the wolf we can't pet the chicken his name is okay that's good that's honestly the best joke i'm gonna write .

With that that's that's that's good content exactly and then inside there we're not going to do it for the third time on this stream but the basically all the folks who are running this site try to go here to go underneath the giant temple complex uh that's right behind it right over like all across here .

And then they all went crazy and turned into monsters oh classic classic archaeology classic archaeology it is i mean that happens in real life you know and what can i say oh no yeah no no no it does not really that is such a that's a really common archaeology trope in fiction uh .

There's probably really complicated reasons why uh but it is definitely one of the most common tropes in in fiction archaeology is uh i thought about making halloween time i i considered i really wanted to make a video that was about this and there were some really good folks writing about this during halloween about these .

Relationships uh and i was gonna look at a couple of horror games uh that uses archaeology in them yeah but it i didn't i didn't get it done so next halloween keep an eye out for that i'd like to make a video about it incredible i will look forward to it because that honestly sounds like an amazing video yeah it's really .

Interesting there's an interesting history there and uh and and and it's it's been talk to think about a lot in film and uh and books right and then just going right back to like lovecraft like i was talking about before uh but i don't know not as much in games a little bit some .

People have written about it yeah that hasn't been plumbed that deeply so there's definitely some stuff to talk about still it's interesting that it hasn't because i mean there's the idea of undead in pseudo-archaeological settings is like the second tomb raider game the first uncharted .

Yep oh yeah yeah the first bird's got zombies yeah yeah uh that's true so it's all i mean it's an extremely basically since our archaeology games and heavy scare quotes there are undead in archaeology games oh yeah yeah almost all of them uh and uh does any of .

The indiana jones games have zombies probably oh yes but they're all they're like extra weird trying to think because the the movies don't right yeah the movies have mind control i mean yeah the movies have immortality mind .

Control and then whatever crystal skill has going on uh but i think they leave it like the ancillary media to have actual undead yeah yeah indiana jones five is gonna have it's gotta have zombies gotta have zombies no oh god did you see like a couple months .

Ago they released a production still where it was like elderly harrison ford staring down a roman legion no what i did not see that but that sounds incredible i don't think .

Leaning into the camp just get campy with it you know at this point honestly only redeeming way to do that because everyone else is everything else indiana jones jumped the shark long ago yep so just go all the way i just get wild with it i mean crystal skull was pretty pretty pretty but then again temple of doom exists .

So i so here here's my controversial take my most controversial take i think crystal skull is better than temple would i think they're right maybe that's not that controversial i think so i think it's controversial it's just right people severely over nostalgia uh .

Templar doom relative to how bad it actually is no idea if uh if if anna from uh from the arcade gaming collective wasn't here she would she'd be mad at us for talking about talking talking smack about uh apple of doom oh but it's so bad though it's pretty bad i haven't seen it in a long time so to be fair i should .

Re-watch it it's probably been 10 15 years since i've seen it the fact that but it's i my memory is that it's not it's good no we did the lego indiana jones adaptation of templar doom just two days ago that vlog is on the channel and we'll be up .

Thursday probably thursday uh on the youtube channel but yeah right they i mean they innovated they use the elgin marbles in india but it turns out even in lego it still is bad and everything logo makes everything .

Good it made the star wars prequels fun you know exactly i actually don't mind the star wars prequel look nothing nothing was better for the star wars prequels than the star than the star wars sequels .

I think if you take jar jar binks out of the prequels they're half decent honestly he's it like i think that's because uh i know jar jar [ __ ] said something of a renaissance in recent years but man i re-watched those movies recently really bad he's bad it's real bad .

It's just it's i think people are that's like that's even watching those movies as a kid i was still aware that it was bad like it's it's bull it's it's offensive and annoying and uh bizarre it's it's so many things at once .

They really uh they really achieved something there exactly and this is this game is real interesting this game is real interesting isn't it uh i did i didn't want to come here this is like the central place in the world uh because everything that bad that's going wrong .

For some reason seems to be related to the path of this exploded now i mean i'll tell you right off the bat that plan view on the map of this area has uh i think clearly is has a kind of maybe a mayan sort of .

Inspiration that this the way it's laid out now i'm not a minus by any means but it's just like it looks almost like a light like a lidar map of like a like a like a mayan city or something like that um that's something interesting yeah so yeah they've placed archaeology at the center of this .

This this game now this is an empty world empty hostile world and an enormous archaeological site is at the very center yeah we were talking about before the stream started about whether and whether it is in fact a cop-out for games like this to set themselves in like these just just slightly fantasy worlds you .

Know so that they don't have to think that they don't have to deal with the consequences of their representations of different places and groups um and uh and it's i don't know i don't know the the jury's still out on that i don't think it gets you away from it completely but they kind of step on their own foot when .

They say oh the world's empty there's no people here this is a totally empty place that's being settled for the first time and then you put a bunch of archaeological remains on it that obviously suggests that there's some sort of deep history here of some sort of group that came before your colonial cosplay guys .

Yup colonial complay true i've i've been using colonial wren fair but yeah that works that works yeah either way you want to slice it it is and right they're clearly what we're like oh yeah look at all this ancient civilization that we hopefully have called the ancients who made all these .

Statues that are completely uninteresting to look at and who enslaved all of these people and made them immortal so they're so the ancient people are bad guys the ancient people seem to have not necessarily been great but they're not as bad as the .

Whatever like spooky red corruption that is the main part of this game they're looking for excuses just like game design wise to put stuff you can kill in the game right exactly zombies are classic right the whole point of a zombie is that it's like you can put a human looking thing that you can kill while .

Saying oh the game's not violent they're just zombies they're just zombies right they aren't real they don't they don't represent anything yeah it'd be more like just be just just speaking like doom and then just make them demons that's the way to do it olden's time to make them .

Exactly i don't even know why that wouldn't make any sense at all but do it anyway put a time travel plot in there so that the bad guys can be nazis i'm sure that would be fine yeah okay here let's look at this uh any any of these red spots are like .

Spurts of this weird corruption that is going to take destroy the world uh the main quest is about those trying to make that not happen but it just like randomly pops up and you can tell it's evil because it's red and uh spooky it's colored red and black and that's .

Truly all you need to know to know it's evil yeah i mean it's a chain it's that's such a challenge of any emma all right oh and i think it feels like eminem i'm not a big mmo guy i've never really well i played some memos when i was a kid but it's been many many years certainly haven't played any modern ones .

And that always seems to be a challenge is how do you how do you build those stakes um that last right i know a lot of modern are a lot of these these games now think of like final fantasy 14. oh god oh you're just fine after that that's fine yeah i think you're like all damage is .

Fake in this game you have to fall real far in order to die like final fantasy 14 has a kind of a season vibe right the story sort of plays out over there over time but that's always a design challenge right how do you make some kind of stakes that doesn't go away when the real point of the game is to .

Run around and collect goofy looking hats right i mean make friends right now isn't that really that's that's the actual point of these games but they have to feel like there's some stakes i guess yeah i guess it ends up just being like super generic narratively right all of this historical .

Setting and they couldn't do one interesting thing with it i gotta tell you this game seems exceptionally boring to play i mean it's it's definitely more fun to play if you're engaging with the systems at all yeah which you're not that's true i am truly running past everything .

I am not cutting down any trees i am not fishing i am not buying a house it's not an mm you buy a house exactly all right theoretically all this stuff you can go gather everything and you'll just evaporate the blueberry bush when you harvest it poof that's totally how you harvest .

Blueberries trust me let's see yeah it's really oh you're gonna cut down this tree in like three seconds oh yeah oh yeah that's a young tree huh yup that doesn't look like a young tree to me .

Totally goodbye those goofy zombies it's so hard to just run around with that hat is so good it's honestly a dream they seem to have added a bunch of spirit shrines they did not have they did not used to have this many fast .

Travel points oh so that's the pass tram okay yeah oh you're getting killed by your fast dress don't worry he does like three damage to me really he he knocked me out of my fast travel though i suppose that's the key people from .

Just like escaping from the midst of they shouldn't be able to win but i thought the standing still for 10 minutes would do that i think i may have a worse outfit oh let's do it yep oh that that's pretty bad that's pretty bad it's kind of doom guy-ish .

With the hat the hat really sells it yeah yeah oh man and the shoes good shoes yeah cool shoes i'm actually okay with the shoes i think the shoes are good it was historically accurate men's shoes would have had heels sure anyway uh with this whole temple i .

Actually wanted to pivot back to kind of your professional work because i know there's been some like weird nonsense controversy uh recently uh regarding in like new england archaeology regarding .

Pre-colonial uh stone structures oh boy this is a topic about which i uh is yeah this is the hugely complicated ethical just debate discussion within new england archaeology that i uh uh i know a lot about i try you know i i haven't had to engage with it that much .

Which is uh which is which is uh maybe it's something i have to engage with more and i just haven't it just it just doesn't come up my own research that much but there's essentially a long-standing debate i don't want me to explain it or not but this is .

Actually an old debate it's been around for decades about the origin and nature of stone landscapes in new england so if you go anywhere in new england you walk into the woods you're going to find stone walls stone piles foundations just everywhere they're everywhere there's like you know .

Thousands and thousands and thousands of miles of stonewall i don't know millions of miles i don't know a lot of an incredible amount of uh stone walls and for a long time archaeologists largely have argued that these are by and large all or mostly .

Um a part of the colonial lands they're essentially new england soils are super rocky and during the 17th and 18th 19th century the new england was a was an agricultural center and if you were if you were telling the land in those regions you'd pull up rocks and you had to do something with .

Them so people would build walls now there's some evidence to support this idea because if you overlay say like a lidar map um and you can look at all these stone walls in the woods and they often will line up quite well with historical maps that show property boundaries field boundaries things like that and then there's also lots of like .

Stone piles that appear on granite out crops and places that you can't farm right so that makes sense if you were gonna try and find a place where you're gonna pile stones now there's also indigenous oral histories uh and written histories um that say that that there are .

Stone structures in the woods of new england um that are native made that for different purposes uh either pre-colonial or colonial period um but but that are native that are part of a spiritual landscape a ritualistic landscape you know um there's there's sort of different ideas and so trying to pull apart .

Which is which which of these these objects is part of this this agricultural landscape and which are parts part of a a sacred landscape a sacred indigenous landscape is very difficult i mean i i think you know that it's really really hard but it's a necessity to learn how to do that and then the controversy comes in the sense .

That there are people who are all over the place on this there are archaeologists who think they're there are no or very very few native landscapes uh out there and it's all colonial stuff and then there are people who think that it's mostly native stuff and not a lot of them are colonial landscapes and then people who think .

Maybe it's a complicated mixture of the two i would put myself thinking camp actually i think it's it's very hard to discern which is which um and so you know you have to be approached collaboratively right you have to try and do this with some sort of collaboration between what we know from archaeological knowledge and method and .

What we can learn from indigenous people in their oral histories and their understanding of the landscape um and that's that's that's the challenge but actually sort of making that happen and how to do that is very fraught because there's long-standing politics at play here and uh and and .

You know the fact that all of that land is at some extent taken from native people and uh um and so shouldn't they have a claim to it and be able to understand that landscape the way that they say um that's that's sort of the challenge now some of the deeper history i'm going on and on you can always tell me to shut up .

[ __ ] no somebody please do continue i'm just doing a fight yeah an additional um angle and challenge to this is that there's a long history of really bad actors who have been saying untrue i think some of the .

Archaeologists who are really unwilling to to explore the idea that some of these some of these structures are are made of me um are reacting to a period when there were a lot of pseudo-archaeologists and frankly like really bad actors who were claiming that .

Some of these landscapes were in fact actually uh made by like pre-native european settlers you know you pick your pick your poison your lost tribe of israel your phoenicians your celtic monks i i'm a north specialist we got vikings so many vikings in boston rhode island there's the there's the the .

Viking tower which is actually a dutch it's like it's uh yeah it's uh oh that's what the dutch is that what it is it's newport i think so yeah right yeah the newport tower it's actually supposed to be a um windmill right isn't that what people thinking yeah but everybody people have been saying forever the viking tower right so that's that's been .

