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Live – Difference between Device vs Browser Fingerprint Threats

Okay live once again live hello let me just bring up the chat here on my other device there we go Hawaii dealer iron fist jellyfish James Mason hello my friends hello on this Friday night and we're gonna talk about all kinds of fingerprinting tonight and explaining .

What all this means because people are always confuse when I come up with a new video and it's a new term and they're bringing up comparisons between device fingerprinting and browser fingerprinting thinking it's the same thing it is not there's a similar issue by the way somebody just brought up again in a .

Chat hello am G Phillips and that's a difference between a MAC address and an IP address which are completely different threats completely different so yeah maybe that'll be addressed in another video but something that confuses a lot of people especially beginners what's the difference between tracking an IP address and tracking a .

MAC address and what what's a threat for each which is not even connected they're actually two separate threats but that is not the topic of tonight and that is not the topic of tonight tonight we're gonna talk about browser fingerprinting uh m1 midnight hello midnight soy do Merlot IQ hi Dennis Choi oh no I did not have any adult beverages lately it's .

Been kind of difficult you know what am I supposed to do drink by myself I'm it's not like you're sitting in a restaurant having having a drink you know you're like at home so if I'm drinking at home I feel like I'm you know wanting to be an alcoholic so it's boring to drink at home .

When I'm at home I just work so hello Gothel goth elf welcome ok so again to repeat the topic of tonight we are going to talk about the difference between device fingerprinting and browser fingerprinting and some of you know that I just released a video on device fingerprinting and I actually have many videos on browser fingerprinting which .

Continue to confuse people till today I have several videos on browser fingerprinting as mentioned in many other videos but two specific videos talking about browser fingerprinting and it's still not understood and on top of that now I have one called device fingerprinting and people are asking me questions that relate to browser .

Fingerprinting Felix culpa Ironfist so so yes so we're gonna we're going to distinguish what what you know what's between these two things because they're kind of different and they have different kinds of threats okay so to begin with if you're liking the video at some point then you may want to hit that like button there I I'm gonna have to .

Keep mentioning that because people come in late to the video and I don't mention it and then three hours later the hundreds of people that came by don't leave a like' or dislike' so please leave a like or dislike so that the algorithm can judge us fairly because that's how it judge it's you know it's by your behaviors by how many comments .

You posts how many how many times you hit the like' or dislike' they they actually then guage if the video is something they need to share or not so lately you know the live streams have been doing well even in replay so that's that's excellent so usually in the past you know the live streams don't don't get much attention because they're very .

Long so for those of you are coming into this and saying boy he'd really directs us on it's because it's a live stream and it's a live stream is about interaction so I get to talk to each into one of you each and every one of you and react to your questions which means there's no fixed script that I go on and you know we kind of play it by .

Ear so if you want the short version then don't watch the live stream watch the short videos live streams are very very specific okay so first time to make it live with you hello JWM Feroz eagle soars by the way eagle soars you're the one who was was looking at the the camera right the surveillance camera that I made and yeah .

I just just released an update on that and and you know sold enough cameras that I need to pay attention and keep upping the ante on that so that's looking good okay so anyway yes sir 41 of you here and know what no one wants to leave a like or dislike savvy and low savvy life with Janie and low life with Janie so the the hello double J so the .

The topic is what is device first of all let me just explain first what device fingerprinting is device fingerprinting is not the same as browser fingerprinting although it's related device fingerprinting is about a phone okay it's about a phone so if it's not a phone then it's not gonna have device fingerprinting it's gonna have browser .

Fingerprinting somebody's gonna say well what about my PC you know is there gonna be a device fingerprint I again I made it clear device fingerprinting is on a phone it's not something you expect it will be done on a PC of any sort so no I don't care what your PC is that you could be running Windows it's not doing device fingerprinting per se it .

Tests different kinds of threats though but as far as device thing of running no it's on a computer the threat is called browser fingerprinting now you can also have browser fingerprinting on a phone so I'll phone actually has two threats one is browser fingerprinting and the other one is device fingerprinting so again to .

Be clear device fingerprinting as we're going to talk about it is specifically about a phone so it divides fingerprint guys a device fingerprint is about identifying new so it's a little bit more persistent than a browser fingerprint for one once a device fingerprint you then your device is pretty much sucked so it kind of states .

With a device until you change the device and everything you do on the device will be part of what they track so it's kind of long term so you can't undo it so for that reason you know when you get to a point where you say well I'm sick and tired of the device fingerprinting the solution is to dump the device and .

Get a new one with a completely different set up that doesn't have the capability for device fingerprinting device fingerprinting is is is specific to Apple and Google so there's no real device fingerprinting without Apple and Google so if you have a Linux phone there's no Apple or Google in there so therefore there's no device .

Fingerprinting Haidee Google phone also does not have the same kind of device fingerprinting because there's no real Google on there so that's one of the requirements of device fingerprinting it has to be with Apple and Google it's 100% clear that if you're running iOS and you will have device .

Fingerprinting with Apple regardless of what apples about how they care about your privacy whether they say that or not the fact of the matter is anything you do in that phone is tracked to you and if you are using Apple pay then it's even worse if you're using anything to purchase anything on an iPhone on iTunes or you .

Know on the iTunes or the placed on the App Store or whatever you're doing on the phone you're using a credit card your credit card is attached to your Apple ID so one of the things that is different about device fingerprinting it's always attached to an Apple ID or Google ID so there's no escaping that Apple ID or Google ID so that's quite .

Important right there because if Apple knows your Apple ID they they know your credit card they know your credit card they know your real name they know where you live they know where you sent you the phone if you bought the phone online same with Google they know your purchases on the in-app purchases on the store they know anytime you buy anything .

From the App Store from the Google Play Store and that is tied to your other account since on Google it's actually worse because your Gmail account is also tied to you whatever email messages you get so all that's tied to your real identity so one of the problems with device fingerprinting is it's tied to real identity which in the case of .

Browser fingerprinting is not necessarily tied to real identity not necessarily it could be but not necessarily and that's a difference okay so a device fingerprint is much more black and white we have to clock in at work using our fingerprint Apple can device fingerprint a Linux phone if you use their taskbar taskbar on what I .

Don't know of any taskbar on a Linux phone would you recommend using a VPN or a firewall like net go on Android since you can only use one at a time Alan if it's Google Android I don't recommend anything I recommend you leave Google Android and D Google that phone or get a D Google phone so no but if you buy one of my phones that I sell .

That's D Google like this this is a this is a moto G seven play and yeah net guards on here net guard is one of the important elements of this yes net guard is automatically installed so yeah net guard is installed on a D Google phone as far as a non non Google an actual Google phone it's like what's the point what is the point would you recommend .

Using what am I missing here okay we have ID googled my phone good for you action potato cosmic Rose does a PC not have a device fingerprint on a laptop no not not in the same direct way that can be used Microsoft does know your Microsoft ID if you log in using the Microsoft ID which I don't so on on Microsoft on Windows you are actually .

You have the choice by default when they sell you Windows 10 they force you to login using a Microsoft account you know online account and I don't use that I use a local account that's local only to the PC so yeah if you do not connect it to a online account and you don't don't don't log in with an online account then you don't get a device fingerprint now .

If they if you do Microsoft itself knows you know who owns the computer but how every that's not really tracked in the same way as a phone so there's what can you do in a computer it's a computer doesn't have a GPS or Wi-Fi triangulation per se in the same way so so it's much more limited basically if you're gonna talk .

About levels of tracking some of you are like saying I'm gonna you know set up my computer to be super duper safe and put all of these firewalls and all out on a computer and 10,000 stupid antivirus that you don't need you do not need antivirus certainly don't need to pay for one watch my videos than that or I'll make a new video for 2020 telling .

You that you do not need an antivirus but a PC is a completely different case because on a on a PC the threat is completely different than on a phone the phone is is portable it's it's with you it tracks every move you make everywhere you go every every interaction who you're near to proximity tracking like they're going to use for contact tracing .

All of that exists in a phone that does not exist in a computer a computer sits on a table a desk somewhere and you know gets ignore until you pick it up again so computers don't usually move as much as a phone so they're not in the same kind of danger would would we take it to the to to like t-mobile or or ATT to connect what are you talking about why .

Is it always so cease why said I always see Snowden guys with wired earbuds good smart smart of them computers run VMS they may run VMS they don't have to run VMs I never you log into Microsoft good Apple yes they they do have some sort of Wi-Fi triangulation but it's it's not Wi-Fi scanning so and the reason it doesn't it's it's a .

Little bit more limited it's because there's no GPS on there so yeah there's a lot of little questions here you got to understand terminology like what's Wi-Fi scanning anyway well I don't want to confuse the issue so it will stick to the the main point and the main point is halo huge t byte less than four full days and still no mention of a DHT byte .

Puzzles might be Google phone would we take it to t-mobile or AT&T to connect puzzles no you buy a SIM card and you insert it in and fire it up which you can do online you you buy a SIM card and you activate it and you stick it on the phone and it works so the phones I sell typically work with t-mobile and AT&T and their resellers and if you want a .

Verizon version I have to actually get those separately I don't have any Verizon ones at the moment I I have to preorder those so if you want Verizon specifically then you have to ask for a a moto G seven play which is this is the only one that supports Verizon and I have to specifically order that I don't have any in stock at the moment .

Everything is GSM everything I have is GSM at the moment take care of meds you're spinning out of control do any do any of your the Google phones support Verizon yes so I said the Google Play I mean sorry Moto G seven play can't support Verizon but I have to order them specifically it's a separate model so I have to order .

The Verizon version which I can but I don't have any coming in that's not everyone as Verizon has been purchased so if you want to get a Verizon one contact me and say I one of Verizon one and then give me a week to order it and then I can do it it's McAfee safe to use no even McAfee will tell you not to use McAfee my name .

On my accountant my computer is not real either good what mic and camera do you have it's excellent the mic and camera I have are expensive the camera is a DSLR brand-new Sony so it's expensive and what is this I have so many microphones this one is audio technica audio .

Technica so audio technica and then the sony a 64 hundred I think I can't remember can't remember the model okay what is a titanium backup after hard reset to change font fingerprint okay forget about that and you're wasting your energy on that what I'm trying to to focus your head on it's the fact that you're talking about you're talking .

About device fingerprint and a different level then browser fingerprint and you know it's almost like a ten to one ratio the danger of device fingerprint is is extreme the danger of browser fingerprinting on a computer is is not as extreme depending on what apps you have so let me tell you about about the main danger .

