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Steinitz vs. Anderssen, 1866: Game 10 | Chess and Psychology – IM Dorsa Derakhshani

last year i did quite a few games from this book called the chess secrets giant of not innovation i did giants of strategy that is one of my favorite books ever there is like another one heroes of classic gay chess and there's a giants of innovation .

So i intend to do uh one of each at least this week and next week this is just um one of those amazing books that anybody should be able to do that and today we are also working on the chess-based software software because well first of all i .

Think it's a i've grown up using that so i'm very all my files and everything is here and um it's the most professional tool in the chess world in my opinion and besides that my chest wasn't allowing me to upload these games there and this was um beginning to bug me a little so i was .

Just like let's save my energy and time and just continue it's here so i see that the viewers are joining in more all right great so the first game is a game played by one and only changes and uh versus anderson and this was in 1866 which is so weird because .

Chess is surprisingly one of the things that i do like about um earlier centuries because the more i i'm taking it healthcare ethics just ethics and history-wise it gets quite but anyways besides that this is a great chess game we are going to enjoy that .

Part of 1860s and all right so this was very interesting because um i teach a lot of kids and a lot of pride lessons and they all have this um they all want to start attacking pretty immediately but i have to tell them don't don't play moves such as f4 right away .

And then there goes the stance and he plays that so kind of um interesting don'ts uh anyways so this idea is with well f4 is obviously a pretty great idea nothing wrong with that but um that's not we're not looking at this .

Game purely just for its openings i've actually played uh i've actually played king's gambit few times with white but i've had it way more happen to me as black anywho um taking is a very usual thing i still do that because i want to play this queenish fours and i want to enjoy .

An easy win it rarely actually goes that way but d5 is another one that you definitely should be aware of it's more of a personal choice but i usually take it and i i've i've tried this g5 a lot in uh faster chess games compared to classical g5 is definitely doable but it makes it .

A little um questionable when we start thinking about the development aspect of it right now nothing is attacking f4 so even if you want to be creative and hold your pawn i would still recommend trying to develop maybe you can try to come over .

To e7 and the g6 maybe you can try knight c6 nothing wrong with that ideally if you could do d5 that would be perfect i know there are a lot of things with like bishop d6 at some point it would like like it's a it's so so so many different um lines uh musa we .

Are on chess-based and not a website the software and as the most professional software is uh it's as professional as software's get um it's one of the first ones that i started with and i'm like it's so easy to store um your files and databases and organize .

Everything but that's not the point and i wish you guys could see this but gmp she's sitting right here right behind the computer literally and he's having fun because we got to go out for about an hour or two today under some i'll be posting pictures on that .

For those of you who are uh interested but all right so g5 i want to get a little bit of um opinions from you guys so what do you think about this g5 should should white be happy would you do this as black what do you think how to dean white .

Should continue because this g5 is clearly saying well you're not going to take my pawn but at the same time it's also saying i ain't going to be short castling anytime soon so what do you think what do you think about this position what should white do and basically .

Besides defending the pawn what is black's other ideas any any opinion is welcome just make sure to type i remember last year well actually last year around march it wasn't as clear actually march was still pretty good the first half .

But um pretty pandemic-wise we would go to the club there would be there would be some live audience well i mean physical audience and then there would be a bunch of you guys online and it was kind of fun because it took me a while to be comfortable to teach online .

And in person like at the same time and so i wasn't reading the chat as efficiently and like ben simon would read the chat and then he would he would be behind the computer he would like read out he'd read the chat out loud and i thought that was so cool .

But we are not doing that right now because well i finally got uncomfortable with teaching online and the cat is incapable of reading all right so gary you are correct we uh yeah this does weaken the king side and um it is a good idea to try and use that from white so something like d4 .

Definitely welcomed this bishop oh the cat is moving the camera you're gonna move all right so another idea is with the bishop bishop trying to go to c4 because c4 um looking at f7 already having some ideas coming up so um and that's what's changed bishop c4 easy peasy .

