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Karjakin vs. Topalov, Corus 2006 | Chess and Psychology – IM Dorsa Derakhshani

Hello everybody hope you're having a great tuesday i can't believe it's been a week it's just my my days all my weeks are really flying by and it's really scary whoa that would be the youtube from my ipad um okay so hopefully you are .

Having a interesting chess week there has been some different events i played at the collegiate rapid and blitz event over the week slu won the rapids but in the blitz i don't think we were as successful i believe webster won it but yeah that was a that was interesting weekend .

I was reviewing anki flashcards middle of the rounds don't tell alejandra yeah i think it's been great going great so far but all right so um i can see people are joining all right great hello so last week i showed some dynamic games including a game or two of topolof which i realized wow .

Topography really has some awesome games so i dug a little deeper and i have more topolof games for you so if you want to name this title dorsa's fascination with topalov games or doors up anything just like anything just like he he's such a great chess player .

And he's also a very like just warm person but all right enough about that so yeah i have one game that he played against karayaki and another one that he played against kramnik i wanted to show another game that he also had but i usually don't have enough time to go over more than two .

So we are just gonna focus on these two and i don't think we're ever gonna run out of topolof games so we can just have a whole segment on that okay so um also this is my one of the first times of using leeches for showing games so yeah hopefully it will go .

Smooth if not take it up a tracy i should go alright okay so um also for those who are looking around fish is sleeping in my books so you probably could see his head oh yeah as soon as i said his name his ears moved okay so you get your dose of cuteness from there as well .

All right um let's start so ah i don't like that leeches is showing arrows but let's just go ahead i also want to disable the sun i don't want to hear the moves all right so sicilian i tried it with black i have horrible like some like some of .

My most horrifying games as black when i played sicilian or carl kahn that was just that that was a that was just yeah just thinking about it i think if there was ever like a horrifying prize for a game i would definitely win that but yeah so .

I actually might maybe one day but if am i doing it for halloween what's it possibly huh no 27 well close to halloween i could pull off like a horrifying face and put that sicilian game that i have on oh boy that should scare everybody but enough about me let's go back to topalop's game .

Stop as good games i'm running out of good games oh this weekend alright um so in this game it was between cr karjakin and topalov but i don't know why i thought it was kramnik for a second kramnik is the next one top off was .

White on that all right so this is actually oh yeah this was this was the the very interesting game so all right i'm not gonna talk too much about the opening especially because these games well i feel like everybody also kind of know what they're doing .

In the opening if you're playing this either as why there's black or if you've never encountered this position then you're probably a d4 player and you probably don't play as black um yeah uh just okay so to me i've had a lot of different games in this position from white .

I tried deny dwarf and when when i played with black and that's kind of my horrifying experience because i didn't necessarily know exactly what i was doing and as soon as my opponent like switched some ideas and some moves i was just like a kid who took their candy away and i was just completely .

Lost um but yeah so if you don't know what you're doing in the opening it's not a good idea to go play it unless you actually have some idea like i never understood why people keep telling their students or like each other like hey we should um you should expand your opening and like .

Just go play today go play sicilian tomorrow go play french even super grandmasters or just grandmasters don't do that if they don't actually know what they're doing in that position have the most up-to-dates have the material but okay so .

Yep that is especially cool um i think there they have other names for it too but i grew up learning this was swishnikov so i'm going to stick with swishnikov i do play this line and actually if you guys have watched other videos of mine you would have probably seen that i did a video .

On how i almost crashed but i got crushed by anna muzuchuk in this opening but i was playing white she was playing black i was i was having a really great position and then bam bam boom yeah yeah that was hurtful okay so i actually play the c4 line more .

Often um not because it's better but because it's a little bit more trickier in my opinion because well you can let me put this ipad somewhere so i can actually all right so you can see that you're trying to ideally like bring this knight because this knight here is just weird .

Um what else you're trying to do we could try to um this c4 b4 you'll still do this knight c2 attacking the pawn you want to bring this um the one thing about c4 that if you if you are considering playing is that with c force this square gets really weak .

and um okay no i think ah well even um brutally ironical even if you if even if you're in the level that you're both of you guys don't know you you knowing is better than you not knowing so i always grew up really liking .

