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Should you major in Engineering or Business (Engineering vs Business)

Hey everyone in this video were gonna be talking about engineering and business majors and what the differences are what the similarities are and whether or not it's something that you should consider for your future now before we go into this actual video I want to talk about the elephant in the room which is essentially that an engineering degree .

In a business degree are not the same thing in other words a business degree is not a replacement for an engineering degree for someone who wants to be an engineer the same way that an engineering degree is not going to fulfill the requirements for someone who wants to be an accountant which are typically found within the business .

Faculty with that said a lot of the disciplines within engineering and business do develop a lot of the same skills that could be beneficial to a lot of employers that's something that I would actually like to cover but in addition to that there's a lot of crossover that I would like to touch upon as well and a great example of this .

Would be an information systems engineering major within most engineering departments and compare that to an information systems management major which is found within most business departments another great example would be supply chain management from business and compare that to industrial engineering which is found in .

Most engineering departments as well although there are some similarities amongst these two examples one of the things that you'll find is that people who are pursuing the majors through the engineering field are going to have a lot more technical rigor behind the curriculum that they're experiencing and the reason for this is it's going to be .

An applied approach to learning these systems and actually be designed to teach students how to build some of these systems how these systems work and how to construct them within organizations this is different from the business faculty in that the business faculty will typically focus largely on how these systems impact the rest of the .

Organization how they can drive the most amount of value and how they can interact with the other departments within the organization as well now it's very beneficial for engineering students to have this context as well which is why you'll typically find a lot of Engineers either minor in business or do a combined engineering and management .

Degree or go on to pursue an MBA so that they have the context and how their engineering discipline relates to the other aspects of the business unit as well because of this crossover what you would typically find is you would find that a lot of employers will actually specify under the degree requirements either some disciplines with an .

Engineering or and in some cases both this is particularly true for management consulting some investment banking job postings as well and the reason for this is a lot of organizations that do things in a very proprietary way don't actually derive a lot of their day-to-day practices from academia and so for that .

Reason they look to a lot of students who've developed a lot of the skills that will make them extremely competitive to learn a lot of the information be able to implement it and actually be able to enjoy it on a day to day basis which can actually be found across both of these disciplines that I've actually talked about and so what .

We would typically find is that students who are not sure of what what route to actually take they'll see a lot of these job postings and think that a business degree is actually a replacement for engineering when that's absolutely not the case and so if there is a banking type of position that is looking for some people who have a certain amount of .

Quantitative skills they might actually specify a various amount of engineering disciplines in addition to a few business disciplines that actually will provide the student with the same amount of skills that they're going to need relative to what the position is actually going to require one other thing to note is the fact that business .

Majors and engineering majors is kind of a very general term so a great example and this is actually even more so the case in business because if you to look at business and say somebody is a human resource management major as compared to someone who's an accounting major or supply chain management major or a finance major they're going to have .

Completely different experiences and completely different skill sets that they're actually going to be building in their academic career and so for this reason a generalized business degree might be able to provide some some people with enough information in each of the disciplines but not necessarily the depth that they'll actually need if .

They want to go into something a little bit more technically rigorous and so if you're still deciding between engineering and business what I would say is if you're learning if you're looking to get practical knowledge and you're looking to actually work on building a lot of the systems or work on building products or work on impacting .

Infrastructure within actual businesses engineering is probably the best route to go because you're going to have a hands-on approach and be able to actually impact the way the organization are going to exist within the organization perhaps the way the organization is actually going to take that direction however if you happen to .

Want to work in a functional team or integral that involves may be external interaction with clients or perhaps internal interaction with other departments but also still have some of the technical skills or at least be able to communicate effectively enough to the engineers who are actually building some .

Of the products having a business background probably doesn't hurt as well my recommendation is that students actually draw upon both I actually think that students going down the engineering route will be able to understand the systems better than anyone else but it's also important for them to understand how these systems actually integrate .

Into all aspects of the organization how it interacts with marketing how it interacts with sales and and how to actually manage a team through human resources as well which is going to be exposure to courses that they wouldn't have if they were to go down the the general engineering route so for that reason I think that engineers should .

Have a basis of understanding in business whether it's at the mind taking a minor or taking some of those courses throughout the summer or maybe even pursuing an MBA further along in their career so what do you think are you an engineering major you a business major are you thinking about one or the other what are your experiences I'd love to .

Hear your comments questions in the comments section below thanks again for watching I hope I've answered your questions or concerns but if not I'd love to hear what your thoughts are and until next time we'll see you in the next one


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