Friday, May 20, 2022

Marble Gate Geometry – Martin vs The Machine #13

Live now we are welcome everybody to the stream do the rule zero introduction okay welcome everybody today we're going to work with this um marble gate geometries um i saw this image from lucero yesterday and it finally clicked for me so .

How this is actually meant to work so i'm going to continue on the work we started yesterday with this sandwiched marble gate which is very very promising i feel and it's actually inverted from research design but the mechanism is exactly the same so i'm just trying to figure out the .

Starting position here in research design so let's keep on predicting this hope everyone is doing great how are you honest 3000 i am great welcome everyone to the stream just wanted to say hi to you guys hello martin how are you today fantastic fantasy i feel like working fantastic feel like working and you know what i'm .

Just gonna reveal it immediately we have a special guest in the studio today let's say cheers to this fella up there in the corner luca just broke into the studio in the middle of night and took a prime seat in the studio .

Cheers wilson cheers everyone out there cheers yeah we also were like are you guys streaming over there wait a minute are you guys dreaming what about me you thought you could leave me behind i hoped yeah .

But no luck so the first thing i want to figure out is the tilt of the marbles towards the vertical axle let me show you what i mean with that because this is one of the things .

That lucero pointed out it's probably 1 8 of 360. so 72 or something like that yeah 22.5 that's what i that's what i meant oh yeah um this has to do with .

How the marble is being released um so this is in the closed position and when this i'm actually going to cut this just so i'm um and here i also can see the tolerances uh used 150 so 16 was the marble size in .

This case so what will happen when this turns forward i'm gonna make an imaginary wall here for the marble boom so one tick this turns forward 22.5 degrees so let me do that so it turns forward uh .

Minus 22.5 and here the marble will still be held i should actually have done the same for the i'm gonna redo that and do the same for the teeth right here tooth always a tricky one two teeth same thing .

Different name um me so this is mimicking the action of the gate minus 22.5 this is half the step and as you can see the marble is still .

Securely placed between this little point of the tooth here and the wall and if we then do this thing one more time one more tick of the clock escapement let's copy this and let's revolve it over this axle minus 22.5 check what happens with the wall .

Here the marble this marble can now really escape um oh yeah you can see it it's in in the wheel position again so now the marble will fall down so this makes a lot of sense so now we're gonna take what we learned from this and apply it to our own sketch over .

Here so i think i have to turn my sketch 22.5 degrees let's let's make a line to this marble and then let's constrain it towards this vertical line exactly it's 45 now it's not happy with me let's see where we should start .

Debugging this i think maybe this line could be in the way um or if i just use this constraint that we did have this won't work okay let's find out what seems to be the problem here .

i want to rotate everything and i don't see anything that should stop me actually but sometimes when there's a circular pattern fusion is just a little cranky i'm blaming fusion again we as we learn .

It's always fusion you know can't be your ideas no no no no no no this could be the problem this is probably the problem if i let go of that bjorn valentino's thinks this looks like a rocket engine setup .

Oh that's cool yeah he's not wrong so now i can now i can rotate the pattern which is what i needed so that's progress let me give let me make a line that i can angle this marble to i'm gonna make a construction line here and here we go .

Taking the numbers directly from zero 22.5 there we go i just have to fix this wheel a tooth pattern oh look at that that's interesting that's better than what we had before oh i like this because maybe the marble entrance can be .

So today we're gonna look a lot on this hockey stick here that goes to the side hannes 3000 motivation sound board right there and let's just go to uh the physical reality to see what have gone wrong here yeah my revolve has gone wrong .

That's not so strange let's take it step by step even that has gone wrong oh it's because it's not visible there we go so far so good and my revolve pattern is dead you can see it down here it's yellow oh oh yellow and we all know what that means you don't eat it at least .

No so the rule is very simple if you think of yellow snow yellow sketches is like yellow snow don't eat it don't do not eat it it's like a memory technique excellent advanced stuff .

So we're going to revolve this half of this what 59 selected we're going to roll half of this over this and we're going to cut out this nice 3d cut out from the spherical marbles maybe we should think a little bit is that a good idea .

Has it ever been a good idea to step back and take a little thinky paws because i'm checking just what what rosario used he used how much extra space brazil gave the marbles 16.150 i'm gonna copy even the tolerances why .

Not we have a big sign here on the wall what would reserve do so we have to follow that um so i'm going to change this measurement 40.150 oh 50.150 but 40.150 there we go .

So then then this is slightly larger than a 40 millimeter marble so like i showed yesterday i'm going to work with other kinds of marbles on this machine trying out wooden marbles for better sound on the vibraphone so we do not have to have these rubber patches and that's why .

We can make them so much larger it will look awesome you wanna know my reaction to that brilliant what has happened here so here's the id that came on the stream yesterday um .

This is pretty pretty cool it's a sandwiched escapement so it's a hidden escapement inside and then we mirror the outside marble edge and the marbles are comfy and cozy in there and we still have a perfect escapement wheel in the middle so that leads us .

To cutting the escapement pivot itself with the new knowledge from um serious image that we have right here big thing of true beauty oh i sure hope so .

Um and whenever you feel like taking a small pause martin we have a lot of dropbox reviews to go through yes let's actually do that we saw that there's a lot of dropbox um suggestions so let's crank through them right away and .

We have a lot of suggestions regarding this escapement so before moving on let's let's go into it here we go and i'm sorry if they're out of order or misplaced somehow but hopefully this will do fine insert so this is for the registrator insert hex not from slot on the side oh .

That's a nice idea this is a brilliant idea elaine alain um of course it's double-sided machining operation i was thinking how to lock the nut in there and i didn't get the idea um this goes into the in this goes into excel yeah you got .

Documented elaine um i'm just writing here uh slide not in from side on pum registrator shear part uh fantastic suggestion thank you next next suggestion next one um .

I can't really read programming wheel or drum wheel spring-loaded the tent that looks arms to disk what what is this indexing disconnect to the side of the drum ah now i see what it is dividing head style timing between programming wheel and .

Shaft oh this is not bad because this this saves space on the save says ah gretzky's i like this you like this i like this because you have to be able to read it it's .

I have yeah so this is about the musical timing between the two drums let me just show so if we can minimize it to the smaller position honestly if that worked today can we still see the suggestion there in the smaller one look at this oh wow perfect it's like we're pros so this suggestion is about .

This little part sitting down here and i have the indexing on the surface here and this is to very accurately um index these two drums the position towards each other between different tempos of different songs just like we did on the original machine and this suggestion is using a machinist .

Technique with indexing plate and they put the indexing here on the side as well for accessibility you would need to be able to put your hand in here and access the side .

And depending in the end depending on what sits in front that might be an issue that might not be an issue this takes up some sideways space on the wheel itself my solution maybe that's not needed but this is a super good weapon to keep in our arsenal this .

Two out of two so far goes to the excel sheet um what was it called indexing disk timing adjustment from side super suggestion from dmh dnh gretzky .

Gretzky so let's have a look at the next one elder bass elderbase man okay this is a cage you're looking at i guess oh that's also cool so to lock the bolt in this is a good 3d print um 3d printed part so we talked about how .

To lock the nut in and it's sliding in from above yeah i just gonna keep the sheet open because these are all good um okay what what's your credit uh elder baseman this is interesting also elder bass man there you go uh nice one .

Okay what happened to this image then let's see if we can sort this out we have posted new suggestions for image format so we can go through this more quickly on the stream and um so we're going to ask for 19 uh 20 times 1080 like full hd images yep and if you can keep them through that this will go faster for everyone we will .

Be amazing uh alternative gear proposal from three with explanation crank clockwise wheel is clockwise should be like the one so this is probably smart this is outside today's stream topic .

Can you put this harness in an um gear train folder and we revisit it okay i will do my best yep let's take the next one the registration looks like a piston in an engine for second maintenance and he said you could apply the same geometry .

Can be bolted on and off oh this is also interesting because when you slide all 40 into the shaft probably it should not this is a good point so this is about the registrator that we're going to work on later to be able to have it assemble .

And disassemble um okay cool idea compact compact old system new system um okay we have so many suggestions so we should actually start to sort them into genres so we can look at the suggestions .

Related to the stream so let's let's let's let's save this one as well and let's go for the escapement related ones yeah let's save this one as well let's save this one um the they've turned the thing around so the bolt is on the other side interesting well i do not really .

Understand exactly how it would work but i like that the bolt is centered in this in this case okay next one marty mentioned the idea of a cage to capture a screw but he didn't pursue it here's a way to do it eliminate some parts and difficulty over somebody yeah that's the same image as before .

Drill across registrator to weaken pom for emergency brake yeah so we did that and the drill here the shear is in another direction but nice idea from crisp so here it comes to the um my suggestion is to use .

The marble pockets as escapement teeth this anchor is designed to work with this escapement size so we talked about from ricardo this was my first idea and in the stream anyway people said that the marble pockets i also have the feeling this would work .

We just didn't figure it out yesterday um maybe the thing is that you have to put escapement on the outside because in the middle there's no material because there's the marbles so i think what what rules this out is that escapement has to go off center and i .

Like to keep everything center and that's why i prefer the sandwich that we're working on right now oh beautiful because it's similar montana normal make sure that marvel's dropped when the resistor is dropped improved precision inaudibles were released when the gate is lifted this introduced a lot of .

Because lifting takes time but fall is instantaneous make sure that the marble is dropped when the register is dropped so maybe this is the old so let's go to the smaller view if i understand the suggestion correctly it's about all discussion about dropping the marble directly from the escapement .

Wheel i think that's what's meant here and i have the feeling that a long lever arm down here that will move much faster will lead to a much more accurate timing so this wheel is not moving fast which .

Means that think of think of the marble falling over this edge and i'm pulling the plate away slowly it will come down to vibration and stuff when the marbles itself decide to fall down if i pull it fast the .

The timing will become better and that's why i prefer to have this extra step below something that pulls it fast let me know if i understood it correctly yeah check the next one there's from russia zero two escape and wheels on the side you .

Can have one for primary engagement and one for secondary engagement which complicates the machine in part count but may simplify the design process or at least allow for more design freedom in pivot placement oh here comes the argument for the inverted sandwich that i just deleted .

So this this is a great extra thing if it turns out that i want to pivot somewhere else because as we will see right after this the pivot placement is very restricted nice one zero next one um yeah this this looks like some idea that i would maybe have .

Um and i think we should go with a classic escapement geometry just to be safe like do what's tried and tested that's a round escapement teeth okay um yeah this this is this is a good one um so this is also the the .

The middle idea so if if we need to this actually looks really good you can still have the walls and you yeah so this is some i think this comes down to machining this comes down to a part .

Reduction so this comes down to that we could have so the trade-off here is either we want to remove two parts and just have one part but then we have we have the same geometry doing two jobs or we can have three parts which goes together pretty easily .

And they can be optimized for holding the marbles and they can be optimized for the escapement function just mentioned there are more separate parts or more points of failure and more chances for timing to be off yes .

On the other hand if we go to the small view these three disks will be bolted together but you're right that's four extra bolts um that's four extra bolts it's a nice whoever sent this one .

Is it this looks almost shitty shield shieldy freak yeah i can probably replicate it but if you can send the step file that will be awesome it's it it's a good visualization of probably how how a combined thing should be done on .

The other hand oh this is beautiful as well the moment at the moment avengers no of engineers i'm assembled engineers assembled then moen is back nice to see you here the moment beautiful beautiful escapement on the outside yeah i mean this there's a lot of good .

Solutions i think to do to this and then we're back on this one so we're gonna save this uh this relates to today's stream ideas two ways to keep the same movement for the escape and gate arms with the new rotation direction of the programming wheel .

I don't know if it would really work yeah another pivot there okay um well here's something intense wow okay cool stuff not related to this stream but .

This looks amazing some kind of showing how it's done in excel amazing from evan mccarthy mm3 system flow design sheet wow that's the title of it the gretzky's escaped and where the is going um this is a little bit for later in the .

Stream we can return to this and this is also for another stream and i saw this yeah i found these cat fires but the problem is that we want 200 teeth and 25 teeth and i haven't found that online um so yeah the next one .

That's the last one thank you for a great suggestion so let's i'm going to uh cad escapement or for this solution right i want to add that we also had five fusion files here also yeah we're going to .

Categorize them before the next stream i'm going to sort them before the stream so we only bring up the suggestions that are related to the topic of the stream so let's look at the cad files in the next stream um so we can prepare that before the stream and that will be more efficient for for all of you .

To get it into my head i'm going to make the escapement for this current design and then we can think about like either having the three parts or having the mixed thing would make sense the one part is kind of .

The one part is like very exciting on the other hand there is something about how the marbles are being held here um that the marbles are being held more securely a little higher up on the side of the marbles that i really love .

Gretzky's stick the the um let's keep working in the master sketch right here so what have we learned we have learned that if we're gonna use this tooth .

