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Podcast 19 Live: Psychology of Simple vs. Complicated

welcome to the grace-filled and graceful podcast where we break free from feeling like we have to be in constant hustle mode in order to hit our success goals while growing our online businesses i'm your host jennifer emmanuel and i share bite-sized actionable strategies systems and tips that allow you to focus on your .

God-given strengths and experience so that you can provide a great income for your family and all in a way that feels good to your soul let's start today's conversation hey it's jen welcome to this week's edition of graceful and graceful it is actually episode number 19. welcome to the podcast and let me tell .

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Building online businesses in a way that feels great to our soul meaning that we take our god-given gifts and use them to impact as many lives as possible using this online this online space so last week's podcast was a little longer than i had anticipated .

I'm sorry about that if you guys are used to a shorter shorter podcast um today actually will be a little bit shorter it's been a busy week here we have some fun new things come into play and i've been spending more time on that today is gonna be just slightly shorter but let's get started with our first segment shall we .

So every week i love to share a little bit about some upcoming holidays uh because i think that there's some really great conversation points here and if you're like me and sometimes have a hard time coming up with things to talk about especially if you don't want to talk about the news or maybe you prefer to listen and you're not a big talker i i .

Wanted to slip some of these holidays some of them may be silly but some of these holidays some information about these holidays out so that you can use them in every day conversation and it's interesting because if i find something like like i have a friend who is a hypnotherapist and a couple weeks ago it was hypnotherapy day and so i said well .

Happy hypnotherapy day and she didn't even know it existed and so i thought well this is perfect because it gives us something to connect over and it also gives her something to benefit her business to bring information to the people that are she's willing to serve so let's talk about this week 11th .

Of february it's national latte day february 11th is also national make a friend day oh that's wonderful february 11th is inventor's day we have some inventors in my family february 12th lincoln's birthday i'm linking i grew up in illinois and lincoln is a big a big part of the illinois history so we we spent a .

Lot of time in celebrating him over um in illinois february 13th is the international friends day which is interesting the 11th is make a friend day and the 13th is international friends day so we're bringing we're bringing it internationally it's also cheddar day being from the midwest i am a fan of .

Cheese curds and the 12th is also a newly a new holiday uh that started within the past five years galentine's day so that's when i believe you get together with girlfriends and celebrate kind of a girls night out kind of a thing okay february 14th is valentine's day it's read to a child day and if i didn't .

Learn anything as i was becoming a parent i learned that it's just so important on so many levels for so many reasons to have that special time with the kiddos daily and the 14th is also international book day for a while there i switched from books to just downloading like on a kindle and reading .

That way although it was mainly my phone because i wanted to get rid of clutter and you know have space in my house and i really missed holding it in my hand holding the books in my hand so i have started to get books again i think i listed in a different podcast my my strategy of actually buying a book having to go through several channels .

First including going to the library and seeing if i like it first and then if i like it then i go to a used bookstore to see if they have it or there's also a website called abe's i think it's called aids books it might just be a books but it's a used bookstore online all right the 15th of february world hippopotamus day .

World hippopotamus day um it's also february 15th is also gumdrop day and we are at our next state in the celebration of state days wisconsin days february 15th so if you know somebody that you love with an online business that would really align with what we believe in go ahead and share this .

Podcast with somebody in wisconsin and have them not only listen to this one but also next week so that they can hear their city shout out and since i am from midwest i know a bunch of the cities in wisconsin spent a lot of time in there uh a lot of time there february 16th is almond day and finally for this week we're celebrating the 17th of february .

Which is cafe olay day which yes is different than a latte day if you know your coffees it is different the 17th of february is also random acts of kindness day okay let's get to our topic today i have a funny story to tell you i had been struggling with almost like wrestling with the idea of going this way or this way or how .

Exactly i was gonna do it and something that i've learned about myself is that when i hit a wall and i'm looking at the information in front of me if i feel the idea of i'm i'm capable of figuring this out i'm i'm smart i could handle this type of a thing .

