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Menti War ⚔️ Science Vs Maths (Pritesh sir + Nabamita Mam + Mohan sir Vs Priya Mam + Haripriya Mam)

Already whoa nice hello hello everybody good afternoon and oh the most awaited season is the most awaited session is here absolutely absolutely we have also been waiting to get together and you know talk to each other it's been a long long time yes yes .

So you guys remember what happened last time when we had our science mention so don't let that repeat again so this time we're gonna wait people science is gonna be so let's see dream on okay so what i say is all of us let us do this pose it's quite funny you know the pose which is on the thumbnail what is it .

Is it this or like do your own poses do your own poses oh giving me those bunny all right i think uh let's take a look at it yes i shall show you the mentee this thing the mentee code everybody it is uh seven z one zero three double seven double four yeah .

I think we can shift our videos to the right yeah no we have shifted us in the middle question that's the idea of it okay yes come on come on guys come on oh simon whatever student is already there yes .

Supporter forever the mentee code is seven one zero three double seven double four come on in come on in yes like we have five people here can we have like 500 students come on like 100 come on guys come on come on come on man is first laughter um .

But you are the host thank you thank you send me the link all the epic teachers in one frame whoa sorry sorry there is a little bit of confusion yes yes till the time we do this you all can spam as much as you want i have shared the ladies .

Yes i think now everybody will see my this thing wait i will stop the share yeah i will stop the share oh but even then in display capture they will all see it you can make it to only yourself then for a minute i guess okay i am just now switching off yes now .

It's fine just give me us just give us a minute just give us a minute guys yeah so we have 300 students right now 3.8 so we need 200 more till then guys make sure everybody is joining this is there's no bond like six seven .

Eight anybody can join literally nine ten yes now the mention has changed guys and the mentee code is four double h zero four zero six three four double h zero four zero six three so come on in come on in into this yes five hundred student fast go call up .

Your friends everyone come on guys please somebody put the code in the chat it is 4w04063 that's the code for the please somebody put it in the chat i don't know in fact to be honest to celebrate i ordered some biryani i had it only half guys come on for that sacrifice i need 500 students .

How our amazing science teachers are well versed with their math oh what we have to answer too yeah hey i didn't know about this i'm out of it no this does not why why do you not mind from the beginning so i am quiet from the veganism .

This reminds me of the shark tank lady who says that this is not my expertise so i'm out i'm out i'm proud of this we also have to say for the same because okay guys we still do not see 500 students yeah this is this is very s somebody's calling us to their house they're like you will you all may come .

To my house oh mom sure where is it don't tell the whole address though just tell us please but make sure you have a lot of food yeah also some vegetarian food would be needed for our herbivorus .

Add some handsome desserts for me at if you want me to concentrate in this quiz i need that because it's max i've been like this from my school days max what is maths and hindi monsoon good question i know i know in a way but the students helped you so .

Yeah do we have 400 we have 280 20. awesome awesome that's amazing come on guys come on come on it is seven more friends now three more three more yeah three more wow that's amazing come on physics i have no clue so let's take a hindi test of our students .

What is what is physics and 112 directly now yeah let's start the countdown guys let's start the countdown so five you all also start the countdown with us huh four three three two .

And let's take a look at the first question ready everyone yes let's take a look at the first question the first question is on our screen and it is if the radius of a circle okay no no you guys know i don't know i know it .

Takes a weight waiting first challenge if the radius is 1.3 what is the diameter of the circle this is right can i choose this question please hannah let's check the percentage also 72 percent wow that's great amazing all right let's take a look at the leaderboard .

Super bowl with the superstars topper is already there on top awesome yes who wants to take the name of the leaderboard students you have the guys question my question only how do i pronounce his name or her name then uh we have anshika right max .

Masters love high five high five we have krishna vinita nee nee what are you doing here okay okay next question i was trying to set up the this thing the view of us so mohan said this one goes to you .

Let's go let's go yes second question oh sorry sorry i was i was fixing that view thing sorry the ratio has one's a very easy one our ratio has no unit true or false true true sure yes okay one is two two three so probably i have never seen a unit there so i think .

Amazing let's take a look at the leaderboard yeah now i'm not going to spoil the time because i have fixed the view finally after so much of a struggle so we have on top of his love great so then we have bwe i'll pronounce it like that .

Question number property of addition um i really don't like this game at all i think it's d i think it's b yeah it's d right out of syllabus c drinking yeah i think the option bdd yes see i always tell people common sense is .

Slightly uncommon but hey i did it with common sense all right let's go check out the leaderboard look at the leaderboard priyanka nagataran yash agarwal shri krishna nehal arvind and then anna and suhana awesome awesome good job everyone your next question is .

