Friday, May 27, 2022

Tank Cage vs Javelin and NLAW

With the russian invasion we have seen russian tanks getting metal cages or in sometimes sandbags on top of the tank while looking a bit funny what does these actually do these are a low-cost attempt to protect the weakest part of the tank against an attack a tank usually have very strong armor in .

The front as it will see most action followed by somewhat protection of the sides and limited protection in the back but it has fairly low protection on top in comparison the top part can have as little as ten percent of the protection as the front tank's top is vulnerable for anti-tank missile shooting top attack overfly top attack .

Or air attacks from drones helicopters and aircraft or artillery fire as well as urban or uneven terrain where direct attack could hit the top of the tank but the cage is mostly to defend against man portable anti-tank system attacking the top part ukraine has two main system of these the .

Amla and the javelin the in-laws shoot overfly top attack where the missile shoots in a straight path and detonates around one meter over the tank with a shaped charge concentrating on a small area for maximum penetration the javelin can shoot in top attack where the missile goes up and then falls .

Back to hit the top of the tank the javelin uses a tandem charged heat warhead meaning it has two charges where the second is a shaped charge both this system can also shoot in direct attack whereas the n-law is less effective in penetration power as a result .

So can the cage stop either of these weapons as they are designed now not really the in-law going in from the side will either detonate over or possibly under the cage the cage is mostly scrap steel not applying much protection even if it hits the steel the cage also only covered directly over .

The turret which means the charge could in several situations explode over unprotected section on the tank going over to the javelin which could shoot in direct attack and still knock out the tank would not need to worry either in top attack as the missile comes in at an angle in top attack .

Again the missile could possibly hit the uncaged part of the tank but even if the missile hits the cage it would either penetrate the steel bar only detonate first when hitting real armor or the first charge would blast away the cave where the shaped charge would penetrate down .

As distance or air does fairly little to penetrating capability of the warhead it would most likely have over twice the penetrating capability as the turret can defend that's all i have for this video please like and subscribe for more thanks for watching bye .



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