Tuesday, May 24, 2022

TEETH MYTHS vs FACTS you should know. Reversing tooth decay? Lemon whitening? [SCIENCE INSIDER]

Hi i'm dr john yoo i'm a pediatricdentist it was between this and k-pop oh my god hi i'm dr jason lin i'm anorthodontist and i straighten teeth for a living “cavities are irreversible” that's all youbud yes it's a myth that doesn't mean though that we've been fooling you guys for yourentire life some cavities are reversible some are irreversible depends on the depth of thecavity if you look at the three layers of your teeth the outer layer enamel has the capabilityto remineralize if the cavity is within the enamel technically it's reversible if the cavitypenetrates to the second layer dentin which is made up of bajillion microtubules the bacteria cannow shoot through the tubes into the pulp which is the center of your tooth where your blood supplyand your nerves are housed if you have a small .

Cavity limited to the enamel what can you do athome you want to limit your acid / sugar intake your enamel is the hardest substance in your bodyover time just like the brick wall of a building may wear away with weather and storm patchwork isneeded and what patches up the lost minerals in the enamel is the fluoride in your toothpastebaby teeth aren't important oh my goodness acidic fruits will whiten yoursmile oh please don't do this yeah fillings last forever yeahthey're kind of like relationships


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