Around for decades people have been making claims about these that are really um gross right and and actually undermine native people by saying oh you know you know you're you know native people aren't actually making this stuff they're being made by some thousands of years ago europeans right .

Who pre-date you or whatever and that's clearly all horseshit right um so it's just such a complicated issue it's such a complicated issue it's the big it's one of the big ethical challenges in doing it unfortunately so i'm i'm just i'm trying to go and stick with description here rather than uh getting too much into my own feelings .

About the ethics of this um though people could sort of just uh think about it so yeah well i don't know so that's what i got i can't actually see the chat so i have no idea or what people are saying if anybody's .

Got any thoughts on them uh looks like that was uh oak island uh and oh no mountain builder theory oh yeah so oh well then so there's mount yeah and so although yeah if outside of this region anywhere where there's mounds the right from this from from the 15th and .

16th century there are european settlers who are coming up with any excuse they can come up with whatsoever to claim that any substantial structure in north or south america must have been made by anybody other than indigenous people oh it must have been made by the lost tribe of israel all the same actors right the .

Phoenicians the whatever right which is of course we all we all know it's not true these things are just they're just they're just made by indigenous people it's the auckland's razor it's not that complicated right it's made by people who've lived there for thousands of years uh many many thousands of years so there's so that that history is such .

A long one she has played a role in sometimes sometimes refuting those those bad actors and sometimes supporting those bad actors and so there's a long-standing distrust between a lot of indigenous people and archaeology we're very .

Reasonable for for good reasons and that creates that creates a challenging environment ethically speaking and and how do you actually approach these things oh and ac esquire as i'm sad none of the none of these proposed alternatives are southeast asian sea peoples .

Uh oh uh oh in terms of uh uh so i mean then we start to get into sort of peopling debates right the question of this has been huge news too recently right because uh the age-old question this isn't as big of a question in new england new england um .

Because of the nature of of glaciation and how late the glaciers were around in new england but in other parts of north and south america the question of when were those places first populated by people is a huge maybe the big archaeological question in .

In the western hemisphere for a hundred years um and for a long time you had the clovis first debate right well you know the clovis people who were here 11 12 000 years ago they were the first people here no questions asked and then over time archaeologists have found sites again and again and again that are older than that which .

Comports with things that indigenous people have been saying for decades that they or centuries you know that we've been here a lot longer than you think that we have um and so very recently a new site was found in new mexico the footprint site um which is you know maybe as old as 23 to 25 000 years old which is real .

That's real old yeah and there's some sites that are disputed that might even be older than that in north and south america so this state just keeps getting pushed back further and further and archaeologists have to have to comport where they only have to conform to that and understand okay well my .

Beliefs that this is how long people have been here have just been wrong and i need to re-um imagine what i think about this uh and like i said it usually it's the further and further it gets pushed back more and more it seems to align with what indigenous people have been saying for a long time um so .

I'm sure you'll be flabbergasted we should maybe we should bring those folks into the conversation and listen to them uh that's that's so that's a yeah and we're but the question about me from like southeast asia right so that a lot of that debate comes from i think that some of the earliest sites in the .

Western hemisphere are actually in like deep south america like uh the site of mesa verde no monteverde monteverde mesa verde in the southwest uh um which is a you know 15 16 17 18 000 year old site maybe one of the oldest sites in the western hemisphere way down in .

Southern chile uh and so the question is um did do you know was maybe the outcomes razor there is that people you know took boats across the pacific from yeah southeast asia uh and you know i don't i i don't know i most most archaeologists i would say the kind of .

Centrist view among archaeologists is that a route up and around um north eastern siberia and down from the northwest coast and southward is still the leading theory that it doesn't rely on the ice cream corridor and the uh .

Uh and the opening of varingia anymore we know we've got sites that are older than that um but that that that involves some sort of sort of hugging the coast along that route uh but i know i'm sure this is outside my area of expertise and there's and it's a really fast moving science there's new data all the time genetic evidence is really remaking this .

Debate because we we've learned a lot about um learned a lot about uh the genetics of of um um people living in the region and their and their genetic heritage in relationship to people all over the world uh and that that adds new complicated data all the time so it's something of an open debate and but i .

Wouldn't be surprised if if archaeologists don't continue to find sites that are older even still than this site that was just found in new mexico and that site is i mean there are sites that are maybe older but they're disputed right there's a lot of debate about whether they're whether they've got good enough evidence um that .

Site is both very old and the data seems to be somewhat pretty pretty much indisputable i mean it has literally like human footprints right that they've been yeah that's hard to that's hard to hard to argue against exactly oh my goodness that is super cool yeah .

There are some questions uh about the genetic information so i'm glad you touched on that because yeah paleogenetics has gone crazy recently and that's gets so far out of my pay grade so fast because i just do i don't like i just don't uh ever read the papers and i'm like oh okay yeah i i look at the methodology and go .

Like i know what some of these words mean so we're just going to move on to the conclusion section and just trust that they did it competently yeah which is which is what you know this is a archaeologist need to get familiar with that stuff and it's something i need to do too and i think all archaeologists .

Need to we need to get some some some training in that right i think that's important that we need to be at least literate enough in that discipline um of genetic research uh to to be able to read that stuff critically because right now you have to sort of accept it either .

Uncritically and say you're like right like i'm just going to jump to the conclusions and be like well this paper is in nature so it must be good right which is not critical not good critical uh thinking or the opposite which is people don't really understand it so they just say well this must all be bs right .

Because i don't get it so you know and neither of those is actually like good critical um analysis of the data right so we need i mean it's important i think for some things archaeologists need to do listen to indigenous people more collaborate with indigenous people we've known that for a long time uh another .

One is i think we need to we need to get better about how we integrate and understand genetic information how do we do that ethically a lot of debate right now in such a young field about the ethics of genetic research yeah uh so that's that's that's a challenge is is getting a good uh ethical basis for how .

We do this so these are like real questions i thought you guys were gonna ask me about video games oh no no no we do all of the above here who wants to ask me about the what the best articles is and why it's dark souls 2 .

Ooh that is a spicy take as a spike no that's the the other important question of do you have a sword i have a sword yeah but do i own one yes because several people in chat own at least one sometimes more than one oh my god do i i do not own a sword i .

Own a machete that's not nothing yeah though because that's the machete is a uh is a useful archaeology tool because sometimes we work in uh in quite uh quite heavily wooded areas uh although i did one time um uh on a field uh excavation uh put a machete into my leg where and i needed .

To go get six stitches and i passed out so uh i don't know yeah i said that sorry that was doing that so i should have given a given a warning about that uh it was it was a little that was on that was unpleasant uh but no do not own a sword definitely chad is saying that .

That's close enough so that's close enough she was accepted into the story wielding community yeah well i shouldn't be yeah i you should not trust me in the sword-wielding community since i you know uh one time put it into my leg i guess maybe that's right i don't know folks in .

The sword-wielding community you all have a story you have a story of cutting yourself at least once in my brief time in sca i managed to cut myself on someone else's armor so like i i got i understand well you believe where i use the swords are blunted i'm guessing right .

They're not even metal they're [ __ ] so it's basically impossible to actually uh cut yourself on them but the the the armor was actual place and so i uh managed to slice my finger open on that yes yeah yeah that's yours .

Yikes that was my own stupidity i wasn't wearing gauntlets so that was on me do you have a sword it's definitely one of the strangest archaeology questions i've ever had i love it love it maybe some more uh you know we can we can talk about archaeological ethics we can talk about again why dark .

Souls 2 is in fact the nest article uh honestly i want to hear this take now if you want if you want to know my take a lot a lot of it is summarized in uh in a video that uh h bomber guy that did about dark souls 2. but i believed all that stuff before he said it i just uh so uh so first of all the main reason i .

Think dark souls 2 is the best one is because i'm weird and it was the first one i played and everybody knows your favorite from soft game is first absolutely and so it was the first one i played and got through so it has a special but i just think it has um i think it has a stronger narrative and meaning than any .

Of the other games it's not necessarily the most fun to play it's not necessarily the tightest mechanically but i think it's um i think it's got the strongest uh world building and narrative and uh and those are important i think in those games so that's that's my that's my my case i i can't respect .

That was my fourth one so i played wow i played dark souls 2 then i played bloodborne which is actually in is actually probably the best one i and then uh and then i play dark souls 3 which i also love i know a lot of people don't like dark souls 3 i think three is great uh and then i played one last and i still .

Still well and then i do actually demon souls was the last one i played and i actually don't like demon souls very much even dinosaurs i think is one of those where it's when it is good it is the best of them and most of the time it is not good yeah .

Bullet area one one is i think the best assigned level of any video game i have ever played that is a pretty yeah it starts really strong and then it just goes on straight off the cliff and stays stays in the abyss it does and i i i don't it's it's it requires that game requires a lot of grind like you have to grind for the .

Materials to make your weapons good or you'll just get slaughtered right and it's like well you're just like that's everything right yeah i can play a souls game right it's i don't think it's because i'm not getting good it's like there's something .

Wrong there you know now i am super excited for eldon ring though just to see oh man it's like what's what's it going to do because i don't know there you are i have never pre-ordered a game in my life until elderly first game .

Ever yeah and i'm excited i i'm gonna check it out and i have because i'm quite spoiler averse seen nothing about building ring i watched i've seen some images that's it so like when they had to open the open beta i didn't do that i haven't watched any of the trailers any of the gameplay .

Stuff because i want to go into it like totally blind nice so so i'm like so i'm excited nothing about it i don't know i mean other than i know it's got multiplayer again which i'm excited about because i missed that a lot sakura um i miss being able to be summoned and .

Summoned i just think that's a really fun part of the game uh and uh and then i missed that so i'm excited about that being back but that's like that's all i know so it looks weird but they're always good they're always weird you've got you got you've got like a deer horse this time yeah i you know i know that it's got the .

Mount thing and i know that it's got some like sneaking you know sort of secure metal gear solid stuff which is i could take or leave i mean i but i'm i'm boring i'm glad that they're giving you more ways to approach them right yeah yeah i hope it's not it doesn't require the stealth as much as sekiro .

Did in fact i didn't grow as much as some as some of the other a lot of my friends loved that game and i enjoyed it god that game was hard we're going to play it on the channel eventually uh but there's this problem of like history games where they keep releasing new ones uh i mean we were talking we were talking just before and .

I think in the interview i don't remember i will immediately lose track of time uh but right this challenge of right in order to attract viewers you're playing relatively new things right and you want to engage with whatever is sort of new and experiment .

With back pace and that means if you missed something because you played something else when do you go back to it yeah i mean the nice thing with the from soft games is those are so like universally loved that you can you might be able to get away with doing .

Doing streams about something like secure and people just you know people love those games so they they might forgive you for it um boy that's another game that takes place in a mildly fantasy version of a real place in time yeah right but and i have no knowledge i know nothing about like japanese history to .

Be able to like really engage with that so that would be so interesting to hear from the perspective if somebody really knows what they're talking about exactly and that's the other half the problem i'd know a little more right .

As kj says history games there's also the problem with assassin's creed valhalla keeps having new content released yes that's the time period i know way too much about the assassin the assassin's creed games are like they're like cheating right as an as an analyst because they're just .

About history times right there's like of like and and they like almost purposely get tons of stuff wrong so you can just talk about like why it makes no sense to this character content i have ever had it's like it's almost like those games are almost like cheating but they're i haven't played this great game since .

Two man i've never played assassin's creed 3 which is actually like completely about the time period that i study uh you'd think that i would have played that ah two million games get released it's true the video entry is just too big it should shut it all down .

And there's always so much there's so much good stuff now coming out and like i really want to play like a lot more indie games there's so many good indie games um you know what's a great archaeology game is uh outer wilds we're literally about .

Aliens but that game is um that game's actually great um that's that is that is the the game i want to make my next big scripted video about because it is uh if anybody in the chat has played out or wilds it's actually that i think the best archaeology video game ever made because you play a character who's sort of accidentally i .

Mean you're like a weird green alien dude in space but you sort of accidentally become an archaeologist because the whole game is about like unraveling what happened to this sort of ancient alien group you're like a zeno archaeologist right to use that term um and it's and it's uh it's a great avenue .