For the escapement this needs to be the the pivot point needs to be perpendicular so if i draw this line here it's not yet perpendicular and then we make it perpendicular with a perpendicular constraint like so and if i slide this line back and forth .

Then we need to find another tooth so let's try this one and we need to see where these two perpendicular lines cross and that's exactly where we need to have the pivot point if i'm thinking correctly oh sorry um i didn't mention the greatest autoplay in history .

Yeah so you can see that in the third image down there the lines are crossing through the middle of the pivot point so let's say that you are four millimeters away from you five perhaps even no four is fine .

You are also four and then our pivot point is given to us from god i.e row zero the one true the fangirling i'm doing over rosero is it's um cute okay good yes good i i just wanted to check .

I will tell you when it starts to become creepy okay good i'm trying i'm trying too hard what what i want to now get this pivot point on that pivot point without breaking these things and this is why i heard circular hate circular patterns i uh you hate them as .

Well what patterns do you like my friend wait wait the patterns water doesn't sound i like turns out i was the wrong i was the one doing wrong again now i should be able to ask the center of the hockey stick to be right there come on you can do it .

Fail to solve oh it's this height thing over here no it's this height thing so remove constraints until you see that you can freely move things around and now we should be good to go with this yes here we go cookie crumbs you should put a bit of hockey tape on .

The stick to make it more silent and for cosmetic reasons of course good idea so let's let's go to um the original how many teeth uh are rosario skipping so there's two teeth skipped and if i look at my .

Design i think i've done the same here oh wait i have to turn this is not the way to do it um i have to offset this with 1 16 of 360 degrees because the thing is gonna tick um 1 16 revolution tick tick boom when the clock says tick .

So this is actually wrong so let me uh copy this edge let me paste it and let me wrote it so you see what i'm doing here i'm rotating this like this but i'm gonna tell to rotate 360 divided on 16 and then you can see how it ends up exactly in the middle in between .

So this line here i'm just going to constrain this as well let's see if there's some gretzky's in the chat there we have david e saying martin your calculations for the pivot point are wrong yeah inner series the wheel turned one sixteenth of a turn between the two images gretsky gretzky in the chat dvd .

It feels honest that you are letting me like come finding things out before you're reading it out from chat to give me a little i saw it exactly when you were doing it and i want to point out the chat saw it as well okay the gretzky's out there yeah so gretzky you were on point we have to .

Go from this one um this will give us a completely different pivot point position so let's redo this exercise from 16th revolution boom thank you chad for putting me into the correct direction honestly now when i'm working only in cad .

This whole interaction is not theater it's it's like it wasn't theater before but it was very hard for me to act on good suggestions from the audience when i had a physical machine um almost completed now i can do like whatever if you tell me to just use midi keyboard .

To make music instead i can do that like i can do i can actually act on good suggestions that feels kind of cool our boy has grown are you talking about wilson about you oh but speaking of wilson i .

Just want to say hi to our new guest in the studio cheers up there wilson thanks for keeping an eye out cheers we're gonna print a little coffee cup for you wilson so you can drink with a hydrate with us yeah it seems so wrong that you're just hanging out there with no coffee or water .

So now we have a much closer pivot point and this is where rosario's point with a double sided escapement could give us a lot of freedom so this was the this exact issue we're looking at right .

Now was the reason why i redesigned um lucero's gate and was a reason why things went wrong so here's your sears gate i'm going to open mine um so this dropper has a completely other pivot point .

Uh it's somewhere far up because i wanted fast arm movement and the pivot point was already set and so for me it didn't really work to just translate rosario's design straight into the marble machine x um because i didn't have that movement i .

Couldn't just whack this onto the machine and make it work immediately so in order to be able to move this pivot point i um i opened the gate and i made this broken escapement gauge that worked .

Almost and here as you can see now the pivot point is exactly here maybe it's good maybe it's bad we'll find out but if we want to have it somewhere else then we could go back to the sandwich design with having two escapement wheels on the side and just a marble wheel in .

The middle more parts though okay stick is there and now we should be able to make our escapement this sketch is starting to feel a little crowded i'm going to abandon the monster sketch and make um .

Abandon all hope but speaking of hope totally ridiculous just want to say good luck to us and there's some people here talking about uh that the pivot point seems a bit too close to the wheel exactly uh that's the whole thing move upper engagement to next tooth .

Good idea move upper tooth good idea let's let's move up a tooth skating where the puck is going of engineers assemble let's let's do that move up a tooth will be a much better idea so let's move it 22.5 .

Why wasn't an even number here annoying it's blue let's make it black let's turn some unused stuff into not not you but new so we're gonna disconnect this one here and we're gonna disconnect this distance i'm gonna see if it allows .

Me to do this so far so good now it's still close but we want a perpendicular constraint and the pivot point will shoot off into the distance error solving this why i'm just sitting here hoping that we .

Will see an extrude no the offset command right the merry you miss it no i wanna hear the church bells ringing so that i should have maybe saved it look at the difference that made this doesn't seem .

Really good we have here we have i'm gonna see how long this is yeah we're not gonna have to 200 millimeters long things here i don't think that's good we want to keep it more compact so that this is how far it turned out when we moved one teeth .

Also um the dropping direction it's too far away from the dropping direction right now so yeah i'm happy we investigated it but it doesn't feel like .

It's functional this is exactly rosario's suggestion if we do two sides we will be more free in the placement i'm gonna revert to displacement here we go because now we will have a very compact solution and that's good in a way so now let's move to the new sketch of the gretzky stick .

I just want to have a little cleaner sketch it became a little ridiculous i'm going to um project this i'm going to project this and this and i'm also going to project this and this and that's basically everything we want let's isolate this sketch and now let's .

Make an escapement why are you laughing the boom okay and marcel pian sip remember five millimeters is not clearance yeah i'm good good good .

Thank you marcel you're you're you're absolutely right so two millimeters this way i'm just gonna put an angle in here for fun 125 um let's do an angle in here as well for 125 .

And let's make this tangential towards this new hashtag emerges hashtag team nine marbles nine marbles use nine balls instead of eight what's the what's the reason behind it probably get more space right make wheel big with nine marbles and .

Skip two teeth okay that's interesting that's super interesting if it works works the the thing that happens rosario's um like justification for for eight marbles was .

To have a really secure release of the release marble so what happens when you do um more marbles is that the marbles are being less secure the angle of each clock tick is reduced um but of course not by .

Not by that much so i mean maybe let's make this this looks more like i know what i'm doing it's not the first thing you it's not the first thing you you want to make i feel mr biddle number of marbles is not .

Critical just change the diameter mm-hmm yeah that's not true if you think of that you have 200 marbles the wheel will only move like a small little tick and that will not make a secure first marble is held then it's .

Released we want we want a big rotational movement to go from held to released in a very clear way probably nine marbles is still okay but it does make things worse i'm just gonna turn this black so this is still not black let me find .

Out why i can't move it anywhere so we have a new rule and it's the industry standard rule never leave anything unconstrained and i can't figure out why this line is not constrained uh zero chiming in also .

Eight was still a bit arbitrary but with nine or ten it shouldn't make a big difference indeed and may make a pivot point more ideal okay cool now i completely changed my mind yeah bro what would rou00 do so let's definitely investigate that uh let me just finish uh the eight .

And probably i'm gonna leave these designs up um so we can compare them all later so of course oh yeah i forgot the angle so this is the no yeah yeah now i know how to do .

This now we have to decide so this is in the engaged position for both of them or i made a mis no this is correct so this is the angle this is not how the escapement we have to rotate one of them so we have to set an um rotating angle .

Um so i'm gonna leave this one engaged and i'm gonna rotate this some some amount of the grease so we're gonna copy this and rotate it backwards like this and now until it disengages and some round nice .

Number should we do minus 10 oh let's do please do you like 10 oh yes that will give i let's just do 10 because hans got so happy then we're turning this into construction lines so with 10 we have a clearance between the two of five millimeters and i know .

I've said that five millimeters is not a clearance but it depends a little bit on how big the part is i i guess kuja filth yt anyone else think that this marble machine is kind of a lovecraftian experience where thousands and thousands of people gather .

Hypnotized by an artifact a vision drowning us into madness i think it's a reference to hp lovecraft the author maybe you nerd king of nerd kings can can can tell me the rest of the mountain of madness i have it right here on the t-shirt once i was asked to make the music for .

Um a cthulhu musical oh whoa at dramatan in stockholm sweden's largest theatre stage well that would be something and uh so they were doing and then later i saw the south park episode with cthulhu yeah yeah and i was .

Like regretting that i didn't do it a martin moline composed cthulhu musical now that's something that's something so a lot of people losing their marbles in those stories um so and the mediterranean sending some .

Positivity our way here i have been mesmerized since the first video and everything since thanks for keeping the dream alive love from seattle wow thank you so much the meditron the meditron cool transformer i can honestly say that i feel more imbalanced with the project than i've ever done it's all been like a .

Whirlwind from the first band supply would cut gear in back a plan and i've been in this whirlwind and now i'm like above taming the whirlwind like i don't even know how it's done but it feels like we're doing it screaming at the wind that's not what i said right .

Right wilson right wilson do you agree of course i agree martin well that's the first time maybe hannes wilson is more lenient i agree with everything meanwhile take me 100 years to constrain these blue lines .

Um where can i where can i get some kind of grip let me first make this distance this is not my strongest suit we need to maybe tie it to um horizontal line vertical line i mean there we have our first black line that's a good sign .

So maybe the length of this okay i'm um this is um okay there we got some more black lines yes that's a good thing that's what we're all here for so maybe this angle will seal the deal there we go .

All black lines it's not a nice constraint but um we have our little escapement thingy let's extrude this and then look at it in like 3d david allen just went back and reviewed martin should have also moved the bottom pivot .

Point line along a tooth oh you mean when we skipped more teeth perhaps okay you know what we should ah then no wait what way what can can you explain like exactly what you meant can you specify .

Because it's interesting what you just said alan by the way chat we i think we have 60 seconds slow mo maybe that's too negative for these awesome gretzkys so we lower it to like 20 you know what i'll see what i can do let's try where do i do that though .

On your computer thank you okay okay okay there's something about these escapements that is escaping me so clearly this line needs to not be a .

Construction line i did that mistake yesterday okay david allen said you moved the top pivot point line up one tooth but you did not move the bottom yeah but if i would have done that then oh yeah yeah you're right we have all we can just that was how you man you we can just .

Have it turning around actually it wouldn't move the people point further away though but i mean look at this it's not that bad is it we have to first see if this pivot point is an issue because now the lengths are this is like four four centimeters the length feels great here the side the .

The scale feels great here um and i'm not sure i'm not sure yet that we have an issue and i think i have catted a correct escapement finally oh cadding your escape let's put outsides here .

So we would of course make sure that there's clearance between these and the escape thingy okay so let's look at um the dropping geometry now so let's go to this sketch again row zero chiming in again moving the pivot the other way around .

Counterclockwise could be advantageous though it makes the marble release action at the bottom more horizontal yep as long as the palette doesn't interfere with the top marble can you read that again the whole thing yeah moving the pivot other way around counterclockwise could be advantageous .

Though it makes the marble release action at the bottom more horizontal as long as the pallet doesn't interfere with the top marble but if we move it counterclockwise it's it's not going to be with the top marble at all so that's why i was confused but .

Let's let's say we have a marble so another thing the higher the closer we put the release marble um like if we could put it here the faster we can repeat it's not a big big difference but a little bit so .

Row zero i mean the marbles at the top but indeed the last marble in the queue okay yeah but instead the last marble okay so let's cut the release thing so there the .

Official name now release thingy what is it called the the blade of the hockey stick oh yeah speaking in terms harness understands yeah you need simplify for me so here since the pivot is here the blade will release .

Downwards in this direction but then not sure that's an actual issue maybe if the if the whatever is holding the marble ends right here it is an issue but i think if whatever holds the marble .

In in its lane um is going all the way down i don't think it's a it's a no-go so no goal with that stick right so let's hide the monster sketch just so we can see things a little more clearly .

So all this is actually to then soon find out how we can translate the movement from this registrator into this marble gate so um i'm not going to stay too long here .

On the release at this moment but it's it does point out how much like this pivot point placement how much um is depending on on this placement so what i like with a longer arm let's see how long this is this is almost 200 .

Centimeters hmm yeah that takes some space 200 centimeters sorry millimeter okay was like oh it's almost a regular hockey stick um it's the leverage the speed it will uh just like a gear it will move away fast .

So when we have it very short it's the same example before that's why i don't i'm not dropping marbles from the escapement wheel directly onto the instruments because if we go slow over the edge the marble can slip through if i just remove this the marble will start .

To fall more accurately um it would be cool to release them directly from the wheel everyone wanted that always um but i i actually don't see this hockey stick design as something problematic at all although .

This 200 centimeter height use is a little bit annoying rosier is back here a dropping marble can now put a rotating force on the release a horizontal release is more stable in that way not sure how big the difference is but there is a difference can you read that again a dropping .

