Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Macleans vs Botany, 1st XV Rugby

oh oh .

Uh okay oh hello .

so oh .

so uh uh oh yes .

stations oh all right baby okay .

um right hmm oh oh .

A great game flavors okay year if last week's results yes .

to be honest mate oh dude okay oh which means they've got a good program .

That's all that's changed it's not like they've brought anyone in you know uh unfortunately like that's what it's like for these schools though these mixed skills oh crank it up .

oh boys wow i remember last year .

Like being back in the uk left when i left i think get up kyle get back um oh .

Oh it's a shame not really this oh um oh what was that foreign .

he's good he's good uh to be honest with you that's why it's good video because i usually walk up and down the sideline like a headless chicken oh what's up .

Great it's oh oh .

electricity people have lost weight .

yes uh wow you .

oh hey oh he's like to complain about okay .

oh he's pretty close to wanting to get on the field .

Foreign you in the blue tonight he just looked a little bit his game pre-loc re-locked down you know not bad in this game but just seen a little bit slow to the breakdown but he looks really sharp yeah what's up thirteen thirteen six .

It's easy to leave 13-5 for howard where am i next today just a mic or not there okay all right okay all right um .

So much between them really not much between them okay i should punch oh oh my god yeah i probably wouldn't make that change .

holy grain uh uh .

shoulders like um .

Next time sonny's got it foreign me .

Oh um is yeah yeah what's awesome i um so he went yeah .

Foreign oh yes eleven five not uh thirteen five up west uh waitakere from fort harwick yeah sounds like they've gone back to .

The roadways again oh nice oh busy oh .

one's not intentionally you're waiting for a bowler thank you oh okay .

Um a few people watching hmm okay nice if he gets this is oh ted said the plane absolutely stupid .

oh oh shut them down shut them down okay that's enough oh he came hello .

there we go okay um shelley oh i'll shut him down um .

Yes to us it ain't over to that final bloody whistle man okay oh .

oh could end up being a yellow for repeated penalties beautiful oh my god oh pretty good .

is thank you good night can i hate them good to see you all these lovely on haircuts .

The boys oh guys hopefully learns not to throw a pass .

Like that again oh 10 very interesting nope .

oh yes oh yes okay .

Come on oh okay


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