For teaching about how archaeologists actually take data and use it to come up with interpretations about the past so uh that's that's a lot like i want to play more games like that right not that i don't know if that really counts as an indie game it's a pretty big game but i mean .

It's not a triple a game it's not like yeah it's not like an assassin's creed or something like that or god of war god of war was fun game god of war is what i'm playing right now as one of the other games on the channel and that's kind of in your wheelhouse right super in my wheelhouse i've got a friend on who .

Is doing a phd in reception of the vikings and just published on god of war so it's like we got people who are really really really in their wheelhouse oh yeah that was a man i just that was just fun i didn't really enjoy playing that game i don't know how good the presentations .

Are again it's in a kind of fantasy version right but but not really because it's fantasy but it's just like it's just fantasy in the sense like well what if you know you know the fight the the norse gods were real that's that that's that's the that's the quote-unquote fantasy exactly it's not like exactly just norse .

Mythology that's the facts it's not like this game where they're like oh you know this is not about you know uh caribbean colonialism but it really is you know it's so hard to make it clear that this is not about caribbean colonialism that we're putting in these lovely lovely .

Early 15th century helmets yeah colonial cosplay i like i like colonial ren fair too those are both good i think those are good they're both good by the way chad wants to know if you've played the outer wilds dlc i have not yet i haven't even played all of the outer wilds i got like maybe halfway through although it's a game .

That's a little bit hard to measure like how far into it you are um and then i sort of was like oh i'm gonna come back to this because my idea was it was my master idea was that i was gonna that was how i was gonna start streaming was that i would play the our wilds and do it do video capture while i play to for a tab to b-roll for making a video about .

It honestly that has been my intention and i have found that using it as b-roll just doesn't work unless your streaming side up is really good yeah yeah i know the people i know who have done this couple people i know i do this again are not like .

Academic people these are people just write about games more generally one person i'm thinking of uh he does like a weekly stream and it's just the stream is totally clean right it's just there's no no overlay no chat it's just the game and people are on chat or whatever but uh uh and he interacts with people in .

The chat but it's uh but it's but he's very upfront about like the reason i'm doing this is to capture footage so there's no doodads on the screen you're just seeing the game right uh and so you have to be i think really like up front about that it's the only thing i can admit i don't know you also have a really good like ability .

To multitask right because you have to be like oh i wanna i'm conducting certain tasks that i want to have in my b-roll uh wow also exactly and being entertaining and being interesting oh or right i need to get this moment of the game which means i need to not just start tabbing through it and just skip .

Like skip the wrong thing so the ottawa i heard the only thing i heard about the outer wild clc i saw one review of it wasn't very positive they didn't seem to like it as but i don't know that's all that's you know that's one review true this is like running around with this .

We're i'm just running around because i do want to like talk to all these people and get their backstories because these are the leaders of all of the factions of eternam that are swabbing with each other and we finally got introduced to the big bad but before that we did have a redemption of a compliment so something you've seen .

In the game so far that you think is good from a historical archaeological perspective i mean i would say that like the actual like material culture of the um buildings and stuff is is is all right well i mean out of this big ten thing is a little bit weird um .

I would say that the the actual if you don't think about how they're combining right but the individual objects as they're represented um a lot of them are nice really nicely rendered and they look like clearly very carefully um studied real objects real historical objects um uh and uh and in what they look like so a lot of the .

Art direction is is nice i think in that way but then you you know you can combine it all these bizarre ways and there's you know there's a game game excuse for that this is fantasy world it's not real it's okay to sort of be a little bit ahistorical and throw this stuff together yeah but they they've clearly done a a thoughtful job .

About that they represent objects exactly right they do they do like american colonial period material culture fairly well yeah and uh and and some of this of course is going to be you know it's it's always going to be .

Like we don't really know a lot of like if we look at this image right this little room where you are how much of this stuff would actually preserve on an archaeological site very little of it right almost none of it there's so much of this like the foundations here but knocked into the stone .

Uh someone maybe the lantern yeah some of the metals especially brass the uh anything ceramic would probably preserve uh and it also depends on how old it is sometimes it also depends a lot about the the the site formation and the and the .

Nature of the site so it could possibly be um a game um that's terrible about this is uncharted i had a whole video about this like if you play uncharted you're like in these places that are 500 years old and there's just like written notes sitting on tables yeah perfect observed right uh and like so that's that's that's that's a game that's um .

Has that problem because it's a modern contemporary takes place now about ancient places but because this game is supposed to take place in the 17th century i guess um they don't have to worry about that right they can just represent this stuff they don't do well cheers about that oh yeah okay uh let's see if i can find .

It i believe it was monarchs bluffs so uh we're in the uh you know 17th century uh here are ones about king arthur composed while king arthur is alive oh yeah he was perfectly clear writing well then you said well you said newton .

Newton was alive already yeah uh newton was mentioned in some dialogue as was the invention of the microscope so it's all over the place it's all over the place oh yeah right because this is basically eternium is the uh .

Every island off the coast that exists is just eternum right if there's an island off the coast from european folklore it is eternium and so we have romans that have arrived oh nice we have vikings that made it we have for some reason .

Someone from the joe dynasty oh fun the taging empress which is not how that works we'll talk about that eventually i'm going to get someone who specializes in uh ching dynasty but has been looking up some stuff for me .

On uh ming period and sort of you know the question of could the chinese drunk actually make it to the mid-atlantic plausibly because it's all ming dynasty material culture but yeah for some reason there's someone from the joe dynasty who's like still .

Around so it's got that assassin's creed vibe of just like let's just throw a bunch of cool stuff in there specifically it's right no one can die here and so everyone has lived has been around here forever oh so you can literally steal okay so there's like romans and they've been .

There they've been here uh this dude is a templar gotta have the templars that's important exactly that's why i want to talk to them all this guy is german uh she's apparently from actually i need to talk to her again because it sounds like she was maybe .

Ottoman got a cool hat she's got a good hat but right everyone's got early modern everyone's gone well this guy not so much but everyone's got early modern euro material culture or red material culture that would make some sense that right that i actually think that's i like that because i could .

Think of an older sort of game where for some reason the roman guy would still be wearing like roman centurion gear right yeah and they're like well these people have been here for hundreds of years why wouldn't they dress like like now right yeah so they're not timeless they're not like .

Stuck time i think that's actually kind of that's that's okay it's it's okay i think what i would prefer is if there was some evidence that you know fashion on naternum was notably diverging from old world fashion because there are so many people from so many .

Places the real answer is why the heck would everybody agree right why is everyone euro why is that one materially euro specific yeah let's let's wear let's all wear stuff from from england circa 16 whatever you know yeah it's a little bit why wouldn't this have its own unique weird combo of all those things right .

That would be hard to do but boy if you get some great designers you could do some cool stuff with that amazon's got that kind of money right everyone's got that kind of money i have some cool designers to like come up with like what uh what a fashion would look like that was some strange amalgamation of all these historic styles .

You know melting pot together for hundreds of years you can do some interesting stuff with that i thought of another compliment i thought that that dodge roll looked like it feels pretty good yeah that's that was like a real decent dodge roll looks like it looks like it's okay also uh religion exists in this game .

Oh yeah that's i'm sure that doesn't get weird and spicy sure that never gets weird yup yup uh you know our templar here was chasing relic stealing from jerusalem i'm not sure they ever even existed they never acknowledged christianity exists in this game they have never used the word .

Christianity or god after a stone we ended up it sounds like um i think it's a little cowardly right they seem to have really tried to dodge every possible controversy that they could yeah right uh oh we're just not gonna engage with the idea of there being indigenous .

People we're not going to engage with the idea of like clashes of religion we're not anything that could be like a [ __ ] newton is allowed to exist yeah and it's and so it's like they took the kind of safe parts of an assassin's creed game um but i think that one thing assassin creed's games do is they uh they do tend .

To i don't know they they they try and get into that stuff i don't think they do it in an amazing way but they at least try right they engage with it um in in ways that are hopefully meaningful so there's a kind of uh chicken shit-ness that that's uh .

We're supposed to be saying nice stuff that dodge roll looks like it feels pretty good that looks pretty good that's that's got a nice that's got a nice uh look it looked heavy looked weighty they're great do you get i frames in that dodge roll yes but not many marriage .

To an old man sorry i'm just looking at this person's thing to figure out when she's from that ship so she was on a ship bound to presumably slave markets in tripoli okay and then you can see by the sultan like .

1713 or something wow early 1700s he challenged me to a duel after i stole away dueling culture exists so that pushes it even later though i don't know ottoman dueling culture all that specifically let's say she arrived here within like the last hundred years she's one of the lady because these .

People are people who've been around here for a long time they're like the representative heads of their factions so our templar is the head of the covenant and all of all the factions are player control or player presented so yellow is covenant green is marauder who are basically .

It's protestants without god or is the covenant you're right the marauders are we believe in our fists and nothing else and then there's the syndicate who are rational scientists who don't super like ethics committees they have them they just don't like them .

Okay all right yeah why not why not exactly how did you come here destiny yeah you got hit by a cannonball okay so uh going from germany to england gets sunk by the spanish so 16th century .

Probably yeah probably 16th century this is our task for tonight is to figure out exactly what what year this game takes place in oh it has been an ongoing quest and if i ever get to talk to a developer that is the first question i ask them is what year is it i just feel like we've got you know we've got some skills to bring to this .

Debate that the average player might not have oh yeah and by the way uh we arrived here recently like within i mean irl time six months but uh we are we are part of the most recent wave of arrivals .

Okay what's your character wearing when the game starts uh like a shirt it's like just a linen shark and it's not obvious what period that comes from uh the opening cut scene makes it pretty clear that it is early modern we are on a either caravelle or frigate um right so .

It's got to be a fragrant i think there are too many masks for a carapal so it's like solidly back half of the early modern colonial period and yet the guy that they're talking about here thor was the captain of our vote and he's .

Also the guy on the title screen some notion that he may be that conquistador on the title screen why does he look like a conquistador because presumably he's the i don't know what the equivalent would be but a week so he arrives and he's he's he's like first guy to like pick up some cool .

Fashion and he's like yeah he he gets on the boat in england dressed like a lot more oh and the boat wrecks and he [ __ ] dies and then he comes back to life as corrupted oh so he's a bad guy he's the big bad well he just gave you like a present this guy's our friend he's the person in .

Charge he's our boss okay yeah complex brave frustrating it seems like a lot of modern like a lot of modern mmos that this game has a pretty heavy kind of single player element to it that hinges the multiplayer stuff right yeah .

Yeah which seems to be how most modern mmos do things i mean i guess they've all i guess they've been like that a long time that's how wow was right when it started you went and did all your little quests and stuff yeah sometimes sometimes you had to team up with people .

Exactly we've got mandatory dungeons just like around where you'll do stuff but uh i am in a bit of a predicament because i have to gain a level and a half before i can do continue going with the main story so that means we need to find some side quests we'll kill some zombies .

It's all right here and i hate i hate weavers fan i don't want to go to weaver's fan but these different colors they represent the different factions and those changes from time to time yeah yeah so basically what's happening here is right so there's an invasion coming up .

Here that's mass pve content where a is a wave fight a bunch of players are going to get together and they're going to do a wave fight there's a war in cutlass keys and that means someone one of the other factions has achieved enough influence in the in the .

Area in order to challenge them for control and so a war is going to be for who's changing hands so like right here you can see the the purple and green bars and that's how close they are to a war and i would have gone bonkers for this .

Kind of game when i was like 12. this would have blown my mind i would have been like and yet now it's like i don't know it doesn't doesn't have the same uh draw as it did back then man i feel like i really cheated on that like uh pick a compliment .

I think that's a good compliment right the idea that what material culture they do well they do do well yeah they're clearly like it's not it's not um it's not just like totally like made up exactly like a town with actual like you know .

Euro colonial early modern architecture like they clearly do do it well you do yeah they they've obviously studied you know some art history and some uh i mean that's that's that's a big that's a big lock on there uh you know i think they did it seems like they did .

A pretty good job with that the problem is that they they haven't synthesized it very well so it all just feels like disparate stuff right there's no uh it doesn't feel like it's got a strong enough core to the aesthetic this is maybe my you know that's one of the things i .