Between the two the problem is on the device fingerprint it as actually it's actually tied to your real name because I told you you can't really have an Apple ID or Google ID without tying it to a credit car yes almost like Amazon you buy from Amazon well obviously if unless you use a corporation like me then you know .

Everything is under your name so you know I try these corporations for PayPal Amazon and stuff like that but you know on you you you don't do that on a phone and a phone it asks for your name and it asks for a specific credit card so you're stuck there on a phone if you're gonna use Apple and Google the answer is of course is to not use an Apple or .

Google phone that requires any kind of Google login and that's the reason why you know I focus on teaching you to abandon your Google phone and your Apple iPhone now a browser fingerprints a little bit different see the browser fingerprint doesn't actually know who you are they back into it this is what a browser fingerprint is you go into a .

Website and the tracking of the browser fingerprint is being done by Google Apple and those add ad tracker companies affiliated with Google with Google I mean not not I don't I didn't mean Apple I meant Facebook so on on browser fingerprinting it's really a capability of Google and Facebook and all of the ad tracking companies that .

Are affiliated with Google so almost all of those like click this and click that or all affiliated with Google in some way all of those companies do browser fingerprinting browser fingerprinting says I've seen you before I have ID'd your device and your device 1001 a 1001 is your ID I've identified you and I gave you a code identifier of .

1001 a and if I ever see your computer again I'll say oh I've seen 1001-a before by itself they don't know who 1001-a is they have to down get other data to now build up the database and that's really where the issue is so browser fingerprinting by itself it's not that useful until it collects all .

The other data so what does it collect one of the things that can collect is your IP address your email address and your phone number one is to get the phone number two-factor authentication if I can ask it for two-factor authentication on any website and I browser fingerprint you then I have now connected the phone to your computer .

That's the same with Facebook if you run Facebook on a computer and it has two-factor authentication with a phone number the phone number with your identity is now tied to the computer based on your Facebook browser fingerprint now some of you will say well that's not an issue because I log out of Facebook not correct see that's a .

Danger of Facebook specifically is because many websites most websites have a facebook like button and Facebook like buttons are really the full they're just in a little button so any website to ghost you go to has our Facebook in it so if you go to a website and you have a Facebook account if then says oh I .

Fingerprinted this your 1001 a computer and i-i've fingerprinted you and this is what you're doing on this website and then the next time you go into Facebook it will match and say oh you're on Facebook and this is your browser figure but oh by the way we have seen your computer in 50 thousand websites you visited in the last month and all of .

Them are then tied to you so now we will identify all those entries for the browser fingerprint name it to you because it's Facebook we have your real name so that's how that's done solution to that simple don't have a Facebook account if you don't have a Facebook account Facebook doesn't become a threat if you do not have a Facebook .

Account that threat does not exist so I pretty much ignore browser fingerprinting as a threat from Facebook because I don't have a Facebook account the only two sources of the face of the browser fingerprint threat is Facebook and Google not Apple not Microsoft Facebook and Google why because every browser every website has something .

Called Google Analytics every website has some Google ayats on there if they don't have Google Analytics which basically means that every website embeds for the same reason then you can be tracked by you can be tracked by because every website puts it in there so they're actually spying in every website .

By the way and my app tracks out me I don't put any Google Analytics on there for that reason so there's no Facebook like there's no analytics so nobody tracks your activities on my app because I don't want them there so I don't I don't have any I don't give them space on my website which allows them to spy on you on some of their website ok so I .

I hope you understand that that difference so Google Analytics exists in just about every website so if 99% of the websites have Google Analytics then they have a Google Spy in there ok now again how is that different from facebook facebook is different because facebook is a real name website it has real connection through your contacts .

Real everything on Google you may or may not have a real identity if you use a fake name then it may not be tied to anything of course if you use a credit card with a Google ID because he used the same one on the phone than your sock yes but you can fix it by using a different Google ID on the computer then the .

Browser will have a different identity so it can't tie it to a credit card so yes it's gonna track you but the value of what it's tracking is less important because it doesn't have much information other than one very key one which is IP address and the other one is your name if it doesn't have your name then it has the IP address so solution VPN it if .

You're in a VPN then obviously Google doesn't have the IP address so one less piece of information so one less thing to match so the collection doesn't have much value so browser fingerprinting is an issue but it's it's not as deadly without Facebook because everything you do with Facebook has a real name attached to it so yes it's dangerous and .

You can solve it and the way that I tell you in the videos to solve browser fingerprinting is by having multiple browsers have you know Firefox Chrome chromium brave just not opera no Opera Safari whatever else you do just do not use that so that you separate out Google on its own so for example if you're gonna go to Google websites use Chrome .

So you're gonna go to YouTube use Chrome if you're gonna go to Amazon don't use Chrome use Firefox or whatever if you're gonna use Facebook use something completely separate by itself but like I said don't use Facebook but if you use Facebook and its own browser Facebook then as isolated and can't really move it can't capture anything because you're .

Not presumably using it to go to any other website this is a very hard habit to build but I don't have any Facebook then I don't have to worry about building that habit but if you're gonna use Facebook you have to isolate Facebook have to it's the most dangerous thing on the planet what is my app called you mean Brax me .

Yes sir is there any way to have your cake and eat it too can you compartmentalize your browsing Oersted futile compartment mentalization containers and all these different terms like what firefox is not useful it's only partially helpful it you're not gonna beat Facebook with that okay I have a video called the browser threat .

Test that way it shows that depending on how you see nobody says I have to just take one fingerprint I can take ten different fingerprints of your browser and each one of different levels of accuracy but a lower level of accuracy may be good enough for my purposes in which case I can still identify you so no it's not gonna work to have these .

Containers because they have the same fingerprint the the only let me tell you what's wrong with with the the container concept that's being used in in Firefox the idea of of a container on Firefox a nice dry Firefox but when they came up with that I already said this is not gonna work cuz I was already I already knew what the what the answer was it you .

Know and browser fingerprinting is something that I've been playing around with for a while I I've written programs doing browser fingerprinting the the problem with with containers is that their idea their idea what a container is that you isolate cookies so in a browser isolation I mean in a container approach that Firefox does with your .

Websites what they're really doing is saying we're gonna isolate the cookies so one website doesn't see cookies from another website by putting you know them in separate memory space so you can't grab them you see that concept is outdated and let me tell you why the concept is outdated because I don't have to use cookies to .

Do browser fingerprinting who said I had to use cookies if I'm browser fingerprinting you I could store that same value in my database I don't want to put it I don't know I don't have to put anything on your computer so some of you waste so much time doing this you're gonna go to your computer and you're gonna block cookies thinking that's .

That's where your threat is and all the advanced people who do this already know we don't have to use cookies we can just identify your computer and store it in our servers and as long as we recognize you again it doesn't matter that we don't have a cookie will recognize you and refer to our database and say yep we've seen you before therefore this .

Must be you now let's compare our things do you have the same IP address and so on and then we'll we'll have a more confirmed match of who you are so it doesn't have to be on a cookie that is the fault of container approaches because they actually assume that the only fingerprint is based on a cookie now browser isolation which is my .

Approach browser isolation means use multiple browsers well just the use of a different browser makes a different fingerprint because that's one of the things that you asked for is what browser are you on what's the display size screen size all of this changes with a browser you don't have to do anything special just by having a .

Different browser it's completely different so browser isolation is the best way so in my computer I have five six browsers and I will typically have two or three browsers always open always two or three browsers and the data cannot cross they not only are they in a separate memory space they're also in a separate .

Permissioned space on the hard drive because there are different applications so they can't cross over and steal each other's data so browser isolation isolate to sharing so if you're learning Google and you go to Amazon on a different browser it can't get the Amazon data from Google okay so that's that's the difference between .

Those approaches so so container containers and compartments is is not important now device fingerprinting on the other hand doesn't require any of that because imagine you're you're an app an app isn't gonna care what the browser is they don't need to know what the browser is they just look at the computer it's I mean the phone itself .

And say what is your IMEI which is so unique to you only one phone in the world will have that IMEI what is your Google ID which case it'll identify you or your family what's your what's your IP address what's your MAC address all the values are unique values and it's available to apps so the danger in device .

Fingerprinting has to do with these sucking apps not on well some of them so the problem with apps is that they have access to that data they can go deep inside the operating system and find out the IMEI your Google ID there all these programming calls called api's that grant them access to that and and your phone number it can get that information .

From the device in which case your device is specifically identified thank you and G mg s best productions will be will clear my cookies make my computer computer faster no fact that usually solves it down you don't know how container to work you taught me someone actually tells me that I don't .

Know how can container work run my browser threat test I tested that I used Firefox browser containers so browser containers yes I don't know how it works do you recommend accessing Gmail through Thunderbird or violate the Gmail site that's a good question if you have a VPN I would use Thunderbird if you do not have a VPN I would use the Gmail site .

But then it was browser fingerprint you but it won't transmit your IP address this is that's a completely different threat though so completely it's a completely different threat let me let me just let me just say say this your emails has your IP address on it this is not part of browser fingerprinting it's a completely different threat okay .

A completely different threat so every email you send out has your IP address on it so that is nothing to do with browser fingerprinting so yes Google will be able to browser fingerprint you for using Gmail what they can do with that is depends on what's in the email ok so so that's that's a separate concept the problem is every time you .

Hit Send on the email Thunderbird will include your IP address so how do you solve that use Gmail because Gmail will not include your IP address it will include their IP address so Gmail will fingerprint you but they will not forward the information in the email itself so if any of you don't know this anytime you send an email out to the .

World your IP address is on it this is why you need a VPN or VPN router because otherwise everything you do even when your phone is inactive is sending e-mails back and forth and sending your IP address do I recommend in Internet Explorer Zak no browser isolation works better than one browser .

Compartmentalization so I tested that it watched a video a browser threat test and even tor browsers can be identified at least for for a time so unless you take some specific steps to modify what you see on the screen then it doesn't really it doesn't really keep them from identifying you especially for short periods so let's say you're running .

Facebook and you're on tour and you're running all these different websites you will be fingerprinted even if you're on tour it doesn't need your IP address it'll fingerprint you another way okay so the browser set test confirms that so the only way to actually isolate programs from each other so that they don't share .

