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100+ Riddles Marathon to Get Smarter FAST

Which one is the best friend james was at work when he found out he'd won the lottery he told his accountant he wanted to give half the money to his best friend jack but everyone started calling themselves jack to deceive the accountant and get the money can you figure out who the real best friend is .

You've got seven seconds it's the one who's wearing a matching bracelet with james a mysterious disappearance amy and chris have a little son called noah on saturday they went out to dinner and left noah at home when they returned the little boy was .

Gone the alarmed parents called the police the detective questioned everyone in the house the babysitter said she had been preparing noah's school bag for the next day the maid said she had spent the day cleaning the bathrooms the chef said he had been preparing breakfast for the .

Next day and hadn't heard anything the police immediately knew who was lying can you figure it out it was the babysitter it's saturday and children don't go to school on sundays a garage incident rob works as a mechanic in his own garage .

One afternoon he went out to get some supplies when he came back he noticed someone had been messing around in his office the intruder tried to put everything back the way it had been before but they forgot some small detail can you spot it there's a lipstick mark on rob's coffee .

Cup and his chair is lowered who did it a billionaire was found unconscious by his wife it was on sunday at 6 30 in the morning as soon as the woman saw him she called the police the detective questioned everyone in the house .

The billionaire's wife said she had gone out to buy her husband a gift for their anniversary the butler said he had been fixing some car tires the gardener said he didn't talk to the billionaire he was working outside and never went inside the house as soon as the police listened to everyone's story they knew who did it .

You have seven seconds to find the truth it was the wife no gift shops are open at 6 30 in the morning on sunday who's poor a restaurant owner found out that he'd won the lottery he was going to donate half this money to the poorest person in the room can you figure out who it is .

It's the guy in the white shirt he has just several coins to pay for his meal and he only ordered some fries everyone else has a three-course meal in front of them what happened at the north pole sam was trying to impress his new colleagues with exciting stories during lunch he told them about the time .

He went on an expedition to the north pole while he was there he injured his leg and couldn't walk his friends had to carry him to their shelter and call for help on their way back some penguins started following them as soon as his colleagues heard that .

They started laughing why well there are no penguins at the north pole who's cheating it's friday and all students have gathered in a big lecture hall to write their end of year exam the teacher has been informed that one .

Student is going to cheat but who you've got seven seconds to find out the answer is student c it looks as if he's trying to remember what he's read but he has the answers written on his hand the game show prize john was competing in a knowledge game .

Show he got stuck on the last question and called his friend to ask for help if they solve the final riddle he'll win the main prize the question goes like this if you're jumping with a parachute where should you land an ocean a jungle a desert times a ticking .

Opt for the desert if you land on water you might get trapped in the parachute and drown in a jungle you might get stuck in tree branches but the sand in a desert is soft and you can cover yourself with the parachute to fend off the heat a trapped sailor tim is a sailor on a large cruise ship .

One day the captain asked him to go to the hold and get supplies but as the man was walking down the ladder it broke try as he might he couldn't get out sometime later he discovered there was a hole in the side of the ship more and more water was getting inside through this hole how can tim get out .

You have just a few seconds to help him out he can put on one of the life jackets that are in the room and wait for the water to fill the hole this water will lift him up and he'll be able to push the door open who took the supplies mrs ruth was heading home after she .

Finished her hot dog and burger shopping suddenly she saw someone running toward her this person grabbed her bag filled with food and her wallet the woman immediately called the police and told them what had happened she added it was a man wearing sunglasses and a black hoodie police officers started patrolling the .

Park they found the hoodie and the glasses can you figure out which of these people took mrs ruth's things it's the one with the dog the animal can smell the food the man's holding and it's waiting for a treat ben was walking in the park at night when someone knocked him out and stole all his stuff .

The guy went to the police three people cole jerry and bernard were in the park at that time they got arrested the detective gave each of them a marker and asked them to write their names on the whiteboard as soon as they finished he immediately arrested the right person who was guilty and how did the detective find it out .

It was jerry ben was hit from the right it means the person who did it was left-handed among the three suspects that's only jerry hmm really ben and jerry i think i need some ice cream a member of an expedition to the south pole found himself in a frozen cave he didn't remember what had happened but he .

