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Salary Comparison Between Data Scientist vs Software Engineer

Hello all my name is Krishna and welcome to my youtube channel today in this particular video we are basically going to discuss about the salary of a Nita fan test versus the salary of a software engineer now why I have actually created this particular video is that many of them many of your subscribers are basically asking these questions and I .

Started my IT career as a software engineer and you would be keen to know like what was that salary of the software engineer now when I moved into data science what is the salary of a fresher as a data science ok and if you are kind of experience what salary should you be taking with respect to data science with respect to the market .

In India and in u.s. also so let us take an example suppose if you are a software engineer usually a software engineer when you get passed out through your college gets placed in some companies right so if I take just an example of service based companies then your salary basically ranges between 3.5 lakhs to you know 5 lakhs you know 3.5 to 5 lakhs .

That is am I'm talking just about service based companies so usually your salary ranges between this particular value but if you join a product based company some very good product based company the starting salary again will be ranging between 3.5 to 7 lakhs ok and this is the average okay and I'm just talking about some average salary apart .

From that now once you join as a software engineer then you get promoted you know to senior software engineer and suppose if you are making a switch to some other company always make sure that your salaries should be somewhere around for a software engineer as you go towards the senior software engineer it should be somewhere around you know your .

Number of years of experience multiplied by at least one point five to three times okay so between this it should be good if you are having a salary between this particular range at that end is very very good that this lean is you're running along with the market so let me just give you an example suppose a .

Software engineer is earning somewhere around five lakhs okay and suppose these years of experience is somewhere around two years right now when I consider five lakhs so and when I consider two years so if you multiply 2 into 2.5 that is basically or five lakh salary that basically means you are in the market you're basically in the .

Of 1.5 to 3 right that meaning times that is what I'm actually trying to say but suppose you become an experience of around 3 years at that time if you have the same salary okay at that time you can still say that yes you are in the range because if you multiply 3 by 1.5 it will be somewhere around 4.5 but as you reach will 6.5 that 1.5 range it .

Goes down that basically means that you're below the market conditions okay so make sure that you always be in the bracket of 1.5 to 3 years in case you are coming up you are actually working as a software engineer and when I talk about software engineer you can be in any technologies like java.net PHP you know Python our programming language all .

These kind of stuffs now the next thing is that this was with respect to a fresher and an experienced person when I talk about a data scientist if a data scientist is getting fired you know as a fresher usually his salary will be ranging between 4 to 7 lakhs ok and if you're joining product based companies and if you are from IIT Chennai peas .

Right you get a wonderful opportunities for that and you sadly also may move more than 10 lakhs I've seen people from IIT who are getting more than 10 lakhs you know somewhere around 10 lakhs 15 lakhs 18 lakhs even 18 lakhs I've seen some of my juniors who have actually got placed in Amazon and Google when I am they are getting paid somewhere around .

17 lakhs rupees sorry enough okay and that is what is the value of data scientists in short and they're getting me a position as data scientist because in their final year they may have done the internship from that particular company itself and they I usually get that particular offer but if I just talk about some service based companies like .

ECS Infosys cognizant and many more right at that time your salary will be ranging between 4 lakhs to 7 lakhs this is the again the average salary I'm talking about now with respect to data scientist if you are getting experienced right now make sure that currently in this particular market condition your salary you know should be ranging with .

Respect to the number of years that you're working it should be 2 to 4 times ok so that basically means suppose you're five years of experience person and if you're working as a data scientist make sure that your salary should be ranging between in two times til four times that basically means five lakh into two is 10 .

Lakhs 5 lakhs into 4 is 20 lakhs so it should be ranging between 10 to 20 lakhs and if it comes below 10 lakhs that basically means you have paid below the market conditions so make sure that you always be in this particular range I've also seen some people who are more than this okay who are more than that 2 to 4 times of the years of experience that .

You have along with the salary so it depends on you but make sure that you always be in 2 to 4 times of that particular ratio and this is from all the experience that I have I have basically a shawl my friends I I also know my salary so based on that again I'm telling you the market conditions and how it works with respect to data .

Sign this or data analytics okay even this is the supply so big data engineer also and nowadays but I think data scientist is the coolest job right now because they're whole lot of requirements okay apart from that guys always remember there is one more thing that I want to make you notice that if you are joining .

At the data scientist it is not like you just be working on data scientist in India they make you work in there as a data analyst they make you work as a data scientist they make you work as I am an engineer so that basically means you deploy the models and all those kind of stuff apart from that now let us go move on it and talk about us how the .

Jobs how the salaries paid in u.s. so suppose if you are joining data scientist as a fresher usually and if you have done actually your masters your salary will be ranging between 70,000 to 100,000 dollars and with respect to that if you are you know becoming an experienced person at that time it depends you will be getting some hike of .

Around 15 percent 20 percent okay that depends on the company that you are joining but I have seen some people also joining directly Apple the joining Dyer Google over there in US and they basically get more than hundred thousand one hundred thousand dollar salary with respect to the fresher itself about software engineer salary will again be .

Ranging between 60,000 to 80,000 as a fresher whereas in the respect to a senior person again based on the years of experience will be getting a hike of somewhere around 15 percent okay as as you switch on companies so that was the basic difference between the salary of a data scientist and software engineer .

Basically in India and apart from that in u.s. also again guys this is the approximate value that I'm again telling I have some of my friends were working in u.s. I have asked them I usually talk to them regarding it and based on that I'm basically created this video I hope you understood this I hope you like this particular video please make sure you .

Subscribe the channel again I'll come up with some interesting videos in the next one thank you one and all have a great day


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