Marble can now put a rotating force on the release a horizontal release is more stable in that way not sure how big difference it is but there is a difference oh no no now i get it reserved means the leverage because of this sideways distance here and if we had just just like these needs .

To be perpendicular to hold the force if we had the pivot point here the weight of this marble is not does what not want to rotate this circle if i put it here you can see how the weight of this marble is weighing down this circle on the right side here um no i see what you mean so we need we .

Need a spring anyway to close this and the spring will will hold the marble um definitely but now i understand what you meant so let's let's leave it at this for now i mean it would be this it would be so cool to drop it .

From here but no let's you saw that marmotinex was pretty tight let's keep some of this basic fundamentals of what we have prototyped for two hundred years already and having this extra step i think is .

Is very very good just letting the escapement thing do the sorting the gating and the step the um letting go so let's head back now let's stay here actually let's head back .

I'm curious about um let me have a look at rossiro's marble queue here how is this actually done so if i'm projecting i'm just projecting this i'm curious to where the angle of the cue coming in if there's some method in this or not .

I want to read some suggestions from mr bido also you should only hold the marble by a portion of its diameter so that release is almost instantaneous rather than from the bottom and having to move the gate x millimeters you can also make the release a linkage so the movement to release is 100 .

Horizontal rather than on the lever arm going at an angle away good suggestions um this is a this is crazy but what's intended i completely agree um why is this moving around row zero yet again here .

The speed and control of the hockey stick is more reliable in uh quote-unquote tightness of the music the marble wheel has more mass to rotate and is therefore more unpredictable and sluggish yep yep good good with some confirmation on that so what was the name of the previous gretzky the previous gretzky we have mr .

Bido why oh i constrained this that's why this also it means 230. i'm just going to say that this corner so this is a little bit what mr biddle .

Meant and i wholeheartedly agree if we can get a very repeatable position here the marbles will be released more repeatable and it will be less dependent on on musical speed and stuff .

So something like that you know what let me just make this line horizontal okay great um now i'm gonna check this angle if there's a method in this uh madness right here .

There is a method 70 degrees what would 0 do let's do 70 degrees probably probably like 70 degrees was in that i don't know rozier why 70 was that arbitrary or was it was it just some .

Like known fact that made you pick 70. so this is what worries me that we have a pivot that i want to put here but we have a marble queue that i also want to put there 40 it's funny because i don't even know if .

We can have 40 millimeter marbles but it's it's it's just a dream and now is the time for dreaming everybody i would much rather have it steeper like this the marble queue i would actually want it like .

Let's put a few more marbles in to get out of the way for this pivot mr biddle again here the idea in my head is like a coin slot with the tube for the marble and just a little dimple penetrating the path the same way a padlock bolt looks yes .

Brill gretzky yes that's that feels very good um i think the way to hold these marbles will be and i know this is going to make some people nervous will be acrylic tubes .

And i think if we have them bent on a template and machined on a cnc machine like ends and the cutout over the gears is cnc'd away from the acrylic so there's no manual work i think we can make repeatable acrylic tubes .

That will hold the marbles perfectly so um one of the biggest issues with this design was the accuracy of the placement of these jesus how i was fighting with this i thought i was i thought i was an .

Engineer yeah i was only a fan engineer i've seen some actual footage of you taking the fight against those yeah yeah it was actually um you can see me here this was actually real time yeah .

I got two punches in yeah and then it was over row zero chiming in here with the angle yep so that angle is arbitrary kind of i wanted to have the gear not yet protruding into the marble queue to have the full force of the queue on the escapement so perhaps i can get away with a little .

Bit of an higher angle so nice to have a live feedback it's amazing so now when we see that q in the background we're going to connect um this movement so a connecting point over here and we are somehow going to make this .

Flip forward we're going to push this forward so let's say we do that um here row zero that should be a t-shirt fangioneer no why what what am i doing so that's 10 centimeter above .

And basically this looks like it's working so i'm linking from here to here and yeah that would work i guess we need a spring somewhere um we could for example have a spring here .

Let me hide the sketch so it looks a little bit less awful so i'm just pushing this out so we could have a spring so the cool thing now is that compared to the first machine the marbles were where is my image home .

This is not working okay this is working okay we have something going on here sorry i can't show that the marbles are not crossing the mechanics that's the whole um greatness of this all the mechanics are under the marbles the marbles are never passing any of the mechanics .

So here's the spring pulling everything back into its position and i'm i'm not actually really happy that we do have to push with this direction of the programming wheel i think pulling feels much more stable .

But this is actually a plan this could be a plan so now i would like to find out how much travel how much we need to push this to the right to um close this 10 degrees so then i'm just going to make a line row 0 with one last .

Greeting here going to something work related now to be able to justify my salary good luck looking good i believe thank you sir your gretzky salary have been justified which is love and air thank you good luck with your work day .

Today i hope to be able to show you something logical when you're back next time so now we're gonna find out the travel and i think uh gonsonator asked yesterday is this going to move less than the first machine and i'm kind of .

I kind of think it might maybe will it's kind of cool to have a mechanism that moves like just a little bit uh it feels like energy efficient so here is the final verdict we need right now we need 17 millimeters of movement .

Between the two positions so i think we had like something similar on the first machine or two centimeters or something d d d so if we would just rotate this whole thing if we would rotate the escapement if we would have the same pivot point and .

Rotate it under so counterclockwise what difference would that make yeah so basically we're soon coming up against yeah i'm i know what to do next so we're soon coming up against where like .

The instrument positions need to inform us about like optimal pivot points and stuff um there's no way of digging down too hard there but i want to discuss how we can mute this because we need to break this link when .

Muting the muting mechanism on the margin x was flawless okay so what can we take from that design yeah the problem is that now when we're pushing in the other direction so let me sketch something here on the ipad .

The sketch pad the sketch pad i should call it yeah um here we go registrator here's the programming wheel and when the programming pins were coming like this we were pulling here and we had the really nice .

We had this design and it was awesome so what we did is that we lowered this to break this connection right there and i've been thinking if we could do the same but in the opposite direction so here's the programming pin coming in like this .

And here's our link and so very very basic this is the next link um so it's pushing on that link um and if we lower this .

Um so let me give another a good one we lower it here when this thing comes pushing it will push on top i should have another color and as i said i'm i'm not happy about the pushing .

This is my idea what do you think han is three thousand hmm it's it's reminiscent of the mmx though yeah it is because i hire it because what will activate this i think will be about a cable .

Um so we have this pool this is an industrial solution um so you have these um push-pull levers that are sold in a variety of formats that is connected to a by the biden cable .

Bowden cable bowden cable um so which means that you can push this back and forth and you can translate a mechanical movement over the end point of this thing here up and down like wherever in the machine so that's exactly like a handbrake on a .

Bike um or a throttle like on a tractor or a throttle on a lot of industrial machines so mr biddo you should make the horizontal one length and pull it away uh can you repeat that you should make the horizontal one length and pull it .

Away make it like a cam jeremy heidi a cash gown car why not convert the pushing to a pulling motion around the pivot yes i want to exclude pivots if we don't need it but wait did i hear something amazing no wait that's that means .

Maybe mr biddle also retractable programming pin question mark oh that sounds like very complicated okay imagine if you put a bowden cable if this was what i heard if you put a bowing cable so um if you put a bounding .

Cable in here and then you just retract this surface here back into itself then there will be no lifting there's one issue with this we have to think about half hits and this is why the the other idea this is why the machine x was so fantastic i .

Could mute and unmute regardless of where the programming pins were so oh i love this idea no we need one for every that's actually kind of complicated never mind the retracting horizontal can you read that one again i didn't quite get it yeah and not me either let's see here mr biddo you should make the horizontal one .

Length and pull it away yeah maybe maybe bidor was into the same idea i was here now the good thing is that if we lift it up like in the turquoise thing turquoise thing here we can connect like a lot of channels together so i can have one muting lever .

For the whole vibraphone if we if we want we can group them pretty easily like we did on the machine to pull them away i think there will be one bowling cable per channel which i think maybe it's a little is too too many there's also another .

Problem is that if this bowing cable sits here it will trap the bowden cable itself will travel with the thing when it's skipped to the right me yeah 90 just use a pivot to change the push to a pull q key rotate the location of the pins triggering clockwise they can pull down .

Rotate the location of the pins triggering clockwise so they can pull down is that that retractable pin again no i i think this this is something i think if i understand it correctly if we go to cad um i think it's .

About putting the registrator here so reading here but the problem is if we pull down oh can we pull the stick here james pryor yes push to pull and use old solution with extra pivot yeah is it team .

Team pivot i guess because we know that works right and the old solution was awesome um flawless it was flawless actually um i just don't like the extra pivot wayne euroda can change push to pull without a .

Pivot then you need to explain that wayne and no extra period needed yeah the other thing is that you can just extend this already here that's a lot of people have sketched that and do everything up here .

Then you already changed that's maybe well but that's very high we can also still revert like we can still make one helical gear set and just revert the direction of the programming wheel so .

Hashtag team push the other idea is to go that's why it's so fun now it's also don't think that everything is open for discussion but um what we also can do if we look at the gear sketch is that instead of .

Using um oh name no then we don't have the nice indexing solution that i love so much then we have to have the same indexing as we had before but my point is that we can use this oh wait we have that belt somewhere so instead of this belt .

Kristoff used the design of mmx with minor adaptions you already know this would work yeah i with this muting mechanism i'm i'm very inclined to agree um look this is my idea um .

Oh wait then we don't need a belt so we just use this in between gear as we always did or we use a double side because you can revert the motion if you have a double sided timing belt um .

Since this belt is much much um since this belt is so slow i'm not scared of the noise uh that means another kind of belt and let me actually go and try to find that um oh something happened with my images oh i moved them .

I moved them before the stream and so my obs is not finding my stills i have to re-relocate them can you pull up a double um just want a quick here yeah uh this is what um wayne euroda was talking about uh .

Without an extra pivot wait quick sketch wait this looks um very nice oh don't take it away .

Didn't mean to um so this would just mean that you just drop it this is basically exactly let's think of half hits yeah this is th this is this is the same thing because uh i i was worried about okay let me cut .

This this is this was a brilliant little sketch thank you wayne is it batman of course it's batman can you hold me can you leave it open okay you want it you can have it open so what i've been worried about is .

Things moving around in ways we don't want them to but this simple sketch just like showed me how easy it would be to make sure things did not move around so we're gonna do this i'm gonna do this um .

Because my my point is when you push something you want to push itself to the side when you pull something you just want to pull straight that's the benefit of the pulling um it's it just feels more stable so so .

Um why didn't i make it horizontal that's that's a good question chad is also singing on that now so here's my point .

Where's my point let's pretend these no let's not pretend let's just do them these blocks are like stop blocks they are just like uh still and they are constraining the the motion so this thing in the middle can just slide back and forth um .

Will that work over here will we need another link we probably need another link never mind right now and this thing has a stop lock right here which is also stuck so it can't push itself upwards but underneath just like an original machine .

Here is the muting mechanism and here is the bowden cable coming um and it can go up and down here so it's a little piston something that it runs on and then i'm going to simulate the cable .

Coming from wherever in the machine like this which means that this one can drop down disconnecting this connection here and we basically have exactly what we had but in the pushing direction sweet sweetness .

i still don't like the pushing but i think it's not an issue anywhere so now to the thing with this pivot point do we need another pivot i think the answer is yes obviously because of the angle .

So we need this to be another little connection right here this is so much fun this is amazing this is so much fun thank you so much wayne euroda for that little tip right there yes this is um some some concepts are hard to explain as simply as that sketch when you sent but .

It's a cool um it's a cool challenge to try to to deliver an idea that simply i mean i am super worthy i talk all the time and if you listen to the bruce springsteen autobiography it says we don't tell people that we're great we .

Show people that's why it's called show business and so whenever you can show an idea and not tell the idea the idea is going to like come through much clearer um i like the fact that the bowden cable system is hidden here .

Because we have all this space up here for marble handling and the mechanics is just being taken care of down here hiding in plain sight hiding things like this is this is this is absolutely viable and we have the same chance of um .

Oh no no no here's the first problem when this comes forward when a programming thing is hit and i at the same time unmute here this will fly up into this ceiling and it will jam so i can't unmute while a programming .

Pin is playing that's why this has to pivot upwards in those circumstances and this is where i am getting nervous about the pushing when we're pulling it doesn't want to push itself upward if we make it heavy enough so it's just like resting if this is like heavy enough .

Oh wait does this mean we can exclude this james pryor said here rather than dropping the mutant link muting link could you pull it up and then gravity helps keep it in place during play yeah i think we will have more space here to hide all the bowden cables .

I think to have them up here they will interfere with the marbles more and i think spontaneously i think like putting a this this feels easier is very wrong because now we still have gravity keeping it in place during play the thing that is a little .

Would this one choose yeah no i think this would work as well but this we can't we can't constrain constraints in the top here but if it's if it's lying on its weight there i think it should be okay see another sketch just appeared in the .