I worry about with it and then i said the dodge the dodge roll looked like it felt pretty good yeah those were good compliments that's important you know exactly oh this is a this is a tradition of all modern video games right it's going and .

Selling videos i'm not even selling it i'm just thinking in storage to deal with later with all modern video games involve the selling of mountains of crap oh god yeah there's no reason for it honestly oh my god i have so much crap and it's all so .

Useless and i could like destroy a lot of it for repairing items but i'm just sticking in storage to deal with later because we're not going to worry about it right now unless if anyone wants to you know do another gear change in order to change whatever i've got while i have access to all the stuff because i'm about to not have access to it anymore .

I just uh oh it's just done i could just bring up twitch on my phone oh fancy and then just sign on and then i can actually see the chat and yeah they are talking there's a lot of uh talking in chat about .

Our mirage friends uh backstory that has been a lot uh of noting that that's a very 21st century orientalist uh backstory of oh yes you're being forced into an unwanted marriage like western people would never do that .

But also are being super gay in the haram and that is the thing that the ottomans would hate but also that we super love i was like yeah you know that deserves it we get we get the do you see the [ __ ] edward saeed for .

Her backstory some of the viewers are fans of this game they're loving on this game or they're at least enjoying it they're at least fans of us ragging on the game oh we could do that for a while same difference right oh you say i'm really good at this i brought look at this i am i'm .

Multi-screening got you guys up on my phone now this is exciting uh twitch is so confusing to me what a confusing app oh my god twitch's mobile app is actually terrible oh i can't i can never find anything there are .

Right the desktop is less bad but yeah there's so many buttons so many buttons okay oh good she's got another archaeology request let's go do that let's go over there and go and search for an archaeology quest it's only a .

Kilometer away that'll only take like five minutes of running it's like in real life exactly how long stick to run a 5k yeah well for me maybe about 30 minutes yeah a little more a little north of 30. in high school i could do it faster not anymore i uh that's better than i could do .

Oh boy well i used to be i i can walk forever but i cannot run worth anything by the way uh this entire town built itself inside a bog and then is wondering the every quest is like why do we all have malaria .

Oh well but this is before slash after germ theory i assume right sort of right before slash after is a great way to describe it uh i know one of the elements in this game were before slash after right exactly .

But again that's that's not exclusive to this game i think almost at all all historical wish games have that problem right assassin's creed's got that problem even my brother has that problem where they've got syndry just like arbitrarily know about germ theory for a joke but cindy's like isn't he like what what .

What is he supposed to be he's the dwarf what are those guys to be there so they're dwarves oh there's more yeah yeah so maybe you know i don't know their magic i guess yeah i mean but the in-game explanation was that one of the vanir just like found told him and he's had a terrible .

Time ever since oh yeah because he's the one that's like um like really doesn't like germs he's like always freak it's been a couple years and i played it the game's so good thank i'm good it's real i just mean it was like fun to play great feeling game i mean it's also honestly a really good history game .

Yeah it's it's it's the bar is low but it's well above it exactly that's what i would say oh there's another wall and we're gonna murder more animals because this game has the same problem of so many .

Like environmental ish sort like environmental histories of that it has no idea what is an environmental history the animals are because they don't want to just have like one animal so there's animals they're just around right there there's no actual interaction with the .

Animals they just like run up and they stab you they rub and attack you and that's like it would be really interesting to actually have like a i don't know like a zoologist or an ecologist or something on to uh to talk about that sort of thing on any and any any game .

Because yeah like how many of these games like the animals are always like everywhere's got wolves everywhere's got bears everywhere's got you know like jaguars or something like that because they need to have like uh big predator animals that you can fight you know it's like why are all these animals in .

One place doesn't make any sense why are they why are they like not interacting with each other you'll have the gear just like wander past the mountain lion but the moment the mountain lion sees you it's going on the attack yeah the greatest delicacy of player player flash .

I think there's like a feeling i wonder if there's a feeling among developers that they're like well most players just don't care about this stuff i'm sure that that's true to a certain extent but i think if you really invested in those sorts of things it would create like a an overall just feeling of .

Excellence in a game right if you really like thought about that little stuff like that yeah you know yeah people would blame any game for not doing it but at the same time it would be really really cool if they had it anyway uh .

Because i know it's hard right it's expensive to set up and it's hard to actually code in a way that feels plausible and so i get not deciding to not make that decision oh yeah but i will make that decision i mean you're never going to hear me .

Saying the words like lazy developers i know how you know like how hard it is to make this stuff and you gotta you gotta make decisions where you can but i feel like if you did that stuff it would add to just such a just a like a viable like of goodness boy i'm talking like somebody with a phd or not .

I only tell you something about people with phds they ain't nothing about well that's quite an animal uh that that thing is going to murder me nonsense yup that's called an abomination uh this is gonna murder me so i'm gonna run away yeah he did a lot of damage in that one hand he did yeah i could probably .

Eventually beat it if i had a better setup but like why it wouldn't look as ridiculous as you do now exactly that completely misses the point if i got a decent setup i mean this place has got so much malaria it's got a literal miasma that .

You have to walk into that's these people should move people should like not live here there's like big wide open areas that have nothing in them right of course all these towns are abandoned and ruined right they are full of zombies and that's it .

Well look at that big old church up there well that church is in ruins see the giant hole in the roof oh yeah the church from final fantasy vii it is it is actually the same style it's uh revivalist yeah that's where cloud fell through yeah .

This revivalist gothic i believe is the official name i mean it's entirely possible that that's actually an easter egg like a real reference that's that's possible i i wish that would be kind of cool that would be pretty great is that hole in the same place .

Oh i'm gonna find out one of the makers of this game is a big final fantasy fan i mean i'm i'm sure at least one of them are isn't everyone a true honestly oh my god here by the way that's the that's the top .

Tier of monster oh yeah that guy looks like he's gonna mess you up he messes you up uh the only way i've beaten one of them is either have a group of people that carries me or more accurately uh set the spawn point close enough that i can just like die repeatedly and keep coming back and just out damage it that .

Way i don't know she cheesing is a time-honored tradition exactly um but i seem to be oh that's what happened i took the low road when i needed to not do that yeah so i gotta run all the way back down .

In order to get up the hill to where i need to get to this whole area is terrifying because there's also the other there's a bear garden uh in weaver's fan that has bears made out of stone which would be great if they stayed still .

Like rocks usually do stone bears you know i'm like a bear is not hard enough to kill this is what i'm going to exactly huh what's that thing oh i know yeah yeah look look at how i mean they do do the sense of ruin quite well i just don't i just really .

Don't get in this game how they're doing you know there are no hinterlands right every settlement is purely they're trading with each other but they are just on their own yeah right they're not growing any food they're not they don't have any functioning farms .

Right they just don't have any of the social aspects we would expect because they're leaning into i guess everywhere is ruined and you got to be the archaeologist figuring out what happens to the point that none of it makes any sense yeah and there's no um there's no connective tissues between between the .

Different settlements i i the something i talked about a lot in some videos is how i think um when game makers think like archaeologists they can create a game that has a good sense of place right yeah and one of the ways that they can do that is by creating a world that feels cohesive like there is something that connects all these places .

Even if those those connections might seem you know they might be sometimes subtle or ruined or old or active or whatever so um like in breath of the wild which is uh one of the games that i talked about with in this in this uh realm they do a really good job with that right where you have these like weird isolated towns .

But there's this kind of connective tissue of the world that is all these roadways and paths and npcs who are like wandering back and forth between the settlements uh and uh and it just feels kind of cohesive and there are ruined places there's just like towns that are just in ruins and but they're a part of that network right they're on the road .

From one place to another and it feels very natural uh in this game like a lot of games i think has a problem where it's like well they made a map that they wanted to be fun so it's got little little places that you can go explore but they don't feel like they have anything to do with each other right apparently that may be a consequence of .

Us just not using the roads i have not been using them well at all all right there is a network of roads that goes everywhere uh and most of the things are in some way on it but i think you mentioned something really important of just having people move because everyone stands still .

Yeah just sticking a road between two places definitely does not enough to make them feel like they are connected in a space you need something deeper than that and uh i think you do that with the with the characters right yeah you have the characters moving or the characters talking about different places and .

Knowing each other i'm thinking about like dragon quest where it's really good about this you'll meet somebody in a town and they'll be like oh my sister's open up open up a new bakery i'm so proud of her and then like 20 hours later you'll be in a new town and you'll meet that person's sister and she's working at bakery you know so it's .

Like it creates a sense of like wow those two places are connected by this this little this little relationship exactly i'm sure that's really hard to do in an mmo but it's um that that's a that could be a really awful tool yeah and it's interesting actually that we're talking about that right now because this in .

Theory has a lot of the plate a lot of the pieces so architect nali is from ebbing scale reach where the heck over here and we're here so like evidently trampled is doing work and i was looking at this bridge and the first .

Question she asks us by the way is how old do you think this is how would you go about identifying or yeah starting to take a guess as to how old something like this is if you just for some reason you come up let's say probably it's not something this dramatic because uh .

I wish we still had things to find that were those dramatic yeah i mean it would be like a world heritage site right or something like that actually exactly uh it will have been studied to death so chronology i was just teaching about this in my intro archaeology class today wow what a beautiful what a beautiful .

Evening we've talked a lot about space today right about the space connections between places the other big half of archaeology is chronology right in dating and like trying to answer that question how old is something how old is a part of a site how old is an artifact how old is a piece of architecture a .

Landscape feature whatever right um and so there's a couple different ways you can do that you could do that in a kind of relative dating way which would be to for instance with a bridge like this you might look at it the same way that like an architectural historian would right and you'd say okay what kind of bridge is this what does it have does it .

Have indicative features that make us that make us know this is a this is from x time period why culture right and that might tell us a lot and then there are ways that you could actually directly date it as if it was an artifact which well there wouldn't be basically a way you could date like a stone bridge or aqueduct or whatever this thing is .

Supposed to be um it's like an aqueduct i think she calls it a bridge wow just isn't very good at that what's it what is it a bridge over i don't know is there a river down there uh that's a great question it's a part of like a whole enormous network right because the bridge on the map .

Seems to stretch all the way to here why would you build a bridge that long and then it's just like this thing that crosses the landscape all the way all the way keeps going keeps going keeps going keeps going and ends up up here all right i will we need to head up here anyway so i guess we'll follow that .

After this quest very skyrimish i know but yeah but the other way that you could date it is you could date it with absolute dating technique which would mean that you could if you did an excavation maybe around the bridge and you found associated artifacts and you can find the types of materials .

That can be directly dated so for instance with radiocarbon dating you need that is carbon based right so some sort of organic material so some charcoal or charred seeds or wood or bone or something like that and you could date those directly and so you know archaeologists would use any combination of those techniques to come .

Up with a um a strong dating so archaeology is all about all about context facial context and temporal context chronological content we spent so much time doing that so that's that would be a big part of it yeah say that skeleton we just evaporated we could have used that .

Yeah yeah absolutely if you could if you had some reason to believe that that skeleton was contemporaneous with these structures it at least at least gives us a terminus antique web it would give you it would give you a date so the challenge being is it the you know uh it would give you it it must be this old or older .

Yeah because most you know any any archaeological site most archaeological sites are going to be multi-component meaning they've actually got like layers of sites right they're actually being inhabited on and off for long periods of time that's not uncommon at all sometimes you find a site that's just one you know short-term occupation .

That's it but lots of sites are they might have thousands of years of history in them think about a tel right uh in southwest asia or something right where that's like a city that's lived in over thousands of years and it's just stacked off each and then much less dramatic examples of that uh and in those cases yeah you have .

To be really careful and really thoughtful about where your dates are being drawn from can you pull them out of let's say you're doing a bunch of radio carbon dates are you getting your carbon samples out of really secure context are they coming out of like a feature or an artifact .

That you know is definitely associated with with the other artifacts of that time period because otherwise you can end up with a date that that's just wrong right it might be off could be off potentially by thousands of years because you're actually dating something that's not and that can be uh a big challenge sometimes that's not .

As easy as it sounds i don't know if it sounds easy it probably doesn't sound easy but it can be really challenging um and so that's what archaeologists really spend most of our time doing is that kind of stuff thinking about spatial control and temporal control and so that we can really feel like we're saying something about we're not just making .