To know what i'm doing like i i want to know i want to know the opening i want to know what am i doing because a lot of the games that i want come to be completely honest that's just basically because i knew what i was doing and my opponent didn't and i just wanted the opening didn't even have to .

Know enough end games so if you don't like end games that here is your chance know enough openings so just kill the opponent the opening and never get to the end game that's one way to do it okay so um anyways in in high level chess they mainly play c3 rather than c4 there are some sacrifices on b5 that .

Have been tried not in this position but so if you are into super tactical stuff that's another idea that you could try but topolof is super dynamic and he didn't try in this game so so far everything is going great ah not supposed to crack cardio yeah i keep i don't know .

Why i always mix up the players who are supposed to be um no it's not about being lazy and avoiding it's more about some just like some people have a preference some people prefer playing with a queen some people prefer end games there is that .

Like biasy there is that preference but it doesn't mean that you can't play the other like you can't play with queens or you can't play without queens it just means you prefer it so you can use that preference to your advantage nothing wrong with that alright so i want to ask my first question what do .

You guys think about this position do you want to be white do you want to be black you do need to know some basic endgame that is true you can't just completely avoid them because you can't know for sure that you're never gonna actually get to the end game like that's .

Just a weird thing to think you should have like your basic survival knowledge of end game but you don't you don't absolutely in like a lower level you don't absolutely need to know every single theoretical end game i kind of like i'm not gonna lie this .

Knight on d5 is really bothering me from blackside so i'm still like i'm still on the verge do i want to be white i want to be black but one thing that black could do in close future is f5's well not right now but probably king h8 soon so .

Yeah i see that i see that the the comment about space yes we definitely you know care more about the space too especially in these kind of positions so in the game one more thing to consider is you see this pawn here it's all right but at the same time i don't want to .

Have to deal with potential like attacks on it so what about rp8 let's just get rid of this idea that you can try and use this pen so i really like this just like kind of like you see somebody pinning you and you don't just sit there and watch it you .

Move away i like this yeah um i do also like um the strategical advantages compared to dynamic but to be fully honest i've i like i really like dynamic first and then i really like learned how to think about a .

Strategical position so i can't change my preference but yeah right now i'm more comfortable playing strategic than dynamic as well so maybe that's why i'm so fascinated with apollo's games right now okay so rp8 rook a2 and there are .

Just uh last movie we're talking about potentially trying for f5 so gotta move this king so the thing is because we have two bishops we would ideally want to exchange um another exchange open up the center right so if we can open the center that would be kind of awesome right also .

I think my camera is yeah i think i'm lagging oh man all right give me a second i think it's because i have chest space open under here let me close chess base my computer seems to really dislike chess base .

For some reason should be a little better at least it's not making ice age noises i think yeah i think um all right i think it's better we'll give it a little bit more time if it's still lagging then oh .

Okay chespa is officially completely closed should be all right now right so yeah we were talking about two bishops we want to open up the center right so in order to be able to open up the center well d5 is kind of super disney idea we're never going to .

Be able to do d5 in this lifetime so how about we try for like f5 f5 we want to like take on e4 we want to potentially open up the stroke i like it we got two bishops we gotta open them up otherwise then why are we doing what are we trying to do .

Um so oh wait who's sending me pistachios thank you thank you be easy yes i am a big pistachio fan having grown up in the middle east of course i grew up like just statues yes um also i kind of really like saffron ice cream if anybody is .

Importing i found a great global global market closed dish so i get my ice cream supply from there but okay i can't start thinking about ice cream now otherwise topalov will go bye bye and i gotta go get my bucket of ice cream so let's let's just think about this position um so actually after king h8 .

We want to play f5 so white kind of has to stop it or at least has to delay it because well otherwise uh i mean what would just be a sitting duck so um knight e3 seems one way to try and stop it or delay it so my question to you guys after 93 .

Shall we take that knight or should we still try and push for f5 somehow what do you guys want to do um sofia i wouldn't worry about it too much since a lot of people view it from different time zones it usually goes up pretty fast within 24 hours i actually did this thing that i .

Probably i don't know how to feel about it i kind of started reading the comments i really liked it so thank you guys for putting so many comments in the last few videos it's kind of nice i thought about answering and i was like hmm should i should i not i also don't really have a youtube .

