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The Story of Why I Quit Biomedical Engineering in College

Hey guys this will be a fun story this is a story of basically how in my college I dropped out of biomedical engineering and switched to computer engineering yeah I used to be a biology person researching things like bugs and bats and viruses and all those kinds of yucky things so I'll tell you why I dropped out of that thing and it will be .

An interesting story so basically it was a very pivotal decision in my early college life this is because normally for people when they start college they have at least like one to one and a half years when they can still this I if the major is worth it for them I mean basically if they don't think the major is good they are still taking general .

Education courses general education means that these are courses that you take regardless of what major you're taking for example like everybody has to take math and ever your engineers I take physics and they need to take chemistry you need to take a basic writing course so all of those things all major interests need to do but for me I .

Finished high school having completed a lot of those general education electives through AP tests because of that I literally had just one semester of leeway to make my decision and if I was late by even one semester then it would have pushed off my graduation date by at least another semester so it was really important for me to decide right away .

Now originally I wanted to be a biomedical engineer because honestly I didn't have a good reason in my high school I felt like oh man like I really like the mats and I really like engineering but I feel like oh I'm pretty good at biology I had a five on my AP bio test so if I'm good at math and I'm gonna engineering and I'm gonna .

Bio this is a cool thing called biomedical engineering where I feel like I can exercise my skills and be really smart in all those things so honestly I wasn't thinking about the jobs I wasn't thinking about the career progression I just had some belief that I can go into some tough field and as long as I study and I can get a degree from a top .

University then I can get a job I learned that a lot of those things aren't true and I'll go over more into how I learned those things in this story so I started off the degree with my first biology course in the whole degree of biomedical engineering and I was really excited for this one I mean it's basically like an .

Intro to molecular biology and in my high school I got a five on ap bio which is like the top score you can get I thought that an intro course in bio I'll totally Asus one and when I came into my first lecture the people were asking questions like what's a gene and they didn't know what like basic things like genes were so I was thinking wow I mean .

If people don't know what genes are this is totally gonna be an easy course and that is my famous last words it started off with asking what gene was and then it came to all these complicated really technical biological stuff that you basically had to spend hours and hours memorizing everything and I had no idea what was going on I .

Would practice studying with my friends and all of us would get together and we would just say like oh man I'm confused we would have weekly quizzes where we can see and evaluate our progress they didn't count towards much but when I did the weekly quizzes I saw I was getting like only 40% of the questions right so I was thinking wow this is absolutely .

Difficult so the worst thing is the bio labs and let me explain just how bio labs are bio labs are basically where you try to apply the knowledge you learn in class to actually make something and actually apply your science so in the bio labs these are kind of like the real-life version of overcome if you don't know the game overheard it's .

Basically we're like you are cooking a bunch of different ingredients the customers are getting mad and you have to cook like these very complicated dishes and if you don't cook them in time they're going to get their pitchforks and start coming after you so you better go and act really quickly that's basically how the bio lab is .

Where the customer is like the teacher's assistant you're cooking the different ingredients of all the different biological chemicals and then you have to put it together to actually make the thing for the teacher to grade and it has to be good so the problem is that these bio labs are timed you are only given like a fixed time and .

You're there basically no reduce if you mess up a step then you're basically done so I'd be working with my lab partner and we'd be like trying to read the instructions trying to even figure out what is going on and then it would basically be like I would get something messed up because all of the measurements would not be coming out .

Right so once all the measurements wouldn't come out right then our TAS would kind of feel bad for us so then at the end of the lab they would give us a new solution to work with for our next lab because you have to carry over the products of your first lab to the second lab so we messed up the solution for the first lab they give us something new for .

The second lab and then for the second lab they give us something new for the third lab because we've messed up the thing that they gave us for the second lab so basically it's kind of like every time we mess up like the cooking dish week they give us something new to work with and then we keep adding more poison to it that's basically how those bio .

Labs went though the next thing that happened was when I had the midterms and the final exams these midterms and final exams we have two midterms and one final for both of my midterms I got 70% on my midterms C's and I was thinking oh man please please just give me something good for the finals so I can save my grade and then for the final .