Stuff you know it's actually based on evidence reasonable but yes a skeleton absolutely could be can be dated you get into lots of ethical anytime you have skeletons human skeletal remains instantly you got to think a lot about the ethical uh realities of that yeah is the skeleton .

And whether it's uh whether you should be messing with it uh usually the answer is you probably shouldn't be uh generally wise yeah you want to usually avoid that um but uh but uh but lots of other material can be dated using radiocarbon dating so any kind of animal uh charred seeds and wood are probably .

The most common factor that we use for radiocarbon dating yeah oh our answer though in game is really old probably oh good well you know that's it might be all the time oh they're using oral history as a .

Way of dating that's very progressive oh older than anyone older than anyone who's around can remember not the best use of oral history i love the idea of integrating oral history as a line of evidence great that's good that's that's cool but if the answer is it's real old .

Nobody knows nobody knows i mean again right if we were talking about terminus post queens what's domino's german antiques before right uh well it's older than we've been here of nothing says that this is an ancient site and therefore it's 10 000 years old .

Simply let's get my hands on some samples to prove it well let's see what we're getting let's say are we literally collecting radio carbon samples nope we're collecting stone samples oh stone samples that's what we're going to say how do we how do we stumble upon such a .

Beautifully archaeological tank i mean this is great still this is quite archaeological yeah we'll see what they count as a radio carbon dating invented until like 1948 so that would really screw up our uh that would really be thrown off the chronology .

Well let something like that get in the way that's that would be a new level of uh of of of of screwing stuff up look i mean we had the amine excavation look like it was using .

Very much like howard carter photograph as his primary inspiration so that's only that's only like a couple of decades at that point yeah yeah so that the archaeological method of the 1920s or whatever uh is um there certainly wouldn't be uh .

That's certainly not what an excavation would look like in the 15th or 16th century yeah nobody would excavate at all right that's not even like a thing anybody's like so the idea that that's like people are performing essentially an archaeological excavation is itself a um um you know just a misnomer of chronology doesn't .

Make any sense at all exactly and we're just picking up apparently random bits of rock seems to be our method of dating care well i mean in this case it would be quite easy to i think what is the rock gonna tell us about the date uh .

We'll see if the game bothers to explain at all maybe they're doing thermoluminescence dating which is again that would be extremely cool yeah it would be cool but again wasn't invented until i don't know when thermo-luminescence was invented post-1950s or they're going to be doing uh .

Potassium argon dating and maybe it's a volcanic rock that you're dating but that's usually only useful for dating sites that are like hundreds of thousands or millions yeah i don't know why we use we aren't using any of these people that we can reasonably assume are .

Uh related to the engines i just don't think collecting this rock is going to help us date this thing i just don't understand how that's going to work i feel like all the people that we are wandering through in order to get this rock .

Is a much better method yeah i mean i would you know if i was uh the way i'd go about it probably would be with a structure this substantial uh you just you probably could just look at the uh style of the architecture and tell a lot about what period it comes from yeah i don't know if there's i'd agree i .

Don't know there's a whole lot of value beyond saying this is clearly ancient maid yeah monum and then ask other questions about it i mean the reality is that archaeology before the 1950s generally relied almost exclusively on relative dating techniques meaning they .

Didn't have any way to get absolute dates on anything so they just were going well this is older than that and this is newer than that um with the exception of when they had historical documents to give them that information so that's why there was so one of the reasons why there was so much focus on like wealthy .

Elites in literate societies so you know you have so many you know that's the howard car you've done a howard carter before right where we're gonna be we're gonna study the egyptian pharaohs because well we've got a bunch of historical documents that tell us we know when toot and common lived we know exactly where he died uh so if we find .

His uh his tomb then uh we already know how old it is right so there's a lot of that kind of that kind of thing um so you just have to rely i think in in a pre radiometric dating era like this uh you just need to rely on historical documentation would be the only way really to date sites like this .

Look at this beautiful basalt you brought me i wonder where the ancient source they're from also a good question now sourcing that's a totally different that's not really a dating question but another question apparently on site in her box has a tool to do it i'll tell you the most .

The way that uh that the ways that archaeologists do lithic sourcing yes please important is uh uh h you know uh shout me out in the chat if you uh you just wanted me to talk about this crap all night uh the um the the the way lithic sourcing can be done in a .

Couple different ways traditionally you know you can do it just optically meaning right you take your stone tool or whatever and you take samples from different outcroppings of say the kind of chirp that you think it might be made of and you just look at it under a microscope right you look for microscopic structures that are .

Indicative right that's the traditional way to do it uh with modern equipment we can use um a lot of archaeologists use a technology called x-ray fluorescence uh which is um as far as i know magic is how that works i don't know why is that it's right it's a little it's a little .

Gun and you shoot it with it i know a little bit about physics of how it works but it's uh again it's a it's a cool it's a gun that costs a lot of money and you shoot the rock with it and it gives you the the elemental makeup of the stone which god that's so cool yeah and so you could do that and then .

Do that in different again you create a comparative with all with different outcroppings around the world yeah and you just find the the match right and so this comes from this you know this vein in pennsylvania which you can and then uh you can do a lot of analysis with that about where where a .

Stone tool is found on a site where did it come from well suddenly you've got you've got a connection there right between that place and this and that site and sometimes those are very far so in new england during the paleo indian period around 12 000 years ago it's not uncommon at all for a site saying connecticut or .

Massachusetts to have lithics on them that come from like northern maine and western pennsylvania so the the conclusion most archaeologists have is that people are doing these huge annual rounds basically up and down the east coast um following probably herds of uh migratory mammals uh and uh that's uh um you know .

The other interpretation might be that there's some sort of a trade network which during that period i think is less likely because the population density had been really low um but in later periods maybe is more is more likely right so you can actually learn a lot lithic sourcing is a very yeah powerful in prehistoric archaeology yeah i've .

Mostly interacted with that in the context of uh like volcano and ice core sampling because i know they use a lot of the same options of either you're doing like elemental uh compositions based on very small pieces of ash uh .

Or in some cases they're actually looking for like very specific glasses that only come out very spec that are kind of like locatable to each volcano so it's kind of looking at this similar similar goal but trying to look at like .

A big atmospheric event and pinpoint where it started yeah well they might actually not be using using potassium argon dating i mentioned potassium argon dating for which is traditionally that's a dating technique that dates volcanic material and it's um it's usually traditionally .

Used in archaeology on like human evolution sites really old sites like africa yeah 100 500 000 2 million year old sites yeah that's how you do most of the dating in those deep like rift strategies well i know this uh maybe you know about this since you do viking stuff when i in my master's program one of the professors there studied viking .

Sites in iceland you know around 1080 or whatever that was that period there and um and they used potassium argon dating on the tough the tefl layers and tough layers from these layers of volcanic eruptions uh on and so they were dating sites that were only like a thousand years old using potassium argon dating which is wild like really weird .

Uh cool idea so that was i think that's a kind of modern standard for identifying like the settlement tephra because there's a volcanic eruption right as people like large numbers of people start arriving in iceland which is amazingly convenient because it's like within a couple of years it's .

A really distinctive band that you can usually spot visually but if you can also confirm that dating it's really secure to get you to about 871 for the date because online with radio card radio carbon dating will give you a range of usually several hundred years so when you're trying to date sites that are .

That tightly stratified like in you know right around that time period it can be not that useful right it's not maybe not going to be that useful it's going to tell you okay we got a site from the early viking period but it's not going to tell you you know is this from the first 50 years or a later period um whereas potassium .

Yeah can give you these super hyper precise it tells you exactly this volcanic eruption it's really cool so that's uh that's a cool uh that guy's name was john steinberg so archaeology yeah yeah right yeah i think i've read some of his stuff that he published like audrey western song .

Or he does like everything in iceland it has for like 50 years yeah yeah he's he's uh he's he's great and really smart guy and doing doing archaeology on these early early sites in iceland and i just i've never heard of that but i was it was so ingrained that oh potassium argon dating is for like dating lucy man you know like if .

You're dating uh volcanic eruptions in africa three million years ago uh i said here somebody using it on sites that were only like a few hundred years old was really weird and wild but if you're in a place that's really got a lot of regular volcanic eruptions like iceland does yeah it makes a lot of sense right it's .

A great tool it's a great tool uh-huh i do want to cycle back to the game here by the way because she's dating it level of erosion sediment layers in basalt and my chemical analysis these stones could be several orders of magnitude or older than i first guessed so this is .

This is we have discovered it the most wildly uh uh out of time thing we've seen yet yes this is worse than newton worse than germ theory worse than microscopes because this is she's talking about technology chemical analysis that was invented in literally .

The last 50 years so uh she this is true she's talking about modern technology yeah like the day technology uh so we have discovered it i think we've we've achieved something important tonight agreed honestly magnificent also .

I'm so confused as though she's finding sediment layers in a basalt deposit much less dateable ones in basalt that has been mined i mean this is archaeology uh uh like just uh claptrap this is just absolutely like um just taking archaeology terms and like smattering them into a sentence to make it sound cool like that's pretty .

Much what that was yup now she she theorizes that another site is a little bit younger or whatever someone has published a paper arguing that a certain size is slightly younger and so now we're going to go check it .

Out you got academic journals in this island oh it looks like it's oral because she said it was master tingling once uh proposed oh so it's just is that just someone said once or is do they have academic journals here was it like like it's always like a like .

A like a greek you know uh town square discussion you know with the the the smart people of the era or whatever i don't know it has to be greek i don't know it's some kind of a maybe it's a university kind of a thing oh i love it .

Oh my god this is magnificent why can't i think of that word when something's like not in the right time period anachronistic that's it i could not think of that word it was like just remember oh i started to say before never trust anybody with a phd they're not this you don't have to be smart to get a p .

You just have to be uh you have to know one thing really well you know one thing really well and you just have to be very persistent like in a bad way like you know like in a like a like you know suit too too much no that's not true many of the smartest people i know have phds or regrets i'm .

Running the complete wrong direction dang it let's try that again because i would i am now invested here i want to figure out this slightly older slightly older thing yeah we're heading over to a bridge in the a different bridge that is supposedly .

From a younger period and so we're going to see if we can run over a kilometer that way to run a kilometer back in order to say hey yes real archaeology running a kilometer back and forth for for minimal benefits there's a great irony there that this quest about dating things perhaps might .

Be the most anachronistic includes some of the most anachronistic stuff we've discovered yet in this game honestly glorious i could not be happier i really i mean we found something real that's that's way that's that's way off that's 20th century later 20th century technology getting tossed around .

If i if if if she's saying what i think she's saying i mean again it was sort of like what other chemical analyses could you actually do on a volcano croc no yeah it sounds like it was doing some kind of i mean it sounded like what she was talking about was basically like xrf analysis right like getting a chem .

Signature for a stone that's uh that's that's the only way i know how to do that and i mean it's not like it's it's not like it's something that you could have like easily break down into elemental components it's basalt .

It's a incredibly common rock yeah oh yeah so i don't think you could realize that you're right you couldn't do like a visual you probably couldn't do just like a visual program yeah exactly right it excludes pretty much everything other than really recent chemical that's the one thing i .

It's the wild love it absolutely love it just total total total nonsense and that guy was kind of neat looking yeah the problem is that they're all very high level and will this guy's gonna try to explode on me uh so i'm just running ow .

Nope please i would say the game that like visually this most reminds me of is actually like the witchery yeah look to it the houses and stuff i think they absolutely like that like the very early modern or yeah medieval witcher 3 is i mean obviously totally a fantasy world but it's supposed to be .

It's early modern poland exactly it's a fantasy world but it's certainly modern poland yeah and that's this i don't know this gives me that that that i get those vibes but again why you know this is a game that came out during a period when we were all talking .

About the witcher 3 being the greatest video game exactly right this i mean the entire dev cycle is post witcher 3. you'd be insane if you didn't take influence from witcher 3 right here oh yeah yeah never been able to get into witcher 3. i've tried to play it like three times i .

Get like a football then yeah try playing a couple times too i have a problem if i like it's a game that really wants you to do the main quest and i'm too stubborn the two actions the best part of that game supposedly from what i hear is the side quests got .