Youtube like account streaming account on my own so all right i see a lot of people just you're pretty divided but i think mainly you guys just want to push huh so yeah i think we the problem is if we will if we were to play this f5 right away then knight f5 take take .

Um take and this i mean we should try to figure out which um what's the safest way to attack because right now then white could have some stuff with h4 and then it could bring up the queen pretty fast and the knight is already in the ideal position the bishop is also .

Limiting our king so we don't really want to give that option to white so i think it's not the best choice to play this f5 right away um something about something with like knight e7 i would understand that i think 97 might be pretty pretty chill 97 um .

Take take don't worry about a5 because we're attacking b2 knight d5 maybe queen too far i'm just like d7 maybe it's trying to go some cool places yeah or coin e8 so if when we play f5 queen comes out of here yeah i kind of like this i would um i was thinking maybe knight .

E7 but topalov took took then knight e7 and um here karjakan just went b3 and finally we got this f5 so what do you guys think is it a better choice for white to take this or to play knight d5 oh i got a message from tracy she's gonna put the first comments .

So guys make sure to build up on tracy's comments yeah oh what is she gonna say probably something regarding my inability to use leeches i kind of like knight d5 but like also at the same time i feel like something with .

Um whoa where's my voice um knight takes f5 might also be interesting depending on how you follow it up because if as black i get this like bishop up here then d5 then ooh black is doing awesome so i feel like that's something that um white should look out for but i .

I think this is a decent position for both sides i don't necessarily like white to be honest but i'm not saying white is losing so just a matter of preference yeah knight d5 i think it's just a little bit more um active zone id5 .

So question how are we gonna get these guys out hi old uncle bob that's a great username i'm very not creative when it comes to username everywhere my usernames are like dorsa d dorsetd98 when i when i've already used that then i put another d after it .

Some people really have awesome usernames and i'm just like huh yeah i think we got to get that queen to g5 eventually i wouldn't say just yet because we also have to be cautious we don't want to completely lose up this pawn and we don't necessarily have .

Like an attack attack we're not really forming an attack because like castle and even if something like knight h4 still knight e3 stops everything or even f3 stops everything because you know just kind of rook here so we don't really necessarily want to do that .

So um how about bishop b7 because our bishop is not really ever gonna do much in this diagonal so we might as well put it in the diagonal that's gonna actually do something useful also also we're not necessarily closing our rook because the rook is also not doing anything in this .

Uh file anymore so i like um bishop b7 yeah all right so bishop b7 castle roxy8 remember i just said our rook is not doing anything so let's put it somewhere that's actually doing a little bit at least so now queen d3 knight is four is one of those .

Common moves um knights are generally good when they're actually attacking something or have some taking away some critical squares your knight here just looks fancy but it's not actually doing anything your knife is actually putting some .

Ideas on g2 maybe want to do queen g5 i like this so um after knight h4 rook d1 so i did not understand this move in the game when i was looking at it so topology if you end up watching this video please put a comment on why you played .

H6 because i really did not understood it understand it like i get a feeling that okay you played h6 just because um well you also don't want to necessarily show your hand on exactly what you want to do but h6 was out of my scope so .

Need some explanation on that i i wish i could provide some explanation but i would not play h6 in the game um i don't think i would also do queen g5 either because i don't like queen g3 but something maybe a little bit more some maybe like rook c5 kind of like this stops the defense this you're not going .

To really do any v4s i kind of like this um maybe i want to do like a knight g6 take something here do like a knight f4 that kind of feels good i have never done streaming on my own not because i'm lazy because i don't necessarily have the time if i have the .

Time i sleep yeah it's last few years have been pretty rough next few years will be even harder if slash when i get into medical school right now preparing for mcat oh yeah okay so um with that comment h6 i think uh h6 .

If anybody wants to share their thoughts on why h6 please feel free to say it now or later in the comments i will come back and read them because i'm procrastinating and studying so uh yeah please i would really appreciate some insight okay so h6 .

Obviously i'm not going to play queen g5 nor nor is the power of um knight f5 queen g4 and now topolof did the move that i suggested instead of h6 rick's c5 i just feel like rxt5 is just one of those moves that's a little weird but not too weird .