Knew he had to get out the man saw three doors and a note saying what was behind each of them behind the first door there was a hungry polar bear behind the second door there was a room filled with poisonous gas and behind the third there was a room with sharp icicles falling from the .

Ceiling every second which door should the man choose to survive he should pick the first door he's at the south pole there are no polar bears there after classes nora stayed at the university she needed to finish her project she was sitting in the hallway .

So she got hungry the girl went to grab some food and left all her stuff behind when nora returned she checked her things and called the police she told him what had happened and reported her wallet stolen there were three other students nearby all of them were questioned kennedy said she had been texting her .

Friends ethan said i did sit close to nora for a while but i didn't see or touch her wallet gabriella said she had been in the classroom and just walked out a couple minutes before the detective listened to them and left without arresting anyone why .

The detective remembered that nora had gone to get some food it means the wallet was with her and couldn't be stolen the girl lied three women sarah milla and eleanor went shopping two of them are pregnant and one is a professional watermelon thief yeah i know but just humor me can you tell which one stole the .

Watermelon it's milla she's wearing heels it's not the kind of shoes pregnant women would wear aurora was spending her summer in the countryside she often took long walks in the forest alone one day she saw a huge mansion it was obvious no one lived there so she .

Entered the house it was dusty inside but still beautiful aurora took some pictures and left the place when the girl came back home she looked through her photos she wanted to pick the best ones to post on her social media but then she saw one of the photos and screamed take a careful look at this photo can .

You see what scared her so much aurora noticed she herself was in the photo but it's impossible she was alone in the house stella and adeline were sisters their grandmother once presented adeline a bracelet but both girls loved this piece of jewelry very much so sometimes stella snuck into her .

Sister's room and borrowed the bracelet one day adlin came home and noticed the bracelet was gone she knocked on her sister's door stella opened the door realized it was her sister and shut it again in a couple of minutes adeline managed to break into the room she started searching for the bracelet stella told .

Her that this time she hadn't taken adeline's jewelry allen didn't find anything and had to leave but on her way out she remembered something and managed to get her bracelet back where was it .

When stella opened the door she had her hair down but later she already had her hair tied up in those few minutes she made a bun and hid the bracelet in her hair on a rainy summer night mrs miller came home after work her neighbor mrs smith visited her the women wanted to have some tea together .

Mrs smith said her daughter was at a party she met one of mrs miller's triplet sons there mrs miller asked which one it was but her friend didn't know her daughter could never tell the guys apart the problem was all three of them were grounded and weren't allowed to go out .

Until the next week mrs miller wanted to find out who had broken the rules she called the boys and asked how they'd spent the day ian the artist said in the evening i was outside drawing ryan the musician said i spent all day inside writing a new song .

Luke who likes sports said i did a workout and spent the rest of the day reading mrs miller understood which of her sons was lying and grounded him for another month who's the liar and how did she know ian lied he said he had been drawing outside but it was raining .

A mysterious scientist joanna made a bet with her friends she had to go to a deserted house in the middle of their town at night no one lived there and the house was supposed to be demolished soon but rumor had it a mad scientist used that building as his lab it was about 3 am when the girl saw a .

Gloomy large building the door was slightly ajar she entered and saw a huge dark hallway suddenly someone switched on the light and joanna saw a bizarre looking man in a lab coat he stood there and stared at her for a few seconds before saying good morning i'm dr clark but you aren't real joanna exclaimed .

How did the girl figure it out even though the scientist had a reflection in the mirror he didn't cast a shadow it was a hologram an accident in a dance studio once a dance studio owner found dylan one of the instructors lying on the floor in one of the rooms someone had hit the man .

On the head the owner called the police they questioned the dance studio workers and visitors and found three suspects chloe a regular said she hadn't visited the studio for several days she had several days off and spent them sunbathing on the beach ethan another instructor told the police .

His friend had called him and asked for help that's why he had left the studio before dylan came to work layla dylan's girlfriend admitted they had quarreled earlier in the morning but after that she went to her best friend to talk about this situation the police officers understood right away who was behind the attack .

it was chloe she said she has spent several days on the beach but her skin is extremely pale only one portal luke took part in a scientific experiment but something went terribly wrong he ended up in a place where there was nothing but three portals one of .