The browser fingerprint is by browser isolation which is a multi browser approach I'm the only one that recommends that that concept was my invention from I don't know five years ago where I when the browser threat the browser fingerprinting threat became big and I started implementing that I actually was implementing it because I .

Thought you know I didn't trust the browser a single browser and then it turns out later on that that actually solves a lot of other issues hello Jay what about the new Microsoft edge that is actually just Chrome so yeah run it if you want run it if you want so the new Microsoft edge is just chrome chromium so download .

Chromium I yeah put that in your one of the browsers on deal it on the list that you use so it can be one of the browsers that use just not the old internet explorer it really sucks I mean it has nothing do with security it's just you know just a bad browser just you know you'll find you if you go to a lot of websites it .

There's always something unique with a internet explorer site always hello Reno I believe edge is just chromium yes it is you need to be careful about sending email to from Gmail sometimes they will direct it outside of the US so they can legally read it they already read it Philip what Philippi what are you talking about they don't need any legal .

Right to read it it's on their server they'll read it any time they want where did you get that obviously the email server company can read any email so that's obvious old man chrome the browser or the OS I'm talking about chromium I don't know what you're talking about Philip okay so if you understand the threat of how browser .

Fingerprinting works you stop it cold when you split up your actions into different browsers again let me again clarify because some of you think this is some complicated topic and it's not let's say you only have two browsers it's really simple anything to do at Google use one browser anything that has nothing to do with Google meaning Google .

Sign-in if you have to sign into Google sign in to Chrome okay if you're not going to sign in to some other website you a second browser that has no sign in to Google and no Facebook and a story that's it two browsers the only reason for a third browser is Facebook now why do I say that's enough because those are .

The only two companies that actually do active browser fingerprinting Facebook and Google there's no one else has this kind of infrastructure that can actually make browser fingerprinting work in order for browser fingerprinting work web sites have to willingly put your code into their web sites and that's very limited and mostly limited to .

Facebook and Google that's it thank you Andrew thank you so much thank you and thank you for talking about Brax me that is a safe platform so do you understand I'm saying here there are only two companies that have any impact on browser fingerprinting Google and Facebook I don't have facebook so that's out of existence I don't even have to .

Think about that I don't have to think about Facebook if you're thinking about Facebook give it its own browser okay do not load the app on your talking phone no no no do not put the app on your ducking phone if you're gonna run Facebook on your phone because you want to ignore me get a brave browser on your phone and run Facebook on it only that .

Would be the equivalent of browser isolation on a phone again the only threat to browser fingerprinting is Facebook and Google no-one else is a threat on browser fingerprinting no one else they don't have the infrastructure to collect data like Google and Facebook so it doesn't even it doesn't even work so let's say I browser fingerprinting on .

My website what does that tell me nothing it tells me you've been here before but other than that I already know that I know you've been here before you logged in it's a browser finger does not help in any way on a single sight except to find trolls that is the main benefit and it has nothing to what .

I'm talking about here Bart browser fingerprinting on on done by a website is simply used to see if you have duplicate accounts that is the only issue if you're not concerned with security then this channel is not for you well switching to being stopped this fingerprinting and know what does being .

Able to do it anything just more users I have nothing special everyone give alike yes please give a like to the broadcast I'm not getting as high a number as usual so maybe nobody likes my topic anyway this is kind of complex but I'm simplifying it for you just memorize that I you said browser thing if you don't understand what I'm saying take .

Note browser fingerprinting is a threat only from Apple in Google so if you isolate I mean Facebook in Google so if you isolate Google and Facebook from anything else you do on the Internet you're done that's it you don't have to think about what browser fingerprinting does you don't need to spend any time on that you don't need to do clear cookies .

Or waste any more information on that because they know what you're doing anyway if you're on Google instead on Google go to Google activity controls and pause tracking of whatever you don't want them to track when doing browser fingerprinting that you can do there okay so that's how you handle it on browser fingerprinting so it's not as .

Massive of an issue as you think now device fingerprinting device fingerprinting is it's inescapable if you have a Google or Apple Apple iOS phone in fact I'm trying to think how do you escape device fingerprinting with iOS you can't uninstall iOS and load something else there really isn't anything you can do .

So if you think that browser fingerprinting I'm sorry if device fingerprinting is less of an issue on iOS it's actually worse at least on Android you can take your phone and load lineage OS on there without gaps and at least you can take Google out of there potentially from with using the same hardware but you cannot do anything on a .

Apple device the Apple device is stuck so for this reason I stopped I stopped you know taking my my iPhone out of the house it's now never leaves they already have the information so it doesn't leave this is an iPad right here never leaves it's always just here in a broadcast studio my iPhone doesn't move it's always in the same spot I don't really .

There's no sim card in it it doesn't go anywhere so can you mask your IP address you have to mask your IP address that's the whole point you must mask your IP address no name no name I'll be back in a few minutes there's by the way no name no name there's so many people with the name no name that I actually don't know who no .

Name is I mean like which one I mean there's so many people even on Brax me there's so many people with the name no name so I'm I'm confused so I tried brave and they nag you to join their ad program with my info I ignore that any I don't get anything I turn all of that off there's not much I get from brave okay so anyway back to device .

Fingerprinting so if you have an iOS phone and mind you I'm you know I I was a very heavy iPhone user I thought iPhones were gonna be more secure than androids I was using iPhones you know tremendously for many many years until I just you know did further analysis and I just said how do I escape this because of the Apple ID .

There's nothing I do that is not known to Apple you know my phone tells me you are five minutes from your sucking destination and I say how do you know what my sucking destination is you're 200 yards from your car how does suck did you know that you know and knows your habits and you know knows how much how much time you spend on your phone on .

Each app you know and it's supposed to be for health reasons or whatever reason but the fact of the matter is that's attached to your name your real identity with your location your credit card and everything else so when they're gonna do when they're gonna do social distancing and contact tracing they don't need to do much they already have that .

Information about you they already know who you've been in touch with so anyway so iOS phones are not it's a dead end so if you're you know like some of you are so proud you've bought your new iPhone in love and I'm not gonna update my iPhone anymore I have an iPhone 10 and that's it and I have every version of the iPhone before that I have every .

Single one from iPhone one okay and multiple of some of them so I have every version of the iPhone and I was developing apps for for iOS so I was concerned about that and now I don't think I'm gonna buy an iPhone again okay I know you first lost not really but not too many people use the name first/last they just use no name .

Hello Doug okay so so back to my phone choices because of the device fingerprinting issue there really is too much information and Google knows about your phone for example since they already know your your locations using Wi-Fi scanning which you cannot turn off on an iPhone .

There's 24/7 location tracking and you already know this if you have an iPhone because there's Find My Phone how do you think find my phone works Find My Phone uses this Wi-Fi scanning to find your location 24/7 it's in that enough find my phone isn't that enough I mean doesn't that tell you everything you can't come to me and say well iPhone iOS .

Isn't tracking me well suck you there's Find My Phone and you say well I could turn off Find My Phone wrong absolutely false you cannot turn off Find My Phone what you can do is have Apple not show you what's in Find My Phone so if you don't want to see what they know you could say well I don't want to .

See you find my phone okay they won't show to you it doesn't mean they're not collecting it because they have to it's part of Wi-Fi scanning and the Wi-Fi probes that I keep talking about so given the fact that there's nothing that I can turn off why would I want this thing tracking my every move and it's gonna be saying to me now that I was in .

Contact with such-and-such a person who had Kovan 19 I'll just stay home I don't need to any contact information about who I'm in contact way because I'm just gonna stay home checkmate is the name penguin with a gun on my profile picture that's right you might be no name to first last you could be many names you could also be first for yes I what .

Do I know you know I'd you know fortunately for you on Google they don't give you any way to identify accounts anyway so there's very limited information about each account here on Google they know everything they just don't share it to us third parties my iPhone 11 is now on eBay yay I'm gonna tell you you know .

These D Google phones are so exciting I you know I'll be frank with you there I just love it so Brax OS let me just tell you about Brax OS there's no Google ID I've never logged in I go to I actually I downloaded Yelp on this so it has a Google app called Yelp but I never signed into the phone so what identity .

That's Google have in fact what identity that it used to download it from the Play Store well it's spoofed it it used as a Google account shared among thousands of people so it actually doesn't know who I am that downloaded it and since I'm using a VPN anyway I'm using a VPN router so I'm one of these devices .

That's my router which is VPN so the phone that doesn't actually have any identity it doesn't have an IP address that's visible it doesn't have an identity and there's nothing Google on here whatsoever yet I'm able to run some google apps I'm running just you know I'm running Twitter periscope ways I was able to run just about you know many you .

Know even over and so on they all ran have you set a pin to access the phone you can use the shape thing that's what they do on on Android they use little pattern so you put in your pattern so but the phone doesn't have any identity and it's just amazing so I've been selling a lot of these in fact I can't keep them in stock .

These have been flying off the shelves mostly if you want one you have to kind of you know preorder one I let people pre-order if it's gonna arrive like then the next day because it's going too fast so you know I I ordered a ton of them and they're so slow to arrive and I can't keep up with them you know I'm like building so many of these phones a .

Day and it takes a long time to build one it does take a very long time and and they're just so popular and I can see why cuz I use it myself and it's like it's amazing it's amazing no identity it's amazing when there's no identity it's like you know it's a good feeling good feeling when weighs by the way I leave location off so that ways .

Doesn't get my location unless I'm actually on a trip so I always leave ways off and you know how you can by the way waves will trick you it I could be a try to get data from you when it's sleeping because it's Google right so I run net guard so there's a firewall that stops apps like Yelp Yelp is another one that's gonna take your location data .

When you're not aware of it like when the phone is not active it's gonna be taking data and I block it with net guard so nothing leaks from my phone it's awesome so this is a black routers shipped to Uganda by the way a lot of shipping is yeah to a lot of countries in Africa some parts of Latin America and so on are impossible right now .

Because there are no flights so many places although there's no covert 19 ban there they don't have any airplanes nobody's flying to them so because of that there's no mail how much are these this one here is 249 this is a motor g7 play and then there's a larger phone called a moto g7 and that's to 99 so there they're flying I .

Mean I can't buy him fast enough I mean you know I spent a lot of money I you know I'm buying him from him everywhere I can I must be the biggest buyer of these phones right now and they're flying off the shelves so I thought the reason I selected these is I thought there'd be a lot of it in stock and they're just it's working people are .