Exam I finished with a B so I'm looking at the end of the year and I'm thinking two seats for the midterms a B for the final what's my final grade gonna come out I'm looking at the Greg report sheet and I'm thinking please please I pray it's gonna be a b-minus somehow out of no reason whatsoever I get a B+ in the course none of the math adds up and .

That's when I learned my first lesson that colleges they scale their courses so I got lucky for that but I basically gave me some nightmares about biology but I still have to this day basically like bio that course taught me that I'm not really the right fit for a bio course in fact the friends who were struggling with me at the beginning of .

The semester they ended up acing the course and I thought how are you guys doing so well and it turns out basically for biology you really have to enjoy memorize a bunch of things and you can't think that they are boring for me I like math because you can actually like apply something from first principles but for .

Biology you have to just straight-up enjoy memorizing different proteins so they like that so I mean that's something that I can't learn to like alright so that's the first thing the core is just giving me some fear about the major biomedical engineering but what's a next thing that make me want to switch well I .

Was working on a research project with a professor that I met at the beginning of the school year and it was related to machine learning and artificial intelligence and he decided to ask me one day Oh what major are you actually studying for your degree I told him biomedical engineering and he said are you serious about medical engineering .

Why would you be doing that you seem to enjoy machine learning computers biomedical engineering is the last thing that you should be doing so basically he just straight-up told me to switch and then that's what got me really thinking oh man this guy old guy probably very wise he's telling me to switch majors and then I went into researching about .

Staying in the major biomedical engineering is it really worth it and what did I find of all the different engineering's I could have done in my college biomedical engineering is a one that gets paid the least for graduates coming out of that degree the other thing is that they are basically pigeon-holed into going into .

Like these bio companies so then I felt like what if I don't want to do bio companies because like you're getting really specific about this particular type of engineering so then a combination of getting the lowest pay and being pigeon-holed into bio companies I was starting to think that this wasn't right for me .

So I told my parents like hey Dad I thinking I'm thinking I want to switch out of biomedical engineering I want to switch to Computer Engineering and what did he say he said Joey the only reason why you want to switch out of via me is because you're lazy he said you want to switch because you didn't study in your course you're getting bad grades and .

When you don't study and are lazy of course you won't like it but he said if you study then you'll learn to like it and I think that it's not something you can just say about everything so anyways I thought about it more and more and finally the day I solidified my decision I was having lunch with my parents I told them hey look here's the data it's .

Hard to find a job with BME the pay is lower here the kind of jobs you can get with it I really want to switch my professor told me to quit and I can't make this up this literally happened while we were having lunch but basically some lady was listening to our conversation from another table and she got it from her table and came to us .

And she said your biomedical engineering I said yeah and she said don't quit right away and I said why she said I used to be a biomedical engineer and I could have find any job at all I was pigeon-holed there was no company that would take a biomedical engineer except these bio companies so what I did was she so she decided to go for a master's .

Degree in Computer Engineering which was exactly what I wanted to go towards she did that and she said as soon as I got that computer engineering degree right away I was immediately hired for a company and I'm not even using the bio parts of my old degrading work so that was all a waste so basically just avoid a hassle now leave and just go right .

Into computer engineering so I thought all the stars lined up professor told me all this data is backing it up and the lady from the random table told me to switch out of my degree I'm switching out so that's how the story is of how I switched out of my biomedical engineering degree it's really rare to have things like this becomes so clear .

In your life where all the data just becomes immediately apparent to you but when you see all these things happening and you see everything becoming clear then you want to act quickly and basically that's what happened for me you might think to yourself that you have a lot of time but actually in your college if you're spending a lot of time .

Deliberating what major you're picking that could be costing you thousands of dollars at the table so my advice for you would be too as soon as you get into college think seriously about what are the actual salaries that you want to get out of your degree what kind of work do you want to be doing think about that .

Right away and if you can solve that right away it will help you decide what major you want to stay in and you don't want to vaguely think that oh I got a degree it's gonna get me a job it's gonna make me money because it's not as simple as that you want to answer all those questions and then make a sition as quickly as you can just like me so .

You can be out of that bad major from your first semester and be ready to start on to a new path so with all that said thank you for watching this video and I'll see you guys next time in the next video bye


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