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You Use It Everyday but Not How You’re Supposed To

See that small magnetic lock on a fuel hose at the gas station every time someone drives away with the gas nozzle still attached to their car yes they do it the lock detaches the hose automatically now when you take a sip from a coffee cup with a lid it decreases air pressure inside the cup so air tries to get in .

The tiny hole on the lid allows air to enter that way so liquid can smoothly pour out the main hole and more on beverage lids the small buttons on them let restaurant workers and customers too understand what's in a cup near each button there's a name just look at which one is pushed down .

a long time ago people would sometimes shave off small amounts from coins made of precious metals to sell while passing the coins for the real deal to make sure a coin wasn't tampered with grooves on the edges appeared that's why dimes and quarters have them the stripes on headphone jacks are for .

Insulation the silver or gold bands being contacts for the respective wires one stripe means there's a mono signal two gets you stereo sound and three strikes means you're out now that's baseball three stripes means there's also a built-in microphone you get a small piece of fabric with new clothes so you can test the material .

Before washing the garment if it fades stretches or pills in the wash you'll know and won't ruin the whole piece of clothing next time you're at the grocery store notice the loop in the front of the cart it's there for you to put a bag of delicate items like eggs or bread so they don't break or get squished .

The spike in the cap of a tube of ointment or cream is there so you can puncture the tiny foil seal no need to grab a toothpick or try to use your fingernails to peel it off you shouldn't ever forget which side of the car the gas tank is on check the fuel gauge on the dashboard there's a little gas pump with an arrow pointing .

To the left or right yep it's telling you which side you should pull up toward the pub additional side holes and chuck taylors do provide extra ventilation but they were there to lace the shoes more securely these sneakers were originally made for and worn by basketball players don't forget notebook margins come with a strange .

History people started and finished their writing further from the edges of a piece of paper because old documents and books were prone to rat chewing they'd be stored in basements and warehouses where the rodents would chew around edges with margins none of the information was lost oh rats .

You can stretch out the plates in those ketchup cups to get more room so if you like a whole handful of fries or you're trying to dip a chicken nugget well there you go each heinz packet has a number on it the same product can have different numbers because they indicate which filling line the packet was filled on .

The soft round part under a soda bottle cap keeps the carbonation from escaping without it your pop would go flat in no time probably even before you buy it cover the mirror in your bathroom or at least a face size part of it with a thin layer of non-gel toothpaste wipe it off now when you take that hot shower the mirror won't fog up this trick works .

With car mirrors too french sailors were the ones who started to use pom-poms fluffy balls prevented them from hitting their heads against the ship's low ceilings later the pom-pom design was adapted by army troops and that's how they ended up decorating our beanies if you don't have anywhere to put a toothpick after using it snap off the .

Flat end at the first groove and put it on the table now you can balance the used portion of your toothpick on the grooved part so it doesn't have to touch the table each of the rings on a phone jack represents different components if your phone jack has three rings it means your device can produce stereo .

Sound and your earphones have the microphone function a little groove on the bottom of a cup or mug lets cool air flow underneath it saves glassware from cracking when a scorching beverage heats it up plus when you place cups upside down in the dishwasher the grooves prevent water from .

Stagnating in the cup bottoms as soon as you notice the blue bristles on your toothbrush fading it's a sure sign it's time to replace it most people don't associate takeaway food with fancy dinners but a takeout container can still be turned into a plate you just have to unfold it correctly .

Does two zips for one section of your bag seem like too much maybe but it's actually a great safeguard against pickpocketing you can put a small lock between the two zippers to make sure no one can open your backpack the slits on a box cutter blade are there to help you snap off a piece of it when it wears out to do so safely use .

The lid from the other side of the box cutter place it on the blade and bend it to break a section off a pack of cotton pads has those strings attached so you can hang it on a hook or holder and there's no need to unfasten the pack every time look at the bottom it has that perforated line tear along it and now you can pull the .

Pads out easily the button on the back of a shirt collar is there to hold a tie in place although with skinny ties being popular nowadays it's become mostly decorative pom-poms on clothing sure look nice but they also used to have a purpose behind them there's one unusual theory for how they came about french sailors used to .

Hit their heads against the cabins of their boats when out on the oceans so they invented pom-poms to soften the bump all running shoes basically have an anti-blister system in their design see that extra shoelace hole at the top of your sneakers make two loops with these holes by inserting the loose laces .