Very happy with getting the phone so they're it's it's working out well what is the best GPS navigation for Linux phones with a month do you NAB you nav on Ubuntu touch and on the D Google phone I use OpenStreetMaps Osmund Osmund OpenStreetMaps if you go to the Play Store will show you prices I'll just uninstall google app you .

Google the phone and Android yeah you cannot uninstall Google apps from an existing Android you can't do that you got start from scratch you have to install it without Google Apps the moment you put Google Apps in you can't take it out so any warranty know what the moment they the moment I D goggle it the warranty ends so there's a warranty .

You know I buy new so that's your guarantee I buy them brand-new so I open the box from a fresh new new one I've been buying them new because I don't really want any issues so I buy new and then I unlock them once you unlock the flash bootloader on a phone warranty ends so the manufacturers not going to consider .

A warranty anymore but they're brand new so yeah they're brand new so that's you know it's it's not a big deal it's it any new some libram five-hour pint phone yes I'm nude as well there's a new I want to touch versions but so far I want to I want to have it more refined before I do a video if I try it and I it's not perfect yet I'm gonna hold off making .

The video because I don't want to keep doing it over and over yeah so yes this is so worth it guys I mean it truly I want everyone in my family to switch to these and you know can't get enough of them to even do that so and I you know I warrant my work on it so if you wanted if you if you want me to reinstall this ship it back to me .

And I'll upgrade it and do whatever for one year pure Maps I don't know about pure Maps I only used I'm not familiar with that King Singh I think that may be new I haven't tried that so the only one I've been using is you nav thrashing the iOS have to say sorry is but now I am done what iOS truly truly done aside from the .

Fact that they're so overpriced guys I paid over a thousand by I paid $1,400 for my iPhone $2.99 and I'm gonna tell you something this is so fast this phone okay very fast very good it's about the same size as an iPhone 10 and I use it didn't do the same things I do with an iPhone 10 and I it's the fact it looks the same the screen looks the same that .

Clarity of the screen and the speed looks the same and I didn't pay 400 for 1,400 bucks for it this is 249 suck and it's new it's a new phone 249 now you're wondering why I can sell so many of these because it's like you know people get them and they're like so .

Happy because it it's great and there's no identity here's the other thing that is different by the way so I have to purchase two this one is a g7 and this one is a g7 play which is a little smaller the difference though is that the g7 the more expensive one it's more stable as running Android 9 it has on the air updates and so on and it's well .

Maintained and there's everything works on it there's no issue on it at all on the g7 so that's the one that's $2.99 it's harder to get though so I don't have a lot of that I have more of the play the problem with the g7 is that it's running Android 9 it's the only stable version that runs on it this one is running Android 10 now why is that .

Important yes certain things don't work on the Google 7 play for example the fingerprint doesn't work fingerprint doesn't work which I don't care about ok now and there said there's a couple of minor bugs early 2 minor 2 minor did be concerned about one of them is sometimes you get on the phone and they can't hear .

Your voice and that's because the ringer if the ringer volume is set to zero then the voices and we're going to call so when that happens I just raised the ringer and call back if I forget so that's it that's the only bug that really is of any any importance now what is neat about this phone that this runs Android tend and so the this cheaper .

Phone is actually running Android 10 Android 10 has a max built-in so MAC address spoofing is built into Android 10 so this is actually more secure for proximity tracking and all evading that this is a better phone and it's cheaper and it's better for that so I I kind of like the size do I like the size I don't .

Like the big big one it's harder to hold and it's cheaper and it's easier to find and I can get versions of this and run on Verizon the g7 only runs on t-mobile and AT&T and their resellers the the play has some versions run on GSM and some versions run on CDMA so this one has more flexibility so but it's Android ten is much better for device .

Fingerprinting because this device actually blocks access to the serial number that's one of the items for browser fingerprinting so I don't know I kind of like this better so yes it doesn't have on the air updates yet but it's very easy to update I mean if you know the instruction to update is really simple so once I install it all the hard .

Work is done it's really easy to update it one command and you can update it so that's why I'm not too worried about you know not having on the air update so that's because it's a very simple instruction to update it and you can update it forever you know with that same instruction so so if there's like a fixative .

Fingerprint and so on there you know it can be done by yourself later on it's very very simple to do but it's not automatic like the g7 so the g7 is better for let's say somebody who's not techie so if you do not know anything about computers and you don't really want to mess with it stick to the g7 for the .

More advanced this is more fun because it's Android 10 it's the g-seven play the same as the size of the iPhone 10 exactly the same size Kings saying in fact if I put it next to each other I can actually pile it up it's hard to tell which is which so when I grab the iPhone 10 and this I can't really tell they have the same .

Case too so unless I turn it over I can't really tell which is which don't use phone well that's that should be right as well if you can handle that because that's a problem if you you know need to use a phone I I have to guess I'm a developer but if you can avoid not using phone stick to a bunt to touch I want the touch obviously is the safest .

Font there's nothing safer than about the touch at the moment or a pint phone nothing safer in that or libram five those are the safest phones they have subtle information on you it's amazing decide what you want phone and text or plethora of apps if you just need phone text and a few websites then you should .

Stick to a bunt to touch it is just more secure hands-down my only problem with the Nexus 5 using Ubuntu touch is the Nexus 5 doesn't really handle Bluetooth well there's a blog bug and a Bluetooth which is an issue for having a phone conversation hands-free that is what I do not like about Ubuntu touch on a nexus 5 so hopefully the pine phone .

Version will solve that and I do have a fine phone in a nexus 5 this are there any privacy issues with OpenStreetMaps I recently learned that Google Maps is partly based on it no no no no no there's no identification on adgroup you gotta start with the basics have a dig googled phone so even if they get information they're .

Not getting anything of any importance because you're just an identity used by thousands of people you're basically one of thousands they use the same name the same account for thousands and thousands of people so you're you know it's actually giving this information out because Google is seeing a lot of data coming it from one .

Account which is how its spoofed in in something called micro G the micro G project micro G project is what I install on this and micro G is a fake Google it's a Google spoofer so it's proofs Google so when you run it it actually makes it think that you're it makes an app think they're talking to Google but they're not talking to Google .

They're talking to a fake Google and the fake Google is redirecting it back to Google but with it with anonymity so still operating with Google but they don't know by whom which is exactly what you want I have two blackberries they're great loading a bunt too soon on a nexus 5 the Nexus 5 I order do you prefer a phone carrier or is t-mobile sufficient .

Or should I stick to internet with VPN the Nexus 5 I use t-mobile on it or ting comm which is t-mobile reseller that's typically what I use its GSM only so you're gonna have to stick the t-mobile or AT&T on that the erect do you recommend the best hey Rob you recommend this to be the best to buy from you know you don't have to buy for me you can .

Yeah some other phones I recommend are from a foundation but they're in Europe only so if you're in the u.s. they're not gonna get those they're very expensive though they're using Samsung galaxys so you're talking you know for 400 to 700 range phones versus – 249 to 299 so I'm just in a different market and .

Then you can go to graphene OS which sells pixels but pixels are old phones so unless you go to the expensive pixel 3 then you're going to be getting more expensive than this and it pixels way too old so so I may install graphene OS on some pixels and and use those as kind of a low-end so I may do it myself so those are good options as well so .

Graphene is fine I found a shion's fine it's more about the phone choice so because of the choice of the phone and it becomes surprising things so if you want a brand new phone that is that is completely functional with Android 10 then these phones are I mean the reason I sell them they're kind of amazing for for the money I mean I they're not cheap .

Looking phones at all they look great they they look great I mean put it put a nice case on them to protect them and they are you know yes they're not made of glass like Apple they'll charge you a thousand dollars for that glass you want the glass yes but in an extra thousand dollars but if you want just speed in operation it's it's great phone number .

Change might be optimal later on you could do that oops sorry hold on my phone is gonna like computers are gonna die here forgot to plug it in whoo Wow almost almost lost the broadcast there it just flashed a message saying battery was running low I forgot to charge to plug it in so no sucking se2 for me .

No luck that no I am done with iPhones the only thing to do is to transfer your SIM card from your other phone to this and they look great I mean certainly you know yes the the iPhone 1011 is more edge to edge you know that's about the main differences it goes all the way to the bottom the screen other than that that's about the main difference yes I .

Know the iPhone 10 has a better camera iPhone 11 is a better camera if that's important to you then you're docked if I were you I want a better camera get yourself a better camera I mean get yourself a nice camera this is a nice canon GX I'm sure this takes better pictures than the iPhone this is a nice camera okay so .

This is I use this for for my video before now I have a big DSLR but this is what I was using before last year that's what I was using last year to broadcast so yeah I mean it's pretty small too so I'm not gonna rely on the phone to be the you know the main camera if I want a camera one a higher quality camera how to transfer iPhone info to your phones .

Well that depends on what info contactless you mean you can export the contact list I ordered a black phone with silent circle back in the day could I program that phone with Ubuntu or Linux silent circle I mean really that you know I when I read the specs on a black phone Andrew it's really just a Android phone .

With a VPN for the voice over IP I don't know what they thought was so secure about it I mean there's nothing different about it's just an Android so I don't really know if it's if it's kelp says this looks so ancient this is a new phone this is only a in fact when I sell it to you it's a new phone it's just a 2019 model or so ancient it's .

2019 says kelp 2019 falls our nation oh my gosh it's like that's the reason I'm not selling the pixels because it's way too old it got pixels 20 pixel is 2015 2016 somewhere along somewhere on there that reason black phone didn't succeed well you know if they made the black phone Linux that would succeed they didn't you .

Know now they can make a new black phone using Linux what what the best phone should sell that are do I only sell two right now Marvelous Marvin I only sell the Moto G 7 for $2.99 and the Moto G 7 play for 249 and like I said there's other manufacturers you can go to you know a foundation in Europe and you can go to graphene OS but those forms are .

More expensive it's we do the same thing so what they do is just find I looked at what they do and it's exactly the same much the same thing as I do so they're fine i I'm I'm happy to recommend graphene Copperhead Copperhead and graphene are actually originally the same they split off and then and then a foundation the difference is just they .

Do it on different phones so it's a matter of phone choice so since I had a choice I chose to do it on a phone that I know it's affordable and good quality but again it's not about you know by crimina buying for me that's not the point the point is there's no Google identity on this whatsoever so you device fingerprinting .

