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26 Mysterious Places You Can Go If You Dare

Snake island is thriving and filled with life but it's just as inhospitable to people as the other places on this list it sits 21 miles off the coast of brazil and hosts some of the world's most venomous snakes some people claimed that there could be as many as half a million snakes in .

Total that turns out to be an exaggeration though in reality there are likely only about four thousand venomous snakes the movement of the earth trapped them on the island many years ago initially there was a strip of land connecting the island to the mainland .

But over time changing sea levels and land movements cut them off the snakes and a few other animals were left to live on the island in isolation it isn't just that you shouldn't visit this island you're actually banned from setting foot on it unless you have a special pass for researching the island's wildlife .

This measure is in place to protect people from the venomous snakes and to protect the rare species of snake from humanity the only man-made object on the island is a lighthouse designed to help ships avoid the island when it was built and automated humans left the island forever .

Other dangerous places have been created by humanity itself one of the craziest is north yungas road in bolivia this is a 43-mile stretch of road that winds through the mountains the narrow trail is cut into the cliff side with a sheer drop on one side if you looked out your .

Window you would see a 2 000 foot drop into a seemingly never ending chasm it's described as a cycle path but you can often see huge trucks traveling along this road this can cause huge problems because the road isn't wide enough for two large vehicles to pass each other .

About 300 cars go missing here every year the constant rock falls waterfalls fog and rain make this place even more dangerous bolivia is home to another dangerous place that you wouldn't want to risk visiting madidi national park the park is a vast .

Jungle larger than 20 new york cities the whole area is filled with dangerous plants animals and insects it's highly discouraged to visit this park without being accompanied by experts unlike humans some living things can survive .

In incredibly hostile conditions the gateway to the underworld in turkmenistan would be completely impossible to visit for any human being the terrifying crater was made when a gas field collapsed in on itself this freed all of the dangerous gases so scientists decided to set it a light to prevent it from poisoning the .

Surrounding area the fire was lit 50 years ago and it still burns today the temperature at the bottom of the crater is extremely high but some bacteria have found a way to survive even here these bacteria are entirely unique to this one small area .

And they live entirely engulfed in flames similarly life can also exist at extremely low temperatures scientists drilled a borehole 12 000 feet deep into the ice of antarctica on these excavated pieces of ice they found an unknown bacterium we don't have any idea .

How it could survive such extreme temperatures what's more bacteria can exist even in space scientists found bacteria on the outer surface of the international space station it spent three years there at extremely low temperatures and intense solar .

Radiation and still it survived this underwater city needs no room for speculation as we know its origin lion city it's still in almost perfect condition arches statues decorations on the walls and even wooden structures all this has been preserved at a depth .

Comparable to a subway car length at the dawn of this city an advanced and very powerful society live there some fines there are about 1300 years old in 1959 the city was flooded in order to build a new hydroelectric power plant so in place of the great city now stands human-made .

Qian dao lake for decades this place was forgotten until 2001 a tour of divers accidentally stumbled upon it now this place is popular among experienced divers from all over the world baltic sea anomaly this thing has generated a lot of disputes and conspiracy theories around .

The world it was found in june 2011 in the baltic sea the object is similar in shape to the star wars millennium falcon and was like a hockey rink in length many people believe this is an alien flying ship that crashed on our planet .

Others believe it is the remnants of an ancient city sank in the waves many years ago when divers finally managed to get to this strange object they took samples and gave them to scientists for analysis this stone formation was part of a glacier of which there is a lot in that .

Area however the team that found this anomaly continues to claim it's more than just that they say when they approach this object all electrical equipment just stopped working and when they were coming back the equipment would come back to normal now to see .

This underwater city you can dive even without scuba gear this is heraclion also known as tronus it is located at a depth about the length of a school bus this city is at least 14 000 years old its ruins were found by the french underwater archaeologist frank gogio in 1999. many coins .

Dishes and unfinished statues of the deities were found there in 2010 the ancient egyptian boat varus was raised to the surface despite the huge number of archaeological finds only five percent of the city have been researched yet when you think about antarctica you probably imagine a vast .

Land of sheer frozen whiteness well that's pretty spot on except where the penguins have been standing around whoa what a mess until your eye gets caught by a blood red waterfall spilling from the icy walls located in the mcmurdo drive valleys this rust-colored liquid .

Runs out of fissures in the taylor glacier looking like something straight out of a horror movie for a very long time scientists couldn't figure out what the reason was behind this crimson fall at first they believed that red algae gave the water its gory tent but new studies found that iron oxides .

Or basically rust are present in the water now islands are not supposed to move right tell that to the mobile islands on lock talk lake it's the largest freshwater lake in northeast india and home to floating islands called .

Fundies that move in the water during the rainy season and sink during the dry months these patches of grassland consist of matted vegetation and soil that's been thickened into a solid form and if you walk on their spongy surface it kind of feels like walking on a trampoline despite these .

Islands constantly moving locals build their huts on them because most people in the area earn money by fishing in the lake there's even one with a school on it and another with an entire national park the hagar kim meaning standing stones site .

In malta was completed around 3000 bce some stone age genius most likely using stone tools managed to set the rocks in such a way that they could show the beginning and end of the year on march 21st and september 21st the sun is exactly in the middle three thousand standing rocks were .