Dropbox folder right here let's see what we have with this one here this is the same solution right same solution yeah i think so bow done this is something else white thing with powdering cables wait how how would this work .

Again very very good delivery on the sketches super clear and informative so so happy uh that that you're engaging with this design it's very very helpful i don't quite understand this one the purple thing can go to the right but i don't think you will be able to mute exactly when a programming pin is .

Coming i think it would get stuck if the red thing is gonna pivot yeah it i think it will um in the edge cases when a programming ping comes while you're muting i think that would um bind but i'm not sure so so if you want if you wanted to restrict .

This thing from sliding from like just bulging upwards this is what i mean when we have this pushing and things just bulge out which they don't do when pulling you could have a slot here .

Like this it's a lot of parts you could just have something here that links up to here maybe somehow that can slide back and forth by just keeping it from bulging upwards so so we constrain that point .

Um maybe it doesn't even need to have a slot maybe it could just be like a link around the wheel i mean this oh but maybe that's a good idea so we just constrain it on on a wheel there so basically this whole thing .

Goes away completely this might not be that bad you have a little angle shift and basically this thing no it doesn't go away completely because it falls down when we mute here we just need a small little thing here people are still like wondering why we .

Really do need the pushing yeah it's because the programming wheel is turning in the other direction at the moment it can be turned right yes and moreover i'm still thinking about this base placement yeah which would move me back .

To this side which would again reverse the programming wheel direction so then we don't have the pushing so bring back the pull bulging will happen everywhere whilst pushing johnny gangster yeah johnny gangster i'm with you i i don't like the bulging i do not like the bulging .

Perhaps just revert to the stuff we know yeah so probably we should like step far back to see where i should be standing where is the we had me in one of the earliest ones we have here here we go we have in the blocking this yeah team .

Pool is uh appearing in chat here now yeah yeah but i'm on that team but i'm also on team team trade-off team correct trade-off so this was like the eureka movement moment when i'm standing on the other side of the machine facing the audience .

So this is the front of the machine turning the crank towards me which means that we have mirrored the whole rotational direction which is perfect for the loop drum so that's another thing to consider if we if we move me back um insert a third wheel a third drum .

Somewhere a small one are you referring to wilson right now yeah yeah it can be a third wheel for for us right yeah i think so because here's the so this is .

Everything is related to everything else and that's why i'm so happy that we're doing this in cad because we're gonna have just like harry potter the story everything is relating to everything else we're going to be able to have all these million connections alive so which means that we get a .

Brilliant idea we can see how it should affect all thousands other parts which i couldn't on the physical model um but like the first crank rotational direction uh should be a big thing and right now i think the way to .

Basically what i wanted to do today is that i wanted to look can we solve this and i would say the answer is a clear yes can we solve it if we pull it yes so basically we we can solve this regardless of the programming wheel .

Direction so this means to decide the programming wheel direction or my position we should start to look elsewhere for information and i just wanted to share with you the reason why i'm considering this base position .

Again so if we have can you pull up the hammer jammer honestly the hammer jammer yes so we have figured out there is a mechanism that allows us to hit hit points with marbles that hits the base strings .

That the hit points have a mechanism that then hits the base strings so the marbles are not actually hitting the bass strings directly and i am so one one darling that i will kill on this .

Machine is to have several marbles hitting the same notes so you can play like i did on the machine x instead i just wanted four marbles for the base guitar so you can just play you can't play that fast but with a hammer jammer and this plane direction and me standing where i am .

Always standing here on the right we could have more marbles per string and um and the machine can become less wide perhaps um there's something about this playing position and the levers are also going .

To be more visible maybe maybe not uh here we have the hammer jammer base we never seen that one no i don't see her here so what's channel is this we have to give credit big walnut music big walnut music that's so cool can i .

See it again with some volume perhaps okay this is so promising you know because i don't i don't think the player is like striking super hard there it sounds awesome yeah love it .

So which means also we can flare out the hit points to widen them which means we can use a normal bass we can use any bass and just put a good hammer jammer on it look cool you found that video and shout out to the to that youtube channel yeah .

Big walnut music so um in oh i should do this in the um the drum kit assembly so let's hide this one and let's just make a crazy sketch right here .

Capture position for now so here is my point i'm sketching marble hit points now and we will be able to do them like this and i can push my arm in here to play and i think the notes where's the vibraphone i'm gonna go we don't have a vibraphone .

Here an update so we can see the beautiful hit points oh yeah look at this hannes knutson i'm ready wow it appeared an escapement gate how far we have how far i know who's to be held responsible for that he's sitting in the corner of the room .

He's starting the shadow cat right now look at what happens when we put the bass guitar here are you seeing that all of a sudden we can move the drums over to the left space exactly so the most precious most precious currency there is space .

Exactly look at this we get 200 millimeters of sap base what did i move now something went wrong no okay the base what is happening everything and nothing minus 400 um .

I think the bass is moving with it never mind so here is the kicker kicker kicker kicker let's move this over oh let's move it on a picked direction along this little line there we go oh let's update this .

new i don't think it has updated the base position right is my eyes deceiving me oh i'm not looking at this doesn't look the same save oh capture the position .

Capture and save that was the problem now we can update the base should go to the right the red base should disappear as well component is out of date yes that's what i'm trying here we go why are you showing me the red base when .

I saved it with with you muted that's maybe how it works email stupid because look at this crank we have to like pull out like there it didn't feel good yeah oh yeah and look now like what is happening over here could there .

Be a little hyatt now there so my point is my point is at the compactness of everything it just makes more sense right and then we have another um shelf for vibraphone on top of the base .

And the vibraphone marbles just have to jump over my hands uh like here if i zoom in here's my hands in here okay a lot to think about everyone we did um we did really good on this so thank you .

So much for your sketches you take it away honest well i've learned so much already today such a great start to this day these beautiful tunes here from martin we're gonna take our lunch break soon here this day we're gonna leave the stream open this .

Time during the break so you can just stay here chat away and we will be back in an hour oh look at those beautiful things fingers making beautiful music i just want to see what the amigo up in the corner is thinking .

He's happy as well oh wow you know what this song should be called it breaks on noise oh yes on noise .

Oh beautiful and i'm ruin it just talking all over it well you know everybody see you after the lunch take care stay here on the stream see you soon bye have engineers from the marble universe .

Here we go i'm excited everyone because we are at the very foundational design decisions right here right now i'm gonna make a hi-hat and i'm revolving the hi-hat as always like revolve command this is very basic stuff but for most round shape consider to make a sketch like that and then .

Revolve your shape around the center axis like this this will this is a tool that i didn't use when i started with cad i just started with other ways so that's a little tip for you .

Um how large is a hyatt actually is it 12 inches how high large oh yeah chat remind us you already did this once yeah so what is the standard height in inches i'm gonna guess 12 yeah something like that oh that's too much yeah and divided by two because it's the radius uh so .

When you're in millimeter you can actually just put 12 and then quotation mark and fusion will convert for you yeah this is the learning channel now you learn stuff here so in the in this morning stream which was .

Very very i was very happy with all the help from chat and great ideas we were working on on this um and we're looking at the rotation so we did this marble gate here and we're looking at the correct pivot points for that and things are looking promising but now i'm on to .

The question about the bass guitar placement so it's either the green one or the red one and right now i realized that the space question might become completely solved if we go with the green placement which means that the rotate i will stand on the normal side of the machine yet .

Again um and what i want to do right now is i want to put a hyatt in because now i can have my drum a drum dream i love the bandwolf pack which plays like funk and very often they don't have like crash symbols it's often a kick drum a snare drum and a hi-hat .

And i dream about having these three drums front and center on a line and i think look at this also look at this like nice there's something about this that feels right isn't it dr noobstein 14 inches not 12 .

Fourteen thank you number stein you should change your name to pro stein approach time there's no noob about that comment no it was not so funny i tried okay don't ask you can't always deliver okay don't ask me honest three thousand full size hi-hats are 14 inches yep we got it chad thank you .

Awesome awesome let's we also have i am going to tire you all to death with this but it's something that i heard from all the of engineers out there is that professional engineers are taught at the .

Engineering school to constrain their sketches like if all else fails just make sure your sketches are constrained so i'm gonna turn all these lines black we love to see that that's true magic right there pre-satisfaction .

i think um i think we had actually a breakdown of my parametric designs the other day which was directly deriving from green sketch lines and i'm applying this constraint the wrong way .

Let's just do this by the way i was just singing so now we have i was singing the praises of um revolve command check this out if i want this to be a little bit better because hired have holes in them i can just do this .

And make this a construction line and if i want an m8 hole for example i do four millimeters there and check now we don't have a hole in the middle but if i edit my revolve command and i just deselect this little thing and a hole appears oh .

Nice huh so with the revolve command you can do a lot from one and the same sketch and that's something that i learned over the time few sketches is helpful in the long run .

Okay so now since we made the highest larger we have to move it to the right let's move it like 370. let's look at that i think actually the heat the height should be no i don't know i don't know .

So the hit point height should actually move okay we'll we'll see we'll see about this because this will lead into a very very tricky discussion about marble machine marble drop points and this is something that we did like the first day which i like this i like this .

Look imagine when we're filming this drum kit and it's like there's also a potential to put the symbol down here should we try that uh yes please how many symbols do you want yes yes .

Let's add a symbol because as i've been saying on the first machine i did not start with instrument positions i started with everything else and then i didn't have any place for the instruments in the end so let's not do that mistake this time around and thanks everyone for hanging out with us i hope you're .

We are hoping you're doing great if you're at work listening to us in the background or something just hanging out with us we are honored to have your company i always start with the offset plane and this is going to be my sideways control so and as i said before .

I don't want to offset this plane from the origin point right here no no no no we have to think what should the function of this position be well i want the symbol to be to the right on the kick drum so let's go into our browser tree and find the kick drum sideways plane .

Look at this kick drum mid plane i'm sorry about that so let's offset our symbol plane from this one so i click that one we have selected it and now when we look at it from the front we're just gonna um take it over to somewhere where we think it's nice and we're just gonna make an .

Even number so let's put 600 and whenever i move the kick drum sideways the symbol will move with it so it sounds very very obvious but it's taken me some taking a long time to kind of have to think about that how to build it up yes per clang hyatt could be overlapping .

The snare right could give more space that is a brilliant comment from another gretzky in the chat definitely possible now we also had a reminder up here let's see 10 produce you should put in the dimensions of a .

Real base you're going to use also yeah uh talking about that could chat find those dimensions do you have awesome what type you want perhaps yeah like the one we were using in this sketch i would like something like this like a hollow body like .

Like an epiphone something like this that looks like a cool music instrument you heard him chat oh which is like the largest bass you can have which is stupid in sense and people are complaining about the strength of the bass or in those hollow .

Body bases so maybe it's stupid but something like this in the ballpark of that epiphone-ish base and i think it's mostly two measures like well if you can submit to dropbox like a sketch with more measurements but .

Or if you can find a cad model that's cool as well but it's mainly the length and the max width yeah two measurements like on torment they have those measurements uh like torment website is like a little wikipedia for music instruments let's project this little line and let's say that .

You yeah so we're going to go in and fight with one of the big machine dragons which is marble drop points oh and this is um this is going to be very very interesting and very daunting as well so i'm happy we're attacking it but how is it you're usually saying it .

The re the taste of revenge is burning in your mouth yeah it's the thirst that keeps me going yes it's kind of awesome we have a air humidifier on loud volume behind us and they are drilling in the roof .

And i don't even think you are hearing that through the stream yeah i shouldn't have pointed it out of course now now all right all chats are gonna listen super closely are they drilling no it's just my joints when i'm moving okay .

If i do this one black we have a fully constrained ride symbol so let's do the same with the symbol let's revolve our little friend a happy little symbol it's your own world you can put it anywhere you want to happy little yellow symbol .

Like the second day i think we streamed last week we were doing drum positions and uh i wasn't happy i didn't find anything i liked and now han is 3 000. isn't this a good direction isn't this heading a good way and this is always .

How you do it you just push lay them out in the in the beginning and then you like let it marinate for a while then you come back to it i think this is pretty good so in this case they can't hear drilling can't do anything then kieran goes 92 .

Is it the quiet hum of belt noise in my dreams because you know why yeah it preys on noise it's um all my still images have become d-linked from my sub sub mix in in obs so well my voice is not de-linked .

It's still on so this symbol will not be marble played only these three would be and so this would only be um loop played if it can be there we'll see we'll see there's issues with this placement i think .

Um let's save this and let's see how it looks in context yeah here's the issues the symbol is going straight into the loop drum so yeah the symbol is a little bit of a sorrow child at the moment the symbol yeah .

I always love it when it's hidden like underneath something okay like it's not so obvious it's in there somewhere ah yeah maybe we should move it like two okay it's in there somewhere according to that design principle maybe i can move it move it away from the wheel .

720 let's upgrade this and the symbol should move away a little bit who knows that doesn't look bad i like it you're gonna have so much .