It's kind of useless on this because which identity isn't using I don't have any credit card info there's nothing on here that identifies me what on here identifies me nothing ah Bryson will only work on specific models of this Google Play Jimin g7 Play and I you have to I have to pay order the Verizon's but most of .

Them are not our GSM meaning by default the phones I'm selling our our GSM only phones if you want and that includes the Nexus 5 if you want if Verizon a phone that runs on Verizon Sprint you may have to pre-order it and I and you have to wait a week because I have to buy him and then set it up for you so if you want Verizon you can pre-order those let .

Me make a separate entry on the store so you can pre-order those because it's hard to stock those because they don't sell as fast as as the gsm phones and you don't need to login to Google and you didn't don't need to login to Google in black phone I don't know what that means what if your phone number is linked to .

Google Account move this move the SIM card over King sing so that it's not attached to Google account move it over or change the phone number on the Google account to some other account like use a a burner SIM card moved the number over and then forwarded to the new number internally on the on the phone side not .

At the Google end and so they don't know it it's the same number so if you want to disconnect it from Google go to Google and then change the number that you're using on it you know there's no reason for you to maintain the same number well using multiple profiles and Firefox no no I already answered that Jim at the beginning no the best way is .

To split to different browsers I can as a programmer and a hacker I'm telling you right now that in the browser threat test I actually was able by varying the degree of accuracy I can still browse her fingerprint even a tor browser so the answer is no the answer is separate browsers is called browser isolation t-mobile works with .

Both Motorola and Nexus 5 yes so t-mobile and AT&T and Nexus 5 is has LTE on it so it it works with both AT&T and t-mobile Nexus 5 is actually fairly advanced for an old phone so it's still so popular it is so difficult to buy an inexpensive Nexus 5 now the only Nexus 5 so you can buy her over a price I don't want to buy them so I only have one .

Nexus 5 left 16 gigabyte and that's it so some of you already have you know got Nexus 5 for me I bought like so many Nexus fives for you and I can't find them anymore I guess I bought the entire supply so there hardly any Nexus 5's to be found I can find you know occasional overpriced 16 gigabyte and I don't want to buy him Kindle Amazon runs great by .

The way Kindle runs great on this as one of them I my main news is on a phone is Kindle I'm an avid reader so I'm always on Kindle and there's Kindles on there it's one of my most important apps Kindle works great no action potato Facebook is never gonna be good on it not it's never safe to do Facebook on any phone especially app if you can't .

Help it and you really need to do Facebook on AD Google phone what I might suggest is to install a brave browser or some other browser like that and then run only Facebook on that browser meaning launch it to run Facebook only don't do anything else don't use the app app is very dangerous kind of like whatsapp is very dangerous .

As well redmi note 4 or poke up phone i don't know what that is when i said our galvano I have an old Nexus 5 SIM slot won't recognize the card yeah they do break off and Doug but you know what they're actually good still it's a security phone using just Wi-Fi it's still useful Nexus 5 is foolproof where's the Motorola takes knowledge to .

Keep it safe because works through this information the Nexus 5 running Ubuntu touch is absolutely super duper safe there's at the moment there's no safer phone I'm tell you right now it's cheap it's alter safe there's kind of a limit to what you can do with it but my main problem again with the Nexus 5 is the Bluetooth but .

Nexus 5 is an awesome phone for safety and really is and it looks good still for an old phone so slower now but you know it's it's still the same speed as a pint phone it actually has better Wi-Fi than a pint phone so if you actually compare the pint phone and the Nexus 5 the Nexus 5 will win and it's an older phone pint phone is new .

Thus the g-seven have dual SIM slot SD slot some do it depends on a model there there are different kinds so I have to check stock to see what I have I don't know if I have any do dual sim once at the moment one eye I only have one left anyway so the one that I have right now is not a dual SIM so I'll check the ones I get in the next few days so but the .

One I have at the moment is not dual sim but I I get them so some people said can you give me a dual sim one and I have to you have to specifically make that request uber only app I like but since bars are closed would like my Nexus 5 to have 4G Nexus 5 has 4G Nexus 5 is LTE subscribe Jorge .

You mean you are subscribed before can you signal in the new pine phones no not you can use telegram on the new pine phones you cannot use signal or wicker for signal you have to use a D Google phone so I actually preload signal on this and not that signal is the best solution so I have Brax me and signal I preload kind of – you know they have .

Kind of two different purposes no a bunch of touch will not work on any Alcatel I have an Alcatel it does not work on those what I miss here so yes Marvel's Marvin it's really amazing when you actually consider that you're walking around this pond doing normal phone things and let's say you pass it around to your family they all .

Have this and what happens is you disappear it's like I mean I can't believe it so uh you know what you do is you disappear from the world and then put your family all on signal you can even do you know instead of FaceTime you signal for video and voice you signal for family signals great for family if you're gonna communicate between the .

Family members I say signal is great for that I don't like using signal for talking to strangers I do not I'd rather use Brax me for that but for family signal is great because there's video of voice over IP signal is great for that so I preload signal so that's what I recommend so on the Ubuntu touch phone .

No because it's gonna have to be a Linux phone the only one that's been ported is telegram somebody did port telegram on it I've heard signals compromised it depends on what do you mean by compromised you know none of them are perfect because one of the problems I have the signal is you know the made of data from your phone .

Number and that's why I will only use signal with people who already know my phone number anyway and know my real name because that's not important if it's gonna be it's gonna be done with strangers no I'm not going to use signal I'm not gonna say contact me a signal here's my phone number nope I don't want my contact list and .

All of that to leak out now have you heard any news about any signal backdoors no disappearing is more noticeable than staying gray the dog that didn't bark well not true because you know you could be using Linux in a that's not disappearing you just have no data why do you need to worry about .

The government can still track you you still have a phone so they still have you know a cell modem the government still good thing you subtract you but Google Apple don't so what why do you think it's necessary to be like you know distinguishing between hiding and disinformation right you know who cares and people say well you know it's better .

To hide in plain sight that's something that kelp would say so it's right in plain sight it's like seriously guys so you're gonna say I'm gonna go stay in facebook so I can hide in plain sight these are so stupid to think that really disappearing it I remember you from Paris well well remember him from periscope some are just use a shoe phone .

Like in get smart hello Donnie you've been hiding Donna you were so quiet so anyway so so the thing about browser device fingerprinting is is with an Android 10 and I know 10 is a specific version here with an Android 10 combined with the Google the ID Google phone you know running a OSP no gaps Android 10 with micro G on it and f-droid apps open .

Source and all the different protections on it I mean I'm it's not even this is not rooted this phone is not rooted I don't need to root the phone so phones are not rooted so it's not like you know you can go hack them and connect them without any credentials so they're unlocked but they're not rooted so I mean you can't rule them but by .

Default they're not rooted you have to give them permission to root so so I don't ship it to you rooted so if you leave it alone it's not rooted and you know and there's no device fingerprint well there is a device fingerprint but even that you can change actually one of the settings in here is you can actually say it's a different phone so you can .

Actually fake and say this is the nexus 5 so that's one of the settings in in the Aurora Aurora store so which is the the spoofing app I use for the app store and on there you can say what is my device ID and you can actually say you're an older phone so you can actually specify a model or maybe specify a newer phone with a different .

Model and what happens then is then that gives out even more this information in my eight toxic personality kelp very very toxic very toxic you're like you know like the stuff you say is just amazing sometimes it's like you know you know that kelp you do it intentionally it's your it's your you know devil's advocate approach and .

Sometimes you just say it you know you say things like yes I'm okay with having a checkpoint at every street corner do you really believe that no you're just saying it so you can get attention I can't believe you actually said well I really want to have a checkpoint in every corner right now for my safety okay go demand it then I don't see you .

You know making it demanded we still don't have a checkpoint in every corner we need one now to stop terrorists no first last go ahead keep them entertained so by the way guys make sure to hit the like or dislike button on here so that the algorithm gets to get a feel of you know your interest level so please hit the like or dislike whatever .

You feel like doing and if you haven't subscribed to my channel please do so I am using the two phone numbers that were previously connected to my phone and Samsung Google accounts and mine Noah Bunton X is from you and blackberry 9900 now it should be fine for security right the phone number King Singh is really important only for .

Two-factor authentication that's what Google and Apple uses so if you play around with that a little bit because only you know what the threat is to two-factor authentication you know where you use that and you can change that I mean it's not like a dead end you can go to Google and change the current phone number and then limit the risk there .

Okay you can limit the risk change the phone number I'm guessing a different always doesn't work on BlackBerry OS touch no it does not are you familiar with filfo VPN router there's a lot of VPN routers out there and some of them are very very bad and some of them have DNS leaks you know they must have taken some code .

From the internet and just ran it this is not what I've done I this is actually I wrote my own code down here so this is actually pretty sophisticated device with a lot of software honey written by me they're all open based on open source but and it's open you can look at the source code it's all exposed but actually made a user interface it's a .

Browser interface and all that's controllable and you can switch to wide mode it's a gigabit router it can go to wired to wireless tour it's all built in it's quite sophisticated little thing and you don't need any more Wi-Fi router I mean what what's the point because it's cheaper then you get a you know a bad product this one is using a .

Raspberry Pi for at gigabit speeds you know you're not gonna need one anymore in this I run this wired I run my entire household through one of these in Wired mode you can run it in a wireless as well which is uh you know if you if you just just by yourself then you know wired Wireless is fine but if you're gonna make a trunk like mine I run this .

Ik gigabit thing here and everything in my entire network goes through that router everything what was that app that's proof your location you don't need that you just need a VPN and turn off location I don't bother with this apps it's proof location it's it's actually not not accurate you can beat that easily you think it's spoofing .

Location but actually it can you can trick that that's something you can figure out I mean I would know how to get around that all I will do is get your IP address and do reverse IP lookup and I've already beaten that you know spoofing locations app does it support ten gigabit network no it's a gigabit network I would need a more .

Expensive device to run ten gigabits this is not for that use so if you want to attend big of a network no it's for home use not for office use ten gigabits Copperhead doesn't sell phones on their website yeah but Copperhead is the offshoot to Copperhead is graphene and yes I can sell you graphene myself but I just .

Don't want to because it's kind of expensive maybe I'll sell graphene on a pixel or maybe I'll sell to you with a lineage OS I don't know yet I don't know if I want to sell pixels depending on the demand because you know these are already inexpensive this is 249 whats a pixel gonna be $1.99 so if a pixels $1.99 and this is 249 .