Trying to simply go um well develop nothing wrong with developing oh exxon best of luck to you speaking public speaking is um can be very fun if you're passionate about the subject yeah i think teaching online chess has helped a lot with that aspect .

Because sometimes i get to be a little dorky and a little goofy as my friends say so it's good to know that i can still have those characteristics and um be able to do this online too yeah it's a it's really hard to be always completely professional and completely .

Know exactly what to say uh kudos to people who can't do that i think caleb is one of them but anyways um so for after bishop c4 well this is this part like up until here i'm pretty comfortable okay well white tried to do again but black accepted the gamut .

Black is trying to still hold on to the pawn and black is still pretty comfortable with this position this move g4 that's what i don't really understand this one i really really do not understand it because i mean it makes sense in the sen .

In the way that well i mean if you move this knight then you're there's going to be a queenish for but is it really worth it to push this knight to go to e5 because then where else would the knights go i'm not gonna play knight d4 and block my own pawn and i'm not gonna do weird sacrifices when my position is .

Not ready but when i do knight if sorry what i do knight e5 first of all the g4 pawn is pretty um under pressure second of all your f7 is another clear target so instead of trying to go for g4 black should have tried to go for bishop g7 it would have it would have been more .

Logical you already played g5 might as well go for bishop g7 if there will be some d4 sure but now i could try to maybe hope for a little uh push over here maybe i could try and get my knight up and try to get this guy out it's i still have a lot of choices .

It's not the end of the world but when i play g4 it's extremely sharp and it's extremely unprepared so i don't like g4 alright so after g4 um white continues with knight e5 logical check don't do g3 it's just weird make sure you .

Do the normal moves even if you're if even if your position is good but it's not as perfect as you want it to be it doesn't mean that you have to go um off the rail and play something like g3 make sure you always keep your king as safe as humanly possible but that doesn't necessarily mean castling that's another great video that .

We did last year when should we castle i believe that's a hot topic in the upcoming book that i'm writing with my brother so keep your eyes out for that too um okay so in the game it's black to move black played knight h6 .

What do we think about this is knight h6 good is something with let's go back is knight f6 a better idea is f3 so i'm gonna give you a few options and then i'm gonna wait for some feedback which one do you think is better uh essa i do not intend to do my own toy .

Channel at least for foreseeable future especially because the only thing that i do besides um well the the the chess that i do here is study for foreseeable future so it's not really my cup of tea to sit in front of um twitch and just study sounds like a very um .

Chill thing to do just silence studying and letting other viewers join to study and it sounds like a horrible idea but it might pay off you never know what people like so what do you think what do you think black wants to do hello hassa .

Ah i really wish you guys could see what i see there's a cute there's the cutest cat sitting right behind the chessboard in my laptop and it is just a view any suggestion knight f6 knight h6 f3 which one would you want to choose all right i see knight f6 is a .

Solid uh idea anybody anybody likes moving pawn to f3 okay okay i see few f3 votes i see a few um mainly knives f6 so far okay so the thing is knight f6 makes sense but it's kind of uh interesting because this is black's oldest defense like this move my dev6 has been played .

From like 1600s which is so weird when i think about it and this game was in 1866 so when if you can if you can call this move knight f6 older than 1866 then we definitely have a interesting thing on our mind knight f6 is definitely possible and .

If something like queenie won then you can definitely take that but your f7 is a problem and i am not entirely happy with this something maybe d5 maybe h5 maybe anyways just move this bishop somewhere next g4 is going to fall if bishop h5 makes sense because then you want to take over here .

Without any defense so i'm gonna go back and remove this f6 around uh what about tonight maybe c6 does that look interesting you would be living uh you would be giving your f7 but knight c6 is interesting because if um take then bishop c5 and black gains a little bit more activity .

And even you wouldn't really go for queen exchange you would do your best to try to make the game as crazy as humanly possible which is a good thing in this situation because well exxon there is no there's there's not a problem with knight f knight h6 i'm just providing other options i think .

