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New Archaeology Vs Status Quo

The Pathfinder is a Native American Equinox site in Colorado being introduced now for the first time its array of pecked petroglyphs apparently weaves together a story about birth death and the afterlife two massive Rock slabs lean inward to form a tall and narrow 10th light shelter a large prominent leaf image appears on the .

Northwest wall the opposing rock wall casts a matching shadow that fills the leaf only at equinox dawn the rock edge might have broken to create a slight jagged gap in the present shadow at the peak of this cap rock structure a natural chimney opens the steep panel to midday light here during high noon on the equinoxes the mythological story .

Board is sliced by a sunray but before the main sunray is formed a scalpel like spot line appears then quickly fades away our sunray begins as a needle of light comparable in length and dimension to Fajada Butte famous Sun daggers however ours grows much longer with our kyo astronomical alignments the longer the throw the more precise the targeting .

Potential a carved snake shown in green will eventually be struck but only after an elaborate petroglyph near the centre is pierced highlighted in yellow its sexual content will be described shortly our time compression is slowed to carefully document the equinox sunray as it crosses a prominent natural division on the rock face the sexually explicit .

Petroglyph appears to diagram mated sex organs and a second phallus to the right this could depict the Navajo legend of changing woman impregnated with twins by the blinding noonday Sun the human form whose abdomen is pricked by the advancing solar tip could be changing woman who also symbolized the seasonal cycles and was a metaphor for aging and .

Renewal this event occurred about 24 hours after the actual moment of the fall equinox when thick clouds obscured the Sun with the Sun now south of the equator the path of the sunrays tip is slightly above where it would have been the day before this sequence was taken a half a day after the spring equinox of 2004 .

When the Sun was slightly north of the equator thus the advancing sunray passed below where it would have traveled on a true noon equinox these lit pathways define a narrow corridor for where the sun's straddled either side of the equator when equinox corresponds to the middle of the day and it's clear overhead the .

Sun rays tip sails down the middle of this Lane they were communicating they were communicating of themselves seeing we think in terms of language we think in terms of pictures we have this righteous and right-brain left-brain complex we have two types of mentality the holographic and the logical the the kind of thinking that doesn't know .

Anything about time our sequence the kind that does Rollins SP has played important roles in the u.s. space program as a designer of the Rockets that sent men to the moon and as developer of the mathematical formula used to get them there I invented the equation by which every rocket that's ever flown to the moon are to one the .

Planets russian-american every single fight has been done without equation I didn't do it without some help I had a couple of best mathematicians and in the world for that for that subject helping me now when I retired I had this background I had some questions in solar system strong in sort of and understand the origins of our culture and mankind .

Himself in any field of knowledge or learning if you come up with some innovative concept or our philosophy or discovery or invention that is radically different from from the accepted understood viewpoint even an intervention that's going to throw people out of work our new political philosophy it doesn't matter what it is .

A strange religion people will resume for one reason it forces them to to reject their their own beliefs their fixed beliefs never mind whether the beliefs are well-founded or not this is a there's a psychological inertia that that is universal in all of us including those of us who come up with these new ideas if it does require a an overturn .

Of accepted beliefs then it will not be accepted and not only that but they're likely to burn you at the stake as American science failed to adequately consider evidence for a pre-columbian indo-european presence here yes says dr. Barry fell it's only a group of American Acula gist who have suffered from the peculiar manner in which a key ologists .

Are educated in this country totally omitting any knowledge of ancient languages whatever so that they can't recognize and when they see them it's only them that are the real problem as a result of certain misguided efforts by by some people that drew mr. fell and his cult following into this this field certain letters letters went out trying .

To resolve the issue dr. Calvin Watkins who is in the Department of linguistics at Harvard University his opening statement is I have examined the photographs of Colorado petroglyphs at five LA one one five which you sent me on September 1 I can state categorically that they are not a variant of ogum a la berry fell as you put it in your letter .

Then he goes on in some detail explaining what real ogum looks like interestingly true ogum is written vertically not horizontally only horizontally in very very rare cases if you will look at his fine example of ogum in which he you have so strongly relied upon and then you compare it to a respectable example of Oldham you'll .

Find that he doesn't even have the correct number of strokes for the letter D and he so the nurse max Bert can't even write Ogham himself I see and then he go that's why that's why he is the linguist at Harvard and you or not your other expert that says there's no ogum outside the British Isles is absolutely .

Incorrect there is some in Europe in Africa in North and South America it exists and it is Ogham this article ran in the student newspaper the day the University of Colorado's cultural events board convened a discussion of the discoveries academic voices objected it's not supported by any kind of scientific evidence yet science and .

Rigorous evaluation are at work the rock art dating the archaeo-astronomer gary and linguistics do matter by suggesting natives may not be responsible for all ancient rock inscriptions in colorado algum researchers were accused of politicizing the issue there are no professional archaeologists who would take this claim seriously Colorado's .

Ogen controversy began with these grooves discovered in 1975 they were found by dr. Don Ricci chief historian for the Bureau of Land Management while hiking near the site of an 1868 Indian battle which killed an ancestor in the US Cavalry having read Barry fells America BC Ricci felt these marks resembled ogen and .

Scotland but archaeologists soon conspired to derail Ricky's excitement and squash any connection to the old world National Park Service archaeologist Wilfred Logan wrote to University of Edinburgh professor Stuart Pickett in the hunt for such an authority Pickett suggested colleague Kenneth Jackson with .

The warning any reply he may vouchsafe will be explosive and the footnote i've just seen him and I'm right in appealing to dr. Jackson's sensitivities dr. Logan then confessed his concerns if the sensationalized claims concerning certain grooves in the sandstone cliffs go unrefuted and if further publicity appears in the popular press regarding .

Barry fell in other advocates of opium in America Jackson said their theories are of course totally untenable and in your own word preposterous and I have written every time to tell them so but without effect it seems Jackson ended his letter suggesting Logan also contact Harvard professor Calvert Watkins for further ammunition .

Logan apparently passed along Jackson's critique and Watkins named to fellow skeptic and Colorado State archaeologist dr. Bruce Ripert Oh a staffer then solicited written remarks from both men State Archaeologist Repetto joined a July 1977 site survey and rejected the theory that this is ogen script nonetheless the site was nominated to .

The National Register of Historic Places assuming Native Americans did a carving these presumptions hold even today although much clearer examples of translator dogyum verified by archeoastronomy have been found nearby such as in crack cave the Denver Post reported in September 2005 these are carvings Plains Indians created maybe .

700 years ago to mark the equinoxes the Post reporter later told us a Forest Service archeologist told her that studies had concluded this but when asked to see them Comanche National Grasslands District Forest Service ranger Thomas Peter said no such studies existed seems archaeologists consider preservation a sacred trust especially .

When it comes to preserving their own dogma you


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