Into them cross the laces over and insert them into the loops then pull the laces down and you'll create a kind of lock to keep your feet snug in your shoes the blue and red parts of the eraser aren't for pen and pencil the red side rubs the pencil particles .

Out of the paper while the blue side is stiffer and scrubs off a thin layer from the paper itself that's why it's for tougher grades of paper whether it's getting rid of pen or pencil unfold the pleated paper cup you get for condiments at fast food places you'll have enough room to dunk nuggets and a whole handful of fries .

Same goes for the oyster pails you get for take away unfold it and you get an entire plate a utility knife has a removable part on the end of the handle use it to snap off the dull piece of the blade to reveal a new sharp one a pen cap has a small hole in the top in case of accidental swallowing it keeps .

The airway unblocked the loop on the back of a shirt came from sailors who'd hang their shirts from hooks on the ship this locker loop is still useful for hanging the shirt without a hanger the metal plate on a stapler base is turnable rotated and the staples pins will be bent outward this creates easily .

Removable temporary staples lids on paper and plastic two go cups work as coasters the ring in the middle of the lid is exactly the size to fit the bottom of the cup the lids lips also catch dripping condensation from cold drinks the hole in your frying pan's handle .

Could hold your stirring spoon and keep it from messing the counter or stove top that fluffy ball on your winter beanie has mysterious origins while they probably go back even further what is known is that 18th century french soldiers wore these pom-poms on their caps to protect their heads from getting banged on low ship deck ceilings .

That drawer on the bottom of your stove wasn't meant to store pans and cookie sheets it's supposed to keep your dishes warm whenever you cook a large amount of food as one dish cooks in the oven it warms up the ready ones in the drawer below it the tiny pocket inside your jeans pocket it's not for rings or coins it was made .

For pocket watches what's a pocket watch it goes in your jeans pocket okay we'll move on the hole in a pen cap is there in case the thing gets swallowed it allows air to flow through lego heads have holes in them for the same reason go look at your bathroom sink really .

See the hole up near the rim it's there to prevent overflows excess water goes into the siphon and your floor stays dry in case you forgot to shut the water off it also helps your sink drain faster instead of glugging down slowly as it fights air resistance the hole gives that air somewhere to escape there's a special oval shaped .

Compartment under the flap of the tic tac container it's supposed to make it easier to extract one little mint at a time well if you still like the idea of having a handful of them i can't blame you what side of your car is the gas tank on well it may be a tricky question if .

You're driving a rented vehicle or some brand new wheels but just look at the little gas pump on your dashboard fuel indicator the little arrow points to which side the tank is on holes and tube-like coffee stirring sticks help reduce resistance from the liquid so they can stir the sugar more efficiently and we're thankful for that .

This design also makes the plastic stick sturdier and protects it from bending in hot water and manufacturers save money by using less plastic when the thing is hollow the microwave door looks completely black when it's off but when you're heating up your food you can see through it look closely it's not just a black .

Glass it's a special mesh against regular glass this protective metal screen keeps the microwave energy inside a pack of cotton pads has those strings on it so that we could hang it on some hook or holder and no there's no need to untighten and tighten the pack again look at the bottom of the pack it has a perforated line tear along it and now .

You're good to pull out a cotton pad if you've ever tried a nintendo cartridge to taste you'll confirm that they taste revolting leaving a sour bitterish aftertaste in your mouth they're covered with denatonium benzoate one of the most disgusting flavors ever known actually this taste is kind of a hidden .

Function it prevents people from swallowing those cartridges silica gel can often be found in different things you buy like bags shoes and many others don't throw it away it's meant to absorb excess moisture so anytime your shoes are a bit wet just throw in a packet with silica gel escalator brushes aren't for keeping .

Your shoes clean or polished it's for our safety brushes won't let you come close to the edge so a long coat or boot cut jeans won't end up between the steps rough edges on the dimes aren't just about design the coins used to be made of precious metals to show their real value people would shave off the edges .

Spending the shaving coins with the same value and melt the edges into new coins to avoid it minters added that pattern so people could tell if someone cut that coin before ever notice a tiny hole on the bottom of a padlock its hidden purpose is to drain water to help avoid corrosion it's always the most convenient place to .

Lubricate a padlock a drop of oil in there will make it open and close easier bottles have long necks for a reason hold the neck not the bottle if you want to enjoy a cold drink same goes for fancy glasses their stem saves any drink from overheating so hold it right notebook margins are not some extra .

