Friday, May 20, 2022

Polymaker Weekly Live #005 – Difference between stringing and oozing?

Hello everyone santiago rock sam how are you guys doing uh like always just a quick check that uh everything is working the camera the sound i guys are hearing me okay everything should be fine yeah i'm uh i'm really sorry for last week uh last .

Week we didn't have uh we didn't have our life because i had a i had an issue connecting to the uh to the polymer account so i solved that issue uh in the afternoon here in china so it was already too late so that's why finally you know i canceled the stream uh uh last week i'm .

Very sorry for that um now it should not happen again uh but last week we had a lot of fun on the uh on the lm show from uh from loyola so i joined the um i joined the street but on the chat and uh in order to uh compensate a little bit the fact that we didn't have the uh the stream the day before .

So and you're on yes the real sun print is actually can you see what's up there oh it's cut a little bit here you go i don't have the big poly but uh at least i can carry it and uh and show .

It and show it to you so this is this is the uh the robot that sam in the in the chat has uh has built i think you know the the thing that impressed me the most is the time it took to build this i think it was what i think we were a little bit in the rush because we wanted to have this for tct in the beginning of .

The year and i think he did this in like one or two days uh something like this i don't remember maybe may the polybar yeah maybe maybe some you you can you can tell more about it but uh but i do remember it was like you sent picture of it and then you said like yeah yeah it's already on the way i .

Was like oh already finished uh a robot enough you know in a few days let me put it back there so uh yeah sam is uh the the way i think he has what like uh how many printed i think uh dozens of printers i think uh at the moment so um yeah i mean uh the way like i told .

You already the way you manage this printer and and how much print you can get in one day is just so impressive um hi hc and welcome to nowa's abdullah bonjour everyone uh from from quebec is that is that correct or all from friends .

Third 32 sun 32 printer or 32 what is huge okay and then rob gamshield hi the polybutton is weak yeah yeah it's awesome and i'm not sure if you have seen the the bigger version the uh .

The big brother of that robot so it's the same style but uh but a much bigger one um he went around at um at uh at tct uk and it was pretty awesome we have some footage it was pretty good 32 printers son that's that's crazy thing has got out of control yeah yeah i .

Can see that i can see that hi missouri welcome hi titan's revenge i think i remember your name i think you joined one of our stream as well i can i can recognize most most of the name missouri also uh hc i think hc i think that's the first time i i see you there comic age .

Clothing hi i also think that's the first time you're joining so today today as always i prepared some uh some stuff to break so we have we have all the materials uh like i always say during the stream the best way to learn about materials is just to break it break it and see how it performs so this .

Time i have a lot more materials and i did the hollywood a lot of people have asked me how hollywood would uh would behave um i added the silk petg and then the rest i think is pretty similar i have oh and then i have the polysmooth a lot of people have asked me about polysmooth um which is uh very similar to abs actually when it breaks .

So i have these um i ask on twitter also if there is some topic that people would be interested in and then i have uh was it a bcn3d uh a printer manufacturer from from spain that uh that asked if we could talk about 3d printer innovation and i think they have released uh something i .

I didn't know so i very quickly checked the article and they uh they introduced auto calibration for their 3d printer and then a metal pack so two more material oriented but in terms of the hardware they were talking about auto calibration so during the stream we are also going to talk a little bit about 3d printer you know where .

What's the status of 3d printer now what what has evolved you know whether it's much material much color uh the speed um a lot of different uh the slicer also it's uh it's pretty impressive the slicer we have now compared to what we had like 10 years ago so that's gonna be one of the topic and some other we had .

Some pretty nice print that uh that i wanted to show so i will take some when talking about slicers and what printers are capable of then i will talk a little bit uh taking all of these models as an example actually i'm not sure if you know these uh these models from uh we we went there from the same .

Thingiverse account i don't remember the name of the designer yet i should have next time i will put the credit uh on the uh on twitter i will post on twitter with all these models uh but you can see i mean look at the small army that uh that we have made with uh with all our our army colors it's it's pretty nice .

Look at this i i'm not sure you can see you can see the details on the on the on the camera i cannot go too close because i have the light just here but yeah we have all almost all our uh our different uh army colors .

Yeah sometimes i look down because i have my screen here so i can see what you guys are seeing so that i don't show it in here and then we have like some nice model like this was that spaceship i guess and then this one this one was pretty famous i think you guys i think you know .

This model printed in multiple parts i've seen it on multiple facebook group it's pretty nice as well and then we have this uh pretty nice plane here so all of these models some new models that we have printed with our new new series and then some decor .

Decoration for printing okay sorry i've been talking i haven't read so we had real same apprentice always does the uk proud yeah yeah definitely actually i think we are um we have been working with uh with a few .

People that are building robots and somehow they are all in the uk so i don't know if it's a big hobby in the uk of building robots um but it's pretty interesting i think we have uh we've been uh talking with uh uh james and then uh matt and sam and they're all .

From the uk building robots most likely all the robots come from there maybe um i did reviews for you guys glow in the dark and earth brown oh yeah yeah i know i know so then uh titan revenge 3d i know who you are from uh from twitter i've seen uh i've seen the two reviews thank you very much by the way so you are the one that that uh .

That is very excellent as at uh choosing models right i've seen the model you choose for for earth brown and for the glow in the dark and it's it's just perfect and the way you printed them also you you really have good skills with with 3d printers um .

Comic age closing so loyal street uh did did loyal share the uh let me check did he share the um the invitation to the uh to the stream or was it are you talking about another another tweet that we had uh lyra rock i can recommend all the army political line lyra rock .

Thank you for being here i'm so so sorry i'm so late i've seen your message and then orianna keep poking me that i need to come back to you and i will i will definitely come back to you i've been very very busy uh i've actually i spent my winter holiday developing the the new u.s website that most of you have seen with the new affiliate program .

Uh i won't talk too much about the affiliate program uh but i will have a special stream just for the affiliates uh so all the people that has registered to our affiliate program i will do a very special stream for you to explain a little bit more about that but um but i promise uh lyra i will i will come back .

To you i know i know there is some stuff that we need to update thank you for joining uh i'm so happy that uh actually the fact that uh it didn't work last week then this week i was thinking okay we need to do something a little bit new and then i was thinking let's do a time .