This this knight c6 would be the best um try and if you try to take then boom bishop c5 i'm going for easy pc checkmate on f2 try to cover it boom g3 each one you eat the the rook now again attacking your clean and then developing and next knights .

Coming to g4 well if you if you didn't allow me then i can actually form a pretty solid attack and yeah there is this rook missing but it's a very scary position i wouldn't exactly want to be white in this position anyways uh this is just another option .

To have and this was for example played about a hundred years this exact position was played a hundred years after this game of stance anderson sorry andres anderson i i'm gonna have an issue pronouncing that .

Uh this the position that i'm showing you right now this game this exact moves were played in a game of um goncharenko and alexia in 1963 so almost a hundred years after the steins scheme anyways this is such a weird position i'm just .

Giving myself a little headache about us but as you can see checkmate is very close and black actually won after this move which is not really surprising after take they could be czech here queen e3 so pretty much checkmated two or you lose your queen which is again naturally ideal anywho .

This was just to show you a little bit of crazy things that happens when you have peace activity uh that's why now we want to look at f3 just a little bit what do we think does this f3 look interesting again knight c6 is the most interesting way to continue .

But what about f3 does this gain some cool stuff for us and if you're just tuning in we are looking at uh the one game that was played between states and in 1866 and if you just witnessed that crazy active line .

That was a game within a game ha that that game was happened um in 1963 so a hundred years after the shayna's game so we are just promoting for peace activity now what do we think about this f3 what do you think white should do i kind of like this just going for d4 because .

I am not about to take this and i'm not entirely sure if i want to spend the time to just move my bishop or even my knight because we just saw what happened in the last one so let's just go for after f3 just push push pawn no bishop c5s no funny business there um and so after d4 .

White what do you think white should do oh i'm so i'm sorry after white plays d4 what do you think black should do black has few options to still try and keep an active game you can develop this knight you can try to take over here give check any preference .

That is true after bishop c5 d4 still did exist um yeah the exactly asan that's why knight c6 was the better choice instead of f3 to block d4 as well good thinking uh however if right now for example take take queen h3 and then you can also just bring out your knights stop all this .

Funny fun stuff on f7 and um this is this is this is the doable game nothing entirely wrong with it but um if you were going to play knight h6 you might you might as well start it with knight h6 hello exquisite i'm glad you're joining us we are looking at a .

Fun game that stands played uh back in 1866 so you can never know um there were very few uh amazing chess players around that time one of them was obviously stanis he is the first known and accepted world champion .

So we're looking at a game that he played and he is playing it as white so after d4 um knight of six is also possible but i'm not gonna get too deep in that because this is again the same ideas we're trying to white has such a better center but black .

Has a little bit of peace activity going on on my king so yep yes exactly that's why there's a queen on h3 instead of having developed other pieces exactly what yep see like there's so many different ways that this position could continue but the bottom line is that black .

Doesn't have enough pieces to form an attack just yet so in the game anderson played knight h6 trying to bring some of those pieces to the game d4 now again f3 was possible but again knight c3 and it could have .

I mean the thing is like when you play f3 you expect take whoops you spec take but take doesn't necessarily have to happen and that's why this doesn't exactly work so after d4 f3 is still too early what else can we do how else can we try to develop even just a little bit .

Any suggestions to be fair there is not there's i mean there are a lot of things that white can do but um sorry black can do to face this the pretty awesome center and peace activity by white but it doesn't necessarily mean that they're actually good ideas .

So f3 was a suggestion that should always be considered d5 spicy uh d5 is too too aggressive you don't really have a better you don't really have a good follow-up after that d6 makes sense you want to kick this light and now when the knight moves has to go to d3 .

Now you can potentially do f3 very interesting comments and the chat is looking at this position it seems uh it's either between two gm's or two nine hundreds well stainless is no 900 neither is anderson yep this is the same anderson that i remember which i'm .