Space for note-taking in fact people invented them to protect their notes people used to co-live with rats and these guys like gnawing on everything they see on their way including paper still rats weren't able to chew more than the space left on the margins that black grate on a microwave isn't just some fancy decoration it's called a .

Faraday shield and it prevents the rays from escaping the microwave it also speeds up the heating so you can enjoy yesterday's leftovers faster it may also block phone signals so if you're tired of numerous calls just put the phone into a microwave but don't turn it on all tic tac containers are designed to .

Dispense one tic-tac every time you open it the lid has the same shape as the candy turn the container upside down gently shake it and slowly open it you'll notice only one candy stuck between those lid grooves so if you just open the container and shake it until five or more candies fall into your mouth that means you've been .

Eating tic tac wrong all this time bath foam relieves stress cleanses the skin and keeps the water warm foam is made up of tiny air bubbles they form an insulating layer on the water surface keeping heat from escaping side holes and sneakers are for laces since sneakers were originally invented for basketball players this interesting .

Design allowed to accommodate any player's foot they just needed to lace their sneakers in the most comfortable way for them colorful plastic ties on bags of bread indicate when the loaf was baked the color code is the following monday a blue tag tuesday green thursday red friday white and on saturday you can buy .

Fresh bread with a yellow tag the utility knife is supposed to last way longer than most people think the knife blade is made of narrow parallel sections when the instrument gets blunt break off the top section with a cap you find at the bottom voila you have a brand new sharp blade again just don't forget to .

Put some safety gloves and goggles on first some button-down shirts have a button on the back of the collar it's there so that the tie doesn't stick out from under the collar as for that locker loop on the back you can use it to hang the shirt on a hook without wrinkling it a seemingly random diamond sized hole in .

The elevator door is actually a keyhole if the doors get stuck an operator can open them manually by inserting a special key in this hole the same tool is used when an elevator needs routine maintenance the holes in the bottom of earphones allow air to circulate up and through the speakers it helps to increase low .

Frequencies making the bass sound deeper the whole sound quality also becomes much richer that drawer at the bottom of your stove isn't for storing pans and cookie sheets its purpose is to keep your dishes warm whenever you cook a large amount of food while one dish is in the oven it warms up the already prepared ones in the .

Drawer below the big toothy spoon is great for grabbing spaghetti out of the pot but you can also use it before the dish is even ready the hole in the middle is there to measure portions however many dry noodles you can fit into it that's the amount one person needs .

Diamond slits on backpacks were originally placed only on traveler bags their only purpose was to carry ropes these days you can find such slits on pretty much every backpack why not use them to carry a bottle of water an umbrella or a pair of sneakers ever use those flimsy ribbed ketchup containers they have at fast food .

Restaurants then you've probably wondered why they don't make them a bit bigger but they can be just pull the ribs outward and the container can house way more sauce so if you ever find yourself in a condiment race you can always catch up catch up .

The hole in a lollipop stick is not a free whistle that you might have assumed in fact it's designed to save your life the hole stops a person from choking if it gets stuck in their throat if you struggle to peel an orange there's actually a secret way to get into it efficiently cut into the peel at the top and bottom make a slit on one .

Side and then just pull it open yogurt is a great healthy snack to eat provided you have a spoon with you but if you don't i've got a trick for you all you need do is twist the foil lid from the yogurt pot into the shape of a spoon if you can't just get rid of the food stuck in your teeth you might not be .

Using dental floss the right way it can be hard to get perfect results with loose floss to increase the tension tie it in a knot that way it won't hurt your hands as well grocery carts have metal loops on the sides for a reason you don't really want to put your jacket in the cart next to the onions do you so hang it on one of .

The loops these little things can help organize the space in your cart better we all keep our pans in oven drawers they're designed for kitchenware after all but there's another way to use them that's even more useful these drawers can actually keep your dish hot for a while without overcooking it remember that the next time your friends are .

Running late for dinner plastic cup lids can become super handy cup holders there are three small bulges on the reverse side and the cup fits in there perfectly no more coffee stains pretty much everyone who's ever been in a public toilet knows what paper seat covers are for but many people find them inconvenient and that's mainly because .

They don't know how to use them the right way the flap should be placed right in front of you and dropped down into the bowl have you ever seen those weird cylinders on cables they're actually handier than they seem because they can help reduce high frequency interference the little sharp point on the cap of an .