Sound from the underside of the snare into the symbol microphones but i think we will we will accept that i think okay so do we have measurements for the base nothing really yet chat what's happening yeah .

Sleeping on your work do i need to do that job really this guy look at him you can't trust this guy sleeping on the job um so now okay .

No more jokes now because now we're heading into this cad skeleton oh yes now it's serious this is serious um we're going to make our second sketch in the cad skeleton so the first sketch we're going to give this a very important name it's going to be .

Side side master sketch master sketch now we're going to make a new sketch should i just put it on the origin yeah let's do that doesn't matter we're gonna call this one top .

So here top okay here we go 59 euro per eye two man gave me the dimensions uh 110 times 44 times 10 centimeters for an epiphone oh he withdraw the message let's see if it comes updated one oh .

He withdrew it while i was reading it no oh no i'm gonna come i'm gonna prepare done uh a sketch so i can take the measurements let's see where we let's see here i'm gonna make a new bass guitar uh let's take this away .

Let's create yet another base component 0603 x base then i want some kind of plane a boeing um .

I'm gonna prepare so this is another trick that i am like going on and on and on about should i do it like that no i shouldn't this time i shouldn't it's that i always project my sketches on sketch planes on construction planes and when i don't .

Have a construction plane where i want to i make a sketch to give me one so this sketch that i'm creating now is only to make a plane so i'm going straight up vertically and then i'm going at an angle so here we will be able to control .

The plane later so let's put 80 degrees no let's put 70 degrees it's the same angle as it drums 20 and then here we're going to set the height .

So let's say thousand we got a cad file with base data from sebastian that's something we need fantastic so this sketch is to give me the plane so i'm finishing the sketch and then i'm choosing planet angle on this line and there you can see i have my sketch plane .

Where i want it now i'm making the sketch for the base on this tilted plane so i'm going to see what was in that cad file yep um so give me a pause screen because i don't have one yeah wait for you can go to duo or something yep .

No we're gonna do this and i will head over to your computer here to help you out so we are let's say we are here and then we go here we go here we go here we go here .

We go here bottom this one oh perfect oh let's see what's happening over here whoa that's so cool you can submit that is this probably your own design it's it's a guitar though .

But it was a it's a it's a beautiful uh cad file or is it a six string bass it looks more like a guitar right cool design and beautiful wood illustration there base data .

So what was the measurement yeah i got it now yeah exactly right now for uh epiphone ab ebj cebgch1 jack cassidy electric bass guitar yes give it to me 142.2 .

In length yeah wait it's like this yeah and with 53.3 if if yeah that's it and then there's also 22.9 the height right 22 .

So that must be the height and the weight it can't be 20 centimeters so that sounds ridiculous maybe it was an acoustic one i think i think this is um this is plenty of information so thanks everyone for sending in should be here maybe and now i'm only going to sketch half of .

The base and then mirror it generic under semi acoustic bass guitar for comparison so it's 125 centimeters long 10 centimeters high and 43 centimeters wide well that's much smaller yeah some other semi-acoustic bass guitar .

It sounds because one and a half meter sounds so huge i'm gonna take the smaller measurements yeah this it's it's 142 is is it maybe a double bass or something give me those 125 125 10 .

Yeah and 43. perfect that little thing came crawling on your desk i'm heading out i'm gonna prepare some thinking oil wonderful wonderful brb yep i'm gonna very crudely make a little body here .

That drill you're probably hearing though so let's constrain this sketch and let's see what we should constrain it to um let's take this point let's start over here by getting one .

Point constrained six eight five six seventy so that will be the positioning of the whole thing now i just need to fill in the other measurements here let's do 50 let's do .

140 let's do 20. that's 220 i'm just giving it random stuff arbitrary stuff i think you could even say 25 590 i'm just trying to practice .

Uh the rule of never leaving blue sketch lines so there we go it's constrained i'm gonna mirror this over the middle line when you have symmetrical shapes then you should instinctively think of mirroring stuff in most cases that saves you .

A lot of heartache there we go so the good thing now is that if i want to change the body i just change it up here and it will change on both sides i actually want to pull this in a little .

Bit how can i do that never mind so the interesting thing with the hit points i want to hit points to the left of the kick drum i think so we should move the bass to the left here in the in the image which will be controlled by this .

Measurement when you constrain it correctly you should be able to move the whole thing with this one measurement so if i put 600 the whole thing moves to the left so let's do even more to the left here this is interesting .

450. so let's extrude a blocky version of the space how thick is a base say 10 centimeters no it's not that maybe this almost that if you think of all the things sticking out hmm i think we should make the drums a .

Little bit more fun and the bass should be some kind of cool color not this gray that was a super cool color don't you think i'm going to mark in the sketch where i think like the strings start that's the wrong sketch .

So we just get a little feeling for that because there's like um the hit points is not all the way back on the base i just want to kind of mark that here 50 50 50 and mirror this .

As well there we go and now we edit our extrude out of frame i'm deselecting that little thing it's just a little just a little marker so now we can start to look .

Do i have the cad file in here yes i do okay interesting good good good let's first of all take a look how this looks with with everything else the base position right now now i can update this the base position right now feels like the big .

The big thing in the design currently you can see fusion thinking done not done some fusion fusion thinking pause music so in our blocking model uh we also have the vibraphone .

And i think it's time for me to start to block that into this new designs as well so i can start moving things around and if you missed it because on the machine x we had a lot of problems with marbles on the floor but we fixed that on the third machine so with a proper sized funnel this is form from function like we do .

Not want any marbles on the floor by doing a proper sized funnel we finally solved solve that issue so that's one thing we don't have to worry about anymore um let's now go to this and upgrade we already did that apart from the base sitting in the .

Middle of the drive shaft i think it's pretty good this looks very functional um this looks very functional let me also do the vibraphone a little quick because now when we're gonna start to .

Look at the marble hit points then we can look at all these instruments from the top this is a step i forgot to do on the first machine and it will help immensely so i'm gonna assemble um a viral phone here just like we did the base i'm gonna make a quick .

Quick rectangle for all the vibraphone stuff uh new component boom oh six o six vibraphone so same deal .

We're gonna make a tilted sketch plane first so just like this and like this 70 degree angle and this sits at a height of something i'm hearing some thinking oil coming into the room .

Oh yeah yeah fantastic so let's make and the warmer phone on this sketch and let's just make it like this for now right now i'm thinking uh one road vibrophone i think two rows was a big pipe dream but maybe .

May oh maybe not maybe not honest parties what do you think wilson cheers everyone cheers wilson i agree with you martin wilson usually does just says everything against what i say yeah well he's been hanging out with me mr positivity in the corner here .

Well wait very good very good mug over there did you ever um play some turtles video games i love those they were difficult difficult yeah .

Not for the faint-hearted no no i think they hear this drill though let's see if chad says something yeah they wouldn't if i wouldn't have said something so let me just check quickly the length of a kind of long viral phone play 32 so .

320 here and a little bit less here 160 love it still a lot of people are asking the question how are you are you gonna play on this bass yeah yeah explanation coming up so this is the this is the trade-offs we're looking at uh on .

This position um you play like a standing double bass with your normal hand which make it very ergonomically and we have a way to play this and everything we can do that this could still work .

This is still an option i haven't excluded it but on the placement we're looking at right now i would just play uh with my left hand on the side this will actually be simpler to play than on the more and on the original marble machine .

Uh but my arm might be in the way for some marbles and this is all the jazz that we're going to look at now your arm can be removed form from function uh yes it's true now let's see okay i need to project this because it's not in the same .

What is that we're not in the sketch aha we are not in the sketch there we go let's actually predict this whole line let's hide other sketch fl3u3 hello from quebec go team hashtag .

Five hi in quebec i wish i wish to visit one day oh nice never been there never been in canada no if quebec is part of canada it is i don't know if it's uh as much as we reference as much as we refer to hawke in these .

Streams we should know that right that's true that's true i'm going to move away from my principles by making a rectangular pattern if you don't know it before i i don't like rectangular patterns in sketches in fusion with bodies and components it's okay because i have the .

Feeling they are breaking a lot of times might just be me mishandling them rectangular pattern this way so the plates are 40 millimeter let's give them a lot of clearance so let's give them five millimeters on both it's just not maybe that much clearance .

So we do we take 50 i made the wrong direction 50. yeah i messed this up we already have somewhere to sleep in quebec at least because fl three uv three here on i own a motel if you will come so you see that's already sorted out that sounds typical one step closer .

To that world tour we got sleeping places in cubic that sounds super cool so let's make this vibraphone bars i'm curious to see how many we can fit here oh this looks kind of promising what .

Look at this i managed to hit the last line you know what that's called you make your own luck that's what that's called as i would say like this is going to be one of the major differences that we can properly design the machine for where the instruments .

Are sitting um i'm just gonna check the thickness it's like a centimeter so minus 10 millimeters there we have a nice looking virophone to feast our eyes upon the thing with this base placement so my .

Hand my arm would just stick in here the playing-wise it's it's not problematic i can show you in the action cam oh yes you can it would basically be like this there we go so it's okay .

Like this yeah that was that was it i don't know if that made sense but all the sense in the world there you go but it's trade-offs everything is trade-offs and this is one of the trade-offs i want to look at now another idea is to just make a stick base without a body .

If i wanna if i want to be there or put a height yeah there's there's other traders we can make as well so let's look at one at a time and let's paint this vibraphone a little brighter here we go dan h nice demo now do it while hannes throws drum marbles on your arms .

That's the main word people have in chat is all the marbles that's gonna be raining down from the vibraphone yeah so that's why um it's a good point because the vibraphone plates can come over let's see how we're going to do this the vibraphone marbles are meant to fall in front of the .

Drums anyway so the marbles still need to jump um the drums so if we put the vibraphone a little bit more in front so if we look on this from the top so here you can kind of see that the base is under the vibrophone so the marbles oh here's one our gates see we're already lining things up .

Automatically wow nice you make your own luck so this is what we're going to look very thoroughly at here and you got the point luke maffy doesn't matter if the floor is a funnel you got it and bit fiddler says greetings from .

Korea nice to see you here again fiddler oh nice to see you here um so i'm already over i'm already too wide because this is the programming wheel and it can be 110 centimeters .

Let's see how wide it is it's 100 this way so i have already too many vibraphone notes let me remove some of the verb phone notes levine you can play the bass with kinetic fingers martin wow that's a that's not gonna fly well in chat .

Maybe when all this is formed from function maybe the machines i will put one of the old kinetic fingers prototypes and i wonder which finger that will be just one finger sticking up in the air you mean a middle king okay it took me it took me quite some time i got there .

I got there yeah so these are the big decisions right here right now but you know what you know what maybe we can have our no there's no space so we can make the machine as wide as we want to .

We can make it wider to fulfill all our dreams in life are we talking wider i'm just thinking think if i build something that no one can transport yeah like my two previous machines that was not good .

Not optimal how many notes did we say there was on on a full vibraphone one two three four five six seven eight nine 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 white keys and here we have one two three four five six seven eight nine ten five three four five six seven eight nine .

Twenty one okay hmm are we going to go crazy crazy wide honest 3000 and put the bass back on the left side and just make like a completely awesome thing and just solve transportation later like .

If we're gonna do this we're gonna do this transportation will come to us if we build something cool okay if you book them they will come i have a great idea make it work okay that's good so that's make it wider then that's a good idea that's a good idea .

I i just okay everyone has 3 000. yeah i'm serious about this this is the most best sounding mechanical instruments that have ever be built when it's ready that's ever this is what i want to make it to it's going to be the tightest all .

The machines at spielcock museum from 300 years of music instrument history they can leave the room oh throwing shade all the machines i look at siegfried's music cabinets the same with with the wendell family how amazing they are but i want this machine to be tighter and i want it to be cooler and i want to .

Have i wanted to have expressivity so what is a larger truck or that we have to tour with these cars that says heavy transportation on the road warning what is that what has the real world got to do with us um maybe we should go back to the wide .

Idea where i can be on the left side again because as i've been demonstrating before what we dreamt of so if we make a full-size vibraphone we don't have to replace the keys which means that our resonator tubes can be a fixed length um .

It just solves so many things and also if i just make a quick musical demonstration we can make key changes and you can play call and response so you could play on the very own with marbles imagine marbles okay i know it's hard .

Uh i can i can do this like like this okay um imagine marbles and then key changes marbles that can play like that how cool .

Would that be tears tears tears dreaming down my face what is a road vehicle warning for like um why the cargo what is the higher of of that project compared to some key changes i don't know maybe it's feature creep maybe it's feature creep i don't know .

um because yeah yeah yeah yeah so okay i'm gonna bring the audience to exactly where i am in my mind right now i'm at the cnc i'm at the rotary cnc machine and i'm at like .

So this has a max capacity of 110 centimeters there's probably a lot of machinist places all over the world who can cut much wider much bigger and maybe we shouldn't even like cut this ourselves we should just hire this job from someone but this is where my mind is like if we should try to keep .