Why is this so difficult and i have seen a pattern in my life of running into that wall when that happens i have i've taught myself to to share with other people now i i tend to be more um independent and figure things out on my own but over time i've learned that it's .

Not a sign of weakness to talk through an idea with somebody sometimes even just to talk through an idea with myself and so i was talking to this idea and i was like why is this so difficult and all of a sudden this clarity like this this it was almost like the morning fog .

Evaporated and the sun came out and all of a sudden i was like this is this is so easy why was i complicating it so that's where i found myself the other day and so i thought you know what this this is uh .

This is something that happens to me this is a a pattern sometimes and so other people one of my beliefs is that um the enemy wants us to believe we're the only one that is experiencing things uh in the way that we are experiencing things and to talk about it with people is embarrassing or shows that you're .

Weak or shameful i i was i was getting ready to do the podcast and i was on facebook for some reason and something popped up from last year so this was yesterday so february 10th it popped up in my history of facebook i've done a live video you can go back and look at it if if we're .

Connected on facebook february 10 2021 and my post for that day it was like a 15 minute video was why do we complicate things so much and i thought oh my goodness what i'm not perfect timing what is it about the you know the beginning part of february that i feel things get complicated i don't know but before that happened .

Before that uh the notification of this is this is what you were doing last year at this time popped up of course i started to do research it was the very same day that i had the aha moment and there was clarity i was like what .

What is it there has to be something that makes us think that things that are complex are the way to go and it believe it or not in fact i i will um post the three stories in typing that why do we complicate things in searches like that lots came .

Up so including some really neat scientific information so um what i want to start with today is the importance of simplicity and i'm sure that if you've been in in business or even out in the world for any particular amount of time you may have heard the saying keep it simple it may you may have even heard .

Keep it simple sweetie keep it simple silly just get the whole idea of keep it simple and so my time in the direct selling world where i grew up for 20 years that was one of the big sayings in our in the company was keep it simple and i can understand why .

That was taught and why it was kept i believe the company's been around for 50 years why was taught by the founder and why it has lasted for so long because when a leader is teaching a student or somebody on their team we in general want to move the group together and the more simple we can keep the goal the faster .

And the more effective the group would work toward solving the problem together moving forward together and part of the whole keep it simple but keep it simple thought process with my my time with the 20 years there from the leadership perspective was always talked about when you're keeping .

It simple you keep it attainable more people believe that they can do it if it looks simple then the next thing from a leadership standpoint is it's teachable you're not trying to teach people that you lead really complex things because chances are if they're just learning these things they aren't as deep rooted as you .

Are and sometimes when we we've been doing something for a long time we have grown roots in that we've learned the many layers of things but in general if you are working with a group of people who are newish to the situation we want to keep it simple to start teaching them the first top layers of whatever it is .

That we're teaching them and then finally transferable was a word we used a lot the skills are transferable meaning that um like it like for with children for instance they see you make an egg they like the way the egg tastes they ask you to make them an egg and you do it because physically .

They're not able to do it and then eventually you say hey you've loved me making eggs for you for 10 years whatever for eight years seven years let me show you how to make an egg so you walk them through it keep it simple then you watch them do it you supervise them and then .

You kick them out of the nest with the egg making they can make their own eggs right so the simple is the simplicity transferable and when things get complicated it's much more difficult to transfer that skill so i've been talking .

About these things about simplicity from the leadership standpoint and this is as you're growing your your businesses online is not only the the the people that you're leading through your business but as your business scales as your business grows the idea of building your support systems your support team they need to .

Be led starting at least in a very simple manner so i i was like i'm not the only one that feels this way because the google search brought up a whole bunch of things and of course i i wanted to know why and really there was quite a few reasons there were quite a few opinions of why .

People think this happens so i took two of the opinions but then i'm going to wrap up with some of the sciency stuff and i i i'll do my best to keep it interesting for those of you who just want the the surface layer but i found it i found it so fascinating so let's get started and one reason why we make simple things complicated i .