Okay in which you find the value of a unit yeah it's your little method one you find of one and then you just multiply it is uh what a great name that is if you don't .

Know then how we know we can go ahead like yeah let's do five science quizzes right what do you all say let's do five science quizzes i'm very excited yeah exactly let's do namaste is good the students are telling you to talk more and said is it like no one say you .

Talk less or do we talk too much no i think horus is an egyptian god oh thank you thank you for confirming that for us okay if you're okay with it what is the code guys the code is seven .

One zero three seven seven four four four now writing something for you in the chat box but what are you getting like really you guys think you're gonna get some gossip out of me hey i'm married you you should probably .

Ask mo answer he is the one who is single exactly what plans he has though what's your name i'm working i'm also my parent though it's my first valentine's after the wedding yeah but .

Uh yeah i'm working wow congratulations we have 500 oh wow we are at 500.000 let's start the countdown let's start with the science quiz and then we we have uh something that we want to tell you so five four three .

Two and one let's take a look at the first question first question so this is for you yeah physical phase of life is called protoplasm cytoplasm organisms you know what wow .

like this uh let me go to the presentation yeah yeah yeah we have a surprise for them they're asking let's give them the gift yes so hello everyone but we have a gift for you guys on .

Valentine's because all of you people are loved to us what actually so you all know right i mean you you guys know that why do you have to join us because uh you get 100 knowledge and hundred score hundred percent months i mean that's all i think you all are absolutely well aware of it though i'm .

Just skipping these slides okay you know that you get content uh and notes from us and uh the coupon code everyone today is a special coupon code it's it's none of our name it's yt pro take it yes it is y t pro so just like how you have early bird yes of our names in the description of this .

Video so you can just go on that link and buy the crash course this is the last crash course of this batch for grade 678 so you can buy it and you're getting a flat flat of only today and the course the last course i guess it's on 14th or 10th i'm not wrong .

It but then again it's a very very good price for all the things that they'll be getting so revision courses testing assignments doubt solving what not for that much that's really good yeah and that too that popcorn lasts just for 10 to 15 minutes but this will last till your last day exam exactly yes .

And not only for one subject for all your subjects for cbsc math science english social yes yes so uh that's all that we had to say this valentine's day you get a chance to meet us your favorite teachers and we would like to take uh your classes and let's come back to the science quiz .

Question number two everybody ready guys ready ready ready yes everybody seven one zero three double seven four four is the code yes oh we already have 457 students so i think let's take and look at it should we wait for two minutes .

Should we wait for two minutes yeah divya oh god i remember this i think this used to happen like every year with all of us but then thank god we have the opportunity to return the favor to you monster every year this is to happen .

Shall we go ahead guys one twelve i can't even be sitting and counting right now so i guess i'll just go with 196 again two zero six anyway 423 students that's that's a good job guys yes and here is the leaderboard mohansa please go ahead .

Yes yes and we are a big fan of and we have hi matt swin and science god thanks god and all like seriously you question number three okay this time i'm gonna read it uh which is the gas and atmosphere that protects us from harmful ultraviolet .

Radiations is it nitrogen is it carbon dioxide is it oxygen or is it ozone mass people that's for you oh is not that too bad you know when you google stuff and yeah absolutely absolutely anyway so here is the leaderboard oh again dynamically it has changed wow .

Yeah who do i see queen swathi neeraj patil simran big fan of thank you thank you bruce vaishnavi i hope he meant that i i hope i really hope to hope so too .

If it only means otherwise that will be funny okay 357 students have answered it right rotation is correct answer absolutely and pretty sir leaderboard green swathy leaders foreign okay now we are doing last uh science .

Quiz then we are going to go back to matt's question matt yes yes okay so question number five for you all is yes used for checking temperature we have been using this quite a lot this was super easy as we like to call it in our classes guys what is it .

Question oh that's the word especially from last two years very interesting i would like to know how you are measuring your temperature like that all right let's look at a little board okay .

So again you guys have to come back to the max one that is four double eight zero four zero six three come on come on everybody yes come on thank you is this has happened to me that's something that we think is very simple and we .

Assume that the students are supposed to know and then you you you get this like you know hit on your face oh this was not known by them seriously and especially this is happening more in this lockdown museum because a lot of prerequisite knowledge is just getting missed out okay .

But anyway question number six are we ready everybody okay let's bring it to what 450 students then let's start it so that's that's a relief yes that sacrifice is worth now negligence of saturday sunday .

It's something that i look forward to as like biryani you know that my favorite oh yeah i'm a monster you give it to me like any time of the day for her i did not cut a cake i cut up biryani like my husband uh you know put it like a cake he stuffed it like a cake and then i cut that .