Where we could have both the u.s and europe so i don't know most of you where you are from but i've seen some names that i recognize that are from uh from the us and i know some names that are from europe so i'm happy that the fact that we had these two times so unfortunately i cannot do that every week because i'm in the office now and .

It's uh saturday it's uh 11 p.m now so almost midnight uh so i i will try to do it like maybe every maybe once every month uh something like this um anyway i love talking about 3d printing so i don't mind coming in the middle of the night and and just hang out with you and talk about 3d printing .

Um one thing a rug one thing polyterra is awesome for is enhancing details oh yeah yeah definitely actually there is like the matte the matte finish kind of help with um like you can have .

Exactly the same details with regular pla and and pretty therapeutic but the matte finish will just make the details stand out a little bit more uh titan revenge yes sir yeah i i remember luna board studio good to see you still testing your materials yeah i think i remember the polycast so if you guys .

Don't know uh if i remember well uh luna lunar luna born studio is actually an an artist that is making i don't know if it's uh or what he's making but i know that part of the art is making uh metal art pieces that are just they're just awesome and i've seen even i've seen an .

Interview i've seen on the news uh there were uh i don't i don't exactly remember but it was a commemoration or something like this and there is like a uh the piece that was uh in like a park sorry i don't remember exactly but uh he's using our podcast he's testing our podcast and then if you go on his youtube channel he is explaining .

Like like an expert i mean to to an amount of details you you cannot imagine the investment casting so if you guys are interested in investment casting then i highly highly recommend that uh you go on on on his channel um i uh luna burn i i don't remember yeah again i guess that's the channel .

You just click on on that name and then you will see the you will see the the channel pony maker marble is excellent as well yeah i don't have do i have the marble here yeah i mean polyterra now comes in such a variety of colors we have the regular color we have the army colors we have .

The uh the pastel colors uh we made the tippy tree here here the chippy tree made with the pastel color and then we have all the marble colors and we have a new series that is coming in march in mid-march i believe depending on our production because uh we are we are actually uh moving and we are expanding our production uh we don't .

Have enough at the moment to uh to uh follow the demand so uh so we are expanding at the moment so during the expansion we uh we will be uh we will be producing a little bit slower but after that we have a whole bunch of uh new products that are coming in in 2022 um .

I want to be us affiliate yeah uh you can go on the uh on the u.s website so you are uh 10 a.m eastern standard time usc yeah so uh if you want to become a us affiliate you go on so that's our our brand new website and then there is a affiliate program uh there is like one tap you go there and then you can sign .

In and then i on the front page i explain uh everything so and it's pretty straightforward to uh to sign in and the the program itself the commission the tier plan etc is is really really good uh like i said i will go in more into detail in the next stream with the uh with the affiliates um .

Jay australia here australia wait but because i'm in china and australia i think is around uh four hours so it's it's also late in the evening for you if it's uh 11 30 here i think it's somewhere around uh or maybe 9 30 or something like this uh or or no maybe the opposite .

Maybe it's like a 3 a.m or something like this so basically now we have the whole world right we have asia we have europe we have americas that's that's awesome uh rock game shield we are affiliate too so look forward to it yeah thank you uh thank you very much for becoming uh a .

Pony maker affiliate igor uh hello from hungary yeah again well i'm so happy to see uh all of these names so igor is also um uh a youtube channel that we have been uh working on and his technical tests are are just awesome so why we really like this channel is because .

He's he's a very he he has a very scientific approach to uh to to the materials so there is some channels that are more uh let's say print models and uh let's say uh educating the people to get into 3d printing from scratch and uh they are staying at a certain level and then you have some other channels that .

Go a step forward and then they go more into the technical side and for us i'm a little bit biased but i i really like the technical side so and then igor was and he is he's new in a way that he was not there uh when when we had all the channel like uh what like uh maybe uh .

Six years ago or seven years ago i think uh uh i i don't think the channel was there yet but very quickly uh it become it become a channel that people really like because of the uh the technical test so um and thank you very much uh igor again for accepting to test our our materials um .

From hungary so we have we really have glad to see you're doing fine thanks for the effort on the stream at the eu friendly time yeah yeah it's a pleasure i i i at least owe you this um luna burn yeah testing the polycast thanks for the shout out yeah yeah definitely thank you for testing the .

Polycast we learned a lot from uh from from your testing build the marks good morning build the marks are you the uh the mod for the uh uh the lm showing i've seen your name and every time loyal was mentioning your name to uh to get all the uh the the winner information etc so uh is it the same builder marks i remember it was .

That name um super slow yeah definitely remember that uh that name love igor's videos yeah definitely for all the people that uh don't know igor's video i highly highly recommend to go and uh and see them um he actually even for the uh i don't remember i don't know if you remember .

The fact that we made a hook contest uh last year uh where uh we needed to printed uh printed some hooks out of uh polymax dla and then he also joined the uh uh joined the competition and then he made a video about how he made the the hook and uh yeah the the scientific approach is is the is for me the the reason why i really love this .

Channel um nice i'm signing up for the affiliate now thank you thank you very much uh build the marks yes yeah okay so you are okay okay yeah i remember that name okay so the first topic that i would like to .

Talk about is uh like like i mentioned in the uh in the title is last time we talked a lot about uh uh warping and i went uh uh into the technical details behind what is what is working what's the real root cause of warping we've covered let's say 80 of it uh the rest of the 20 is really more on the polymer science so .

I don't think it's very very interesting with without the white board that i can use but today i want to do the same thing but for oozing and stringing so the first question when i write um i don't have uh i forgot the book from uh uh from 3d print general uh you know he has a 3d printing failure uh book and inside there is a material .

Science where i wrote about uh my experience with materials and what i know about materials and and one of the one of these subjects uh science chapter is oozing and stringing you know how for me what's the difference between the same way .

Uh i explain the difference between between a jam like jamming your printer or clogging your printer and i know it sounds uh it sounds strange because and that's only my way of seeing right but for me using using it uh when you are going to have uh blobs of material so it stops extruding material then you will have a phenomenon .

That will uh make the material ooze right and then we will come back to this after so for me that's oozing and then you have stringing for me stringing is the phenomenon of uh finishing or at least being the the the printer the printhead has finished printing something and when moving to another location you have a .