Thought that what i was seeing and feeling on the spiritual level broke down basically to fear something having to do with fear made me believe that more complex was always the way to go i don't know if it was a um pride thing or it was a ego thing but i knew that .

Love is simple and it wasn't what i was experiencing was believing that the complex was the best way to go the philippe denishod and john paracal they wrote a blog called one reason we make simple things completed and so this was one of .

The opinions of what people were thinking most things are simpler than they appear we don't always see this because the human brain is a stimulation hog it likes being busy and so when i read this my my thought was especially now that we live in the information age and we have so much .

Information available to us the first thing my brain thinks to do is when it when it hears of something that it finds interesting is it wants more information it wants to go deeper it wants to and that can be a good thing which we'll learn in just a little bit it can be a good thing to start with but it can very easily turn into a .

Negative thing and the more complexity that we're adding to our lives the more hurried and stressed out and hustle-minded and fear-based fear-run i believe we're going to be it says the brain keeps busy by understanding solving deciding debating arguing .

Influencing growing whining it's always working and this means that if even if something is simple our brain concludes that it can't be that simple and proceeds to make it much more complicated which adds more stimulation it does this so that we can tell ourselves and prove to ourselves that it .

Really was complicated even though it was very simple you see what i was saying by egos and pride ego and pride the brains hunger for stimulation is why we are addicted to any technology that will provide us with more information faster it explains the explosive growth of the smartphone wireless the internet computers google tablets facebook email .

And so much more so i felt like confirmation i me why is this thing so complicated i'm just gonna research it it's gonna get less complicated when i get more information um not so .

Not the so with that case there the next the next uh article that i'm going to pull from is from the washington post by christopher ingram uh dated april 16 2021 humans solve problems by adding complexity even when it's against our best interest so the article was talking about an experiment that researchers did .

In the journal of nature the researchers showed that they they revealed something fundamental about the human psyche which i knew that it had to be the whole taking simple and make it complex i knew there had to be a root like i knew it had to be in there we tend to solve problems by .

Adding things together rather than taking things away even when doing so goes against our goes against our best interests so as humans we try to figure out problems by adding more stuff instead of trying to eliminate things so you can see potentially why so many people are in debt .

So many people have houses full of garbage and they have storage units full of garbage you can see why marketers are thriving on this what fear it's one another reason why i love the way that we do business here is it's not it's all about .

Open-handedness and abundance and it's fearless i'm not using a bunch of tactics to get you to behave in a certain way and i don't want you to do that for your business either because it feels a heck of a lot better to do things business this way use my talents this way serve people this way then it would me trying to what make .

Things complicated figure out a way to make this work brainstorming new ideas the tendency to overlook subtraction may be implicated in a variety of costly modern trends including overburdened minds and schedules hello there's increasing red tape in institutions and humanities encroachment on the safe .

Operating conditions for the life of earth there's a variety of explanations for why we might favor addition over subtraction and problem solving numerical concepts of more and higher more and higher may map to evaluate concepts of positive and better more is better for instance in many fields it may be easier to gain .

Recognition for creating something than for taking something away the conclusion i'll wrap up with this this paper people systematically overlook subtraction that's what their focus is on this thing from the washington post people systematically overlook .

Subtraction it's not that subtraction is always better adding and subtracting are complementary ways to try to improve things all right i don't have listed who wrote this document but it's called complexity bias and why we prefer complicated to simple and we'll wrap up with this i have a couple of things to hit upon in this particular .

Document and then i have a final thought i'll start by saying com that re that life is really simple but we insist on making it complicated we often find it easier to face a complex pardon problem than a simple one a person who feels tired all the time insist that their doctor check their iron levels while ignoring the fact that .

They are unambiguously sleeping sleep deprived someone experiencing financial difficult difficulties may stress over the tech technicalities of their telephone bill while ignoring the large sums of money they spend on cocktails and this is what i was saying earlier about how marketing in general goes after our fears and gives us the .

Idea that when we fear if we feel fearful that maybe we feel like we're lacking something and that i need to go buy this thing that will make me feel better and then we get caught up in that that circle of buy it it feels good to buy it you have hopes and excitement and and then we come around the circle again .