Them led to a polar desert in antarctica the second one opened into a volcanic crater filled with molten lava and behind the third portal there was the dinosaur age with huge diplodocuses roaming around which portal should the man choose luke would freeze in no time in a polar desert molten lava isn't even an option .

But diplodocuses are totally harmless to people they only eat plants a dangerous teacher marta was walking through the park near her home in the evening it was dark and there was nobody around suddenly her bag was grabbed from behind and the person bolted away marta took off after them she was pretty .

Sure this person was a woman but she couldn't make out her appearance or clothes the woman disappeared inside a school building when marta ran inside she saw three teachers the girl looked at them attentively and soon figured out which one had taken her bag can you do the same .

The woman in the middle wouldn't be able to run away with a cast on her leg the one on the right doesn't have anything in her hands where would she hide marta's bag so quickly but the woman on the left has a big shopper bag on her shoulder a real teacher wouldn't need to carry it in the classroom missing paintings .

Detective henry taylor was getting ready for work when he heard screams from his neighbor's house he rushed there the door was locked the man had to kick it several times before it gave way he found his neighbor miss anderson in the living room she was tied to a chair oh i'm so happy you heard me shouting an hour ago a man knocked on my door and .

Said he was an electrician but as soon as i let him in he tied me up and took all the priceless paintings i had got from my grandfather and then he just ran away leaving me here detective taylor had to arrest the woman for staging the theft how did he know when he tried to get into the house the door was locked from the inside .

Who could do it if miss anderson was tied up and the thief ran out of the house in a hurry a car accident emily had been dreaming of having her own car for ages and finally she got it the girl was so happy that she immediately went for a drive she was a careful driver and never broke .

Any traffic rules but suddenly she heard a nasty screeching sound and was jolted forward when she got over her shock she saw a red toyota disappearing into the distance it was a hit-and-run emily was extremely upset in an awful mood she continued on her way ten minutes later though she saw the very same red toyota park near a cafe .

Emily ran inside and saw three visitors the girl didn't need long to figure out who the driver that had hit her car was it was the man on the right the two other visitors are already eating but he's still looking through the menu a stuck ball martin was playing with his new football .

At one moment he kicked it a bit too hard the ball flew into the air and fell down a hollow fence post the post was very narrow and the ball barely fit there but still it got to the very bottom tray as he might martin couldn't get the ball out of the pipe luckily his friend david joined him in no time the second .

Boy helped martin to get his ball back how did he do it david used a water hose lying nearby he filled the pipe with water and the ball floated up you suddenly wake up trapped in a dark room your only source of light is a candle there are two doors in front of you .

Behind one of them there's a tunnel that will lead you outside to freedom behind the other just a cold brick wall you have a key that will open only one of the doors and you can try it just once so how do you know which door to try hold the candle up to each keyhole the .

Flame will move near the door that leads outside you escape to freedom but you need to send some important documents to your friend beth you can't mail them in a regular package because the precious papers will get stolen so you put them in a box and lock it but .

Beth doesn't have the key to this lock how can you send the papers if you can't send the key to the lock separately first send the lock box to beth she'll attach her own lock and send the box back to you then remove your own lock and send the package again .

Beth can then remove her lock and finally open the package bad news you get a call one morning from beth she says the crucial documents were stolen from her office they'd been on the desk the evening before but are nowhere to be found this morning you immediately go there to question the employees .

In no time you gather three suspects sean said he had been at the movies last night michael had taken his girlfriend to an amusement park and christina was at a prestigious art gallery who's lying sean his movie ticket isn't torn .

Having been caught red-handed shawn makes a break for it he hops in his car and drives away law enforcement are on the lookout sean sees a police car right ahead of him and starts driving toward it why would he do that he was on a bridge he needed to go toward the patrol car to get to the .

Other side and make his escape no such luck for poor sean he gets caught and locked up but he starts hearing rumors of an inmate planning to break out the guards have two suspects first a quiet bookworm who spends most of his days with his nose buried in sci-fi novels the second a big burly .