These amazing side quests exactly but it gives you like pathetic amounts of exp for just like going around exploring and it gives you so much for doing the main quest and it's like i wanna i wanna just like go wander around and like not don't care about theory at all turkey .

Yeah yeah they've got a lot of i think it'll be cool you're an ecologist on here probably after we finish this questline i'm going to run over to uh evan scale reach .

So you can see what really just like what happens to the ecology see that was a nice it was a nice back that was a nice back uh a back step yeah when the combat here works it actually is you know not it's not unfun although this gets a little bit too it's .

A little too skyrim in that like you you end up just kind of like like tanking through the hits and slashing until the thing dies um having that nice like crunchy uh dodge and you know if you get hit you're in trouble kind of kind of feeling of a really good third person sword fighting games yeah .

We can make other nice things graphics are nice it's a nice looking game it looks and sounds fine right it's not it's not winning any awards but it does its job plenty confidently i would say i think i would say that this game kind of bleeds mediocrity it's .

It's just it's just like the perfect c minus video game honestly and uh and that's okay something's got to be the c minus video game exactly it's a passing grade uh it's just i there are things that i wish it .

Did that it very much doesn't do uh like this just hanging out here sitting for no reason waiting for you to kill it yeah right the big thing i wish this game uh did that it just completely fails to is give you more interesting things to be .

Doing yeah because there just isn't a whole lot here it's not as supported and i think that maybe they must have had a business model that expected the game to be a lot more financially successful than it's been maybe .

I mean they're they're still updating it regularly they're just they're really focusing on fixing their end game first because they're like oh yeah if you already did all the grinding to get up to level 60 to engage with all the end game content you're probably willing to keep giving .

The game a chance as long as we keep giving you new stuff that means they aren't really like rethinking some of their base assumptions yeah and but you're not going to bring in new players if you yeah if the the the the general sense is that all the games the game gets really good 100 .

Hours in man that's never a great if your name is not final fantasy 14 that's not a cell that works yeah man i can never play final fantasy 14. i you have um i have made a pass with myself to not touch final fantasy xiv i would i would .

Starvation die if i started playing i know i know i would do my job i'd be a divorce i would an eventual death that's what would happen me too it's not bad enough i i touched person on the floor about a month ago and that was a mistake those games are you can really sink into .

Close uh yeah i am now near the end of persona 4. that's a long game that's a long game never played four four's supposed to be good five i didn't actually have never played a persona yet my partner played persona five and that was fun to watch honestly five five is way better than four uh .

Man that's a lot of teenager high school stuff it's a lot of being in the thing i have realized most from that is that i am glad i am not i am long past high school oh my god i have this theory that uh uh twitter is basically um high school for adults oh no .

Oh no why would you're right but why would you curse us with this knowledge it's just like it's still but it's because you can be popular on twitter in like lots of different ways so you could be like a jock before you could be like the you know the president of like student government or whatever .

There's different ways and then uh you could be just like a person who just like kind of hangs out in lunchroom and doesn't interact with anybody and uh then that that's okay too just watching bar i don't know where i'm going with this it's just me the important question is which are you as the .

Archaeologist who has gone most viral with their i don't know what memes are what's it mean what's the equivalent what does meme equal in high school it's like telling like a really good joke in math class or something i feel like that's about that .

In like a home run and the like the biggest game of the season i don't know like it's like uh it's something that you're remembered for is this that same person yeah we went all the way back here to talk to the same person and she's like oh yeah .

They are slightly less weathered because that's totally a reliable indication of date oh man that i mean that is some good early modern dating techniques um oh no this is this looks more knocked down than the other place yeah let's we could even put that as a .

As out of time because uh right the like important theories about um about uh erosion erosional which were big inspirations for darwin right uh really are like late 18th century probably i'm thinking of those yeah what what what .

What i haven't actually been reading but i'm not going to allow myself to grow too excited just yet but if my observations are correct the stone is many hundreds of thousands perhaps even millions of years old which like no [ __ ] the soul can be millions of years old so do you say the rock .

Yeah rocks are always millions of years old man millions of years old and that tells us nothing about the size you tell us how old that doesn't tell us how old the the bridge is they didn't they didn't build they didn't make the rocks the only one of the techniques mentioned i think that actually date the bridge is .

The weathering but even that's so freaking unreliable because that would not be a good way to i mean like you could say well this is more weathered than the other but all that really tells you is that it's been exposed to different elements right yeah i'd say or .

That oh look this site happened to be on the surface when they mined it and therefore it has natural weathering before it's attached yes this is all this is just archaeology like gibberish it's just they're just making it sound cool but yeah which i think is far from an established field of study after all .

That gives it the glint of realism it's like we're just making stuff i like that that's how it ends that's very that's like a real academia okay we've got one more i don't really know yeah if if everybody if you guys want to follow me on twitter archaeology game my only marketable skill in the world is that i am for some .

Reason pretty good at making archaeology memes that's it that's all i got that's the only thing that's the only thing i can do so uh you could follow me and get good archaeology memes once about every two months honestly worth we were talking before they go perfectly they go a beautiful level of virality is .

What i've gotten so not viral enough to bring out the weirdos uh just uh or only a smattering of weirdos the other day i got a random dm from a person who was like hi and i was like well what do i know you and they were then they just like started asking me like weird questions personal questions and i just blocked them that was the first time a .

True weird like weird interaction with somebody on the internet so that was so that's that's what you gotta that's that's when it gets weird yeah how about now thanks how about none no do any of that i'm gonna pass on the are you asking me weird questions random personal leader cause i've gotten dms from people before .

We're just you know just normal people yeah questions or i'm like i'm happy to do that but this was uh i i don't know this got weird really fast yeah how about no no uh in game here by the way i'm actually going and doing a different thing to see .

What's at the end of this bridge uh because i don't want to walk three kilometers to go get to the next site yeah because i'm lazy and where does this bridge i i would this bridge is wild like this is such a great classic fantasy thing what is the point why would you build what is that thing it's kind of creepy actually great .

Question i have no idea what this thing is oh yeah these are genuinely like kind of creepy yeah oh slender oh it's just a marker that there's a corrupted side here because these dudes are corrupted oh so this is like somebody has the .

Warning that people have put up to say oh don't come here i think it's a thing the corrupted point put up to say hey we're here now let's see now well they've got their own material culture that's interesting right they've got their own practices some sort of ritual the problem is it's their .

Material culture is the wicker man but spookier and paganier spooky paganism it's they've got human skills here human skulls are a surefire marker in video games of spooky paganism yeah so another yeah borrowing so there's all kinds of any kind anytime archaeology gets involved it's it's .

Often to do this kind of stuff by this bridge is look at how substantial this is why would you build a bridge like this over land i wouldn't just build a road i've got no freaking clue that's why i thought that was not like there's evidence of say you know a clearly defined water line here that .

Would indicate an ancient body of water yeah that's why i thought maybe it was an aqueducted first right yeah maybe it was a rain aqueduct but that would make some more the end here this this is basically the end this is the end and it just like 200 .

Meters away from the end we'll see what's over here this is an exciting what a thrilling night right walking to the end of a bridge there's a there's a there's a deer okay there's an american elk actually what it's mean he says there's turkeys here .

There's bison here there's american elk here we're in the azores there you know clearly clear americans are being in the azores it's just not gonna make sense are you just gonna stand there after getting a hatchet in the in the ass yep is it saying that we're not going to yeah come on there's one hit left i .

Believe hey i can actually oh no sorry i killed it for no reason because i'm not good enough with using a knife to cut through its height oh wow oh look at this it ends there's like a thing it ends up like a thing well this is exciting .

Oh yeah what's this aqua acadia so maybe it is a product maybe it is an aqueduct but that lady definitely said she thought it was a bridge right yeah i mean an aqueduct is just like the pipe it can be on so i guess .

I don't know eat it skeleton exactly we're going to make this go oh okay give up we are out we're we're uncovering a mystery oh if you get killed now that would be very that would be bad i am going to make a .

Campsite here as soon as i finish killing this guy even upgrade available i know i leveled up so i'm only one level away from being able to continue with the main story keyboard and mouse you can just aim it's like i just aim it just works yeah i don't have a pc so like i'm always like oh look at how fast you can aim .

Using my dumbs i i mean i still miss half my shots but like that's not that's not the game's fault yes and boom we now have a campsite three new twitter followers people are following me woohoo new friends .

Exciting rpg tradition sit down to heal oh yeah very dark souls oh and you have to just sit there and actually just wait for it to refill up it doesn't auto heal you it you have to sit there that's that's a weird design yup .

All right so what is so what's inside here what is this and now if we die we'll just respawn right there but we are higher level than i heard the turkey i got distracted by the turkey that was not the better that was it to hit .

Oh i am lagging uh this is exciting oh this is adding lovely love live adding some drama exactly oh you're you're hurting i'm fine see i'm too close to him there's another guy there now uh i don't have heals i i healed right on time we're good we're good we're gonna solve the mystery exactly .

We already solved the mystery and that mystery was we found the most the largest anachronism in all of the game a good mystery to solve honestly true it wasn't a mystery i knew i had but it was also something that is absolutely lovely to find out there's a lot of skeletons a lot of .

Skeletons in here a lot of skeletons who seem to believe in spin to win spin to win uh this is we're mostly playing dark souls we should have just played dark souls we should have just played dark souls that would have been a lot more fun next time we're playing dark actually in here there's there's a guardian task .

Master oh that's annoying not like a big like a big man yeah he's like a vague mini boss uh he's gonna mess you up all right let's just decided next time i think we should play i think that's where play your favorite .

Game dark souls 2. did i play dark souls 1 on this channel i have not played dark souls i played dark souls 2 for like one episode on this channel huge capsules too bloodborne true but blackboard is still exclusive and that makes a good noise oh yeah .

I can believe i could thank you i could stream it on the ps5 oh you're one of the lucky few i do it took me i i i own a ps5 it took me a long time to find one last year and i totally honest like just basically used to play ps4 games like everybody else i mean it's nice .

That that stan that uh solid state hard drive is real nice everything loads real fast everything looks a little bit better but it's it's not it it's by no means a necessity yet yeah melting ring was a next-gen exclusive it would be true uh .

I mean right i'm in the boat if i want to get it because i don't have a i just like don't have a ps4 and so why get a ps4 at this point oh no yeah i would get the ps5 headed from oh other than the fact that you can get a ps4 for real cheap relatively cheap and there's a lot yeah relative we got a .

Bunch of modern weapons out of this a very ancient site whatever this is fresh water so i don't know i think this is our this is what we've learned is that i think this is actually an aqueduct i think this is actually an aqueduct and that lady just had no idea .

What she was talking about yeah like like any good archaeologist oh good and this was the person who hid it because they are two treasure hunters uh antiquarians sorry who hide notes for each other to find each other .

Antiquarians that's a good i mean aunt squares that's a good uh kind of a quasi sort of archaeologist sort of called themselves that uh in the 19th century exactly it's so good it's a good name for the period because .

It is properly suggesting just how little they're actually caring for the side oh yeah because yeah just straight up like hid a hand-drawn map in uh a very ancient chest .

I was like yeah this is fine this is not at all contamination not even slightly this is wild imagine being that bold what did everybody learn about tonight we talked about absolute dating techniques exactly talked preservation tafonomy site formation .

Process we talked a lot about a lot of stuff we've made some good we had some good discussions some good archaeological pedagogy and we had some discussions about dark souls and that's important exactly that's i think that yeah i think if we do this again we play dark souls too you know you could just i'll just tell you .

My wife incredible and i was i'm gonna go over to this extremely ancient site to see how how how ridiculously far are they going to date uh claim the ancients were alive here millions of years and then hit me up in the chat if you think dark .

Souls 2 is the best nobody in the chat thinks dark souls does don't worry they're on the delay but it's just totally just because they're on a delay yeah yeah i'm just a hamster what can i do then what can i do on the hipster i can't .

Help it look at this oh yeah so this is what corruption sites look like when they're corrupted you get this and then you when we get too close a bunch of like bladeless monsters are going to show up and it's going to be terrible run away keep running away because holy moly this .