You realize you're still in the same place you bought it you felt great you got that dopamine hit and then nothing is better and so you do it again with something else that you feel will make you feel better and this particular paper actually says marketers make frequent use of complexity bias .

They do this by incorporating confusing language or insignificant details to a product packaging or sales company so most people who buy quote unquote ammonia free hair dye or face cream which contains peptides don't fully understand the claims terms like this often mean very little but we see them and imagine that they .

Signif that they signify a product is superior to its alternatives another quote this one's by andy benoit most geniuses especially those who lead others prosper not by deconstructing intricate complexities by but by exploiting unrecognized simplicities so this is talking about people that are .

In leadership positions the ones that do really well the quote-unquote geniuses are the ones not that break down things that are intricate but by exploiting or bringing forward the things that are the most simple okay complexity bias is interesting because the majority of .

Cognitive biases occur in order to save some mental energy so some of these things that are happening in our brains happen to save energy and our brain wants to save energy so for example confirmation bias enables us to avoid the effort associated with updating our beliefs we stick to our existing opinions and ignore the .

Information that contradicts them availability bias is a means of avoiding effort of considering everything we know about a topic it may seem like the opposite is true but complexity bias is in fact another cognitive shortcut it helps our brains save energy this bias this complexity bias .

By opting for impenetrable solutions we sidestep the need to understand of the fight or flight responses complexity bias is the flight response so fight and flight is what fear-based so the this complexity bias is something that helps us to run away from it's a means of turning away from a problem or .

Concept and labeling it as too confusing if you think something is harder than it is yours you surrender your responsibility to understand it the more complex the task is the more information we have about it means that the more complex it is the brain sees oh lots of information this must be complex .

Often the understanding the fundamentals will get us most of the way there so keeping it simple understanding just the basic fundamentals will get us further than feeling like that we have to absorb all of this information when we succumb to complexity bias we are focused too hard on the tricky ten percent and ignoring the easy ninety 90 there is uh .

Another paper cited in this one called in living with complexity it's by donald a norman and he has this quote we seek rich satisfying lives and richness goes along with complexity our favorite songs stories games and books are rich satisfying and complex and we need complexity even while we .

Crave simplicity some complexity is desirable and when things get too simple they are also viewed as dull and uneventful so are we opting for more complexity because simplicity yeah it's simple but it's also boring psychologists have demonstrated that people prefer a middle level of .

Complexity too simple and we're bored too complex and we're confused moreover the ideal level of complexity is a moving target because the more expert we become in a subject like leadership we're in leadership so we are more expert on the matter than the people that we're leading the more complexity we prefer this holds true .

Whether the subject is music or art or detective stories or historical novels or hobbies or movies example right here coffee and tea start out simple as beans and leaves and we must they must be dried or roasted and ground up and infused with water to produce the end result in principle we should .

It should be easy to make a cup of coffee or tea so simply let the ground beans or leaves steep in the hot water for a while separate the grounds and the leaves from the brew and drink simple but to the coffee or tea kind of sewer those people who got bored with that they find coffee and tea to be so .

Interesting that they want to be a leader in the coffee drinking thus connoisseur the quest for the perfect taste is long standing what beans how what beans what leaves what temperature water or how long and what is the proper ratio of .

Water to leaves or coffee so what this paper is saying is that we are biased to com complexity and we went through some reasons why but the main thing is that as optimal performers we want some middle of the road complexity too much is too much chaos not enough is boring and so for .

Those of us in our industries that are given these talents chances are and this is coming full circle chances are we thrive on the information it is so interesting to us these are our talents these are our gifts we're deep we are you know the talent kind of sewer whatever name the .

Talent the connoisseur of this but we have to remember for those people that we're teaching basic simple is going to be the 90 to help them get to wherever they're paying us to lead them then it takes a turn here it says the problem with complexity and it gives an .

