Water Tight Polygon VS FEM Geometry (Small Tip)

This is just converting it from a volume back into a solid if you clip it it's going to be hollow inside but what we did with the femme feminine bed was it tent mesh tecum form i think it was tekken form if we do this one it'll take a while to cook .

I can take this i'm going to clip this over here yeah that's what i want okay now let me take out the template so this is actually um uh how do you say that there's stuff in here ah there we go that looks there's actually stuff in here so .

Turn on points uh that's not helping wireframe here wireframe i hope you can see there's points inside like there's a huge um network of points all inside let me turn up guides six so they're a little bigger so there's actually points inside it's .

It's quite a different material so if i take the clip so this is still this is like uh filled in this is filled in if i take this and i lower the clip the whole thing is filled in from top to bottom i should go like this yeah that's better so the whole .

Thing is filled in as opposed to this i mean this is a solid it's water tight solid but it's um um there's nothing in there's no there's no nothing in here there's no there's no points inside this is the surface this is like an exterior .

Polygon on the outside it's a water tight solid