Place is high level oh yeah this but they're gonna kill they're gonna they're gonna kill you not not if i run fast enough you're gonna die with your with your fancy blue guns i believe in myself i am running away at the speed of light we're going before your to your green hat .

I switch it out for the dumb ass helm somewhere like that don't worry oh is it still there we got the power oh it's so bad it's so good oh we're gonna now i'm looking at the chat oh fighting words we got we got some fighting words we got .

Dunno done now and a very lukewarm nuance take here yeah i mean i like that take i don't think i don't think you're the best but i do like some aspects of it a lot more than others which is true that's totally reasonable and fair take that it's not nearly spicy enough for right now no i .

Very much dark souls 2 is my favorite i don't that's that's different from saying it's the best one i don't i think i agree with this that that take completely in that each of the games in the series has strengths and weaknesses that make them all like good in different ways that's again what .

It's kind of a boring take but i think that that's the reality of it right this is no i don't want that though yeah the two is just my favorite i i like it the most for very personal you know personal uh uh subjective reasons but i think that it gets unfairly maligned i think it's got a lot of .

Really good stuff in it yeah only dark souls 2 until like the first boss who's the first boss in darts uh last shot is that lost oh yeah yeah it's pretty late it doesn't have like a like it doesn't have a good tutorial boss it just kind of like it doesn't matter .

I sort of like that like that yeah i my favorite of the um hub worlds personally yeah it's gonna be that or demon souls is for me yeah demon souls is this i just wish one's so empty we're sort of some more .

Stuff in there there's like huge floors there's really those tall floors that really exist just for you to jump off of and kill yourself so that you don't change the world see yeah it's like .

But like it's worth it i love playing i love how ridiculously huge and empty it is because it's bad design but it's so good theming yeah oh it's cool like super creepy and weird i mean majula's like that too it's this big old like weird town that mostly is .

Empty uh like you know i like the sprawling-ness of it as opposed to the f the the two firelink shrines are so like this tight little tight little space i thought we spent a third of tonight just talking about dark souls which is just what the .

What a what a nerdy thing to do no i'm just reading there's a lot of chat what a lot going on in the chat active chat tonight i have no idea i don't know how to tell how many people are signed on on twitch i can never find 20 right now .

That's pretty good yeah it seems like a lot of people all right well we got everybody's closed game probably never will i had a hard enough time with sigrunning god of war 2018 or 2016 2018 2018 um is .

Pretty close to his heart as a dark souls am i yeah not quite there but it's close so i uh and the sigrun fight's hard like the grandfather is harder than most things in dark souls yeah that fight took me a good yeah 10 15 tries to win i bet something like that at least .

Maybe more um so they're no shame in that that's their that game that game's got some challenge yeah you can be if you can beat the sigrun fight you could beat any of the dark souls i would say that would be my .

Uh we've we're now in after we're in uh after hours and after hour where we just answered we just talked to the chat about dark souls exactly i love it oh oh yeah uh you were the best guy i need to look at that because i think i just saw that pop .

Up too ac uh and i need to take a look at that because there might be a gross because uh said that there was a guild in-game in this game that's advertised as christian knights i think they they run the town so if i just get close enough to the town together it should reload .

Now is that a player created thing yeah uh-huh yeah you know that's gonna be creepy not not not a good look honestly they are a covenant guild so it makes a little bit of sense but like um i need to like run off about 30 seconds in this direction and then we'll turn around and we'll run back and we'll see .

What's going on or oh no sorry is it the folks just on the well you guys can't see global chats so i don't know two two at the best pvp in the series i actually think that's a hot take i think that's um i think a lot of people think oh no so the the these guys are a .

Different group they're called last light oh yeah there it is uh it's an advert in the global chat christian knights daily elite chess run starts uh 9 p.m eastern time uh x y for invites blah blah blah a bunch of gobbledygook gobbledygook yeah it looks like it's xy is presumably just saying right .

Presumably chromosomal which is gross but oh no sorry it's just type xy to get an invite okay which still feels gross because those aren't accidental characters those aren't spam for characters that's why twice as old yeah that's gross uh .

Yeah a guild advertising itself as christian knights which is crusaders which is bad because that is that's super bad actually the more i think about that the worse that gets never played code vain code being anything is that a souls like .

Yeah it's like vampire souls the best dark souls by far is hollow knight crew i'm [ __ ] i'm kidding although i do love how hollow knight's great hollow knight does a phenomenal game what a good game blog again that's what .

We should do next time we get to get i've just decided we're going to do this again and we're going to play holiday later that's not good we won't even talk about history archaeology at all ac esquire is uh recommending neo2 for best historical fashion souls ooh i have those two neo games i have .

The first one right now i haven't gotten the second one i have not played them and i know that everybody says like if you love the souls games your next like neo is like then you know the next one on the list to play and i just never uh i mean no no right we need to play it eventually for scampis appreciation .

Threads because one of the anti ngo2 is a permanently spherical cat i mean i think neo would be an interesting one to talk about oh yeah like it's somebody who you know knows something about that time period right because it's supposed to take place in like a real you're like a real .

Historical figure i mean it's like a fantasy version right it's one of those weird cases where the like player character is not as insert into the period but it's actually like someone who's tested in the historical record but it's also an insert because it's a .

You play like an irish guy right no but he's like an irish guy who actually is like real yeah yeah so that's super interesting japanese company does that is that uh oh gosh i don't remember chat you you you one .

Yeah chat chat figure out for us somebody google uh man i've never been i've never been on a screen asking the chat to do stuff for you is extremely fun i now see why streamers do that all right that's honestly great because i don't have to know things as long as one person there knows things .

And i can just repeat what they say yeah you just oh koei tecmo okay which is uh yeah that's a japanese company yeah so it would be uh that would be really interesting to have somebody who knows knows about that period another yeah but again like something we've talked about .

A lot right a game that takes place in like a real historical time that has like vague fantasy elements and how do you do that yeah thoughtfully and in a way that's not gross i think is tough it's it is tough but at the same time right it's the thing i want games to do .

Right i don't like fantasy with vague historical elements so much as i like historical with vague fancy elements i like historical with vague fantasy elements if they're done right more than i like strictly historical apparently just cause fantasy is super fun to play but also because i think something games have never .

Never actually been as good as their promise suggests at doing is really showing how different cultures perceive the world around them and the place that you know things that we say are fantasy elements actually have within that .

Worldview right so like you know yo-kai are like a real thing that you have to like acknowledge and act around yeah so just like really you embrace well the witcher games are maybe a decent example of that right witcher is probably the best example two .

Dates yeah they all that stuff is based on like real european folklore stuff right i think most of us and i i mean i know i haven't actually played those games or read the books i do i've watched the series let's get to a good show series is good the show's good yeah i've watched most .

Of the first season got that superman exactly the second season was good i enjoyed the second season i think it was uh stronger than the first nice i mean i mean i'd be very upset if a show didn't figure out how to do better right they probably have more money than .

The second season because the first season was so successful and they have more time not as much pressure right it's all the all the benefits there exactly somebody's got a highlighted message with the this looks like a question to see a game making honest and engaged attempt and fail .

Or more what this game does and not trying at all hmm i think that's a great question because there's a risk right there yeah yeah i i would say that i i think i would prefer to see a game try to try but if you fail there's potentially like .

A lot of downside right in that what does failing mean in this case it means you've probably done something really incense you've made something really insensitive and gross um and that might be worse than just making something that's not a great game right if you make something that's .

Like actively offensive because it's like stolen a bunch of ideas from groups that you really had no right to do that and you know so that would be the what but it's not that hard to not do that exactly right i guess the question is why does it mean to try right yeah is it a bright a bunch of .

Developers in canada say uh just going like oh yes we know we have done some vague research let us make the video game that tells these other people's perception yeah or is it you know we've actually brought technical experience in order to help .

Bring to life another uh historical or ongoing culture with discussions from their descendants uh and or members of the community yeah if you're bringing those if you're you're do you're bringing those folks into the into the discussion bringing them into the writers room paying them to do it .

Yes which is that i think maybe doesn't happen as often as it should uh it it can that can be a really that can be a really powerful thing and there's some great examples that i mean i wish you remember the name of that a few years ago it was like an indie game that was made by .

Um like some inuit folks and it was like yeah pretty sure that's never alone yeah and i've never played it but i just remember reading about it and uh because i don't own pc so like it's hard for me to play games like that yeah and it was like it was really like an inside job you know it was made by people about .

Their own stories uh and that was really powerful i is what i heard yeah it's super good so what how do you do it in a sense like where like a big aaa studio is gonna do that it would be it can't be a totally an inside job right because you're gonna be a game .

That's the size that needs thousands of artists or whatever um you'd need to but you got to find a way to bring those folks in and really collaborate in a meaningful like a meaningful meaningful way yeah all right it's cool because there's like a whole sub-genre starting to emerge of various .

Indigenous groups telling stories about themselves in games right because there's one uh coming up the show released this year called skapma that is uh sami oh .

Cool i'm gonna check that out yeah i would check that out and then there's oh what's another one uh i think it's called inua it's about the franklin expeditions but uh inuit writers i think the director is into it as well so .

There's stuff in this space and like everything amazing sub genre and i'm so curious and and and like in most cases most of the really good interesting would happen in that indie space you know yep that that brings to mind the big debate the discussion that's happening .

About all this um uh consolidation that we're seeing in the big companies right microsoft and sony by all these big companies i and folks that i friends i have that are like in the indie game space are concerned about that there's i think they're worried that that's really going to cramp .

Smaller publishers from being able to really it's going to get harder and harder for them to make something that can actually be seen and visible and so that's that's a concern because there's so much dynamism in that in that uh in the indie space yeah even just we're artsy like i've .

Been i'm like you know loving all those like annapurna interactive games i'm kentucky root zero just really warm old stuff different stuff yeah or outer wilds we talked about before right that game is so different from anything else um and again and uh i don't know again i guess those are .

Maybe annapurna is getting big enough that they're not indeed studio anymore but i think they were right but right yeah i don't know it's weird because right there like i guess i call them like almost getting up like double a publishing they get yeah not necessarily right it's like them and devolver are not .

Necessarily indie indie but they're not not indie either yeah but they also like they're publishers right so companies that are making games for them are indie people and they're just like sort of specialized devolver yes another great .

Example in taking these games that are smaller games and putting them in front of people's eyes and winning awards and doing all that stuff devolver digital what did they do they did like fall guys and stuff they've done so much they're honestly mostly known for having the best e3 press conferences .

Because they like they have spent the last four years past teaching the idea of an e3 press conference e3 is a weird what up what a weird place now it's like dead right because it's gonna be online again yeah yeah i'm just .

Looking for anything else cool happening in the chat i think i i could if i could i think they're talking about how absurd the hunter guy's name was number two i almost commented on that there's obviously supposed to be like an over the top yeah goofball .

We talked about him two weeks ago though on just how he's the comically incompetent hunter with a high reputation which honestly i love right one of very few great npcs there uh because .

Of course you should prestige that because that's right mediocre white pen with a legacy absolutely pastiche that make fun of it history history is full of those guys so how now we are at the moment of truth how old do you think they're going to claim this is .

Oh i means you already the oldest night in the area yeah okay i can't actually read it so it will like oh the answer is old enough i am questioning my methods but since you asked somewhere in the realm of 12 million years exactly so she's saying that the .

The rocks are 12 million years old yes and by implication the site has 12 million but yeah i think all we've officially confirmed is that there is that this site they're trying to claim the last 12 .

Million but all they've actually shown is that the basalt was formed 12 million which is reasonable i mean not by that but that's also like yeah you don't you again the uh makers of the bridge did not uh and did not make the basalt they did not make the rock i mean so what this planet is is really .

I mean is that what she's claiming she's supposed to be a geologist or is she supposed to be like an architect oh an architect so she's they just like didn't think that through yeah yeah because that's an interesting geological determination you know but that doesn't .

Tell anything about the uh about the architecture or the archaeology not a single thing two years old it was made by her brother 12 million years uh hysterical the implication that the ancients were surviving around presumably enslaving people 12 million years ago .