Example of something that i have struggled with myself the idea of the perfect morning routine imagine a person who sits down one day and plans to elaborate plans an elaborate morning routine motivated by the routines of famous writers that they've read about they lay out their ideal morning and .

They decide they'll wake up at 5 a.m they'll meditate for 15 minutes they'll drink a liter of lemon water while writing in a journal they'll read 50 pages and then they'll prepare coffee before planning the rest of their day have you not read books to tell you to do this and i've been through that and i've done it and i've tried it and i .

It's not it worked for the book writer it might work for 10 of the population but for the rest of us we're gonna buy what another book on how to be effective in the morning because it didn't work for us right the next day they launch into this complex routine and they try to keep it .

For a while maybe they succeed at first but that word entropy soon gets in and the routines get derailed sometimes they wake up late and they don't have enough time to read and the perceived ideal routine has many moving parts their actual behavior ends up .

Being different each day depending on random factors the hypothetical scenario illustrates the issue with complexity complexity is unsustainable without effort and since most of us are looking to build our businesses in a way eventually that will lead to .

Less effort you can see why simplicity will be the one that wins out when you have complexity by nature you have fraud and mistakes this is uh the more individual constituent parts a system has the greater chance of its breaking down so have you heard about the really fancy .

Cars that people pay a lot of money for and they're they you know they're fast and they're intricate and they're you know the the connoisseur of cars but these companies that make the cars are like the cons con is the consumer connoisseur of cars .

Fast hand-built um crazy engineering but they break down easy and they're hard to get fixed where you have complexity by nature you also have fraud and mistakes it's complexity is difficult to manage and as you're building your business .

And you're working with customers and you're building your team do you not want simplicity you're not going to be hiring people to make your life more complicated the probability of an overall failure could be high if many components are involved it's unsustainable without constant maintenance self-organization or .

Adaptation chaos tends to disguise itself as complexity just a couple more things here how can we overcome complexity bias oh do this one first here's a really great quote ernest f schumacher an intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex and more violent it takes a touch of genius and a lot of .

Courage to move in the opposite direction how can we overcome complexity bias the most effective tool we have for overcoming complexity bias is ochem's razor this is from a blog the mental model oakum's razor also known as the principle of parsimony .

This is a problem-solving principle used to eliminate improbable options in a given situation so occam's razor suggests i hope that i'm saying that right occam occam's razor suggests that the simplest solution or explanation is usually the correct one when we don't have enough empirical .

Evidence to disprove a hypothesis we should avoid making unfounded assumptions or adding unnecessary complexities so we can make quick decisions and or establish truth quick decisions means quick action means getting done faster the sympathies the simplest hypothesis .

Is usually the correct one but this states rather that it's the best option oh sorry an improvement point important point to note is that occam's razor does not state that the simplest hypothesis is the correct one but it does state rather that it's the best option before the .

Establishment of imperial empirical evidence and wrapping up this paper so many geniuses are really good at eliminating unnecessary complexity einstein for instance was a master at sifting the essential from the non-essential steve jobs was the same and those are big names in this world .

This world of business and science and mathematics so as you're building your business i continue to celebrate you as you're sticking with simplicity and working with the talents that you've been given and not adding additional fluff because .

Ultimately the people that we lead and the people that we work with the people that work with us are going to be benefited from this and the results will be more in line with what could possibly happen so if you feel like some of the things that you've learned maybe about .

Marketing your business are overly complex like how to perfectly mimic somebody else's words in a real or having to post ten times a day and sharing huge amounts spending huge amounts of time talking to your phone to do a story .

In instagram or to meet a certain quota that some guru tells you measure it to what we just talked about and think about how much happier your soul will be when you do it in a way that's more in alignment with love and not fear now that we've officially wrapped up with the book that we've covered for five i think four or .

Five weeks at the podcast the visioneering book uh we are back to providing a great resource uh for either your work library or life library um things that i turn to frequently and this is actually something my husband introduced me to a long time ago and recently brought it back out i think .