Because you are attacking the knight defending the pawn so your queen is free but at the same time the rook on c5 is just kind of awkward because it's not actually like achieving any goals when you play like a rook to sixth or fifth rank you're usually trying to switch slides .

But yeah um rook c5 i think i'd like to think in a game i would be able to do it but kind of make sense to me no objections there so yeah h6 undefending the g6 clip square pretty deep yeah that's one way um no i think rc5 is generally just a .

Like a um h65 i think those are the moves to that the position needs i want to say because we don't have a dark squared bishop we're defending the dark squares but i feel like that's such a cliche thing to say so i'm not officially saying that um all right let's take a deeper look at .

Trixie five okay so we can see that this pawn is a cool target for opponents at the same time the knight is defending it and we this knight doesn't really have any intention of going anywhere so yeah um black to move what should topolof do yeah i don't have much high hopes of topology .

Watching this either you know maybe he's bored to scrolling through saint louis chess clubs youtube channel and sees this sure that would be cool are you guys gonna start pinging him now but yeah some of most of the puzzles that i do or the games that i show are from deceased players or myself .

So that's kind of um like i already know what i'm thinking and i can't really ask the deceased people to answer don't have that ability yet so that's the problem all right um queen g5 nope i am not nope i'm not gonna exchange the queens at least not in the next .

Few moves because if we exchange the queen is then black is left with a pretty scarred up position for his pawns let me rephrase that you are left at somewhat of an unpleasant strategic position here we go you kind of lose your dynamic how old am i i am 22 .

And half i guess ugh i'm my vision i was 18 with my current knowledge yeah if i had the power i think that would be my when to go back to but i want to keep my current brain um so i think so i see this idea like from something with quincy and something .

With drift c8 uh bishop c8 bishop see it is the best one because another way to think about it you gotta make a decision are you going to eat this not right now so do this bishop c8 and the funny thing is after karayaki played queenie four .

Tapalok was like all right well why not let's see if our opponent wants to do our petition and that's something that i've actually talked pretty deeply about in other games that have been repetition and that's a technique that i've used myself .

If you have watched my other videos i've definitely spoken about this before you don't necessarily have to want to make it draw to do the repetition you can just do it to see what your opponent says if your opponent wants to do it huh whoa don't go anywhere great if your opponent doesn't want to .

Do it no problem so whoa wait why is my no stop going stop stop leeches okay bad leeches yeah um i think that's something to keep in mind we shouldn't avoid the idea of repeating moves because we are trying to not make a draw we can do it to gain time .

When you're in time travel you can do it to psychologically mess with your opponent so it's like you're like offering a draw but not officially you also want to see if they do the third repetition then if the power is in your hand are you going to accept their unofficially to stand not not spoken .

Draw or are you gonna do something else and most of the time when people do something else then the opponent is either like a little crushed or needs like a minute to himself to get his motivation back up so yeah repetitions are fun um so ergo bishop b7 and so now .

White's uh karjakin did not actually do the queen g4 anymore um so it's my understanding that white would ideally want to do something with um you know white has more space so probably something ideally against this king .

Against this pawn so that those should be the long term plan but right away white cannot achieve them so in order to try and achieve them karjakin played h3 now again karjakit if you watch this video be sure to leave a comment to say why you played h3 because h3 is again one of those moves that i .

Kind of understand but i'm just like huh so yes i feel like h3 um i'm not necessarily recommending queen g4 and going for the repetition but at the same time i maybe something like b4 maybe it's time but h3 yeah yeah i kind of i'm i'm in between two .

Like every move my preference kind of changes right now with h3 i'm not regretting this bishop b7 because okay it's true now i get this knight h4 and with knight h4 now we are actually doing some ideas for white's king however in the game karjakin played .

A whooping bishop d3 threatening mate on h7 so question um black to move how do we stop the mate what are some of the move preferences yeah the goal is to play the goal was to play something with bishop d3 um so i get that white wants to play this g4 but .

G4 also extremely weakens the kink so um you basically have two choices either you're gonna bring the knife or you're gonna bring the rook no g6 just gives me creeps g6 um you're also weakening your h6 pawn so something like queen e3 and um that's not making me very happy my king .