Would you really go for a pixel that this phone is you know at least twice the speed may be more of a pixel so I'm not sure for 50 bucks is it worth it well you know do you need to ten gigabit to your to your device no action potato you don't gigabit is fine to your to your device you know you could split up your network to 10 gigabits and and .

You're not gonna use 10 gigabits on any individual device okay because that's we're talking you know I don't even know what Wi-Fi is not gonna go that fast Wi-Fi only goes to one gigabyte you know one one gigabit like a hundred megabits per second is the most you're gonna get so 10 gigabytes you're talking about 1,000 megabits per second .

No Wi-Fi device will do that so you need the only reason you need 10 gigabit will be to run servers which is not a home thing so there's kind of no purpose to it at least not on Wi-Fi Thank You Evelyn by the way for those of you are new to this I want to talk to you briefly about my platform bracket aadmi and and again I want to introduce .

You to it it's it's you know it's it's been hard because you know people are like going to slice like discord and all this it's like why are you going to discord what's so special about this chord what's a discord do they have anything special for your privacy no do they do any security no are you everything you .

Post on they're visible yes is there any kind of tracking obviously and then Brax at me is a privacy based social media where you can talk to people or have private conversations and private chats with file storage and photo storage for free and you can do it knowing that it's pseudo anonymous I don't request even an email address from .

You unless you want to give it or phone number it's up to you you don't you never get forced to supply any kind of information that's why we have people there with names like no name or Donald Trump which I'm certain is not the real Donald Trump but he's on there or Alex Jones or Infowars those are not the real people but they can use our name they .

Want no one stops them Wi-Fi six Wi-Fi six is J is for the implementation of WPA three as we've discussed for a long time so unfortunately WPA three is still pretty buggy so Wi-Fi six has those new standards as well as you know ax and some of those other speed options which are not available on many of these devices certainly just does not have .

Wi-Fi six I think the new iPhones will get Wi-Fi six and so you know at some point we'll get a lot of devices on Wi-Fi six but not at the moment where do I buy your Brax Wi-Fi router and Nexus phones on backside me you go to the app prac saw me you download the app or you go to the website and you look for me Rob Brax Minh and .

You look for my profile in the store is on my profile so tap on my picture it shows my profile and on the top there says my store anyone can have a store and Brax me if one of you want to sell something else you go to Brax me and said i want to subscribe and have a store you can that's that's an offering so I so I use one of the stores and .

Breck's me anyone else can have a store they want and it connects to your PayPal so with the 110 X is far from you and blackberry only the government can track your cellphone or IP address and no other company right King King saying no it depends if you use the phone number as two-factor authentication then they will know it belongs to you so that's .

Why you may want to finagle with that you know change the phone number with a temporary card use a forwarding if that's important to you it may not be it depends on the risk Oh galvano or no that's not to me okay yeah so Brax taught me is a not not only is it a pseudo anonymous site in which .

Case it's different than a signal or a telegram because you are never or whatsapp because you're never forced to reveal an identity no one ever tells you on brac said you know we're gonna reveal your identity the whole app does not track IP address it's there's no log stuff it has logs obviously off activity because it's what you do but it has no .

Idea of your IP address there is no IP address in the database it's open source the database does not track your IP address it's a very important thing that I don't don't have that because I don't want somebody to have to subpoena for me if somebody subpoenas means that I want IP addresses I can say sure here and show them a blank list I don't have .

Anything you can create your own groups and racks me yes kelp doesn't want to go and racks me he just wants to criticize and whatever platform I want but he doesn't want to go and practice me so anyway backs me is a little bit different in the sense that you know because it's pseudo anonymous nobody actually knows who you are so .

Somebody says well I don't know if you're collecting my data and it's like you know Zak go to Facebook then if you want somebody to really collect your data say in facebook so but don't go and racks me and say well this app's collects data cuz I'm gonna say suck you I mean the app is already open source I already say I don't know anything since .

I don't collect it if I didn't ask you how am I supposed to know who you are what you are people changed names all the time to some of these people here on this chat right here and they can identify themselves I'm not gonna rat on them but some of you change your name on racks and I couldn't find you because I don't know what your new new name or .

Your old name is goodnight Evelyn so anyway join us and Brax at me if you're if you're here and it's kind of a way to make sure that if Google ever shuts me down then you know where to find me good night SV vet you've been there quietly you have nothing to fear on Brock that that's correct .

Thank you AB in slow motion you left periscope help you really left periscope I want you I don't want you to leave here kelp I'm just inviting you elsewhere you know so you're gonna you can debate with people but no I don't want you to leave don't leave here by the way I'm by special request I'm gonna play music on periscope on Thursday next .

Week so I intend to do a broadcast on periscope playing music only on periscope at 8:00 p.m. next Thursday thank you Andrew so so if you change your name on Brock's sometimes I have to kind of search for you say well who did I have that conversation with because I actually don't know who is attached to who because there's nothing in your .

Account that says oh this account is tied to that guy did you know did this over there I don't know I don't have any connection so a lot of times you might think I remember every conversation but you know just to to to let you know some of you might think oh he has my I bought something from him so he has my address the problem is because you know there's .

Hundreds of you buying things I actually you know I don't know who I'm talking to you know in general I might note did somebody buy something in this state you know vaguely I might remember but not really because it's not tied to your account you know if you buy something I ship it and there's nothing in the records that ties your account to the .

Order that's me yes I I didn't want to say that Andrew I did not want to say that because I don't want to like out you here but yes you were one there's actually three of you today that got me mixed up and I said who was I talking to because three people went into Brax and then changed their name and I was like what you can .

Do all day you can change your name you can go to Bronx and call yourself kelp farming and not really be kelp so you have that flexibility you can somebody can steal kelp farming's name but you have to talk like kelp the kelp is very recognizable with his style so if somebody steals your name from on Braxton I can't help you helped and .

Somebody will use your identity because that is possible he seems more legit than Steve Gibson you're talking about me I have nothing against Steve Gibson by the way he you know he Steve Gibson is in my area or he's in Orange County I'm in LA and so we're you know in the same general area he's 20 miles away 30 miles away and the problem would Leo .

Laporte more specifically more than Steve is that there bunch of shills they really are I you know they're you know Steve and I come from kind of Asst Steve comes from and I come from kind of the same type of background although he's more like Hardware a hardware guy of course I was more in the application aside but kind of the same kind of .

Background and in a few watch their channel you know security now they never say anything negative about Google Apple and Facebook it's like that's incredible to me you know they steal your data with Cambridge analytic and all that and they still will not say anything negative it's like what does ugh and the reason of course is they're making money in .

Advertising from those from those sources so they're very careful to always be positive the corporate environments they're not really concerned about privacy they're saying security and it doesn't matter you know they're talking about security for the corporation so so that's the case and who are they for well I'm clear .

About who I'm for up for the little guy I'm for the individual not for the corporation so I side with a site with the individual that's why corporate sponsor will sponsor me so my survival here on this as a channel Cathy my survival on this channel you know financially being able to sell my products in here it's dependent on each .

And every one of you so any one of you to support me on patreon any one of you that gives me a super chat here any one of you that buys my product or a bias VPN and some of you may already have VPN and you still want to support me and get mine just because you want to support me for that little thing of 89 bucks a year is really helpful because I add I'm not .

Gonna get corporate sponsorship I don't I don't side with any of these companies that if they're gonna steal data from you I'm not gonna take their side I'm gonna tell you straight out the evil and some of these companies like give you an example one of the most evil companies and they they may even put ads on my videos I don't know don't ever buy .

Anything from Symantec don't ever ever buy anything from that talking company that is the most evil company I know of not sure who's more evil Facebook or or or Symantec I mean truly evil now Google does evil things but it's not really the kind of evil the direct evil is being done by Symantec and Facebook it's like deliberate evil so you know .

Sometimes I I kind of vary with the you know Google and even Apple or sometimes they do things that are for us and sometimes they do things against us and you know it's like it's unclear what the signal is and certain things are good like you go to will activity controls and they seem to not track you when you you pause your .

Activity though they still track you in Google ads so it's not a hundred percent but you know it they do something they allow you to spoof your identity on Google Facebook will not allow you to spoof your identity they really want to track you you know in person with a real name they let you do that on Google so it's like it's evil but they'll if if .

You're smart enough they'll let you do your smart stuff to avoid that which is kind of interesting if Google said we're not gonna do this open-source AOSP stuff anymore and we're gonna block that and and you know we're gonna make sure that you're you get identified all the way it would be a different story but they're not doing that and I think because they .

Make enough money even if the few of us stray and say we want our privacy they allow it they allow it you that's why you can have a fig Gmail that doesn't have a real name on it they allow it you know but some companies truly do evil they're just there to make money off you one of them is semantics semantics is to be very big and now they're split off .

And semantics is a very small piece now of what they used to be good because of their evil when evil caught up with them you know imagine issuing fake certificates I mean you know when you do that kind of evil when you you you purposely do it to make money or you you know you you you borrow some authority I said look we're gonna give you fake .

Certificates for a price here you know we own we own Verisign and we're gonna give you fake certificates so you can go check on HTTP traffic on Google and Apple and everyone else we're gonna give you that but be quiet pay so you know pays money and we'll be quiet this is evil and now they're trying to sell you all these different products so so .

They can't say a lot of these products now there they are they are now a fraction of what it used to be and I guess they're just concentrating on the antivirus that's all that's left their enterprises gone enterprise business is gone it went to Broadcom they still have you know Lovelock sucking Lovelock they still have that why I don't know as a .

Not a big scam now it's a scam would love lock-in Morton Salt Morton Salt antivirus like suck so that's my difference with like you know other broadcasters that seem to not take a side with these corporate guys that are plainly evil plainly and they don't take a side and say hey you're evil okay so when I see evil and I can prove it I'd .

Say duck you Kathy come on we already know Lovelock Morton Salt antivirus 42 plus years what is 42 plus years remember when Verisign and all of those were separate then you tried to track down all those websites and articles such month fun romantic cosmic Rose you remember given from Ferris cup days yep you see the reason I don't have to worry .

About romantic anymore cosmic roses because they got split up their evil already got sliced up so you know you can't even call them evil anymore because there's nothing left to home the the semantics is now just the antivirus and Lovelock so yeah so I I don't need to get concerned with them anymore .