Pretty sure it is that one was also german this one is also german so um to be completely fair this is this is a great idea to continue if you were to play f3 before you played d6 it's it's possible but it only gives a little bit of this knight c3 .

Chance and now if i play this is like i mean there's again nothing wrong with this and these um this idea with f3 so in this specific position stanis has three games that he has played as white so again and he has won every single one of them so the conclusion is .

Don't let strangers play e4 e5 f4 would you but besides that it doesn't really matter if you play f3 now or not uh d6 is something that i would do it's more solid it it forces you to put the knight back and now i get the chance to decide do i want to play f3 .

Do i want to play potentially bishop g7 can i do knight c6 it gives me more options i don't have to immediately commit to f3 and the other thing is after f3 white is never going to take on f3 so white might simply do this knight c3 and now if i decide to let's say take it's possible .

But i can't get my pieces to work i can't bring that my bishops i can't bring out my knights they're all blocked so it does not make any sense to just take f3 and just start going with it and farsi i think we have this expression um let me try to remember it .

That way but that's me doing yeah and like it means like you hold a slipper and you run which is supposed to be um meaning that you like yours the slipper is your weapon and you're running with just like a slipper weapon which is makes more sense in farsi .

So um here's a little pun too haha and anyways so now the thing is knight c3 again is possible it's a good transposition but so is bishop f4 for white and we try to well the main thing we should do as white is make sure that we're developing and make .

Sure that we are well not making weird mistakes or just taking that's a good start so what do you think white should do as white you know you have the better center you know you have these two interesting pieces you have a lot of options to go .

Around with your pieces but your king is a little bit questionable so how can you try to make that a little bit less questionable to put it oh well i grew up in iran and i have to go to school in iran so i learned a lot of like different more day-to-day languages .

I guess if you were if you weren't born in iran you might have not really known these slangs i guess yeah g3 very interesting and the thing with g3 is that so one thing that i don't think i was very clear on was that this game .

um this specific game is the tenth game of their match between us and anderson and the quite fun part of it is that this exact same position had happened again in the second round of the match and in the second round the anderson had made the mistake and he played queen to .

H3 which obviously we're not gonna go king g1 obviously we're not gonna go king f2 because i don't want you to give me checks so king yuan and um quite funny because if queen goes to g2 knight f2 and your queen is a little bit trapped my friend .

Next book we should have fun and it's like already back pipe time for the queen um if you were smart and you just tried to run away with the queen because again remember knight f4 coming up your queen is going to be trapped so if you and if you try to run i can just develop and this is the .

Second game of their match in which stanis did win the game um after i want to say about 20 more moves or so stainless continued which is developing got the bishop out got this night a little better got the queen out and it was a it was a very interesting game but .

Um besides that so let me go back back back so let's say now stains has learned from his um sorry anderson has learned from his mistake on this in a second the game is not going to play queen street anymore so let's say uh goes going to e7 now how should we continue as white .

You can easily see the the advantage coming up right this super cool center the pieces being all sharp and ready to poke around hello i'm annie so where else how else what else am i supposed to get out yes my c3 the easiest way to continue .

Oh hi david i have played against daisy it's been a long time i believe we played together in the first round of world junior championship 2013. i was a baby i was 15 years old i missed being 15. and i had i actually managed to get a little bit of a better position out of the opening .

And then i messed it up and the transition to middle game middle game to end game anyways i'm glad that everybody are looking at this knight c3 good job knight c3 let's say black is also sharp and still wants to go ahead with trying and exchanging some of this material .

Now what should whites do i'm maddie and that's also a very great question why would pg be checking these grumpild lines and for uh for this position i think the main things to consider is how am i going to um save or exchange this bishop because .

If we decide ah i got one wrong answer d5 doable but not really great because now if let's say this knight gets to e5 then the black black is kind of actually holding this so you have to be very careful and if you play d5 you are extremely committed to playing .