G7 uh bishop v4 defending this now my bishop is in an awesome position well white's bishop is an awesome position this knight is in a great position no this is this is way better for white we shouldn't allow this .

Queen move and then bishop e4 out yeah i made some changes in my run and now i don't have enough room for my feet that's going to be a interesting challenge to overcome from us championship don't know where to put my legs um oh yeah uh .

okay so i see there are some ideas with dirk f5 and knight f5 i agree one of those two how about drink five what are you is there anything that you're absolutely worried about when you play rook f5 because with rook f5 it's like um with rook f5 you're bringing your rook .

But you're at the same time exposing your rook to potential discovery attacks i'm aware of the noise on the microphone i tried to make it a little better apparently i failed and i don't think it's the noise that's the problem the problem is that the my laptop overheats and throws in the noise so that's also another thing that'll be .

Interesting for us championships huh yeah i gotta figure some technical stuff out before the tournament because the last thing i want is my laptop just giving up on me middle of the game i think that's the worst way to lose i actually know the worst way to lose is when opponent castles and gives you .

Checkmates but after that that's losing because of your laptop is the worst way to lose yeah also great to know that i have some persian speakers in the chat it's good to know i usually get some um regulars on the twitch channel but i think i've never seen you around .

Here bedrooms but welcome okay so enough psychobabblings let's go back to the actual game um with rook f5 so is there i i kind of asked this is there anything that actually worries you guys and i saw some g-force but i'm not really worried about g4 because well .

First of all haha make your king weak second of all this knight is dropping i can just take over the bishop i can't take with the rock yeah i please take that also can i do i have this maybe knight f trees now i'm not gonna really stay on knight f3 when there's a free .

Thing to eat i'll definitely eat that so i wouldn't really worry about g4 but bishop b1 is something that potentially could be worrisome because now the nikon d5 is defended and um so that's one thing so now what do you think we should do as black so this .

Is actually one of the critical moments in the position because well for the first time black is actually has enough room to breed and black is trying his best to try and you know um eat some ponds or form some attack you see all of the .

Pieces are doing something useful well maybe not the queen as much but so can we eat this pond that is my question can we get to eat this one and get away with this yeah not many iranians actually do stream because of i assume the internet issues in iran .

Which i mean if i was in iran i wouldn't it's way too much problem to stream so yeah okay so i see some a lot of no's actually wait what is wrong why can't i eat this if i if i take this i see that um i actually haven't seen why but i .

Haven't really actually gotten a reason i see a g4 but i don't think g4 is actually worrisome because now i have knight f3 even if i didn't want to do this request 3 just line up 3 should be enough to win because um let's take in g2 i take over here you take this can i just .

Take here and then take on b1 yeah i think this should be enough to win so g4 doesn't work you can't really take that because i will definitely eat your queen you could take it but i will eat your queen so you could think about queen five i guess but knight f5 and if you .

Take on c3 i believe the biggest problem is that knight d4 and my knights are my knight is centralized now i get the chance to bring the queen and your rooks don't really have open files oh hello josh oh well yeah probably sacking the queen does look like it .

Um not the grandmaster here josh's so we're gonna go with that but um i don't yeah i i don't want to give up my queen if i could play something maybe with like rook d3 or c2 and keep my queen that's what i would do if i were white and actually in the game karjakin i keep .

Saying kramnik played queen g4 as well and so after queen g4 let's see um what do you want to do it's obvious both of your is under attack so you should have something smart to do either otherwise drew c3 was a mistake so what do you .

Think is that smart thing to do so let me rephrase black to move how do we get away with not losing one of our rooks what is wrong with knight e3 um well your queen your knight is pinned well that's a great question manish well we can't really just take this knight because if we take it and just .

Takes on f5 and now still attacking this and i i don't want to do this i don't want to lose some stuff if i wanted to lose stuff i wouldn't have taken trick takes c3 um rook f3s don't necessarily work knight f3 uh-huh so let's knight f string he just takes .

Back with the pawn and your two rooks are still hmm actually there's rook g5 let's g5 knight takes c3 rook stick g4 take back take d1 yeah okay that actually looks pretty good um knight f3 hmm how about knight f3 i just played .