Ointment tube is there for a reason too most tubes are usually sealed with foil and it's better to avoid opening it with your fingers unless you're ready to say goodbye to your nails the point on the cap can open even the best sealed tube without a problem the small bumps on the f and j keys on your keyboard have a little known .

Purpose they can help you find the right key even without looking at the keyboard pretty cool if you want to start blind typing ever notice the hole in a ruler it's there if you want to place it on a hook or draw a perfect circle take a look at your iphone you see that weird little dot between the camera and .

The flash well that's a microphone it's used for recording with the back camera if you get a box of chocolates with a little dent in between the holes for the candy push it the chocolate surrounding it will pop right out of their snug little compartments you shouldn't have to push the suite from the bottom though this weighs much quicker .

You try to pull out some aluminum foil but the roll keeps coming out of the box it's not supposed to push in the tabs on the sides of the box they'll hold the roll in place don't throw away those little silica gel packets you get in new shoes and bags you can use them to absorb moisture in any place it collects foam get wet put .

It in a plastic baggie with a silica gel packet it'll get the water out throw one in your shoes to keep them smelling fresh tape one to the lid of your pet's food container to keep mold out you can even put a packet in your tool box to prevent rust women's shirts oddly have buttons on the .

Left even though most people are right-handed it comes from the times when upper class ladies would have hand maidens dress them the wearer's left became the dresser's right so it was easy for them pants creases have their story too to squeeze in as many goods as possible to transport them folded pants got heavily .

Pressed it was next to impossible to get rid of the resulting creases so why not make them fashionable there's a loop on the back of your button-up shirt so you can hang it without it getting wrinkled and fun fact back in the day it showed your availability young guys used to cut those loops off once they started dating .

Someone doorknobs are usually made of brass bronze or some other copper alloys for a reason they have an anti-microbial effect they get rid of germs pretty fast within a couple of hours but you still have to wash your hands after touching doorknobs rough edges on the sides of coins come .

From an ancient practice the weight of coins made from precious metals used to show the real value of the coin people would shave off the edges melt them together and make new coins from what they collected to avoid that ridges were added so you could see if a coin had been tampered with toothpaste stripes are no more than a .

Marketing trick in the 70s a leading toothpaste brand introduced a blue stripe to show that their product had double the action solid white toothpaste have the same functions though those blue bristles on your brush are a lot more helpful than toothpaste stripes when they fade it's time to change your .

Toothbrush take the lid off your to go cup and turn it upside down you'll get an instant coaster it has a rim on the inside that your cup bottom fits into perfectly if you prefer your soda in a bottle check out the little plastic disc in the cap it's there to keep the gases in your carbonated drink without it you just .

Have syrupy brown water detachable headrests in a car can be used to break the windows in case you get stuck in just don't go swinging at the window though you could hurt yourself slide one of the prongs in between the pane and the door pull the headrest back towards yourself and the window will .

Shatter don't forget about the tab on the bottom of your rear view mirror pull it back during nighttime driving if someone's behind you their headlights won't be blinding pull the tab forward again for daytime driving so grocery carts have loops for a reason you don't want to put your jacket in .

Your cart next to a bunch of potatoes and onions do you hang it on the loop instead it's there to help you organize your cart better carts also have a cool section at the bottom whenever your cart's full just lift it up and attach a shopping basket for extra purchases lift up the whole metal thing sit your .

Basket on the horizontal bar above the wheels and secure it with those handy hooks if you've got some pesky parsley stuck in your teeth try this tip it can be hard to get it all out with loose floss you need more tension just tie it in a knot toothpaste stripes may seem a bit weird .

It's just a marketing trick back in the 70s a leading toothpaste brand added a blue stripe to show that their toothpaste had double action solid white toothpaste work just as well but those blue bristles on your toothbrush actually make sense they gradually lose their color over time when the blue is faded it's time to .

Change your toothbrush notice that tiny hole on the bottom of a padlock its hidden purpose is to drain water out to keep it from rusting it's also the place to lubricate a padlock a drop of oil in there will make it open and close way easier those ridges on the edge of dimes aren't just for show .

People used to shave off the edges then melt the edges down into new coins but thanks to the new design it's easy to tell if someone's been shaving the edges off if you still struggle with peeling an orange here's another way of opening it first cut off the top and bottom make a slit on the side and pull it open .