Much smaller company they're kind of a dangerous company back then very dangerous does your zach book t-shirt come in 10 XXL size action potato no I think my sock book t-shirt is only in Excel and L in a woman's medium that's all I have nothing else I don't have anymore sizes McAfee McAfee Antivirus Kathy McAfee Antivirus by the .

Way John McAfee asked John McAfee would you recommend your McAfee Antivirus it will say hell no how do I defeat evil by telling you kelp and speaking out not by being quiet about it so I talked about him for years and you know now the gone not because of me probably not but you know I was gonna speak out .

And everyone's gonna speak out until somebody learn about their evil doings and they're gone so now we'll Broadcom which took a big chunk of their business gonna do evil things I don't know Broadcom can be capable of doing evil things on their on their chips that they include on your computer on your phone do you think it's easier to change my .

Phone numbers for my abundant Nexus blackberry through my phone numbers instead of security purposes for security purposes King saying it depends on you know who you want to call you so for convenience you may want your phone number to be the same so your friends can call you in which case then just go change the .

Two-factor authentication on those platforms because you can use Google Authenticator and not use a phone there's alternatives you can use a Yubikey you can use Google Authenticator rather than use a phone okay so just have some separation that's all I'm saying and you can change phone number you're able to change your phone .

Number and two-factor authentication it doesn't have to be permanent the John McAfee action potato he said no and I'm not a I'm not a court of law I'm not here to to start guessing that he said no the do I do you ever hear from I social fit I'm not on periscope he doesn't go to youtube I guess YouTube is too evil for high social fit i social .

Faders from Facebook he used to spy on me every night Jack O'Neill might your VPN be less vulnerable to exploit described in latest vault release I don't know what the latest vault release I'm not sure there's a new vault release I mean WikiLeaks what what is this new vault release I'm not familiar with any new .

Vault release did I miss something in recent times that I didn't know about or you're talking about an old vault release that just got explained better swallow a bunch of clean your systems program and Vistaprint it he doesn't have if he doesn't have your shirt size so you're gonna go illegally steal my .

Design and put it on your thing yes what I don't know what yes means there Jack but I couldn't tell you I couldn't tell you what you know what the exploit is a lot of the exploits that relate to the VPN before isn't really an exploit that should concern most people because the attack has to be on your own network which is not really a concern here we're .

Just a bunch of wannabe wannabe hackers you shouldn't mess with me first last yes you should not mess with me yeah people they're actually people have actually challenged me and and have threatened me and did all that on on periscope and and when I get my mind to it and you know if I want to really find out things about you then I can so I'm .

Very skilled with that because I know what mistakes people make and I can find out your mistakes in the history of your time on the Internet and I will be the best at it John McAfee was very gracious he was a very nice person to interview he actually was very pleasant person he was a very respectful which I don't you know .

I I don't normally expect that you know typically if somebody's famous and you expect them to act like in a kind of a diva kind of way and and he yes Cathy it's uh it's it's on it's on medium it's on Twitter I posted a link there so it's in one of my tweets so I interviewed John McAfee but the recording failed because of the way I use Skype so I .

Couldn't show him in person so I wrote it as a as a feature piece so it's an article on medium let me ask you about that if these companies are evil why not apply your skills at stopping them how am I gonna stop them help other than to speak that's what I do here I do use my skills to stop them by letting you know if you .

Want to say I should have come you do know that's illegal kelp I can't do that I can't hack them I can't threaten them I can only tell you so you all know they're doing evil careful there careful there first last that that almost that got that got blocked by YouTube be careful with comments of that nature they don't like .

That so anyway yes so I exposed third parties you know large companies that are doing things that are against you for example you know something that I mentioned in my video on cyber security versus privacy the interests of a corporation if you're in you know watching like security now you know that that channel and that's an old channel .

On YouTube and I'm growing so fast I'm you know hopefully will overtake them at some point here you know I've only been here one year and it's this channel is doing great for one year but the thing about cybersecurity is where corporation wants to implement cybersecurity it's often at the cost of personal privacy because the corporation's want a .

Corporation wants to spy on every employee and see what they're doing on the internet if you're going on Facebook they want to know what you're saying in facebook even though you're an 8 on HTTPS they want to see every traffic if you're sending out a secret email they want to know that if you're going to the office and then tunneling through VPN .

They want to stop that they want to do all these things because they know that they want to stop leakage of data in a way that they don't know about they want to know everything well you could have a legit reason for using the network to go to your bank to go into Facebook or doing any of that and you might they might say well you're doing that on .

Company hours and then I want you to do that so yes and then I want you to install any software on your computer yes I understand all that but if they lend you a computer you take home that computer is going to be spying on you okay so be very clear on this hit the like button only 97 now knows it's only .

78 only 78 people had like so I guess anyway that's the difference between me and you know what I talk about it sometimes people ask me why I don't say too much negative things about YouTube some there are certain things about YouTube that really bother me in certain things though I don't like it has not affected me so much so unfortunately I .

Do need YouTube and YouTube is very important to getting my message across so it's very successful at getting my message across in which case then I'm gonna try to be here as long as I can but I don't know if you heard about you know the recent events you know with YouTube making decisions saying that if you speak out against the World Health .

Organization then they can block your there can basically remove your video I mean wow so if you if somebody in the World Health Organization says something that you don't agree with you better keep it to yourself because YouTube will censor that so if you feel like you know certain videos of mine get censored here which some do like when I talked about .

Contact tracing go to library lbr why so you can't censor it on library so I'm on both platforms I am now in the top number 88 I think I'm in the top out of a hundred and twenty thousand creators on library I am now number eighty-eight and I've only been there for a month and a half so for a month and a half to be number 88 on the list and I just passed .

A major YouTube channels channels are big and YouTube like with millions of subscribers and I'm already passed them on library because I don't need millions on library and so it's it's really fantastic that I'm getting views in fact I you know I I think I got a good number of views in library I think I got like 6,000 views in the last month and you .

Know 2500 followers in a month I mean that's more than I gained here on YouTube well not the views but you know even the advertising income is is equal now between library and and YouTube and YouTube is 10 to 15 times larger in terms of my my presence here on YouTube YouTube is 10 to 15 times larger but the .

Revenue is equal so amazing which isn't saying much because I make a hundred bucks on YouTube yes Andrew on YouTube my my my my advertising revenue from YouTube is about a hundred and fifty bucks so if you think I'm getting rich from this No so you know support comes from following me on supporting me on patreon supporting me on on buying .

Products that benefit you I make these products for you and that is what keeps this channel going it's not it's not gonna come from advertising dollars from from YouTube so it's not even worth it I mean 150 bucks that's all I make from YouTube 150 bucks PewDiePie makes you know millions I make 150 bucks so but this channel is going .

To succeed because fortunately I can do things I make things I have skills so I can make these things so and I know you need these so I know you need these routers I know you need this phones these are the two hottest sellers here I sell a lot of these it's hard to keep stock now because I've coded I can't it's hard to keep stock you know I buy .

Can only buy a few and they disappear so fast so it's hard keeping up but you're helping me I'm gonna survive soon here I wonder 50 bucks a day a month Cathy a month would have been a day a month what do you spend 150 bucks on pay for the server's unbox me which pays for one server I've many servers so you know I have to pay for the servers it run backs .

Me nobody pays for that would me so that pre-order for g7 is coming through on Friday I have Andrew I have several Jesus I have several phones coming so I III I had three phones left today I just arrived and I already sold like from pre-order already sold three of them and phones are arriving every day they're .

Arriving tomorrow arriving one Wednesday Thursday so I'm gonna get you know hopefully phones every day and I'm trying to you know get a stock but it's really hard because they fly off the shelf so fast hello Daniel do you have VPN routers for sales yes I have tomorrow I think okay I think I already saw the last one today that I .

Have right now but I think I'll have to talk tomorrow so yes you can pre-order and it'll it'll be available in the you know by Monday so you can order one now so I'll have stock ready on the next shipping day but I the ones I have now already been sold so just discover this channel Cody hello Cody just discovered this channel I .

Suddenly accuracy a Wi-Fi triangulation depends on how many towers there's still towers in Wi-Fi triangulation random a none Wi-Fi triangulation is based on Wi-Fi routers cell tower triangulation something else which is only a feature of the cell cell companies and it's not that accurate a cell tower triangulation is very vague tracking it's you know .

Within it tracks you within like a half a mile area or something okay that's not the kind of tracking we're talking about Wi-Fi triangulation is six feet and that does not come from the cell phone it comes from the Wi-Fi adapter did you see the videos of libram bluetooth i I don't have a libram five yet I only have a pint phone I don't have a pint phone I .

Mean you know I don't know what why guys but to be honest with you these things are flying flying from my store I can't keep up with them I must be the biggest buyer this phone on the internet I mean I buy them you know I built like several of these a day I mean they go so fast because they're very inexpensive for a very inexpensive .

Price so so they're going very very fast and people are like we're liking them so so some people are buying you know three four of them for their family they're like replacing all the phones and for this price is you know for one iPhone you can get four of these four of these for one iPhone I mean you have to you have to wonder about that if you're .

Gonna buy an iPhone every year they might say maybe I'll just buy four of these and save the fun the money I spent on an iPhone I like the thumbs hit the thumbs always thank you first last it's now up to 83 likes that's it hundreds of people have been here hundreds of you have been here and only 83 of you liked it I hope you .

Subscribe to my channel if you're just coming in from you know from a random feed or suggested video did you see I what did I miss here what was your final word on 5g you mean you didn't watch my video 5g has its own just several even a periscope you know multi-hour talk about 5g from a privacy point of view I hate I hate 5g .

You'll identify you 2 inches you can do that King sing but like I said you you can just change the number on Google why change the phone numbers for your friend do it in Reverse change the number on Google you're kind of hitting it in the hard way what ports are those flying hard on those flying phones I'm looking for something I can .

Hook up an adapter hub and eventually my Ethernet is it is that possible what are you trying to do cosmic growth you you should maybe be thinking about a pint phone instead of that if you're gonna do Wired I mean that sound what a phone is for if you're gonna do why they should use a pint phone because that allows that the likes are not synced its .

87 at the moment I see it faster than you are there many children's games for Moto G 7 play it's standard Android so all the standard stuff will be on here but Daniel you cannot buy games nothing can be paid for everything has to be free there's no store you got to understand the limitation of AD Google phone there is no App Store you can buy .

So whatever you get cannot be a paid app you can't pay for anything ok so if you can you download them yes well they work yeah can you do in-app purchases no ok so just just want to make that clear what is the main appeal of the pine phone for you why are people excited about this honest Cody a pine phone is let .