String that will be created right so and although oozing and stringing can have some resemblance the root cause behind oozing and stringing are for me with that definition very very different so i will try to follow the chat at the same time to make sure that uh that uh .

If you have any question then i can answer on the go so will future live stream be the same time as today nova's abdullah uh i'm sorry unfortunately not because for me it's not very convenient i'm based in china and it's uh it's uh almost midnight here uh uh saturday almost midnight so i will .

Try to do at least once a month around that time uh and the rest of the time will be more around uh 8 30 on thursday evening uh eastern standard time and i don't think it's a very good time for um let me check so if it's uh yeah yeah so it's like uh somewhere around midnight .

One a.m in friday for europe but i will try to mix i will try to have at least one stream that is uh uh that is uh eu friendly time um i sent twinter i sent twitter dm for later okay okay okay uh build them up so okay so going back so now that we have .

Made the distinction between stringing and oozing what what are the factors that uh that uh that uh that affect the oozing for me there is uh let's say three main factors uh the first one is gravity okay so so that's the reason why it's going down right so that's the first factor uh the .

First force of our vector or or factor the second one is uh so so let's do like this the first one is going down okay so all the factors that makes it going down uh the force that makes it going down and the second one is the force that uh keeping uh keeping the material up right .

Then we will break those down and then the third one is time why time is very important is because you know it's oozing all the time right i will give you an example why i always highlight this third factor that is uh that is time is for flexible filament usually uh or when i print on the ultimaker because the ultimaker has a .

Travel speed that that that can reach uh uh a little bit higher than uh than the other regular desktop so the reason why i mentioned time is because when you print flexible you usually don't want to have too much retraction usually i just remove it actually and in order to avoid the oozing between two .

Island when you are printing i just cram crank up the travel uh the travel speed to the maximum and why does that solve my program is because i'm entirely playing on the third factor which is time if it doesn't have time to ooze then whatever the force uh it will just not ooze so usually when i print flexible you will .

Have like it will print one island and then it will go to the other island and they will just go like this and i have very very minimum uh oozing so that's why i think time is very important sometimes you can solve your oozing issue so what's an oozing issue .

Is it will ooze and then when it will arrive to the island you are printing it will make a block so this block can be reduced by reducing the time you know like calculation right so now let's talk about these two force okay now time is uh is time i think it's .

Pretty straightforward so regarding these two force so the force that bring him down is uh gravity and uh don't think there is uh other particular force that will uh that will force the material to go down so theoretically there is gravity and residual pressure residual pressure is after you finish in order to print you .

Need to create some pressure in the nozzle and then this pressure will will make the filament come out and then when you when you ex when you retract the filament theoretically you bring that pressure inside the nozzle the the chamber back to zero uh however in some cases uh you will still have uh residual .

Pressure but let's put that aside for now let's just say uh you have a good retraction and then when you retract you remove you remove any kind of pressure in the nozzle so you are only left with gravity so whatever left in the nozzle the weight of that material that is left in the nozzle is going to be pushed uh pushed out of the .

Out of the nozzle so what are the what are the force that keep him keep him up well there is uh the first one is uh viscosity dependent so how uh how uh .

How to bring that the more let's say you put uh let's say you put water you put water in your nozzle even though there is no pressure the water is just going to leak out of the of the hole right but let's say you put honey the honey will take much more time to uh to uh to come out of the nozzle so uh that's that's the viscosity so the .

Lower the viscosity the less uh it will ooze why because you know the higher the viscosity the more uh like if you have water here and honey the higher the viscosity the more towards the uh honey right so if you have a very high viscosity material inside your uh your chamber then you will ooze much less so how do you have a high viscosity .

Material where you simply decrease the temperature the higher the temperature the higher the temperature the lower the viscosity so that's the reason why uh you have a lot of uh dual extrusion printer that when the other one uh when the other one stops extruding there is a standby temperature so the storm by temperature .

Will usually be around like 150 or 180 because at that temperature the viscosity is so high that i cannot it cannot ooze even if uh even if it's inactive for a long period of time so that's one part the viscosity of the material uh another part is the uh uh the uh the uh uh how do you collaborate .

Capital uh capital ah i forgot the name uh you know the fact that it's very small oh you guys uh can you help me capillary capillary yeah the the the the capillary effect so it's not actually it's uh it's not exactly the capillary effect it's more .

The fact that you will have you will have friction on the on the side of the nozzle so you know the nozzle is like this and then you have uh you have a very small uh uh dye at the end so this diet the length of the dye it's very important well uh of course the the whole the dimension of the hole is important but let's say it's point four .

But let's say you have a very long one if you have a long one theoretically uh you uh you will have less oozing why less oozing is because you have the whole cylinder that is that is putting friction on the uh on the opposite side of the of the gravity right so i'm not exactly using the right words the right scientific words but i hope i hope you .

Guys are following so if you have that uh that smaller that smaller die you know at the end of the the cut that is uh higher then you will have this uh you will have this um uh uh this effect of uh of not oozing too much because there's too much friction that is provided by this diet um .

Yeah so let me catch up a little bit if you guys have uh any questions so um rock gumsheet i don't mind a late one a late stream yeah yeah i will try i will try to play around with the time and find the best one i know this time now is the best for us and europe i know but but it's very hard to find a perfect .

One for for the whole world there is there will always be one part that will have to compromise a little bit um capillarity yeah thank you uh santiago and thank you uh now as abdullah uh santiago i found hardened steel's nozzle help with stringing higher friction and .

Lower tip temperature even if you print lower to compensate the lack of thermal connectivity yeah again so that's that's for me that's oozing i don't think this will help with stringing by uh by how i define stringing right so stringing for me is .

The entanglement between the polymer that will that will create this so if you're printing something and then and then let's say you do a z-hop when you do the z-hop why it doesn't cut directly the polymer because they are so integral right and whatever the design inside or or the friction which may help to cut it .

Earlier uh but the stringing for me it has only to do with uh the the the material you are using uh whether you know whether it's a uh it has a high viscosity or a low viscosity uh maybe the molecular rate uh the molecular weight the uh how how long are uh are the polymers and the .