It's the ancient aliens dude that dude that guy uh immense now last thing for today because we are basically on time you know you're talking about uh you know trade and connection and making places feel like they're lived in and .

People are interacting with each other and there's all that stuff what if we just went to china wait wait what welcome to evan scale rage what what i mean .

It's like we were talking about before like maybe this is even maybe this is like i don't want to say maybe it's better right but you you we we were kicking around this idea before about like imagine a place where you actually had all these cultures from different times it's like immigrant communities right .

Sometimes yeah um when immigrant communities will move to a new place and then the cultural traditions will go off on their own timeline right separate from whatever is happening back in the country that they that they emigrated from uh or the place that they .

Emigrated from and so you get like a whole new cultural tradition right that might be um um so it would be really interesting if they explored that in this game is what would happen if okay romans showed up here and then you know .

1500 years pass or whatever it's supposed to be uh two thousand years or whatever um pass and what would happen to the roman culture isolated from rome nothing to do with rome for hundreds to thousands of years interesting stuff would probably happen i agreed um this is uh not i don't think quite .

That agreed and importantly right i think something different a different mechanism happens in the context the game has set up versus say 19th century chicago where all these immigrant communities create these enclaves right and so you end up with bronzeville being .

Radically different from greek town being radically different from chinatown being radically different from pilsen being radically different from you know all these different towns uh within chicago this is different because it's not like it's not like the immigrant communities have a dominant culture to define .

Themselves against everybody because it's all too old it's it's just it's all too far back and so it's like they were close to some good ideas exactly but they did an mmo thing where each zone is completely different yeah .

I mean i was like oh man that's a big that's a big game that's a big gator that's a big area where we're resuming we're just going to run away from it real fast because it is its current level is a big red skull oh yeah so i love you i do like when games do that they're .

Like uh they just tell you this thing's too strong yeah we are although i also love like in a dark souls where the way you find out that the enemy is too strong for you is it kills you yeah and then you know oh okay i'm not going near that again yep let's wait till i gain about 30 levels .

12 million is long before humans yeah that's true this is very good that's very true uh 12 million is even quite a bit older than the oldest hominids uh and the the oldest bipedal primates or maybe in the neighborhood of around 8 million years old so that's yeah 12 million is um .

Too old crap i'm super good here they have guns and i agree with one of them right yeah run it run run run ziggler we're just gonna put trees in between us and the uh ow that's hard which could be an interesting thing to say is that while this ancient culture .

Like got stuck here a really long time ago yeah even that yeah 12 million just doesn't make any sense yeah we could say maybe fifty thousand hundred thousand um you know you get too much older than that you're starting to get into the .

Neighborhood if you're not really talking about humans anymore um if you get into the hundreds of thousands of years ago oh the oldest house is about 14 million i wonder what that's i wonder what species that's that's that's that's considering because there's like yeah yeah that must .

Be i i i i believe it the human human evolution stuff moves real fast it moves i agree everything i've heard says it moves right anything i learned like 10 years ago when i last knew anything about it is probably just wrong at this point so i won't even like say .

14 million let's look i'm gonna i'm gonna google it 14 million old hominin let's see what does it call it ram epithecus cool doesn't even have a that's a genus it doesn't have a species oh well .

I usually think of sahalanthra is the as the first dominant or aurora in two ganensis that's the one that last time i checked was supposed to maybe be the first bipedal but it's been a while okay no we made it from uh god it's it this view never gets old .

Let's get into a royal time maybe i'm gonna die um i can't i don't have a thousand health to take another hit i mean i think like the uh the just the the question of like what yeah what's the how do we wanna measure what the first like meaningful primate is in our line it's that's .

Really complicated to try and tackle you know is it is it bipedal ones is it ones that we can directly say oh yeah this is our direct ancestor um which can be pretty hard to prove show off those dive skills exactly dude .

Now what but that's you're not doing a lot of damage to this i've done a lot of damage but i'm also luckily guns suck so i'm not too worried it's a good dog yeah i'll tell you that dodge looks like it feels pretty good they should do more should have made that more central to .

The combat i feel like the combat breaks down into too much like just like smashing into each other and out tanking one another i'm gonna actually beat them i think yeah between eight and four million years ago the human line which bids these plants but that sounds about right yeah .

I had heard nine i thought wow come on let me let me heal okay i got the kill off at least hey can you cheese him can you like just like throw it out he's absolutely cheesing him i mean i don't know if i call this cheese and you're doing some slick .

Dodges like right like the millisecond before he shoots it's pretty good that's not cheesy i'm on fire uh that's this bad come on give me the heel give me the heel like right there you know what one death in in uh three hours is not bad we've been doing this .

For three hours three hours and so on that death i think that is where we will actually call it the night so that's that's the most fun i've had in quite a while oh god i mean i do super enjoy showing this game to people because there's just there's so much .

That you can talk about though sadly it's mostly at the game's expense you know they asked us to say some nice things and we said some nice things i i think that that's fine a lot of f's lots of that as we should have i came this close to beating him i took one unlucky ability to the face .

You're pretty good that guy was clearly you were not supposed to be fighting no i'm that does tell me luckily though that right i'm only like five or six levels away from where i could actually start that area reasonably so you're old yeah there's a the curve is tight right we gotta go a couple levels and then .

Suddenly that kind of thing i know the recommended level for the area is 52 and i'm level 39 right now oh so that's well but he was driving at all it's doing good yeah anyway uh if people enjoy this where can people find the stuff you make .

Yes absolutely so uh like i said you could grab me you can find me on the twitter's ad archaeology game uh but the the if you if you if you want to hear the stuff i've been making you want to go to uh uh video game archaeology on youtube so the full url is .

Uh uh youtube c slash video game archaeology all word all one word uh just like any other channel or if you throw it into the search i'm sure it'll come up uh and you'll see a little picture of me and that's that's me i make i make videos about archaeology and games and other stuff um so come check it out .

That'll be that i'd love to have you uh and let anybody else know that you think might like it awesome and uh one final question here uh you wake up tomorrow and amazon has said you are now in charge if we us in our infinite power has put you in charge of the game .

Oh shoot what what's the first thing that needs doing because the answer is there are menu yeah i i mean i think the first thing to do would be to build a consulting team uh that would this is maybe cheating because this guy this is gonna this is gonna allow me to do several things at .

Once but to build to build a consultant team that would first and foremost have descended communities that would allow you to not have to kind of like like wuss around all the issues that they don't want to talk about right uh so so so hire some some indigenous folks .

Some indigenous storytellers some indigenous historians or archaeologists uh and then also some some historians of the time period some archaeologists of the time period uh to help and and and and then you have a brain trust of people that when you have ideas .

You can say it's not just about getting it right i think a lot of these companies think it's like well you know they're just gonna make us make it accurate it's more about more than being accurate it makes the game feel better when it's when it's thoughtful right and so that that would be what i would do i would build a i would i would build a .

Consulting team that would involve both experts of the academic variety and also um community members who can who who have that other kind of expertise that comes from the only kind of knowledge that you can have from being a community member yeah i'm curious do you think that there is a way to like make an mmo set in the 17th century .

That is not gross i think it would be hard i i mean i don't think i'd do it i i certainly wouldn't do it i think it's a bad idea but is there a road there i think colonialism is just like i don't .

Know how you do something in the 17th century in this sort of setting and you don't engage with colonialism as a process as a cultural process and as a destructive process and as a uh uh something that destroyed lives um and i uh i think you can make a game about that but an mmo like has to be partially .

Is always gonna be partially like um player driven yeah and uh i think if i was gonna make a game about that i would want it to be something that was more narratively tight than an mmo could be you know because then you could really speak about those issues in a way that was really meaningful and maybe actually .

People could could could learn from and uh be enriched by uh so i think for an mmo i don't know i'm having a hard time imagining a way that you could do it without it being at least a little bit gross fair right because i mean i even don't like grateful uh doing was a very similar setting even more explicitly fantasy but .

Right being a single-player rpg i even find that to be too narratively fuzzy yeah they have to i think you got to be narratively bold about it if it's going to be a time period it's going to be about that setting uh if you're going to be engaging with things like colonialism or slavery or you you got i think you have to engage with it very honestly uh .

That's the only way to do that in an artistically um honest way um and and so it's got to be accurate and it's got to be sensitive uh and it's got to be thoughtful it doesn't mean it shouldn't be sanitized right like that's the thing you don't want to do i don't think you want to sanitize those .

Things gonna get you into trouble always yeah and sadly you know that's what the game does is that slavery is pushed off onto the 12 million 12 million year old ancients and we don't really actually get a chance to engage with the .

Environmental destruction of colonialism of the human destruction of destructions of colonialism and what all the consequences of this might actually have been yeah another thing that like an .

Ecologist might be like a historical ecologist might be an interesting perspective is this definitely like you're running around cutting down all these trees and killing all these animals and like that kind of yeah that kind of environmental destruction that comes with colonialism yeah that's a good point .

Before a stream you mentioned like iceland as kind of their go to example iceland had 95 deforestation within the first hundred years of settlement well not even half that's not that far off in new england right in new england between 16 20-ish you know or 1610 or something and .

By probably the very early 19th century yeah probably had about 85 percent deforestation so that incredible incredible and then a reforest the reforestation actually happened quite quickly uh that now now new england's back to like 60 reforested or something like that in the last 100 .

Years although it's like there's how that's happened and been managed isn't always the best uh uh either but um but it has a huge impact huge impact that has cultural impacts of course too because that can be a form of genocide right to to to destroy a landscape that a culture relies on um so that's that's .

That's all entangled so yeah my answer would be i think that a game has to yeah you can't but you can't pussyfoot around it i feel like this game is done it's kind of like doesn't it doesn't want to engage with those things and so it just sort of doesn't yeah and that's that's uh i'd like to see .

Them engage with those things more honestly uh and that has risk there's risk risk associated with that for sure yep i i agree and if we know one thing about amazon they sure don't like that no yeah sure does i think you could definitely like yeah i .

Could think of other game studios maybe we'd be more willing to do that um but uh yeah amazon is not a game company there are like a massive rates like enough money that they could take literally any risk and lose a billion dollars and not blink but i think they're worried about their losing you know credibility i guess is .

Probably what they're worried about right i mean here's the thing though amazon game studios has started three games this is the only game they've haven't cancelled so i don't think as a game company they have any credibility left to lose yeah .

It's i don't even know why they wanted to get into this space i don't know it's weird and like why make something why don't they just buy another company right isn't that what uses by someone who knows how to make games i mean i think that's what they did but then they made them work on way too big of a game .

Yeah yeah the development story from the little bits that have come out for this game is just bonkers and it exists i mean they made it yeah i mean it it sure is a game that got released the best thing i can say about this game is that it it does in fact exist it's it's it is you can turn it on and .

You can play it look but we we got 12 million year old ancient aliens out of it that's what we did we discovered what we discovered the name is trying to tell us that that the the ancient people in this game are 12 million years old which makes absolutely no sense and we .

Discovered perhaps the greatest anachronism in the game is that they're using late 20th century chemical chemical uh chemical analyses incorrect incorrectly to come up with the bonkers interpretation this this game never fails to disappoint .

So we we've got some fun stuff i think we yeah we got there we got there yep anyway chat i hope you all enjoyed uh we i'll be back on friday with more god of war and then finishing up lego indiana jones uh next sunday with last crusade with you know one of .

The good indiana jones movies turned into lego that's the best one i think i think it's the best one too and not just because we went back to our roots of wandering around europe punching nazis i'm telling you yeah if you put punching nazis in there it's always going to be a .

Good indiana jones that was a problem no nazis in crystal skull oh they were they were fighting instead yeah there were soviets which works way less well yeah not as good it was not good yeah anyway i hope you all have a good night can we get a quick emote spam .

Uh to thank bill for coming on there's a wall available of emotes exactly oh there's my that's my youtube channel linked in there yeah i believe that's the one so you should click on that and then and then and then subscribe do that subscribe button make sure you follow .

Follow him for the best archaeology related memes and for actually really good video content way better than my stuff like i don't know why you're all watching me way better than myself oh no no no no most of the crap but couple of them are good all right i hope you'll have a lovely .

Rest your evenings and we'll catch y'all on the next stream alright bye bye everybody


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