Tattooed guy who's always working out who should shawn become friends with if he wants to get out of here the bookworm look closer and you'll see his bookmark is actually a file on friday afternoon the owner of that same prestigious art gallery discovered that four of the most famous artists .

Self-portraits had been stolen during an exhibition the police show up to do an investigation and now they have three suspects sarah the artist said she disappeared into one to the studios to paint john the security guard explained he was just waiting outside and had no idea the .

Portraits were gone daniel the caterer stated he was at a nearby store picking up extra napkins when the robbery took place so who's the thief it's the security guard he couldn't have known the stolen paintings were portraits if he was standing outside .

As fate would have it there was another incident that night michael who never really liked what passed for art in modern times rushed into the gallery and caused millions of dollars worth of damage to several paintings yet the gallery's owner thanked him for his actions how come .

Michael is a firefighter the water from his hose damaged several masterpieces but he still managed to extinguish the fire and save many more works they awarded michael a big check in gratitude he heads home just in time to get his five kids all packed up for a camping trip that weekend mike and his wife are .

Really looking forward to having the weekend for themselves to relax but when they woke up on saturday they discovered the check was missing from their safe once the officer showed up they interviewed the three people who were in the house that morning the chef said he was in the kitchen .

Getting school lunches packed the cleaner said he finished cleaning quickly that day and left early the butler had just gotten back after taking the kids to camp three hours away who's lying it's the chef it's saturday so there's no school and the kids have gone camping .

Meanwhile on the other side of town a scientist is working on something bizarre he invites kevin and claire as blind test subjects for his new serum invention he gives them each a glass of ice cold lemonade kevin drinks his fast but claire apprehensively waits to see .

The side effects on him first after two hours nothing happens so she drinks her glass two minutes later her skin turns green if both the drinks had the serum why was only claire affected the serum was in the ice since kevin drank his fast none of it got in the .

Lemonade a man is driving along a highway in his car after several hours on the road he grows tired it's also getting dark he notices a motel sign when the driver reaches the place he sees three buildings with a wooden door with a silver door and with a gold one which door should he open .

His car door of course you get into a trap prepared by a mad professor he's conducting an experiment and wants you to dive into one of the four tanks filled with water but the first one is packed with venomous snakes the second contains acid that can eat even through metal the water in the third one is swarming .

With bacteria piranhas are swimming in the fourth tank which tank should you choose to survive pick the third tank it's the safest of them all not all bacteria are bad lots of them are actually useful a small family-run cafe in paris was called ten flags but near the entrance .

There were just eight flags the owner could easily hang two more flags but he refused to do it why people often noticed this mistake and came into the restaurant to inform the owner after that they usually stayed to have a .

Meal john called the police to report his friend mark had disappeared he explained that two weeks before he had offered mark to live in his beach house in miami he wanted his friend to enjoy some summer heat but when john returned from .

A half a month long business trip to chile he found out mark was missing the police listened to jon's story and understood the man was lying how did they figure it out if it was summer in miami it was winter in chile and still john came back suntanned it means he hadn't been to chile .

Maya was in the gym doing the workout her personal trainer had prepared for her it was tougher and longer than her usual ones exhausted maya returned to the changing room only to find her expensive bag gone she immediately called the police they had three suspects maya's trainer explained he had been .

Preparing a new program for his clients emma another gym goer said she had been running on a treadmill for two hours the cleaner said he had been washing the swimming pool who took maya's bag it was her personal trainer he knew maya was going to have a long workout and wouldn't return to the changing room any .

Time soon a small bridge is the only way to cross a river this bridge can only hold two tons at once that's exactly how much your car weighs you start to cross the bridge and reach its middle when a bird lands on the vehicle is the bridge going to collapse now .

It won't break you've already used some gas to get to the middle of the bridge your car weighs a bit less than two tons now you're sitting on a plane there is a horse in front of you and a car behind you what's happening well you're on a merry-go-round .

A man was going on a three-day long fishing trip he asked his wife to pack some stuff for him a fishing box a fishing rod his favorite pajamas and some other clothes three days later the man returned home and started to tell his wife funny stories that had happened during the trip .

Then the man complained i just don't understand why you didn't pack my pajamas as i asked you to that's when the woman realized her husband was lying to her about the whole thing how did she figure it out the wife put the pajamas inside the .