Entanglement between them i guess that's that that that's the reason that's the factors that will affect the the actual stringing so for example there's a lot of people that recommend the z-hop when you are printing let's say you are printing this right and then here when you will start to .

Print you have two islands right and sometimes when you don't have a z-hop when the printer will go from this island to the other island he may knock off the uh the uh the the second island because it will maybe maybe when it printed will curl a little bit and they will just knock the part uh uh of the bed so they .

Are recommended the z-hop and then they have a new problem is they realize that the whole print has stringing everywhere and that's mainly the the big issue with z-hop the big issue with z-hop is when you will when you will hop then you will have all the entanglement between the polymer that will just that .

Will just stretch and force the rest of the material that was inside the nozzle stretch them to come out force them to come out and that's why it will first stretch so you have a small string and then it will start to move and then this string will just uh will just stretch and then you will have this this stringing issue .

So in order to solve the stringing my recommendation is uh to do a wipe so the goal we just defined the stringing as the the material that stick to itself right uh that's why that's the also the reason why when you have a a high moisture material that has you know absorbed .

Moisture then you have similar issue because the water is going to make the material very the material very sticky and the stickiness will create those uh dose like uh like chewing gum like string so in order to solve that then you have you basically have to cut the solution is to to cut the polymer as soon as you cut .

The polymer you only need to deal with oozing you don't need to deal with stringing anymore and how to cut that where either you design a very nice nozzle that every time after you print that it just it just cut the nozzle but there is if you go on your slicer there is .

Something that is called wipe and wiping means it will it will print the layer and when it will finish the layer it will actually continue a little bit and the fact that it continue a little bit and print over on top of the other layer it will kind of wipe the nozzle a little bit and you .

Will kind of cut the the string so that's that's one way the other way is if you check on cura if you check how they uh actually uh the algorithm the algorithm to uh uh to change from an island to an island you will see that when they finish to print it will slightly go inside and then we will leave the island so that .

Small move makes the print much higher quality so you can check on cura you can you can slice something you can slice this if you want and then you just go to your print preview and then you go at this level and then you check what what the what you check the nozzle pass and then you will see that when you finish the the the outer shell then he will do .

A small inner movement and then he will go to the other one so that's the that's that's that's the movement that is going to cut the uh the polymer so again that sort of stringing doesn't solve oozing oozing is after you cut the filament then like we said after whatever stays inside you have other .

Factors that will that will make it come out and then when it will arrive to the second island then you will have these uh this small block so uh now as abdullah came across an anti-ooze nozzle from a japanese guys did anyone try it it has a spring-loaded valve in the nozzle .

Uh yeah that could uh also work uh amwan tires uh what the okay so for the uh anti uh how do you call that anti ooze nozzle uh the valve is also a good idea uh i don't know if you uh uh know the robots the robots printer that was uh at that time it was i think one of the .

Smartest printer it was like a blue kind of and then you had the uh uh special spools on the side and he was a very smart printer like he could um he could do like some anti-jam process or this kind of thing and and they also .

They actually have they actually have also a valve system inside so that's also a way to uh to cut that filament in order to uh to solve stringing so uh we we we had some idea of uh of how to cut uh uh or how to solve your stringing issue uh again uh you can you can make the filament .

Less stringy so uh lower the temperature uh dry the filaments uh so that's one one one one pass of doing that the other pass is how to cut the filament how to cut the the link between your layer and the material that is still inside so you have some wiping movement you have different slicer that will uh that will that will create .

Different paths between two island so all of this can solve the uh the stringing issue now coming back to the oozing issue uh for time uh how you solve so you have uh three factors right time the force that is going down the force that is going up you either uh slow down you either lower the amount of time where the nozzle is .

Inactive you either hire the force that is keeping the material up or you either lower the force that is pushing that is pulling the material down so time how do we make the time uh uh slower uh so far only no one is uh just to increase your travel speed uh the the higher the travel speed and .

And uh and uh the less time it will stay uh between two island and the less time you will have to use uh if you guys have other ideas on how to make the time uh slower then uh you can let me know but right now let me think quickly uh right now i think that's the only way to uh to .

Affect that uh that factor uh another way to have this uh oh no no i have another one uh in cura you have uh you have a uh you have um um a setting that is called is called what is called you know when the nozzle stays inside the wall .

So uh so basically it will try to be uh as much as it can he will try to stay inside the model and then he will take the shortest path between one island to the other island yeah i don't remember how it's called but if you guys uh know that please uh please uh uh put it in the in the comment so this is another way to .

Affect time because the slicer will automatically find the shortest path between two island so that will also reduce uh reduce the time so if you reduce that time plus a high travel speed so if you take the shortest path between two island and a high uh high travel speed then you definitely .

Have that factor covered you you the best you can uh the other one how to diminish how to reduce the force that is pulling the material down so we talked about two force the first one is gravity well except changing planets i don't see how we can change .

The gravity so let's go to the other one the other one is the residual pressure the residual pressure can be solved by your retraction so why there is a retraction distance and a retraction speed the main reason is the speed can help with uh can uh .

Well actually uh le that's the distance so you have a yeah actually that's a good question i i've never really think about how the speed can affect i mean i know by experience by hiring the speed will help but i haven't really thought about scientifically why increasing the speed .

Your retraction speed will help so there could be one reason where if you retract too slowly then you basically retract nothing because uh no that doesn't uh that doesn't add up yeah i will try to think about it for uh for next stream i'm not really sure the distance i know the distance is .

Basically you need to have the filament that goes out of the chamber and once it's out enough of the chamber then it won't it won't have any uh any any pressure uh even though theoretically if you only retract a little bit uh then it means theoretically that .

There is already no pressure as soon as you retract it means there is no force that goes that goes towards the print anymore even if you just retract half a millimeter half a millimeter means means the gear will already go the other way so theoretically there is already no pressure so .

Uh maybe a reason could be that you are trying to remove as much materials as possible from the nozzle and if you go maybe i don't know the logic yet but maybe if you retract fast and if you retract a lot then you have more material that come out of the nozzle and remember we talked about gravity so .

Gravity is mass dependent so if you remove a lot of material out of the nozzle then there is less mass so maybe less than ooze but that's a good question i don't know well maybe it's hard to write this in the chat but uh maybe uh feel free to send me a message on twitter or instagram on some theory .