This e5 right after two but you have to be very careful because this doesn't exactly work if this sacrifice is not ready you can't just go around and do weird stuff you don't have if your rick was on e1 yeah i would i would get behind that too .

But it's not so you have to be very careful this does not work it looks like it does but it doesn't white cannot play like this you need more pieces so um now it's quite interesting because in this game shane is played bishop b3 .

And it really puzzles me because um staying it's in i believe in the um game eight well actually not me um the the um analysis on done by chess secrets um in game eight uh states kind of messed it up a little and he played this d5 and he ended up losing .

But what it's not what puzzles me and what puzzles me is that they would just play the same opening over and over again so when ustedes was white there would be king's gambit game two four i i'm not sure about what happened in game six game eight and game ten .

Exchanges is white and it's this game it's the same exact first few moves which is really just why i mean today when we follow the world the uh world championship matches it's so much more diverse black has i mean berlin aside um there's so many different ways to .

Play it there's neither of those petrov um i don't believe there was a french in the last one so but it's not just every single line every single game oh so that my frustration aside yes you did yep all right so bishop beatrice is a good idea .

And the one thing that i would really like to know more about is um when these players like how did they modify it because standards was the strongest chess player of his time so that's the one thing like i know that's a lot of the different uh teams different countries different .

Nationalities have different ways of approaching uh how to prepare for a tournament especially when um and in soviet union there was the whole concept of teamwork because if i'm not mistaken the government was very big on the chess and chess was one of the .

Something that was considered so noble which again comes up in the queen's gambit too the tv show so it's quite interesting because the stanis didn't really have that huge team rarely anybody had that type of teamwork so if you had a question about a move .

You had to sit there and you had to think yourself there wasn't this databases there wasn't no way there was no internet there were no computers there were no engines to go and figure it out on your own so the way that the players would find answers to the questions they had about a specific .

Move like chess it really does amaze me so yeah if i was ever gonna get deep in the history of chess that is one of the extremely important things i would want to know on how how do they just like because when you think on your own you .

You get to a block so that's why i like bouncing the ideas off of other people but if you don't have that team but yeah that's just one of the historical aspects of chess that i really wanted to just it it never stops to amaze me any fool let's get back to this cool match between stevens and anderson .

Let's say bishop g7 bishop v3 finally take um if you were to make a mistake in castle this is quite funny because just queen d2 and your knight is a little in a pickle and um it's the only way to to defend the knights is to play like queen f6 but then i'll attack that .

And um i think we're just gonna knight that four so maybe bishop e7 if you move the stroke boom knight f4 and your queen is trapped so it's very interesting yeah so let's go back to if not castle and if bishop takes on b3 now we take back c6 now well we just .

Looked at some cool ideas that white could do trying to develop how do you think why it should continue now and yes exquisite i have read about it and yeah that's why fisher was so his life was so amazing because he was alone going against um .

He had him he had some support from the government and he had a lot of fans but he was alone he didn't have anybody to do the teamwork with at least chess was so it's so it's so weird i mean it doesn't like the more i think about it the more like he really did a humongous job with going .

Against um mixing chess and politics and all the things that he had to face and well we got queen's gambit out of that so yep i'm i i i own it up i suck with pronunciations i'm not going to be able to fix that anytime soon .

I'd be sure to work on it but don't expect lunch the best i can give you is stainless i have problems pronunciating anderson at right distance right now which is weird i shouldn't have problem with that anyways all right ah thanks well not necessarily queen c1 though queen d2 .

Trying to go for this but a little more active knight's gotta go to g8 if this knife wants to stay alive and now are we finally at a position to start breaking these bad boys out ideally i would want to have the rook on e1 before i do that but the famous philosopher jagger once said .

You can't always get what you want so i like that song king f2 is possible but it still feels a little um my problem is if i if i move the stroke and if there's no more defense on this part then h then this h pawn can become a little monstrous so .