It did at the beginning of the new year but it is a really great daily devotional called my utmost for his highest by oswald chambers and it's something that i believe in my um my sitting area like i have a place that i sit in the mornings uh to help me .

Remember to look at this we also have a copy in the bathroom which is helpful but uh today february 11th i really um i really really felt today's today's devotion so it's very short just they're just one page devotions this has to do with isaiah 26 3 which is you'll keep him in perfect peace whose mind has .

Stayed on you because he trusts in you is your mind stayed on god or is it starved starvation of the mind causes caused by neglect is one of the chief sources of exhaustion and weakness in a servant's life and the reason why i i really clicked with this is with my experience a couple year or so ago right before and going into the .

Pandemic with burnout and i i it makes perfect sense because i was so focused on making something happen with my business that there was a lot of joy lost and i one of the things that led to this new vision for myself uh or to pay more attention was that happening starvation of the mind caused .

By neglect is one of the chief sources of exhaustion and weakness in a servant's life if you've never used your mind to place yourself before god begin to do it now hi maddie maddy's maddie said hi to everyone if you've never used your mind to place yourself before god begin to do it now there's no reason to wait for god to come to you you must .

Turn your thoughts and your eyes away from from the face of idols and look to him and be saved isaiah 4 45 22 and so what are your idols what one thing that i've been thinking a lot more about lately is my phone the idol of i don't know what you would call that would you call it the idol of .

Distraction would you call it the idol of entertainment um the idol habit the idol of what you know what are you looking at on your phone for some reason i go to the yahoo news which a lot of times isn't .

Even news like it's more entertainment to feel time to pro maybe to procrastinate to zone out and that i mean that can be an idol too your mind is the greatest gift god has given you and it ought to be devoted entirely to him you should seek to be bringing every thought into captivity in the obedience of christ .

Second corinthians 10 5. this will be one of the greatest assets of your faith when a time of trial because comes because then your faith and the spirit of god will work together and when you have thoughts and ideas that are worthy of credit to god learn to compare and associate them with all that happens in nature .

The rising and the setting of the sun the shining of the moon and the stars and the changing of seasons you'll begin to see that your thoughts are from god as well and your mind will no longer be at the mercy of your impulsive thinking but will always be used in service to god we have sinned with our fathers and did .

Not remember psalm 106 6-7 pride your memory and wake up immediately don't say to yourself but god is not talking to me right now he ought to be remember whose you are and whom you serve encourage yourself to remember and your affection for god will increase tenfold your mind will no longer be starved but will be quick and .

Enthusiastic and your hope will be inexpressibly bright and so since our goal is to be building our business based on the the talents we've been given our number one priority is to be listening for the next steps and would you not agree to have your mind be nourished instead of starved as well as be quick .

And enthusiastic and be filled with hope that is doing everything that we've been asked we've been using our talents we've been attracting people because we're being salt and light and we're following what he asks us to do so this was a really great devotion for the day .

And it's funny if you go through that book like every day and it really hits you and you like make a little note like this really got me february 2nd 2022 or whatever day it was if you make a little note every day like then like when you see it the next year you'd be like oh this was perfect timing last year and it's perfect timing again so it .

Kind of works with what we talked about as far as simplicity today that is my uh and i think i've listed this before in our race resources my utmost versus highest oswald chambers all right wrapping up this week's podcast i am gonna give some shout outs last week uh listening to the podcast we actually had a new city so let me give the shout outs .

To those people that have listened last week there were um our audience last week as as as of this recording anyways has been from dallas texas that is where we are as well as clarkson michigan thank you so much for listening you guys and we have a new a new city to add to our um our family here montpelier vermont and i've actually never have i .

Been to vermont no i've never been to vermont i think the farthest north had been is massachusetts i've been massachusetts i've been to rhode island connecticut i've not been to vermont or new hampshire or maine but i would sure love to so thank you montpelier vermont .

I hope that you uh came back this week to hear your city shouted out and that'll wrap up our podcast for the week please subscribe and like and share and star our time together here on the graceful and graceful podcast here is to a great week happy valentine's day .



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