Within this or if we should just build a monster of a machine here we go nothing compares to that that's the goal it has to be people are with you i i feel i feel like this is the time when we're going like industrial this is .

Wait wait wait form from function right and i feel a little stupid because i feel i want to be responsible this is this is my um this is my conundrum right now here's my programming drum i don't want to design something that is impossible .

Um to use and i mean if we design it this big no one else will want to deal with these kinds of things ever because it's it's not like a grand piano it's like 10 grand pianos son of a trade is if shipping isn't a .

Constraint the manufacturing shouldn't be either no that's a that's a good that's a that's that's a good um point so let's just let's just for once dream a little okay yeah .

Um because i'm tired of running out of space lee smith decided to work first tweak it to be compact later yeah i'm with you in spirit but this is such a major thing so there will be no going back .

We have to rethink it but but i think you're right in the like we should just like we should just do it now and then like yeah i think you're right because i'm i can't i can't think of all variables at the same time let's just see what happens if we do this .

What happens is that we can have a full-size vibraphone maybe even with extra notes for the fast notes this is such a crazy thing peter vasta go for big here's what sparked my here's what sparked my feeling um namely we can put the second row of the .

Vibraphone of the black keys in front here so let me head over to the vibraphone sketch i'm just yeah i just don't want to live like in um i just don't want to live like in in in .

Total like fairyland or or do i peter was again there dude you're on model 3 go for your wireless dreams just keep function high on your list you'll regret a little limited machine ah that's that's very nice milan quora in mathematics you always develop before .

Simplifying that's right and and that yeah i like what i'm hearing thanks for this thanks for this pep talk here um cog no marco can't you just put some notes from two keys instead of having all notes some notes from do you mean two .

Keyboards or or um i don't understand why you can't have key changes with your vibraphone notes just put notes from two keys instead of all the notes and using only some of them yep you're absolutely right you can do that if you go back to the idea to to change notes out to have a few .

Positions so that's another like big design fork that we're having now are we going to build in the functions that you can change notes out between the songs or are we just going to because you need to reprogram the machine anyway or are we going to have like a full scale vibraphone even maybe with extra extra slots so one idea we .

Had is some have some extra slots to be able to repeat some notes faster because that's another design constraint of this machine since we're not dropping two marbles on one note that if you're gonna play like things like um you can basically not play that then you .

Need to go it on two octaves like you need to play fast like that and then the idea is to if you want to repeat this note then you put an extra of this somewhere on the machine just for that song so you can have a full chromatic thing plus extra notes .

That would be that would be epic hmm yeah let's make a rectangular pattern of this lower row this way 50 millimeters and how many do we want .

Something like that eric herrertel the rebound angle on a sideways string is chaotic yeah so um can you pull up the the hammer jammer jammer good point the marbles are not going to hit the sideway string they're going to hit .

The hammer jammer keys so we can show that we found a new cool video of a hammer jammer today um let me make another extrude feature here now i can only extrude the keys that are in between the drums oh .

Yeah yeah so harness is just going to show this so if you think of the plates that the bass player is hitting there the marbles would be hit straight on them so the the it could work so let's give credit to .

This youtube channel again big walnut music big wall knife nut music i think that comes in the end the credit so that's that's a video from big walnut music youtube channel so here is my idea for the lower row we can exclude where we want to hit the kick drum so .

I'm going to exclude those two and then i'm just going to fill everything in between this is not like a regular piano pattern it's just in between here gonna mess people's mess people up oh if we do this we can maybe get the extra nothing look and here we exclude two for the snare drum .

Make it possible to disassemble for transport so people are a little bit torn here we have a lot of people who are saying go big but also some things should be kept in mind also yeah so we're right back where we started we're in the land of compromises .

Yeah that's that's the sign that is the sign so you can see i left some holes i'm i'm not making a piano pattern um i left some holes um open and that's over the three drums there and over the middle point of the three drums .

So let me use our favorite feature the uh offset weren't you longing for an offset feature of today we are joined here today this is inside baseball because we had a person chat who wanted to marry the officer's feature when they found it and .

I have the same feelings yeah brilliant so if you can see now i'm using i'm using the same sketch but i'm offsetting where i'm extruding it from so i don't have to make a sketch in another plane thanks to this hundred millimeter offset right here okay we're maybe not fighting the dragon but we're .

Like um negotiating with the dragon right now we're at the cave talking to the the beast that's how it feels i love the uh irreverent piano pattern that it looks like a piano pattern but it just isn't i love that .

I would actually love if it was a normal piano pattern as well and the idea is being lifted again that we talked about last week about having like basically two machines that are connected so you can split them into two and connect them .

Together yeah that's where i feel that uh feature creep have destroyed the design then i then i then i so on the first marble machine which has 200 million views on youtube we had 11 notes if we could do it with 11 notes we should be able to do it like with 20 .

On this one and if i would just like accept to exchange the notes yeah it's a super tricky trade-off in my mind yeah um okay let's now then also bring into the fold .

The standing base also there we go it's a big one i mean this i mean you can't deny that this thing looks like it can't play music oh that's a concert right there so now now let's .

Now let's start to look at the thing that i wanted to do from the beginning of all this which is um the cad skeleton no let's not do it here right now let's do it where we see the instruments let's do it here so i'm gonna create a top monster sketch .

Oh wait um top monster sketch create sketch here so what i want now is i'm thinking about the programming wheel and what i want on this machine is that i want everything to be .

in line with each other so let's say we start with the first plate here and then since we have 50 millimeters between the vibraphone plates then we can make a rectangular pattern .

On 25 millimeters on this line so go this way we want uh minus 25 you can see now we're hitting the middle of the plates and here we go with the number of programming channels .

60 50. i want to i want to be able to tell stories with this machine on the other hand it's only a loop so like key changes needs to happen my whole talk about key changes is kind of .

Uh crap because we only have a 64 bar loop beat loop so then any key change would just be repeated over and over again which kind of goes against the whole spiel about key changes that i did earlier .

So 44 43 channels like this can i make them all construction lines yes and now i can place the hit points just gonna put more in the middle like this .

And then the whole idea is that you have to do a zigzag pattern we did that in one of the first streams wait let me pattern this as well stupid i do i'm gonna do 40 millimeter heat points just to make them now .

Let's do this what are people saying yeah i'm just reading here uh peter vasta sent a nice comment here again when you're done you should make a documentary about your lessons in design and engineering you have learned you are the musical elon .

Wow i'll take it i'll take it and i also have a message from bjorn l from denmark so it's in danish i will try to read it but my danish is not very good lord varun of braden martin do cometh from marble x .

Um it was basically don't limit yourself you will regret it go for it right but also people say says to me also remind martin don't always rely on yes man in everything yeah that is uh that's a good good advice i'm gonna show you something .

About the rectangular patterns that i do like so when you have an irregular pattern so as you remember we did holes here we we don't want hit points at all here and i'm making a pattern and if you go up to this suppress .

Feature and hit suppress you get these tick boxes and you can deselect where you don't want the pattern to repeat so here we don't want note i deselect there and let's deselect the other ones i deselect here and here and this way you can make patterns that are irregular and it's very very handy so now when i hit enter you'll see we .

Get a nice sketch circle oh because i hit the wrong it's me no it's you what's happening it's me okay it's me it's not you so now you can see we have nice hit points on all um the keys this leaves us .

Um space here for two hit points on the hi-hat this one 20 and this one 20 hit point on the actually the height i want to hit .

Here so we should maybe move the height back hmm okay we'll look at that later the snare i want to hit kind of in the middle so it will be here and notice that i'm now using a channel down here on the snare that has not been .

Used up here so i'm doing the zigzag consistently michael mcmackin martin if you have half a vibraphone off to the side that isn't connected to channel at all you can play something in another key that isn't repeated .

Yeah that's a good point there's a little improvisational that's why i like this vibraphone yeah and that's why i like to stand on this side because imagine when i use the foot pedal down here and i play the bass i can play like a .

Keyboard with my right hand this hand over here it can play like a keyboard like this i can see it so i could actually just put a normal vibraphone next to me then it feels like the machine itself has failed if it needs but it's a good point everything doesn't have to be um .

Android 78 then what if you had two vibraphone plates at each position mounted with one at 90 degrees that you could rotate for a key change uh wow like a little switch rooney .

so then you have to also do a little switcher rooney on the length of the resonator pipes but cool cool idea so we're here we are hitting the kick drum it's good .

We are not hitting the bass at all so far so okay let's just take us where reality leads us so i'm now making a zigzag pattern on the hammer jammer our imagined hammer jammer .

Give me some more lines yeah i have a massive conflict in me right now as you can probably tell ludwig schubert no need for yes man or no man just verify your designs against the door opening of a shipping container okay so honestly this is a very good thing .

Because we put a shipping container into this blocking and i think this container is must be the smallest model available he just he included a measure here that's 2280 times 2310 this opening of a container 2280 times 2210 .

2280 times 23 ton how big is that one is that a standard standard standard done let's see what chad has to say because if if so we're we're totally screwed for now we can unscrew ourselves .

So standard standard shipping container opening yeah there's no smallest model for containers let me see the damage here widthwise what this what is this this is not so bad i'm only on .

What's this hey hey hey we're only 120 here what that's great news still with the bass lying though so yeah people are saying there are container standards then write standards .

For me please there's something called high cubic high cubic containers there is a high cube mode where is 2.9 meters tall and 2.4 meters wide it sounds like our container let me let me get that down and new design new component um .

Hi cubic container are we talking the door opening or the outside measurement i've just outside and then there's i mean the doors shouldn't they be the same no the wall has a thickness as well .

Okay can you repeat 2.9 meters tall and 2.44 meters wide oh i i put wrong 2.4 2.9 no wide and tall 2.9 look at this 2.9 meters tall 2.44 meters wide yeah i am at 2.44 .

Look at this no room for pallets or any kind of material around it so there is there is a world where we reduce our um programming drums to 800 millimeter diameter instead of 900 that's also a world and see if we can see the sketches yes we can .

Okay we've been talking with the beast this is tripping me up so hard um so my arm if we do this my arm will not be an issue my arm will just be under the vibraphone plates and the marbles will jump over my arm and the marbles will play .

Hits the front of the hyatt anyway which is good because that's where my elbow is and my fingers are here so my arm is not in the way for the marbles actually on this base position and i'm having so many vibraphone plates .

Without going wide without going like crazy crazy crazy wide i could also not make the pulley in the drum and we can reclaim this width of the drum um if we want to keep to the 110 constraint of course this is not enough this is 120 .

With the programming tracks okay okay okay okay maybe i should put the same base sketch here because this one looks a little crazy oh this is tough this is can you lay the machine down during transport .

A lot of people are wondering probably the way we will build this one it shouldn't matter but it's going to be so heavy yeah so probably you don't want to tilt it and i think generally when we when we get to that scale there will be stages that can't hold the machine of course we all knew that but um i mean literally .

Can't hold the machine so it's it's um the cozy clubs are like all out only the cozy clubs with big enough entrances are possible we're gonna play in conference centers and then airport hangars airport hangar tour .

Andre nedelkia confusion 360 a mighty tool and evil master we believe that this will be your opus magnum oh thank you thank you i i i think so too actually right now i think so too it's just it's just a a lot of stuff to take into .

Consideration yep it's this is probably but this is a good like this is a super good trade-off to be wrestling with it's probably the hardest trade-off so far like should i just go .

Go wild and have space for everything or should i because real engineering is actually to be resourceful so like if i say yeah this is going to be 100 meters big and guess what i got a lot of .

Functionality in it's it's not it's not good design good design is like yeah we on a compact footprint we got all the functions we want that's good design yeah okay you know what i'm going to pivot a little bit we're going to we're going to marinate on this yeah because this was a lot of good new thoughts i am going to .

Do something cozier because i think i'm gonna cut some real parts that will maybe be on the machine i'm gonna pivot up to this little intriguing force field right up here this is the um pum bushing for the registrators and so i'm going to .

Um leave this discussion for now and return to it probably many many many many times on the other hand we can actually get some information because right now we have a center center between programming tracks of 25 millimeters on the margin x we had 17. .

So pretty chunky and um which is interesting and this we can remember this 25 we should remember when we design this little part so let's get straight into the registrator .

Assembly which we were working on this morning here and i'm going to work on this pum bushing right here 25 some thinking oil how's wilson how is wilson let's check in on him i'm fine martin .

I'm enjoying the view from up here thank you so much for letting me join history what has happened have you made wilson finally submit honest 3000 yes i learned him manners oh no that should be my voice i learned him manners okay .

Let's make a part so um i want to use a lot of pum and delrin on this machine i really i really like how that functions and i'm just gonna try to save this and the other day i started on this pum bushing .

Which is sketched there so let's see here we have an extrude feature so this will be the side to side and we said 25 millimeters between channels so let's do exactly 25 between channel centers and then this thing that comes down i .

