Thursday, May 26, 2022

What is the difference between science and engineering?

Another government white paper this time it shows the difference between science and engineering you largely do physics I'm guessing so you understand how scientists and how science works what this quote does is draw a distinction between science and engineering it helps us understand a little better the realm of professional engineering .

And it talks about particular problem that science has identified global warming so are really social sciences helps gain understanding our human activity is warming the climate go war wins and what impact that will have on the food and water security I probably had energy security to that as well and crucially what needs to be done to slow .

Or reverse the warming trend so that's it science is used experimentation and analysis to explore the world around us identify the problem it's characterized the problem and it's quantify the problem to some extent we've got a big problem with those you need to do something about it otherwise the planets .

Going to go it's going to finish and that's where science stops for being unfair to the scientists and people running around with their hands in your ear screaming that we've got a problem but they're not quick to do anything about it science can't solve the problems our planet faces nor can the medics the .

Malcolm adventists nor can the vets nor can the lawyers and open their counsels nor can the bankers the only people that can harness the power of science and put it to use in the service of man by the engineers s forwards take away today engineering offers humanity hope because science gives us data and information but no solutions it's engineering that .

Paul draws that information and data in and uses it to design and develop products that are going to allow the quality of human life to continue who recognizes this man anyone heard of him before the picture gives away what your phase four Theodore von Karman he's the first person to characterize supersonic and hypersonic flow very important man .

Space if you choose to aerospace engineering could be sick of the sight of this fellow by the end of year one he does a lot of the year when the syllabus comes down to him but that's not what I want to talk about today he said this the scientists nearly explores that which exists but it's the engineer that creates that which is never existed .

Before there's another connection in your mind you've only got engineering and quality of life and now it's engineering creativity to commit to connections are necessarily always made by people


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