Now the safest phone is Linux because you have full control over rather than all the you know garbage that Google puts on on a phone and all the OEM blobs at all the OEMs put on the phone that can spy on you when we do it the Google phone is still going to Google is still doing things with Google there's still telemetry notifications and services and .

All that that has to do with Google and identifying you the only thing we're doing on a group the Google phone is doing this information by faking your identity so this phone still thinks it's on the apps so I'm running ways on here way still thinks it's running on a Google phone but the identity that weighs thinks it has is not the right .

Identity since it's not me now that is not the same with a Linux phone and Linux phone is completely a blank slate there's no one there there's no connection with any company nobody runs anything on Linux you whatever you put as a program there is that's it there no mysteries there's no homebase there's no central authority there's nothing .

So I write programs since that's one of the reasons I wanted to to play with a pint phone just because I want to write my own programs which I did but I'm still waiting for the operating system to become steady then I'm porting my cyber security software on a pine phone in a libram five when when when it's stable I you know may be stable enough .

Now it's gonna be stable very very soon in that maybe in the next week or so and then in which case then I'll start work and start putting my app on there because it will run on it likely with just some packaging because it's both the pine phone and the libram five supports something called no more gnome so since it supports that that's what my .

Was written in and I'm gonna put that on there and then you can run cyber security things like on a network using a pine foam which is going to be awesome because you don't need a big laptop to do that you can just put on a phone and do a quick security check which I love to have to have handy it's very hard to do it right now I got to use the .

Computer for it I used an alias when atlas when I drove to Alaska I wish the pine phone came in the same size as the Nexus 5 from you a better choice for me now the LG and 5a bunt is great yeah and the problem King saying is the you know they're better like miniaturization with the Android phones because it's .

Mass-produced it's harder to do on the custom phone so the libram 5 is huge if you've seen a libram 5 i mean it's a big giant phone libram 5 is like double the thickness of this isn't more more than double the thickness of this it's a big phone so you know he said any faster no this is a lot faster than a libram 5 but you know you can program it in in Linux .

And I can write programs and no one's gonna stop me there's no there's no App Store to say oh you can't install on the libram 5 the apps are gonna stop you no one's gonna stop me I can run all these cybersecurity apps on it hacking apps whatever will apps I want to put on a pint phone or a liberal 5 I can that's why it's awesome device .

Fingerprinting doesn't exist Google ID there's no Google ID on a Linux there's what I mean I live in the middle of nowhere what a few neighbors not very good internet signal so could they use Wi-Fi triangulation detract me as I move around in this area if you have if you don't have many neighbors .

You'll be tracked by your own wife eyes so how many Wi-Fi routers do you have they need at least two to triangulate so if you don't want to be triangulated and the neighbors are too far away then just have one Wi-Fi or go wired then you'll disappear from triangulation then it will use GPS which will only work outside but it doesn't matter anyway if .

You're using a D Google phone the the location can be turned off in settings so if you D google it it doesn't send location continuously like it does when it's a Google phone or an iPhone I'd sort what data telemetry does your motor phone sent to Google and do they have do they fake a Google ID exactly Jack O'Neill one things it stops is like I .

Said Wi-Fi scanning stops Wi-Fi scanning is the 24/7 location tracking permission lists that occurs on the phone that stops which is a major major thing on top of that then all of the other Google identifiers are all spoofed so spoofed identity obviously you never log into the phone now do you need anything more than that yes you need a VPN so you need .

A VPN just then this bit of VPN and this you're all set because that blocks out anything that can apply to you especially if you have a new phone number on it and I preload a lot of you know like very very useful apps on it already so you get like and you can run ways like I said I mean I I do run ways on this and .

And you can run a lot of Google kinds of apps if you don't if you choose not to run Google Apps I don't install them with any when I ship it to you there are no Google apps on it so there's no telemetry since there's nothing Google about it I only installed Brax me and signal so .

It's very limited I'm King Singh you know the form factor I kind of like it like you know Nexus 5 is great too but this is a little bigger there's more real estate even though it's only slightly bigger than the Nexus 5 ah but I don't really like it much bigger than this the g7 is much bigger the g7 is a bigger phone what happens when the three .

Days and three nights go out we know this is coming I know you've done videos on it as well might want to address what happens when the three days and three nights go out what are we talking about some online maps expire oh okay I don't know what you're talking about there so so anyway you know from from my point of .

View as they you know I've been using this for a few months now this for a couple of months this Google I mean this a moto g7 play and I am just I'm very happy with it you know so there's a bug still and some minor things and and slight pain in the butt but nothing you know it's everything that I need to work on it works and you know it's it it runs .

Very well so so nothing earth-shattering I mean I don't really use fingerprint so that doesn't really bug me I wasn't gonna use it anyway one of the reasons I don't want to use fingerprint is because the government might demand you open your phone with a fingerprint so since it's you know biometric I think that you know what's handled in .

Court in the US but if you travel to a different country they can still force you to do biometrics on it and you know so I I'm not interested in fingerprint so I know for sure so anyway let me talk to you about let me talk to you about some some new videos I'm gonna come up with next week I'm gonna teach you something next week it's gonna be fun .

It's gonna be fun it's it's how we use GPG so anybody know what GPG is so a lot of you heard of PGP and know you can use that an email hello Russ but I'm gonna show you some quick uses of GPG and without an app and somebody asked me that question and it was it was kind of an interesting question he's using GPG and a command line and seeing if that .

Could be useful and so so as I was playing with that I said this is this is an interesting topic and and it's kind of a weighted past secret messages you can pass secret messages in any context and you don't need any app and that's what I'm gonna that's what we're gonna talk about I'm gonna make a fun video on it and it's gonna be next week GPG you .

Don't know what it is good good that you don't know so that I'll teach you so GPG so that's something that you can use on your computer and on the phone but mostly you can even use it on a computer your info is always invaluable what do you think I will you be I have a video by Yubikey but to be honest with you I you know I have a Yubikey and I pretty .

Haven't used it in a while it's just too inconvenient for me I'm for the few times I'm gonna use it I'm gonna use authy so I've been using all the– not not Yubikey Yubikey it's kind of tied to to the form factor so you know often you can't use it so because of the form factor so if I'm gonna have that limitation I might as well use a phone .

Which I always have okay and you can use AA fee on the Google phone as well as on an iPhone is this where you hide information in photos no GPG no it's about is it's a if it's a use of encryption something you can use anywhere you can pass a secret message on any platform you don't need some some people say I want into an encryption .

This that you know I want my email to be safe emails obviously one of the biggest uses of this but it doesn't have to be you can use it an email but it doesn't have to be it can be used for so many different things in any context like you can make a public post somewhere and put the secret code in there and no one will understand what you just posted but .

Something to somebody who knows what you posted though it will be very very informative and that's what I want to show you I mean someone some of you can put your encrypted conversation right here on live chat and only the people that know what you're doing will understand what the conversation is about so it's kind of fun stuff so it's .

Something that it's an application of something that is very common now but it's it's kind of a side application of it and it's so vague nobody ever talks about it it's you know nobody ever talks about it but it's it's there's some some interesting applications of it I saw my raw messages from fast mail and and didn't like it I'll be switching emailed .

Service it's just a probe biometrics discussion like is this a pro biometrics discussion Pro I I am not pro biometrics I hope you address this Amazon uses this this is nothing to an Amazon nothing to an Amazon just about you okay so we're gonna talk about this and how you can use it and then maybe we'll have among .

Ourselves have increased use I'm gonna promote using this a lot because it doesn't matter what platform you use you're saying well I don't trust this platform of that platform but you want to sometimes you want to pass a secret and you don't trust the platform let's say you're on some public chat and somebody says well I need a password to .

Go here and you say sure here's the password and you pass an encrypted password kind of cool how about a secret link on social media somebody says you know I want to see a link to this and you say sure I'll give you a link and no one else can see the link but the person you're talking to it's kind of cool you know when you see .

It it's like so basic and it's like you know why do people not use it for this anyway that's coming that's coming and I peter has shown even though had VPN and nothing is encrypted of course nothing is encrypted is email emails not encrypted unless you use PGP how could you have message in the picture behind host could .

You have message in the picture that's a hack yes you can do that that's actually very common hack but that's a hack would it be better to have an encrypted message behind a picture an encrypted message yikes we'll have to check fast mail I did cosmyk it was a great video how fun is PGP no no we're not going to be .

Talking about PGP PGP so you know difficult we're gonna use GPG GPG i'm a newbie and all this sorry learning no you're not you're fine so so we're gonna we're gonna teach you that and i'll tell you how to integrate it to email and use it outside of email and so that's gonna come next week I think it's kind of a fun topic so I want to transition to .

Show you something you know really important that we can use in everyday use because some of you can pass me a secret message and on any platform because some of you say well I you know I want to tell you something but I can only talk to you on Twitter and well I'm not gonna respond to you and Twitter in the open but if you send me an encrypted .

Message on Twitter I might be okay with that like in in DM if you pass me an encrypted message on Twitter I might be able to you know respond to that but if you just leave it on the open answer No so that's next in my library to watch on YouTube every time I kiss normies off the next day I get robo calls their connection I don't know I don't know .

There may be other thinks you're doing is the thing is you could be doing 10 things and one of them is causing the robocop call and that you're correlating into something else so without knowledge you some people you know don't analyze what they do and they they're they're actually getting robocop calls from a completely different source maybe it's .

Coming from Facebook okay guys so thank you for for watching and I'll I'll I'll work on that video next and hopefully you'll get it early in the week and it will be hopefully be fun so anyway I'm gonna be getting these so if these run us out of stock in the store you know immediately because they're they kind of go so fast if .

You're not first in there it runs out of stock I am getting these in stock almost every day so check in daily so you know I ordered a lot of them so they're gonna come in all the way till next week so I'm gonna get several a day all the way to next week because I got to find out where I can find them and it's many many sources from all over the country so so .

I might get them and then I'm also getting getting this in stock slowly there it's kind of you order from Amazon and they say will be delivered in three weeks then tell me they delivered it in a week so I don't really know so I'm gonna be ordering more of these as well so I did kind of like quickly go out of stock so .

Anyway thank you guys Thank You Jay Thank You King Singh and awesome to have you here tonight even though I didn't have any adult beverages thank you James see you guys later good night


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