That knobbly bit sticking out of the cap of your favorite cream is there for a reason these tubes are usually sealed with foil so unless you love breaking your nails trying to open them just flip the cap over and push the tiny rubber disc under every bottle cap isn't just for seeing if you want a lifetime supply of soda it's what keeps .

Your drink all nice and bubbly the lid keeps the liquid inside the rubber disk keeps the gas inside until you drink it if you use the blue side of your eraser to erase pen your notebooks are probably all full of holes the blue side's there for when you need to erase something on much thicker paper it works on pencil .

And even ink as long as the paper is thick enough your bobby pins might not stay in place if the grooves aren't facing the right way they should always be on the bottom close to your head still coming loose put a squeeze of hair spray right onto the bobby pin before you put it in your hair .

Many glass bottles usually have some sort of indent at the bottom it's handy if you want to be fancy put your thumb in the indent and pour away the technical name for this little dude is a punt those sugar sticks at your local coffee stand are ready to be opened in a new and easier way look how happy they are .

Try splitting it right down the middle no more sugar on your fingers no more tiny little paper bit even your coffee's happier your cotton rounds pack has those strings on it so you can hang it on a handy hook in the bathroom but there's no need to loosen and tighten back up again every time .

Check out the bottom of the pack it has a perforated line tear it open carefully and you're good to go doorknobs are usually made of brass bronze or some other copper alloy why they're antibacterial so they stop microbes from spreading just a couple of hours and the pesky microbes are gone but don't forget to wash your hands .

Anyway bottles have long necks for a reason hold the neck not the bottle if you want to enjoy a cold drink two zips too much maybe but they come in handy as a clever anti-theft device just lock them together now no one can open your backpack don't have a lock on you you can also .

Tie them together with some string or even just a paper clip anything to slow those pickpockets down that tiny little button on the back of a shirt collar is used to hold your tie in place you don't want your tie trying to escape back there shoe manufacturers care about their customers so most running shoes now have .

A special anti-blister system pre-installed sounds intense but it's basically just that extra hole on top of your sneakers make a loop with the extra hole inserting the lace backwards cross your laces and put them through the loops now pull the laces down to lock your foot in place .

Now run you'll find silica gel packets when you buy bags shoes even some snacks don't throw them away they soak up excess moisture so any times your shoes are a bit damp chuck a few gel packets in there overnight you might have been using your shampoo wrong this whole time really here's the .

Gist don't apply it to your hair just apply it to the roots the foam you create will trickle down on your hair anyway notebook margins aren't for taking extra notes or practicing emojis they were invented to protect people's work people used to live with a lot of hungry rats around the rats would nibble at the .

Paper eating people's work they put the margin lines there to let people know to start their riding further from the edge so it's not lost to a hungry rodent solo cups are the key element for any barbecue party but these red cups are even cooler than you thought you can use them to measure liquids the bottom line equals one ounce the second line equals .

Five ounces and the third line equals 12 ounces if you like milk on your tea try this tip out next time pour it from the other side of the carton it sloshes around less and it's easier to control car headrests are all about comfort and detachable headrests are all about safety if you pull the headrest out .

You'll see two sturdy metal bars if you ever get locked or trapped in a car you can use the bars to smash the window and get out women's shirts have their buttons on the left even though about 85 percent of people are right-handed it would make way more sense to have them on the right the thing is back in the day wealthy .

Women had maids to help them dress so for them the buttons on the left made things much easier don't you know the tab on your rear view mirror does have a real function people it holds your air freshener your huge fuzzy dies maybe a big smiley emoji but it's actually a switch between day and night mode for your mirror when it's dark out .

The night mode blocks the glare from the car behind you so making a mistake with a pencil is easy to fix you just use the pink side right and with ink you just flip the eraser and use the blue part wrong and you just wrecked a perfectly good piece of paper that's because the blue part is actually also for pencil mind blown .

The blue side of the eraser is for erasing mistakes on thicker paper where the softer pink side just can't get the job done a vegetable peeler isn't just for potatoes or carrots you can use it to shave off thin slices of onion hey i just saved you time stress and a whole bunch of tears .

It's also good for cutting perfect thin slices of cheese everything is better with cheese the diagonal leather patch on backpacks isn't just for decoration it's there to hold your nasty shoes backpacks are made for the outdoors with pockets to hold water bottles pens maps coins and maybe even tiny dogs so it .

Makes sense to tie up your muddy shoes on the outside of your bag placing a wooden spoon across the top of a pot of pasta can stop it from turning into a volcano situation


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