That you're thinking about when it comes to the retraction why why there is a difference between one millimeter retraction or a six millimeter uh retraction and why there is a difference between 30 millimeter of a second how you retract or 60 millimeter per second why there is a difference uh i will try to think about .

It i have to say i've never really thought about this in a scientific way uh but if you guys have some uh some ideas please share with me and then in the next stream we can uh we can go back to this one so let me catch up a little bit uh now as abdullah speaking of jamming does all pony make a family of filament come with .

The anti-jamming technology uh no only our pla based filament come with the jam free technology except silk so here's a little bit of a side story so jump free technology i already explained this in my last stream so uh we uh we changed the uh uh we change the .

Uh the the uh uh the polymer structure of the filament in order to provide a higher uh higher heat resistance uh but after after it's printed then it go back to the uh to an amorphous state so uh so the so the heat resistant is the same uh but the jeffree technology .

Is more on the uh on the filament side and only pla at the moment uh can have uh uh only the pla we can change the uh the structure of the polymer in order to make it more uh heat resistant and why silk uh doesn't have jam free technology and why 2.85 doesn't have jump free technology yes because only one percent .

E5 the main reason is 2.85 usually does not require gentry technology because it will very very rarely jump uh because of the big the big diameter compared to the 1.75 you won't have the same response to the heat creep issue so uh and the silk .

Well actually it's a big topic the gem free and the silk so let me finish the oozing and if we still have time then i will come back to this one uh if i forget just uh just let me know i just want to finish the oozing part a lot of comic edge clothing a lot of great uh information made adjustment in idea maker for my next spring yeah .

Definitely i'm very happy that uh that our the small stream is uh is helping out the most important what we are doing here every week is where we are diving very deep into the material science or or even the hardware in order to understand the root cause so i'm not really giving solution or i mean i'm .

Happy to offer some ideas of solution but what i want to give is to make everyone understand the root cause once you understand the root cause usually usually you are going to find solution by yourself you are going if you know that's the reason then you are going to say oh that means if i do that then it will affect this if .

I do that it will affect this and then you have a whole panel of solution because the prime if i give solution is i may say oh try this did it work no oh then try this did you work no and i don't like the fact that you don't really know what you're doing you're just implementing what i'm saying so that's why i prefer going more to the .

Root cause but i will try to give as much idea of solution as possible uh sun oddly i'm just installing the slice copperhead mode for flexible to hopefully speed up the tpu priming or printing sorry i'm doing at the moment .

Although on the prusas and loose ball i don't get a great deal of oozing yeah usually this oozing stringing stuff will uh will always come when once we are printing flexible and uh i don't know which one you are printing but i think we send you uh one of the hf the high flow .

And this high flow yeah actually yeah that's also a very interesting topic why the high flow uh is very good at controlling the stringing why the you know there's a there's a material that we have launched that is called tpu 95 hf hf stand for high flow and in the description i talk about .

I talk about how good it is at managing uh the flow when i say manage the flow it means all all the things like printing speed extrusion speed and it includes oozing because oozing is the same thing oozing is how easy is to manage the flow of your material so why hf is because hf has such a high .

Melt index for such a low temperature it means that it has a very sharp transition between uh the solid state and the uh uh and the uh the uh the uh the liquid state the viscoelastic state um the the molten state let's say uh so that that allows you to control the floor a .

Little bit more again that's also a very interesting topic that we can talk more about but i will try to finish using first combing uh i uh well sorry uh luna burn studio the dryness of polycast is the major factor of my issue with stringing yeah definitely so .

Uh polysmooth the the pvb material uh and the polycast are all based on pvp and pvp is very hygroscopic what's going to happen is you will have a lot of molecules of water and that will uh that will uh that will be absorbed by the material and and now i'm opening uh just my .

Understanding what i think is happening is this water molecule are creating additional uh additional connection between the polymers you know last stream we talked about the secondary bond between the polymers the hydrogen bond and maybe the water is either there's maybe two .

Approach either the water is creating more connection between these polymers that's why they get so sticky another reason is the the the the water is acting as a plasticizer and the plus acting as a plasticizer means it will i think it will reduce the melting temperature or even the tg but .

Um maybe now i'm uh i'm not really uh scientific i'm just thinking but the fact that it will lower this it means it means the material uh will be uh will have a much lower viscosity so it will be very very liquid very you know viscoelastic and what's going to .

Happen here is uh it will create all of this string much easier you remember we said that if you higher the viscosity then you can break this bond much easier so i think that's the reason why in the pvb the moisture it's a big big issue actually in ireland all the polypolia might have the same problem um .

Santiago timber super slow coming uh yeah i think calming i think combing is when you try to avoid uh when you try to avoid the islands so if you have an island here and you have two islands here when you will go from this island to this island it will come here and then he will go around this .

Island so he will try to not cross islands so i think that's combing but i think there is another one maybe that's also called combing but i think there's another one where he will try to stay inside as much as possible but maybe that's the same i'm not i don't remember very well santiago upside down printer um upside .

Down printer yeah yeah that's a good point so we talked about gravity so we talked about changing planet but it's true that the gravity is by you know by definition the one that is going down when when the printer is putting the stone away but putting it upside down means means how can you have oozing because .

There is no more here actually there is one more residual pressure so if you can so then you only need to solve residual pressure you don't need to solve the mass of material that is inside that will be affected by gravity and i remember nasa had a printer in the international station if i remember well and the print actually you know what .

Would be great is to uh to find that video again about their printing stuff in uh in the space station and check the quality of the print and from the quality we may be able to see how the no gravity can affect well not no gravity but uh uh you know the fact that it's moving like kind of no gravity uh can affect the .

Print so uh yeah that's uh that's a good point uh santiago um print upside down or mounting on the wall uh rug you yank the child that hard and fast it .

Remove back pressure rapidly we found it great for the mmu so yeah yeah so the yeah so so what i'm trying to understand is why going fast will remove more residual pressure than going slow that that's that's the part that i'm i'm not too sure how to answer um .

You get nice sharp tip and no load failures i would say uh santiago i would say it is because of the viscoelasticity like non-newtonian fluid with a high load rate behave more like a solid um yeah that's a very good point yeah that's a very good point so what .