Think should be a laser cut um steel profile i'm just gonna see how i can do to save this a lot of people are shouting out in chat that we should just use open top containers when shipping it .

And if it's raining yeah and that's my whole deal as well what about weather so i had a fun idea here so if the thing going down is a four millimeter laser cut profile .

If this little thing is a four millimeter laser cut profile and we want it to sit in the middle this should be extrude extruded at an offset of half of four i'm going to show you where i'm going with this i kind of like this design .

So again offset is very useful on the extrude commands so minus two half of four and then distance is going to be to an object to this side i think something went wrong i think i .

Should the offset was not shouldn't have been value a negative value so i'm going to edit this feature and just say two there we go it's gonna show you really quick someone that discord actually just posted all the standards for containers if we want to have a closer look someday .

Here oh fantastic nice right thank you so much g sat two two six one yeah that's awesome that's awesome information do you have it in our images now then no what's that from this card yep .

If you can upload that image to dropbox we can have it in our archives yes i think so i was thinking how to make this bushing with a one-sided cnc operation by the way does delrin come in why is this 22 now this should be 25 and it's 3 000 kings can you see if .

There are 25 millimeter thick delrin stock probably probably probably probably and here's little do we just thread the delrin and just put the things into the tolerant or do we actually have a nut on the other side .

Then it's a double-sided machining operation and it's over most of all it's overkill oh if we just make this a little bit bigger and then that sticks out that's a nice idea that's a nice idea so the nut just goes outside here .

Probably the simplest makes the part a little bit larger let's think about that later let's make the steel profile so you see where i'm going with this new component 070x uh reg .

Gestrator steel profile never mind spelling you have white adult ring here 25 millimeters right that's a pipe it should be flat flat stock well 25 millimeter thick uh flat stock sorry i wasn't i wasn't clear .

So let's now sketch the profile this should be parallel to this let's tell rin sheet 10 millimeters to 50 millimeters 15 50. oh that's heavy .

Do you have in what intermediate steps is there is 25 intermediate steps step 16 20 25 30 perfect white nice thank you hannah's three thousand well i mean everyone wants a jamie don't they .

And now i have one so bornstormer322 one of many voices saying the same thing here martin and hannes please just dismantle the machine into large chunks for transport it will be so much easier in the long run than making the whole machine robust enough to take a knock in shipping .

okay so we're talking about so there's of course two different kinds of thipping shipping it's like crossing to other continents and like when you're not so when you need to like leave land and when you're on a in a truck and i guess .

Like inside a truck you would just roll the thing onto the thing in the back you would roll the machine straight into the truck and you would cover it with like a something inside the truck you will fasten it so that's probably one scenario but then it's when you maybe go from europe to the us how you do like on the boat and .

Stuff yeah and the disassembling and making sure everything works again designing every little fastener for becoming loose and coming in coming in everything doesn't need to be modular right can't you have two big pieces or something like that that's a huge design constraint .

Okay like that's it's like having a welded frame or a screw-together frame that's just super rock solid and the whole thing in the chunk i think i mean everything is possible but it's a huge decision i learned it from the war machine x the .

Way that we tried to build it in fire modules made everything 10 times harder less dump design requirements i think we should really go for a machine that is ready to play during transport and you come in if you want a tour also imagine imagine being able to play a concert in each city every night .

So you end the concert at 12 o'clock in the evening and you drive in the tonight to the next city in the afternoon you make a sound check the machine has not been tampered with during the night so yeah i should drink them from this mug .

Instead it's so hard to drink and stream i haven't learned that yet have you well you just have to prove those in doubt then about the shipping no those in doubt are correct as well that's why i'm annoyed so this is the new awesome idea i think i have that we made the registrator who .

Is adjustable with set screw so i'm just going to put this arc at 472 going where the puck is gonna be kasich just build wheels on the machine so it can drive itself problem solved fantastic i mean if it's this big you can you can just .

Roll on these rollers i can make a little cabin like this and it's a tractor look at this imagine you sit up here and you just go like this across the u.s and then you just make a wheelie and tumble over like and there you go concert's ready .

Imagine like you have an intro live and you all all of a sudden you hear like tumble over like this uh what are they called monster trucks yeah and then and then .

oh my also the asphalt will be super flat wherever we have toured okay wow i will get paid by the like the road authorities to like tour a little bit extra never mind uh where were we .

I felt i was go i was getting somewhere with this this yes here we go okay so now we're actually going to cut actual parts and not only think about placement i'm happy for that let's offset this turn what's happening here and that was .

Stupid i shouldn't have done it let's offset this 10 no i don't want so earlier in the stream we checked some suggestions and it was like super high level actually on everything and we had we found an issue now we have so .

Many suggestions so we want to look at the suggestions that are related to the stream we're making so we're going to update our submission links and we're going to make like different links for different categories so you can sort your suggestions into the proper category and then .

Even if you want to see how we react to your suggestions you can even see on the thumbnails like okay this this is probably a stream where where uh like if i sent in a suggestion regarding the programming wheel we're gonna react to that in the programming wheel uh stream .

Basically so we'll have that set up probably for tomorrow yep yep and we're also thinking oh actually we can actually ask everyone here because we don't know if we should make fewer streams with and and kill the stream in between or if we should make longer streams with brakes like we did .

Today and we've been thinking about fun things to put in the brakes we're thinking about slide show with the suggestions we is one very very simple thing do you have any other ideas of could we put something useful while we're like having lunch and leave the stream up what would be a fun thing to put in the .

Intermission to make the intermission like a little more functional and useful if anyone has an idea about that um great we're very curious here's a fun swedish comment here trivision 201 me antonio and mark were skateboarders and i haven't we haven't talked for for .

25 years or something oh maybe 20. so fun to see you here i'm i'm i'm in our old hometown sometimes we we should definitely meet up are you still skating tony was always better than me in skating like well with a with a name like tony yeah tony tony woman tony hawk you know .

I was afraid of pain and tony was just going for it that's how i remember it so let me know tony how the skating is going super fun to hear from you beat fiddler leave it running with funny stuff from old videos playing all them gaming more machine more machine x building .

Montage intermission should be your music but even on a blank screen works vintage music videos marble race the marble race on repeat long streams with brakes but put something in the brake as well as the timer maybe the previous summary video on loop until you return .

You can put montage montages of the old builds during breaks please clear loop with the latest recap from the main channel oh that's that's creative because that will get everyone up to date so if you're just joining a stream and then you get the recap .

That's a brilliant suggestion can you like copy paste some of these suggestions tony i almost called you hey so i'm gonna extrude the steel profile here as you can see and we're gonna do it symmetrically .

And now when we go here and we can make the p1 bushing a little nicer color and i think my design idea for the bushing becomes clear so i think this is a really sleek bushing check this out so the steel profile is completely .

Centered on the programming track you can see it here and the bushing is a one-sided machining operation and it will hold this profile very very straight and steady so i think this is uh i love this design it's so simple but i think it's going to be .

Very very efficient i'm going to fill it this and i almost filleted it here but no no no no no don't do that make your fillets in the sketch so let's do that wrong sketch of course so i'm making the fillet in the sketch .

Which is the better way to do it and then you can just make a radial line and then you say tangential like this and then you add the fillet size boom so then you have your fill it automatically when you're extruding your .

Part if the extrude behaves what's going wrong here here there we go so now we need to we need a hole here oh yeah i was thinking about this how to hide so if we come in with m4 fasteners here .

Should we have bow nuts on this side or should we just tap it into the delrin my experience with delrin is that it takes screws it takes fasteners super super well it takes a thread super well and it holds them um .

I think this there's no stress here i think we should actually just make it exactly like this maybe four holes three or four holes chat all the engineers out there three or four bolts what do you think maybe this bolt hole should be away from this .

For some reason it feels better to leave it feels like it's weakening here it's so strong it's not weakening but it feels like i would like to turn that around oh nice okay so no no skateboard uh for my childhood friend .

Me neither there's some snowboarding occasionally but still the fear of pain is um is keeping me from making impressive tricks i do have a tail grab on a snowboard in a video frame from a year ago yeah i've seen it it's called the um .

Value of time and concentration or something like that attention is the cash value of time did i even title the video that probably pretentious so my next uh question is where we're gonna put this um pivot point so if we go if you see this .

Somewhere we need a pivot point that will attach to this and i'm thinking if we roll this to the right oh now i have an interesting idea honest if we move this to the right and we put the pivot point down here let me show you that um .

If we actually put the pivot point there's a lot of imbalances it's the whole pushing thing oh we can even have another arm whoa let's put it here and let's connect this with let's make a little let's make another arm here .

No then we can't because we're gonna have the p1 part coming in here later and we can't can't get it on there okay so let's not do that let's keep this part smaller as well let's put the pivot point here four there we go .

and in the extrusion we're gonna deselect this little thing so i'm going to move i'm going to mirror these hole placement so i'm going to take this away from here because it doesn't feel right it's so nice to cut something that might actually be used .

which is unrelated to these big questions and i i think i will i think that's how i will do it i will like sometimes go on big questions and then i will go down to small details and i will like change perspective back and forth yeah .

This should be seven point two seven okay seven is m4 oh yeah we don't need the nut sling anymore let's remove this junk and what is even this four three or four bolts one is three thousand what did you say three or four .

Bolts three less sports is that what chat is saying also i saw someone sing it earlier yeah it's it's enough it's it is enough look at this this this is so clean this is so clean what is gretzky stick .

We have gretzky's dick so i'm gonna make the hole in the pum the correct size for an m4 tap which is 3.3 i think and i think um chat or 3000 can tell me m4 tap is 3.3 or is it 3 so drill hole drill size 4 m4 tap we have to reduce the latency of the .

Stream i guess because this is taking forever what is taking forever drill hole size for m4 tap okay i'm joking i'm joking it is 3.3 i think and then when you do it in delrin you you can actually have use a little small drill if you want even um .

It's three point three it is through month three okay tuscan 92 thank you sometimes it's hard to get to these constraints so i'm trying to choose um going on the wrong one here circular pattern constraint then i have to choose it and then i can .

Edit it because i want to include this 3.3 circle there we go so for the p1 part i'm gonna make the holes um a little tighter for the tapping there we go so now you can see that the metal part .

Is larger and the metal through holes let's let's put some tolerances in why not um just because it's fun the metal parts should not be four we're gonna do 4.1 .

So there's just no issue with the bolt coming through and the inner diameter is going to also be just 40.150 i guess .

No that's ridiculous 43.3 i mean 23.3 that's what i meant 23.2 let's just deselect this little thing so in cad it's always nice when all the measurements are perfect but then in .

Reality when there's a little burr from from the like laser cutting of the metal profile and and this doesn't go assemble well and you don't need that precision anyway then it's better to just give you more space and everything just clicks together and comes together with the .

Three screws nice nice nice and goober here he says i found this channel from yesterday's upload are you two living together and first of all welcome here so nice you found us from that video and no we're not working together we are not living together but we're working .

Together but i mean this would be a brilliant sitcom wouldn't it the three of us here living together a friend situation honest martin wilson if i fail with the machine it it was a a sitcom it was a sitcom all along .

We it's going to like um turn into a sitcom after the fact so i can't get over how nice this bushing is you see how centered that metal thing is and like it's going to be constrained in all the directions it's great wow it is great .

So now we are going to make the reader that is going to slide along this hockey stick curve and beat fiddler two men on a gear fantastic .

That's fantastic i'm thinking about that cage we saw earlier because i'm going to put this bolt in here now and we talked about how to yeah two and a half gears michael soka brilliance let's first make that no let's first make the .

So i had the idea of making a band so i'm gonna cut it as if it was um let me see how i should do this i want to keep it parametric as well yeah i'm going to make a bent i'm going to make a flat pattern that is supposed to be bent here i really don't like the pushing .

Oh yeah we're back at it well it's it's it's all right it's all right it's all right it's not gonna be an issue so i'm making a little line here for a new um how should i do this .

For a new sketch plane i guess let's try this so we put a plane at this angle there we put a sketch on that plane there we project our nice little profile there i want to come out to the side not like that .

Like this oh yeah rub-a-dub-a-doo let's do it tan and let's do these they are at an angle we do not want that let's do this like this and .

You are parallel to you and you are four millimeters and when we set this length everything should turn black almost so we can say that you are equal length then that inner car turned black 25 is .

Way too excessive because we know that we only have 25 between center center and so i actually want to know i should constrain this to the center of this line so let's put a little point at the center and you see that little triangle right there .

We're at the center so and we want a lot of clearance to the other stuff so now our whole sketch we did in the beginning of the stream with the channels um all these lines .

Now i'm using what we found out with these lines um in this little decision right here so we have to keep in within the complete width of 25 centimeters so we have maximum 12.5 .

So we're in a little bit of a spot of a bother here hmm so maybe this idea is not going to work with the bent i can show you i wanted to do this to hold the bolt from the front let's see if we can if this radius can be reduced somehow .