Uh stefan that is true i wasn't mentioning as an anderson being a soviet union player he was playing for germany but my point was just how it's it's doesn't make any sense i can't i can't understand how they would all alone come up with answers to the questions um right now .

It's so weird because uh when i'm preparing for an exam i have way too many resources that i don't know which one to go for the problem isn't the lack of material is the extent of it and i it's like i study from this and then i go recap from that and then i do questions from this and .

Then i go find the answer to question in there so it's like five different contents review five different it's like taking exams and oh but yes i hope i made this confusion going on um exquisite i wouldn't really do king of two just yet because i want to be .

Sure that you're not gonna push this h-pawn so what about something in the center can i push anything in there e5 thank you yes and the fun thing about e5 is that now that we force this knight away um you can this this knight can't really go .

Anywhere can't really get involved in the game and that's what i want i don't want your knight to get involved so um you have to be very careful as black and if you you can't really take on e5 um it's taking on e5 opens a whole different kind of worms you could easily take back now bishop c5 .

Coming out now knight trying to go around coming up and now rook d1 is another thing so you shouldn't take that black correctly played this d5 trying to still keep some of this um curtains draped and drapes on the kings i guess that was a better one .

Um now white still wants to get pieces out so let's go oh wrong thing bishop g5 let's say queen e6 and now what i really want to start using my pieces i want to use my knights i want to get my rug rolling i want my queen to be in a better spot where how why .

Definitely king's gambit this is you you would not get this position from anything else if not king's damage knight f4 the problem with knight f4 is that the queen gets to go to f5 and is attacking my bishop i don't want that nice c5 interesting but let me let me um poke your brain a little .

Your knight on d3 is pretty um pretty good you might want to go to f4 you might want to go to b4 you you um you your nikon d3 is very active maybe anything else ricardo i am so glad that you are um worried about peaches well-being pc is right here napping right behind .

The laptop which is so weird i moved my setup around so we could capture his majesty on his tree but now he goes and he hides behind the laptop so what to do cats right um let me let me try to throw in more hints how about this knight could this knight .

Be a little bit more activated my rook is doing a little bit of something here it's holding your rope captive so any any other ideas i like my t7 just not not not the right knight yeah let's go for this one knight a4 i want to do knight b6 eat your rook .

To start with and i also want to do knight c5 given the choice now if knight tries to go to a6 all right i could undo knight b6 no big e now we'll get now i got rid of the c3 knights that i couldn't really do anything but i couldn't have played knight four no knight b .

Fives no nice e2's that mic was just a little extra so in the game black played queen g6 now what can i eat this pond pretty please i really do want to eat that pot to be fair if black tried to believe funny and play queen c8 to stop this eating it wouldn't really .

Work because i would still have pawn to e6 now if you try to take it ah perfect i'll be taking that and you can't really take it because i have this cool rookie one stuff and if you try to run i'll just gets district involved uh anyways let's go back to not queen c8 let's go queen g6 .

Yep i do like the idea of rookie one but i want to eat this now i have knight d6 coming up let's say you're trying to get pieces out boom and this this move i think was my uh moment in the game because this is such a such a weird move like i i thought about simply trying to develop i thought maybe just king f2 .

Rookie one i thought about maybe rook a6 queen a5 i thought about different ways to go about it but i never thought about this move and that's why it's such a great move so why to move what to do i'm going to give you guys a minute because there's still a few moves left .

On the board about 10 or so and i really do want to get to it so what do you think is the best move for white nope not queen before nope not easy um bishop going to is this wait oh i guess you mean instead of might point to h6 .

It's doable but um even if you got rid of my white even if you got rid of that white bishop on g5 it wouldn't really help you as much nope i don't really see anybody saying this no i threw k61 from one of my initial ideas too .

Nope uh-uh ain't gonna work all right i'm gonna go ahead and spill the beans h3 i'm just like oh my god i did not see this move i did not even bother thinking about this one when i was looking at it i thought if i want to get my rook activated i should go for king f2 but that was not the case this .

