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Synchronous Motor vs Induction Motor – Difference Between Induction Motor and Synchronous Motor

AC Electrical motor generally divided intotwo main categories. 1. Synchronous motor and 2. Asynchronous motor. An asynchronous motor is popularly calledas Induction motor. An induction motor is an AC electric motorin which the electric current in the rotor needed to produce torque is obtained by electromagneticinduction from the magnetic field of the stator winding. An induction motor can therefore be made withoutelectrical connections to the rotor. .

A synchronous electric motor is an AC motorin which, at steady state, the rotation of the shaft is synchronized with the frequencyof the source current; the rotation period is exactly equal to an integral number ofAC cycles. In this video I will discussed the major differencesbetween a synchronous motor and induction motor. Induction motor�s construction is simpler,Particularly in case of cage rotor. Synchronous motor�s construction is complicated. An induction motor is a single excited machine. A synchronous motor is a doubly excited machine. .

Induction Motor�s stator winding is energizedfrom an AC source. Synchronous Motor�s armature winding isenergized from an AC source and its field winding from a DC source. If the load increased the speed of the inductionmotor decreases. It is always less than the synchronous speed. Synchronous Motor always runs at synchronousspeed. The speed is independent of load. Induction motor has self-starting torque. Synchronous Motor is not self-starting. .

It has to be run up to synchronous speed byany means before it can be synchronized to AC supply. An induction motor operates only at a laggingpower factor. At high loads the power factor becomes verypoor. A synchronous motor can be operated with laggingand leading power by changing its excitation. An induction motor is used for driving mechanicalloads only. A synchronous motor can be used for powerfactor correction in addition to supplying torque to drive mechanical loads. Induction Motor�s efficiency is lesser thanthat of the synchronous motor of the same .

Output and the voltage rating. Synchronous Motor is more efficient than aninduction motor of the same output and voltage rating. An induction motor is cheaper than the synchronousmotor of the same output and voltage rating. A synchronous motor is costlier than an inductionmotor of the same output and voltage rating. Dear viewers, Thanks for watching the video. If you have any question write in the commentbox. Don�t forget to like and share. More update please subscribes our channelLearning Engineering, and get notification .

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