Santiago is talking about here is uh is um uh um uh how do you call that the maizena mizena or i don't remember but there is like something you use the cooking ingredient where you have a you know uh there's a lot of experience on .

Youtube and then if you hit it then it's very hard and then if you go inside then it's very liquid uh so that's the uh uh non-newtonian three so polymers uh like like santiago say behave the same way so that means if you go fast then you may be able to take more so yeah that's a very good point santiago .

Thank you very much for bringing this up i haven't thought about this uh i think i have a way to test this we have a specific extruder machine um we would need to test like to extrude very fast and then see yeah actually i don't really know how to .

Test uh but uh yeah that's a good point maybe it needs to be tested so that would that would be an explanation for uh for the speed now the second explanation here that we need to give is for the distance why the higher the better why there's a difference between three and six uh mini metal .

Uh yeah as the polymet of rock as the polymer the polymer chain stretch and elongate the speed and distance control the stretch and elongation and pulls it back um okay so what you're saying is yeah let me see so the speed .

So yeah so if it's stretch then i guess yes the the uh the further you go and maybe the more you can pull because it will just keep stretching keep stretching and the more stretch and actually the more you take out uh that was actually one of the one of the big problem of the ultramaker .

3 during the release uh because they had was it guilty mecca 3 uh yeah yeah the ultimaker 3 because they had the pva that the pva that was retracting and it was retracting so far and you know because it's pva it's pretty stringy right uh it absorbs a little bit of water and then it will .

It will become very very stringy and what what happened is you had this long string and when he wanted to come back then all of this string will will kind of uh will kind of mess up a little bit the the path and then he would jump so so so so that would be an issue if you if you ex if you retract too far and .

Then you have this long string the other part that i but that i'm not sure i understand very well is how the speed you say the speed will control how it stretched and how it elongate so yes if uh we take the hypothesis in santiago so uh why the speed would affect how it .

Elongate or how it stretched is because of the hypothesis from santiago so in that point uh you guys have the the same hypothesis which which up to date i think is the is the most logical way most logical one that i've heard um yeah i haven't i haven't really uh .

Thought about it uh myself hf is a great uh hf is great by the way using the uh chd nozzles to seven day print in tpu seven days uh some apprentice are you yeah 36 printer seven days prints in tpu .

You you you have some skills next level uh luna burst studio that information is helpful thank you yeah you you're very very welcome uh but actually you already knew how to solve right just writing the uh the material but hopefully that additional one can at least explain why uh you are drawing the filament and why does it solve the problem .

Uh rod gunshield oh may may have to have a look at the new hftpu been working on some weak sport protection padding yeah yeah please do it really solve the uh the speed problem for flexible comic edge clothing dropped 15 degree on the filament over the past 10 minutes .

And stop the stringing on the model and printing of a giraffe oh so you mean wow that's just so awesome so you are printing at the same time so you're printing at the same time you are learning about material science and then you are changing live the setting of your print and you just confirm that the theory that we have made together .

Has worked that that's just awesome that blew my mind uh i mean this 3d printing community will uh will continue impress me so much what giraffe are you printing uh i i'm actually a designer and i design a lot of animals and i design a small giraffe uh you can go on thingiverse you can .

Find it's called nt toys uh that's my name nicolas tokotou toys and there is a small giraffe as well so if you are printing that one that's that's even more awesome uh super slow corn starch to make to make what black .

What school black yeah every time you guys ask me some question and then i discover some new english word i really need to improve that oop oh black translate from jin yeah no ideas i asked google but um .

No idea was that uh rug gum shield uh make a huge difference doesn't it yeah definitely temperature temperature santiago let's break stuff okay so did we finish the oozing and stringing i don't even remember where we were uh time force that goes down force that goes up .

Did we finish i don't remember uh but anyway okay we can uh we can break some stuff uh yeah i really wanted to finish did i finish using um you can quote the nozzle in order to provide more friction uh friction uh you can have a longer air big air which is the the length of the die .

Uh you can play on your nozzle size the temperature uh yeah and then it's just about the solution but hopefully you understand the root cause once the root cause is understood you can have a lot of lot of lot of uh solution and uh and and and and you guys .

Can uh can find the best solution for uh for you so uh now as abdullah who black is the non-newtonian thingy ah so that's the uh yeah i know the french word but i don't know the uh if there is a specific uh english word .

So okay uh so i found this uh they say actually it worked uh it worked a little bit i i don't see how it worked but our marketing team is uh is pretty uh pretty picky when it comes to materials so .

I mean it really barely barely work i cannot see anything it it's uh yeah it's very well and then uh they just throw it away so i took it because i want to i want to break it and see how it performed because i'm wondering what do you guys think this is uh this is plm pro polylite pla pro and .

Uh it was printed with our new beige so this is this is army beige it's our uh it's our new beige color and i was wondering if we if we push if i if i push here both sides regular pla i know it would just uh it would just break i press a little bit .

Uh what do you guys think because i always i always print these and now we are we are pretty familiar in how they are going to break but that's an actual model with uh actual infill with big walls so what do you guys what you guys think will happen if i if i just uh push it all the way through am i going to be .

Able to touch or is that going to break before if we talk about this then pull it up probably like pla probably we know already that we can touch both sides and it won't break but in a model like this i'm not too sure because it's pretty thick here so uh yeah what do you guys think just let me .

Let me know in the chat this is pla pro if i touch both sides is that gonna break or is that gonna just deform all the way uh because it's pretty short right so you can see how it does a little bit here but i i feel like it's gonna break but what do you guys think .

You can let me know in the comments yeah i can i can drink a little bit um okay super slow oh black is the catchy name they use in school for the mixture and cornstarch and water to create a safe non-nutrient film for kids to play with oh okay okay .

Thank you thank you for the uh for the explanation uh nice beige yeah yeah definitely nice new color uh it's india in the army series uh actually what we call army series is uh is like tactical color dark color all the dark stuff we just put it inside and that's how we called uh that series .

Uh santiago so santiago you think is gonna touch if you are able to push that hard yeah yeah actually don't worry i i got some tools because i tried a little bit before the beginning of the stream and uh yeah it's very very hard so .

I'm not sure i will be able to do it myself but i have some i have some help uh some i think it will flex a bit a bit more okay so you don't think uh so you think it's gonna flex uh it's gonna flex a little bit more and then break right uh rug .