Is so weird because um there are like white hats trying to like do a little like explosion so in order to do that you need to gather a little more material to build up your explosion which is a weird analogy but it's kind of what's going on right now because .

Now white wants to try and open up the center a little bit but you have to be very careful exactly h3 is so logical but i i didn't think about it yeah uh let's say black makes a mistake to try and stop queen b4s we just get boom boom and now we get 24 attacking on g4 .

Uh attacking on f7 if you try to be funny with h5 boom and then queen f5 and you lose your queen so that's one way to go about it another way is let's say why black doesn't make this mistake and black plays f6 now take now if keep in mind if you take .

It i can take on h6 and if you take over here just clean check and this is quite miserable for black so black didn't do this black played bishop to f8 instead of taking bishop goes to f8 now this was another holy cow moment um and here white plays knight b7 .

These might be a little out of scope but they are such great ideas because you play knight b7 you don't just want to play knight c5 you also want to start creating more threats on the queen side so let's say knight f5 boom mission f4 defending my g3 simple move and also .

Beginning to get more access to your queen side let's say take sample moves just king f2 i'm just going to defend my g3 no biggie attack and this was another pretty cool move don't rush eating because that's what uh that would not really end up well for .

You a lot of checks coming up a lot of takes coming up don't do that black could actually end up winning this your king is super weak and i have a cat shaking my camera key you gotta move here big huge all right um so let's say no bishop aj so say we are smart let me take this .

Pawn back i'm defending my g3 now i want to eat your rook now uh in the game white uh black played bishop h6 however if rook g8 was played this was another this move i actually did find which was pretty interesting just not wrong piece just queen a5 i want to go queen c7 .

I simply want to poke around your king and enjoy that uh and so in the game black was smart played bishop h6 now whites to move what do you think we should do we are approaching our final positions so what you think we gotta do i agree bishop six is a little bit too late .

Any what's the first things we should think about before we start thinking about queen b4 i and such i think rook h6 is definitely reasonable but we could do it a little bit better a little bit faster yeah knight c5 good job knight c5 .

When the king moves now boom even if you went to e7 i would still boom you and let's say you take back now what do you think wishing we can do basically think about what's the fastest way of winning anything to eat any cool checks uh rook rookie one is definitely interesting but i just want to eat my .

Free stuff it's a full piece why not if you try to trap it ah i'll just run away that's a full piece uh in the game black tried to continue play it's queen h5 now again check and this was amazing i'm gonna let you guys figure this one out so now it is .

Weinstein move what do you think we should do not necessarily mate in one but rockets one exactly good job everybody if you eat it now i will give you checkmate coming up very very soon like two more moves and there we go and if you don't take it let's go back back back .

Let's say knights g4 eh just king g1 you can't even eat it now f2 uh king g2 and well you still have that extra night so we're gonna use that extra night and we are finally going to win another full piece too and this is actually where uh anderson resigned so this was a very very amazing example of peace .

Activity another question of how how should we keep our king safe because clearly i didn't need to castle and clearly my opponent supposedly got the king in the right square and how much material matters there are all of these concepts that we .

Keep hearing about all the time but we never exactly fully understand so this is a perfect example of it and what i really like about it is that it was a full match and they kept playing this opening every time stainless was white they played in game 2 .

4 8 10 at least so um very interesting game and with that i am going to end this stream but be sure to join us on twitch for in about i'm gonna give it about seven minutes so now it's seven central time make sure to join us in about seven minutes on twitch .

So we can do a game review for two hours straight hopefully gmp will stop hiding behind the laptop and will join us so i am going to leave our uh steel chest on twitch here so make sure to join us and uh we are going to run the stream there stand our game send your games to me on .

Leachat you are more than welcome to stamp those links yes i'm manny we made some adjustments um and we are hoping to make a little bit more time for viewers to send games so yes exactly basically club game review i'll see you soon .

Make sure to join me on twitch for remainder of the next two hours i'll see you in about seven minutes


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