Spread over present-day brittany france in the neolithic period after centuries of trying scientists still can't tell the purpose of this largest collection of rocks in the world it looks like it was created by a culture related to stonehenge which means travel and technology may have been in place .

Long before we realized in 1923 a guy in florida who was dumped the day before his wedding started putting together the coral castle a monument to lost love how a five foot tall man with a fourth grade education managed to lift stone blocks eight times as heavy as a hippo .

All by himself will of course forever remain his secret ball back in lebanon is a huge stone souvenir of the roman empire they used to call it the city of the sun the oldest and deepest part of the ruins was built by a culture unknown to historians so is the answer to the question .

Why was this spot so important to the romans the great zimbabwe ruins were once home to 18 000 people and gave name to a whole country the first european explorers came here in the 16th century they couldn't believe a civilization was able to build such a fortress among the .

Gold mines their drainage system still works centuries later one of the biggest mysteries in history is the great sphinx of giza egypt who was the lion with the human head how did the ancient egyptians manage to construct this huge statue .

They kept no records and perhaps they didn't want us to know since many attempts to study the sphinx result in mysterious accidents antique ethereum mechanism say that with me antikythera in 1901 a crew of sponge divers discovered the wreckage of a roman cargo ship .

As deep as a football field is wide the crew collected many valuable artifacts statues of bronze and marble pottery jewelry and a computer what a computer on a roman ship well the antikythera mechanism is considered one of the oldest analogues of the modern computer .

For years scientists couldn't understand what kind of mechanism it was but when they tested it with x-ray everything changed it was made by the greek masters and is dated approximately 100 to 150 years bce the antikythera mechanism turned out to be a complex machine .

Consisting of about 30 bronze gears it was used to follow the movements of the sun and moon and to predict eclipses this underwater fine didn't bring 20 billion dollars as the treasure of the wreckage of san jose but the knowledge it gave to historians and researchers is priceless .

Here's another one two divers were going to photograph blue sharks but their lenses caught something more amazing a giant jellyfish as the divers themselves said it was like a massive boiled egg which appeared out of nowhere it was a barrel jellyfish of abnormal size .

The thing was almost five feet in diameter and its length was almost like the divers themselves this is the biggest jellyfish ever found in the british seas although they are considered non-dangerous they are still gentle giants meanwhile this discovery in a brazilian river will make you stay .

Away from diving a giant anaconda bartolomia bove and his partner filmed one of the biggest anacondas ever found it had the length of an adult giraffe and weighed more than the average human and while bartolomeo got used to swimming near sharks meeting this snake was an adrenaline .

Pumping exercise for him thankfully the snake was quite curious and harmless one of the most interesting places for diving is surprisingly far from season oceans or the cave it's found in the west of the ural mountains and is shaped like a siphon the .

Underwater part of the cave system stretches for three miles so this makes it one of the longest underwater tunnels on our planet but its most outstanding feature is water the environment rich in minerals cleans the water and makes it crystal clear divers can clearly see at a distance of .

150 feet this means that orta cave is just the perfect place for underwater photography like that giant octopus about to get you huh made you look north yungas road in bolivia is one of the most .

Picturesque and most hazardous roads in the world just imagine biking along a cliff trail at a mind-numbing height overlooking the lush bolivian jungle and misty mountains at a distance what a view but as soon as you realize you're riding on a 10-foot wide stretch of road .

Some of which isn't even paved you might get skin crawls and for good reason over 200 folks tumble to their demise each year on this devious mountain climb and the absence of any guard rail doesn't help at all now if you're more into walking consider the husseini bridge in pakistan .

It's officially the most dangerous hanging bridge in the world but hardly the only one in the country it's a long and nerve-wracking traverse over lake borat with many planks of the bridge missing and the whole construction creaking ominously in the wind still the place has become a major .

Tourist attraction although the old and broken bridge visible nearby only adds to the impression that you're inevitably going to fall to a screaming end well at least you can be thankful that the lake beneath is not lake natron in tanzania if you fall into water .

You still have a chance of survival if you fall into the waters of natron not so much the ph levels here are skin melting 10.5 what passes for water is more like an alkaline soup no wonder this place is so peaceful pretty much nothing wants to live here and yet flocks of flamingos come to lake natron to breed every few seasons .

And it becomes a white pink paradise for the period positively which can't be said about the danikel depression in ethiopia despite its beautiful otherworldly landscape it's perhaps the loneliest place on earth yellow orange and green mounds are .

Made of salt sulfur and iron creating views like nowhere else on the planet yet the combination of temperature and toxic minerals makes this place absolutely unlivable researchers coming here haven't found even microscopic life in this valley really like another planet beautiful and .

Desolate on the other hand there's an island that's bubbling with life yet still you don't want to be there it's called snake island and the name says it all it's chock full of snakes in fact there are so many of them especially the venomous varieties .

That brazil has forbidden access to the island to any and all visitors but even if it wasn't closed off not many would be brave enough to go to a place where a single step offshore could land you a venomous bite now i'll bet that fly geyser in the middle of the nevada desert was created .

Partly because humans became jealous of that this place had been just another bit of desert until 1916 people came here to drill a water well they quickly saw the error of their ways though the water came out boiling hot and unfit for drinking .

50 years later there was another attempt but the same thing happened we don't learn do we anyway hot water never stops spewing from under the ground and today we have a massive geyser cluster colored in shades of red orange and yellow


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