Bend lines will show and split at the edge split at the edge so around around here right okay so let's try let me try so just to give you an idea of uh the size of the model sir like in between there is like uh .

Maybe 2.5 to 3 centimeters i guess uh so that's for europe for u.s inches i have no idea uh i think what one inch is uh is 2 2.6 centimeters no something like this so so maybe one inch i guess .

Uh yeah you guys need to help me because i'm only using uh si so uh so i have no idea but uh anyway let's go let's go and try to break yeah by the way in america i noticed there is nothing that you use uh like the measurement is it's so strange like whatever whether it's volume whether it's uh .

Measurement like dimension whether it's uh well like every time i have a measurement then uh then it's different i yeah i don't know like ounce or like a feet or miles or uh what else garland like garland uh .

I think it's volume or something like this lyra one is two point fifty four yeah so one inches one in one one inch i also know you say a quarter of an inch or like an eighth of an inch or something like this yeah so .

Yeah so maybe i almost touched ah i think i think i'm i'm pretty strong i think but maybe if i use oh i hear some crack yeah no way i can uh i can arrive .

Around five millimeter apart and then then it's too hard so let me try let me try the two so i have this so i will try so i think with this i think it will break because i'm going to take a very small part and then i will just crush it but .

Let's try okay yeah so i cracked it cracked here along the layers and then let's oh wait so a lot of a lot of uh stress widening try again .

So this part touch so no problem but the layers delaminated so this is how and actually it's not really it's it's not like one layer it's a lot of different layer where it goes it goes a little bit like this so very interesting .

You can see here so it's still very hard to make them touch each other it comes back to this this one is uh uh there is a lot of plastic deformation on that side it doesn't doesn't come back and then that's how that's how it broke so maybe like uh .

Maybe uh four four to five layers where you go this way so let me try to maybe completely break it so along the layers okay so along the layers a little bit a little bit easier .

And then you have this part so this part yeah so definitely so that that's what we are that's what we are we saw with uh with the with the sample test as well you know it doesn't it's it's it's much more ductile than uh than a regular pla but still i think less than polymax pla .

But i mean you know if it's not along the layer then uh there's no way no way we can break this i mean i can now oh there you go you see it break like this okay so i think that's very interesting i like i i mean you guys have noticed right i really like to break stuff and .

See and see how they behave like i can see the layer addition here i'm wondering because i mean the infield is like this right not the best infill for uh for uh for layer addition so i'm wondering if if we could improve that part you see it's always the layers .

Always the layers that uh that will break you see and i'm sure because if i do that with polymax pla uh yeah but print it differently uh because i usually i didn't print this one but i i don't usually use this setting .

So i i think that we could make it much much stronger by uh by changing the uh by changing the way we are printing uh but that's that's very interesting yeah not the easiest to break but you see always the layers you see here you see the laminate uh right on right .

On the edge there yeah you see always the layers yeah this think uh i think there is some improvement for uh for the print settings for that one um yeah it's all a mess in the us uh yeah i mean i wouldn't say it's a .

Mess but uh i i don't know how how you make the i don't even know how to convert or even how you do to remember like uh this is 12 of these and this is uh 13 of these you know it's not like a 10 base so uh yeah it's too hard .

Too hard uh our measurement system is stupid okay at least four inches there's millimeter yeah history i guess uh maybe if you are if you are used to that maybe it makes maybe for for for the u.s people it makes as much sense as this .

Made sense for us the uh the uh the si uh unit so i guess it's just used to but i'm pretty sure it's easier to go from imperial metrics to uh to uh si units rather than the other way around i don't know if there is anyone that went from sr unit to uh to imperial um .

And i do think i've seen a documentary where one of the nasa mission had a big problem because of uh because of this i think so uh so it would be great that at some point we all use the same whatever it is i mean i'm going for that one the si but uh at least we need to use the same .

Especially when we do some partnership between country and we have the same calculation uh now was abdullah sometimes removing part without much force applied printed in polyterra pla caused whitening what could be causing that okay so whitening whitening come from a stress .

Mark right so anytime you have stress on the polymer it will create some micro fractures and these micro fractures will reflect the light in a different way and uh and it will it will appear white so that's why if you have polyterra let me take some polyterra yeah so this is polyterra well unfortunately it's a .

Beige but if i try to break it you see polyterra so you will have can you see so you see the white i don't know if you see very well but like on the edge there is some white .

Some stress mark so so i come from stretch so if you are removing removing the pot from the print bed maybe what you're talking about is on the on the first layer like the layer that was on the bed then you will have a little bit of white and .

The reason is because you uh you have uh uh you have done some like tons of strength you know between the model and uh and and the bed uh before removing so uh so that's the reason that's the root cause and the reason why is white is because there is some micro fracture .

And how to make it not white again then you have to you have to seal this micro fracture a way to seal this is to heat up again in order for the plastic to uh to uh to remelt and then recombine again so that there is no fracture anymore and to do that you you just take a lighter .

And then you just you just go very quickly uh and then you will see it's like magic the white part will just disappear uh why because of the reason i just mentioned you will re-melt the surface and then you will get rid of all the micro fracture you can also do that with a heat gun but the problem with the heat .

Gun is you really have to control uh in order for uh for the mod to not affect the the model that's why i recommend the lighter a lighter will have a much higher much higher temperature so it will bring the material to melting temperature much faster which means it will only affect .

The the surface so you can just go like this and then you will solve the prime so hopefully that explains the reason and hopefully the solution i gave will be uh the good one for you uh if i understood the program properly if not please ask the question again with the detail i i miss uh rock gumshield .

3d honeycomb is our go-to for strength longer print times but so worth it okay uh 3d honeycomb uh yes uh so it depends on what kind of strengths you are you're talking about right whether it's the layer edition or whether it's the uh you know the xy or .

Honeycomb honeycomb honeycomb yeah i'm not too sure which one uh because i know some of them are really bad like uh like uh the rectilinear because it will go one one layer like this one layer like this so you have very poor layer .

Addition you have the honeycomb but i think there is two kind of honeycomb there is the double honeycomb and then there is the uh the uh not double honeycomb i don't know what you you call by 3d if it's like uh what do you say 3d honeycomb i don't know if it's like a .