You are perpendicular to you and you are only five okay that's better wait there is no metal there on the other one is it oh yeah i'm stupid we can go over there because there is nothing on that side on the next channel .

So we can actually use because look here on the left here there's nothing good good news good news i just forgot that we had empty space there so let's go back to a little bit of a bigger radius eight okay here we go .

And let's see 15. buckle the seat belts here we go yes as i said before we're going to like go between the large perspectives of the big design decisions and very small perspective of things like this and tim keller joined the chat nice as always i will take me 50 dollar slab of hannah's steak now .

California love tim has entered the chat nice to see you here tim one millimeter i'm gonna make you proud him i'm gonna make you real darn proud that's the idea here .

Oh magic so can you bring up the cage that someone submitted i will try for the holding the bolt then i can show that like that this is the .

Same idea three seven yeah so this is that this is what i'm working on so this was the proposed let's see if i can do that a little bit smaller for us there something like that okay .

So i think that would be more like a 3d print this is not really like a machine thing you can machine it but it's kind of an expensive part so this this was a this is a really nice idea and i'm going to try to do the way we with a c-clip like we um .

Like we did it on the first time we because we already designed this part a little rough on one stream so but this cage is solving the same issue that i'm trying to solve right now so yeah you can so thanks to whoever sent that what was the name elderbase ma'am elder baseman .

Let's um put this as a band alex alexandre freitas any possibility of a q a live anytime oh no martin how do you feel about that kicking back relaxing at the end of a stream perhaps sometime yeah we could do that sometime if if it's um if there's interest i .

I think half of the audience would i i think stuff like that is fun but i'm also thinking maybe um it should if it's helping the marble machine 3 gets progressed then yes if not then no that's i think .

That's the um yeah it would never be a scheduled q a at least perhaps when we have some leisure time at the end of an evening or something so there's always like during the streams many times i just need to do things that i so i .

Like you can always yeah take it take a chance with hannah's three things this is almost like a q a right now and i pull up some questions now and then i mean that was the first question on the q a actually yeah and we rapped .

So i know when you're sending things to manufacturers like 24 7 steel they don't like when you ask them to bend things over holes like this or you or they will say like this can be imprecise and then you have to approve it so i think i should .

Move my hole a little bit away from the band and i'm also thinking that maybe m6 is unnecessary here m5 let's do 5.2 oh yeah i made a slot here actually didn't i because of the angle of the thing .

Yes a point here will not suffice second dynasty here said what is this leisure time of which you speak shout out to our dear friend ben right there sven mugran from second dynasty it's in the chat .

They make 3d printable spaceships they are awesome um where should people check them out second dynasty and i know ben you were not fishing for a shout out i'm gonna give one anyway because you're awesome yeah i mean they have a youtube channel so they can check it out there .

But it's on my mini factory it's a better place right to check out the kickstarter they do both right okay they do kickstarter they have the promo videos which i helped some of i made some of them you know um yeah they're awesome the promo videos .

Center part slot let's do this five boom so the reason that this is a slot is because um the thing that the screw is holding is walking across this arch so the screw will be angled upside down .

But there we go so it's a little it's not a completely round hole it's a little bit of a slot to give space for the balls to move up and down wait i'm going to cut these corners off sketch fill it it took me ages to find this sketch field i can't do it on .

Projected lines sketch fillet oh this is annoying sketch filling okay i'm just gonna do it like this four six boom boom boom boom why don't i just make it i'm so stupid i i think that i need like a better .

Starting point because i can just do this and it will look cleaner you would you you would you you would you you would you and everything tangential and then we have our fillets in the sketch instead .

Of a feature right tim are you still there tim i'm hearing california lab right three i can't wait showing everyone what i can do what we can do together this .

This and honestly completely honestly if we find out in this cad that i don't believe in the project that i don't think that the machine will work it's going to be so nice .

And then i know that everyone will understand why why i will give up so regardless of the outcome as i usually show there are two possibilities finish the digital cad model first .

That's what we're doing today if cat is promising less manufacturing physical machine and go on a world tour but this alternative to be i'm also happy about this one if cad is not processing that's the moment when i can give up on this uh idea so win-win in every scenario right here .

Yeah it feels very good i love this design um let's see let's enter the so honest 3000. can you can you find a m5e clip m5e oh i'm stupid i'm stupid we have it in fusion insert oh sorry wrong wrong .

Button uh insert mic mcmaster car component i should not ask you to find things that it's already here tim keller the chance of you deciding this and not wanting to build it is zero we can be honest about that metric uh side mount external uh .

Five millimeters heavy duty side mount external retaining rings did you think you would ever hear those sounds in your life it was a thing of beauty look they even have low clearance side mount for tight spaces i don't want that though heavy duty side mount heavy duty side mount .

Read it out then she started it i can't really see it from here i'm sorry okay um black faucet spring steel stainless steel i don't know what's normal here i'm gonna take the cheapest one no package quantity i'm gonna take this one .

Uh step download here we have wow my first ever e-clip oh it's huge wait for it um is there some kind of radius here oh yeah so i all only worked with c-clips oh wait in this new design we can have a .

C-clip because in the old one yeah no no i don't want this i want a c-clip let's throw out the e-clip the reason you want to use an e-clip instead of c-clip i think sometimes is when you're out of space but we're not out of space here .

We have space to assemble it so let's have another go insert insert my master car component the best thing with us is mcmaster car okay we have so much mcmaster car envy over here in europe .

C and c clip those are not my so someone said they're called c-clip and i said circulate clip and everyone know it's c-clip right and look here okay external retaining rings self-locking uh no groove is required release the spring into a groove this is .

The one i want heavy duty external thicker than standard external these rings withstand greater force what do you think which one let's try to have a duty one oh probably i'm no no no no 12 millimeter i'm wrong i'm wrong i'm wrong i'm wrong normal sizes .

So then you just go here and you say metric in 10 years the inch alternative will not be there hopefully for groom meter 4.8 millimeter i don't know how good this works on the bolt actually here we go .

C-clip circlip circlip isn't it beautiful what do you think i should join it i should not move it like this anyway anyway both c-clip and circlip are accepted circlet no i googled it yesterday it was something .

To do with styling your hair i think right circlet circlet clip ah there's something else okay so i was wrong i'll admit i was wrong how big is this oh it's so annoyingly small i'm thinking i should go m6 on this .

Because if we're gonna thread the pum i like big threads maybe maybe this is unnecessary am i being unnecessary now yeah i'm five is enough okay so we have that one let's make um how should we make this should it go .

Straight so i'm gonna start with the pm part new component boom so this is the part that will read the programming pins zero seven and we can very accurately move it across with a set screw and this we couldn't do that on the previous machine i used chimps which was horrible .

So this is going to be a big improvement pom reader oh yes actually i'm going to sketch it in the original sketch so let's say that the programming pin is coming out 10 millimeters so we offset .

This with 10 because that's the surface of the programming drum so let's just do this and i'm gonna make the ang the bottom perpendicular to the center of the circle boom there we go .

Craig wutun e-clip will be easier to install at that size no need for snap ring pliers e-clip you can just push on if i understand it correctly so but if you have experience with eclipse are they as .

Trustworthy as a c-clip and know as a a circle ex what is it called circlip circlic because that's my that's my worry let's do 45 do 20. and i think we should we should maybe have a fill it here .

Between these say a two millimeter i want to try to avoid to make this um double-sided operation so i'm only going to add fillets on the front and leave the back like it is i think bit fiddler we use e-clip in our .

Manufacturing all the time no issues uh tie tremblay i find them more trustworthy you can accidentally stretch a circlip on install and then it's loose this is my experience as well okay very interesting they also look chunkier like if i saw it correctly .

Craig wootoon used on many components on industrial machines no real issues with reliability okay so team eclipse was this this happened yesterday as well the same thing so i'm cutting the channel now .

In this pom part and it has to be straight because of esa machining and it will feel like it can wiggle and it can but it will wiggle um repeatedly it will wiggle the same every time which means that that wiggle is is .

Really okay wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle whoa yes um team eclip hashtag here we go team eclipse is strong right now slide diggity dog circlip for shafts that rotate eclipse for stationary shafts okay .

Interesting team eclip well now i'm going to extrude the part that um i can cut the channel last i'm going to extrude the whole thing and then make a cut operation that feels more normal so let's look at this from the front so to this side we're gonna go out .

Six millimeters eight and this is com going to have i think a little bit irregularity because we have the hole on this side so 15 perhaps should we just go up to this thing for .

We go oh what happened here okay a clip of the heart matthias paul that's a good song isn't it totally i guess that was a reference .

Yep yep okay good i'm not always good with references so i have hanus 3000 have this reference aid upgrade so you never feel left out when people are memeing there was a problem combining oh this is annoying .

Oh no hashtag team paperclip is joining there's a famous thought experiment about a.i that we ask the ai to make as many paper clips as it can and it's so strong and so smart so it just kills everyone and everything to get materials to make .

More paper clips it's it's pretty it's a pretty accurate uh description of where we're going i think are you excited for the ai to arrive hannes it's already here you're looking at him well if it's like this i'm gonna welcome it with open arms .

All the drama out there everyone all this um what is it called um catastrophizing yeah yeah it's all overblown yeah yeah yeah it's cool it's like this it's like this how does it feel you hang out with an ai .

And a wooden gear yeah those are your two best friends there's nothing more to it don't worry it will sort itself out apparently now i have this little plane and now i'm gonna cut this groove in the middle of this pon block and we want a symmetrical operation and .

We're going to do 4 20. so i have a little wiggle room and we're only going to cut the pom block and not the metal thing like this feels like engineering doesn't but we are missing my .

So if i did my work correctly i want this a little bit lower it i should have this at a fingertip i can lower uh this sketch line thor water make the metal part straight also 100 so my idea .

Is to keep this is probably pretty like ocd-ish from me but i want to keep the curve i want this thing to be always perpendicular towards the programming pins because i don't want the behavior to change and .

I wanted to always like the programming pin to hit it perpendicularly that's why i want this little curve but it's on such a mathematical level so it's like let's measure it maybe you're right maybe it should just be straight uh .

Maybe i am maybe i'm stupid here no no no i know but you know what i mean but thank you yes who needs friends when you have the extrude command truth .

Truth yeah what can i say i'm gonna make two parallel lines here and we're gonna we're gonna check the difference in how the programming pin will hit them and then we're gonna find out how .

How ridiculous it is to try to maintain the curve in the adjust adjustment so here in the beginning it will hit it at this little angle let's actually calculate this angle three degrees okay so there will be a three degrees like difference .

And over here it should be kind of three degrees the other way one and a half degree so depending on how long travel we want in the adjustment this might be just total overkill from yours truly because the timing .

Huh what do you think three thousand i see some here's the there's two camps here yeah people are saying curved as well it's a nice feeling the cur the curve no it should not be straight it's it's the curve it's a nice feeling it's it's a feeling that .

The reason i wanted is that i i just want to delay the hit point i do not want to change how the hit point is interacting with the programming pin and it's on i i am pretty sure it doesn't make any any difference but theoretically it's the right thing to do .

That's how i feel james martin if the extrude from offset option changed your life you should try from object just draw another sketch on the perpendicular plane and link audio extrudes to points on the sketch can you read it again .

If the extrude from offset option changed your life you should try from object just draw another sketch on the perpendicular plane and link all your extrudes to points on the sketch i didn't understand the last one but the from object i have to look into the from object .

Chris b says curved equals form straight equals function um i don't fully agree with that um maybe practice you're right maybe in theory i don't fully agree .

Um i've lowered this thing i think i'm going to lower it wait i can have it down here why don't i have it here in the corner then this piece gets much smaller why do i have it up here i'm stupid no oh i shouldn't say that no shouldn't say that i'm gonna .

I'm gonna say that you are here can i do that no i cannot why can't i then so this is an issue when using a lot of construction planes some that you when when you made a plane .

From a sketch line you really don't want to you really don't want to change out the sketch line and i'm gonna do that now and that can mess up your sketch james has a follow-up here about the extrude command there okay so the start point and end points on your extrudes .

Are linked to point on a sketch so you can edit the sketch and all your extrudes will update also to object is not only solid surfaces to objects are also sketch points well what oh my god it's going to be a second marriage .

When you really love each other you marry again yeah yeah people do that yeah why can't i and the extrude command so this is what happened now i'm just gonna fix this first then i'm gonna investigate what was just stated there so i have to re .

Re-select a new line here to base this plane on and sometimes when you do that things go wrong and this time things went right and obviously now we want to remove this curve from this sketch is the d is the humidifier out of water on us yes i'm gonna refill that pretty .

Soon because you know what i've learned so much today martin oh is it that time already it's that time now okay i'm going to i want to finish this but i have still some work to do on this so okay let me just say that i'm going to .

Look into the extrude to to sketch objects comment and we've been talking with the dragon today we've been thinking really large about how big we should make this machine and what result that has under this programming wheel all the orange lines here and you've been very very helpful .

And it's been an honor to have your company so let's see you in the next stream take care


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