Fishing box if the man didn't find it he didn't open the box a taxi driver is moving in the wrong direction along a one-way road a police officer notices him doing it but does nothing to stop him why the taxi driver is walking .

Will melt if you heat it but if you heat me i'll become solid what am i i'm an egg you buy this thing to eat but you never eat it what is it it's a plate .

Esme got lost in the forest she was wandering around for the whole day finally at dusk she saw a spooky house a witch lived there the girl had nowhere else to go so she entered the house and asked for help the witch said if esme solved her riddle she'd be free to leave in the morning .

Here's how the riddle went 17j 70m 96a 162j 256s 354. what's the missing letter .

The 17th day of the year is in january the 70th day of the year is in march the 96 is in april the 162nd in june and the day 256 is in september day 354 is in december the missing letter is d a young girl got her first job as a maid in a rich lady's house once when she was tidying up she noticed .

A very expensive collection of books she made a break to look through one of them and then returned it to the shelf the girl kept working until the very evening no one else was at home after finishing her work the maid returned to the shelf and discovered that the sixth book was missing but she clearly remembered that the book had .

Been there before it was the one she had been looking through when the lady returned the girl confessed she lost the book but the woman only laughed and said everything was fine nothing was missing how come the collection had eight books the ninth book was actually the sixth one the girl accidentally put it upside down .

Right before christmas the police got information that a famous thief named alfonso had left chele he boarded the plane to los angeles the only thing the detectives knew about the man was that he had a beard at the airport the police officers met a group of people they had just arrived from different countries the detectives .

Noticed four men with beards and interrogated them the first one said he'd come from london the second told the police he arrived from chile but his name was cristiano the third man answered he'd come from sweden and the fourth one was also from london the police didn't even need to check their plane tickets to spot the criminal .

How did they know it's christmas time but the man who supposedly came from sweden is dressed too lightly for that climate he must have arrived from chile where it's summer a road accident happened on a foggy day two drivers were taken to a hospital each of them had a concussion .

Interestingly their cars didn't even have a scratch what happened the drivers were going in opposite directions it was foggy so they stuck their heads out of the window they didn't notice each other and hit their heads ow samantha was born on january 27th for the first 20 years of her life she .

Celebrated her birthday in the winter but starting with her 21st birthday she began celebrating it in the summer why she moved to the southern hemisphere where it's summer in january two sisters ava and nicole are very honest girls they always tell the truth except for one day a year on their .

Birthdays they always lie today is september 17th and you ask them when their birthdays are ava says hers was yesterday and nicole says her birthday is tomorrow the next day you ask them again and they say the exact same thing can you guess when their birthdays are they can't have two birthdays it means .

That one day one of them lied and the next day it was the other's turn since ava mentioned yesterday her birthday must come first so ava's birthday is on september 17th and nicole's on september 18th bethany tommy eliza and james spent the whole day at home alone their mother didn't let them enter her .

Room when she came back in the evening she wanted to eat her chocolate bar but it was gone she went downstairs and asked the kids who had eaten her treat bethany said she had been doing her algebra homework the whole day and hadn't eaten anything at all tommy replied he had been playing .

Football outside eliza said she didn't even know where their mom kept chocolate and james simply claimed it hadn't been him their mom knew immediately who had taken her chocolate how did she figure it out it was eliza the mother never mentioned what kind of treat was missing but eliza .

Somehow knew it was chocolate the father of identical quadruplets aurora bell chloe and dana called the teacher and asked her to let dana leave earlier she had a doctor's appointment the teacher couldn't tell the girls apart to have some fun the quadruplets refused to confess who was who but gave their teacher a hint .

Chloe is somewhere in the middle dana is to the left of bell and to the right of aurora aurora is right next to dana how can the teacher identify the girls chloe is somewhere in the middle and since dana has someone on both sides of her she must be in the middle too if chloe was the second dana would be .

The third then dana would be to the left of bell and bell would be the fourth then aurora must be the first but it doesn't work because aurora and dana have to be next to each other if we switch chloe and dana dana will be right next to aurora but still to the left of bell so the right order is .

Aurora dana chloe and belle dana's the second girl


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