Off so next time and that's why i don't have to ask you what to order for you yeah it's always biryani yeah let's cheer up let's cheer up oh we have 455 students already shall we go guys let's start the countdown priya mama .

Yes come on yes did they give the example of you calling you like hey look at this guy this is cute again awesome awesome let's look at the leaderboard here yes .

And completely changed i know priyamam please speak telego it sims bengali is yes so we have venetia now followed by us mr x priyanka and .

Great job good job guys this leaderboard was almost the same for the last yes guys come on yeah we need you to you know yes sir you can speak marathi also students are asking you to speak some other of languages rhombus .

R supplementary complementary right angle obtuse angle what does it mean i know what is complementary you are supposed okay let's go to the next question and .

Here we go with the ninth one here we go who is it now producer again no mine okay when it transversal passes through two lines the angles that are formed in the same position in terms of .

Translation corresponding okay i have no idea sorry i took time to read the question i don't know the answer yeah yes it's corresponding awesome awesome guys what we can do is uh before we start the science video again all of us can speak about the crash course in our .

Native language best bet they'll be next this is the last match question i guess the last question okay is not supposed to answer any of these questions .

Foreign it's true it's true yeah how yeah just like negative and negative makes it positive yeah but even if you sub whatever it negative into is is positive positive .

Addition always not in subtraction oh then the result will be positive oh no it's supposed to be negative oh it can't be any of them it can actually be any of it depending upon let's see i guess is not there now awesome congratulations andy and .

Everybody on the leaderboard continue to be 13. i just don't wanna become thirty next five years or something seriously even i see like you know after twenty five minutes exactly bus twenty five pages .

Yeah so are we speaking about the uh crash course yup starting with navajo ma'am in bangladesh please foreign language knowledge is only the only the you know uh this thing what they speak in uh a local like purely station .

I don't know how to speak so much of bengali this is very difficult uh okay i can't do it no this is very conscious i can't do this anyway so guys you know that uh you have an early vedan offer just for today yes you are getting the crash course only for sixty percent ticket shared .

Uh the link is in the description box and you can join in our classes just for 320 rupees you are getting it so julie say ajana we will see you there yes over to is um .

Okay so one student is saying that teachers are roasting them by themselves that you are right yeah actually like even uh you know after this lock down and after all these classes english has become very very very confident for all of us if we forgot all the other languages .

For me my mother tongue is anyway not like my i mean i only speak with my parents but most of the time i'm talking in english and hindi only so it's difficult for me to speak in bengali in front of everyone so hello it's difficult for me also because in .

Back in my rally i talk in hindi so it's like telugu not happening now but uh so that was um now assignments doubt solving session live .

Sessions with your favorite master teachers for math science in the english so the course which is for 800 if you have accepted this like it is just for 720 with the coupon code but only for today it's 320 rupees and all the links for all the teachers are given in the description box so do not miss out this opportunity and yes it's your favorite .

Valentine's day offer because that's amazing valentine's day super duper excited to meet you all on this special day our lovely students all right four three .

Two two one one and go let's go let's take a look at question number six this is for hari priyama what energy emerges from motion potential electrical kinetic or gravitational i am confused between .

Kinetic and potential yes all right so kinetic energy is the correct answer everyone and here is the leader boat let's see who is there okay please tell that why are we not getting the pdf of the session hey you will you will get the pdf of the session it's all .

Ready we are just putting it in the folders and everything and you will be getting it very soon but the february end of the week say you will be getting it so queen swati berger and the next question mohansa you do honest yes yes which metal is used in the galvanization .

Process then hey you know this you know this very very common yeah yeah it's like been there done that uh in yeast reproduction occurs by uh fragmentation binary fission budding .

Or spo formation yeast is a fungus by the way yeah yeah you keep making me use it and then you add sugar to activate it and that is up you were wrong anyway so uh we have horas anjali japanese rohit nikhil mit aspirant karthik rf always with you remember tanmay is that .

Okay and are in very nice very nice amazing last last question yeah before changing questions yes let's see who's going to top the science yes in water what so in plants water is transported through what xylem phloems tomato root hair who transpose the water from the root to the entire plant .

Xylem yes yeah okay all right let's take a look at the final leaderboard yes finally secret superstar please do a prank caller exactly huh .

Very good very good well done well done so this is the end of our today's session everyone i hope that we all enjoyed it i think hari preamble thank you so much do not forget to like share subscribe join the crash course crash course or get your valentine's day gift bye .

Yes okay so i am stopping this my name here stopping the stream bye


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