Something like checks no i should just take this right what am i missing yeah that's it that's that's it white has way too much material for a queen so yeah knight f3 doesn't work rook g5 now also i don't believe it works because again take over here .

Take on g4 take and d6 is falling and remember the only like the position that we saw if there was a um if like your knight if the knight was on d4 then okay i like this position i would play this but your knight on h4 is also paralyzed and okay attacking g2 but can be stopped .

With a simple f3 your pawn on d6 is super weak the rooks are gonna start attacking your king so this is actually much better for white in this position so that's like like plus five so yeah um the knight f3 wait knight f3 king why would .

Why would i play kingish one you could play knight f3 because king is one yeah we take over here you take over there i guess i can take this okay yeah this is much better for black but i don't see why would uh well no it gave up the proof why would white not take it .

Take it it's free stuff so because i also gave the move up h5 is the strongest move so you know he's attacking our our rooks we tried attacking his king with checks doesn't really work how about you attack his queen right um so the thing is after h5 .

If um if white were to play something like queen f5 knight f5 and then you take on c3 now we have knight d4 so this is the position that we want we want the knight to be in the center and then we can form our attack on that pawn there's no rook takes d6 don't have to .

Worry about getting backrank mated you know those stuff so that's like when f5 doesn't work and in the king karjakin played queenie two which was a bad move and you will tell me why but just to get to tell you what was the .

Best best move was queen a4 which is a little weird to find because the whole game is happening here why would i move my queen all the way to the other side and actually the other side is a song by jason derulo i've been listening too much to his songs i need to stop but .

This is a very good singing voice and let's get back to chess before i put a huge ad i'm a jason derulo's fan so um after queen a4 i think it's just i don't know if i would be able to find this queen a4 um so ac it's not .

All the time that it would win it depends on the position it depends on the activity of the rooks so if you could take on d6 and then do like a 48 and then you're picking up my queen and i don't even really have king h7 because you have a bishop there then yeah those two rooks are way better than a queen .

So yeah um so after queen a4 i think simply something is queen c6 uh bishop c6 keep attacking the queen because your two rooks are still under attack and if you take now this is this is a slightly better way for white to do this because there is like an open .

File so white could try to put the rooks up there something like this i mean i don't know why i am showing repetition but that's the general idea to try and exchange the knight so her can pick up some pawns all right um .

Let's go back what if white plays queen a1 whoa where ah here um queen a1 this king is beginning to really scare me like i kind of want to just start bringing pieces queen g5 comes to mind rookies history comes to mind yeah you can't leave your king .

That much unprotected i think even queen g5 is sufficient enough to win rick s3 is much better but i i think queen g5 is a move that anybody would easily find yeah this is just this is pretty chill queen g3 coming up next all right this is super winning okay let's go i want to be able to at .

Least show this game before i have to give the wheels of fortune to dennis okay so queen e2 then what do you think we should do as black we already talked about how we want to .

Bring up pieces so where can we bring up these pieces sorry i was messing with the cat i don't know if you caught that or not okay i think you guys are doing great yes queen g5 easy pc yeah queen g5 you just want to do mate you know mates are fun but the best way for white to start this .

Is f4 i mean i guess bishop e4 is possible too but official b4 i think i'll just take rook h3 no yeah their requester is the easiest way to win because it's not like you can eat this i'll give you checkmates so f4 still hoping to eat some pieces .

You know a bunch of slippers under attack so what do you want to do after f4 yeah rook after is actually better than taking on a stream but turkish 3 is something that anybody should be able to see yeah we got to take the pawn but with what because if we take intakes f4 .

Then the knight would take c3 the bishop could take f5 so you gotta do roof takes f4 exactly and um in the game actually karjakin did something pretty weird like king h1 king h1 was a bad move knight takes f4 is actually the best try even though it's .

A pretty desperate try it is the best one and now uh black best move knight f3 check now you move the king um queen takes f4 this looks pretty um devastating for white but it is actually the best try something like this however i understand why it would be hard to see .

This i see aryan that's a great question that i don't know and since he's um still among us we have a great chance of asking him so feel free to start asking karjakin and let me know what he says uh but now asides joking uh kenyatran is .