You have like uh some 3d thing but um yeah anyway i think there's a lot of study uh on on how to make the print stronger with uh with a different infill pattern and and i think one of the results i remember from a white paper was .

The infield have very less to do compared to the number of shells if you have like let's say five shelf uh it will it will affect much more the print strength like let's say overall strength than uh than the infield pattern uh but i guess that depends on the application santiago could we talk about layer .

Addition on the next stream not just the temperature and cooling but more in depth uh okay yeah yeah sure layer addition more in depth uh okay we can talk about uh yeah yeah okay yeah no prem i will have to record that yeah i know we are in contact on twitter if you don't mind uh sending uh some .

This idea on on twitter as well so then i can i can make sure i have it on the on the next stream um songs like how super slow songs like how asa gets stressed whitening from even things as simple as peeling off the bed heat gun is your friend with asa yeah yeah .

Definitely it's the same it's exactly the same explanation micro fracture micro fracture diffract uh diffract uh reflect the light well the real name i think is diffraction uh let me think uh you have this and then yeah i think it's diffraction not really re r r uh reflection uh but anyway the .

Micro fracture will make it appear white and then you just have to seal this with heat uh usually i do recommend the lighter but the heat gun also works uh rock gum shield for suppressor super slow we have some beaten burner and notice exactly the same yes lyra rock you can get rid of the .

Whitening uh with a lighter yeah definitely uh or apply some heat it will look like new yeah definitely actually uh you have some uh uh uh some workers uh their job is to go to the big stadium and then you know you have all the a uh the abs i guess abs or .

Asa i guess it's abs seats you know the molded seat and then there will be a all-white and very uh like a very light color like kind of a pastel color and then they are coming with their flame flower and then they just uh you know they just uh they just uh uh use their flamethrower and then uh they what they burst they uh .

They uh they flame what's the verb they flame the uh the seat and then it will completely change color yeah it's it's very satisfying to uh to see and that's the same idea it's the same idea uh the main thing is called environmental stress cracking so that's uh that's where the stress come from .

That will create the macro fracture that will make it appear white it's not from a mechanical strength uh well it's also mechanical but it's called uh e uh environmental stress cracking yes esc if you go esc on on wikipedia then you will have this explanation i don't like the lighter as it's too difficult to manage the heat for large .

Flat pieces i end up with nasty shiny spots where i can further it back to a uniform finish across the surface uh okay yeah i haven't i haven't had this problem where where it becomes shiny but definitely it can become shiny in a way that you are .

Changing the structure of the polymer when you when you reheat the polymer so it is it is a account for the lighter because it will be more specific and the heat gun will will change the structure but the more uh more uh like la global scale so uh that's a good point um .

Sam triangle for me on everything i guess you're talking about the infield pattern and yes actually i think that's the default in cura i think ultimaker has chosen to use triangle for everything um now uh i think it's a combination between print speed and uh and uh and mechanical properties i think .

That's why they use triangle but i'm not i'm not 100 sure now as abdullah yes i do the heating on open flame to remove minimize whitening stringing yes uh whitening stringing yeah yeah that's a good point actually it also work with stringing if you have especially if you if you print with polywood .

If you print with bollywood you may have seen a little bit more stringing than regular pla uh but this type of stringing like very thin one can just disappear with the uh with the with the lighter uh not disappear but oh yeah uh yes a robot gumshield it's made up .

Of more anchor points rock games is made up yeah sorry i'm i'm late on the chat so i forgot the topic but um yeah that will be a good one we send you a picture of some pc warping from internal stress and curling the build plate curling the build plate oh you mean the pc was uh warped and it .

Sticks so much to the build plate that it warped the build plate right actually i had this issue with uh with glass you know i printed a big part on uh on the ultimaker and then uh so i printed just with glue and on the glass and then i made the mistake of letting .

It cool down on the plate and now i was working and suddenly i hear pop and that was actually the the glass that just uh that just uh that just broke because of the of the pc changing dimension and he stuck he was stuck so much on the on the glass that uh that it just deformed the .

Glass and the glass doesn't deform right so i just uh it just uh it just shattered uh it it's the uv bleaching love watching them do that oh it's called uv bleaching oh no you mean the fact that it becomes white yeah yeah uh uv bleaching is that another name for environmental .

Stress cracking or but i guess that's a that's a nicer name easier to remember uh now now was abdullah by the way i forgot to mention the whitening occur while bending the flexible steel sheet to remove the printing part that's why i wasn't expecting it to whiten .

Uh flak uh bending the flexible steel sheet to remove yeah but that should be the same whether whether you bend the flexible part or whether or whether you take the part of the beard plate you you still have the same amount of stress it's still .

You know you still have two surface that that that just uh pull uh pull away from each other whether you flex and then you pull pull pull pull or whether you take the whole part then you pull the whole thing so i guess the explanation is uh is very similar um okay i haven't seen i haven't seen the .

Time uh it's already uh almost uh 12 30 here um i think uh i think we're gonna we're gonna end the stream here i'm not sure we haven't got time to talk about the different models i'm not even sure i finished the oozing explanation um i know i went very fast on on a lot .

Of a lot of explanation but uh what what i need to try to do what we need to do is to choose a topic and try to stay on that topic for the stream and try to because i'm very easy to go away from topic if if i talk about something then i will talk about the reason of this something then i will talk about the reason like .

The cause of that cause and then the cause of that cause etc etc and then we may start with 3d printing and then we end up with you know the metric difference between two countries so i will have to do some work on myself to control myself in talking about one topic and limiting myself so that i don't lose you guys .

Uh but uh yeah i hope uh nevertheless that you are you enjoy this uh weekly stream with uh with uh with us every uh every well thursday but today was saturday uh once a month i will try to do it on saturday so super slow thank you for the stream .

Thank you so much uh well done nick thank you yeah thank you everyone for joining again and uh i'm really really looking forward already to our next stream which will be next week on thursday 8 30 uh eastern standard time and i promise i will try to have a topic and i will try to stick to that topic or if you guys like when i .

Go a little bit everywhere then you can also let me know uh any feedback you can give to me to improve the screen to improve the stream is very welcome uh thank you again for joining the stream and i see you guys next week you


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