Supposed to supposedly like a prophylaxi move but it doesn't feel so um prophylaxis because well your position is already very much under pressure and you are kind of losing so either you might as well try to eat some pieces so for example maybe knight takes c3 because if knight takes c3 then actually .

Knight f3 and we could just do queen g3 yeah take take and this is also super winning so yeah uh king h1 take take and finally this rook g3 i think rfg3 was a great ah isaac rxg3 was a great move but not the best move so can you guys tell me .

What is the best move be easy me too i really wish more beautiful men played chess too i wish all beautiful people all beautiful girls boys i should have a tournament for beautiful cats i'm pretty sure my cats would win hold .

On actually wesley saw it does have a pretty cute cat all right my cat would definitely be in the first top tree i don't know many good good looking doctors players though be easy i think you have good intentions but be careful it's a very slippery .

Slope and i don't think yeah i think that's all i'm going to say yeah we do need maybe i'll do a full segment of beautiful cats only if this is so agrees to do a stream cats with me all right um yeah easy not gonna i'm not gonna argue with that .

Okay um before we make this into a beauty pageant let's go back to what do you think is the best move so i see a bunch of bishop d5s rook g4s um some rookish trees i see a lot of different ideas and um queen h4 seems to be the quickest .

Way to win so i think queen s3 uh i think queen h4 you're still going for like the strickes tree right and then you want to do like a rook g4 or a g3 okay this queen is falling that's besides the point i think um after queen h4 .

Maybe white could try something like bishop d3 network d4 and um then we could continue for the five eating and this seems to be going well i mean okay maybe i don't assume bishop jeet is the only move to play but .

That was what the engine said and that's why i'm showing it but i don't i wouldn't recommend bishop i mean bishop jet you're just defending queen f8 but you could also just play king jia to stop it so don't feel the pressure to think about something like bishop g8 but anyways let's go back to the actual .

Game so here actually topolov made a small blunder because they didn't do like the easiest way to win he played the rook g3 but this is still pretty winning so in the game karjakin took will eat the queen and take on h3 and then rook back to g3 i think the easiest way to want to win is just push .

This pawn and so this is super winning especially because well you only have one pawn if you add a bunch of more pawns then okay white should be doing all right because a rook and a knight and a bishop not everybody's dream right so rook g3 um i think .

White gotta try and cover up the king so something with rook f2 i don't understand king g8 well i guess he was just trying to get away from these kind of checkmates so okay g8 well maybe it was queen e7 no all right kj it's not like the end of the world .

So and finally we can start pushing that pawn we don't really have to worry about something like that because there's a queen d8 and all right okay now you gotta be careful there's rook c8 so in the game topolov just went queen g4 and i believe that should be significant enough so .

No more background checkmates and um what else what else can we think of it would be awesome if we won this game like 10 moves ago but this is still pretty winning so defend defend and so keep in mind if we have the chance to get this give up this queen for the two rooks we .

Should definitely do it because okay i think everybody would comfortably agree that this pawning game is super winning so that's the idea we should want to push the pawns get some pieces get some ponds connected uh if he tries to take this well that's that's a lovely blender .

And um this is super winning i'm just trying to show you how white will lose this um i highly doubt anybody would lose this as black as long as you don't blunder your queen so yeah um yeah ah actually never mind uh white's right now resigned i believe mainly because the if e2 is .

Coming up queen f4 is coming up and um oh how about queen f2 oh yeah queen f2 is also coming up too i like this yeah so i even queen f1 and entering e2 yeah this is way too lost for white to want to continue and all right so i am going to um end the stream pretty soon especially .

Because i got dennis barros who got to do the end game class and yeah i think tonight was very good um very energetic a lot of interesting stuff in the chat i'm still looking for that cat cute duel with soloistle's cat so make sure that any of .

These three people so wesley karjakin yeah to paul if you see this stream make sure to leave a comment for different reasons topology i want to know why i played h6 karyakin why you played h3 and so wesley when are we doing the cat stream all right um we are i am going to .

Uh i'm teaching the friday classes on the twitch channel so make sure to tune in and watch those and i can't believe it's already october almost 24 more hours so have fun make sure to stick around and watch dennis bars show you some cool end games .


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