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#9 – AUTOCAD ARCHITECTURE 2019/2020 – Model Space vs Layouts (Sheets) vs Viewports!

alright ladies and gentlemen welcome to another AutoCAD architecture video I'm using 2019 but it's same thing as 2020 I have 2020 at home so there really are no changes so what I want to do in this video is I want to talk about how you know once you have all this design done .

How would you go about printing or plotting these elevations and floor plans and all this work that you've done you know how do you go to print this out okay so there's two different things that you can do here you know you can do a regular print and you can do a window selection which would basically just be like a control P and you know you would .

Select monochrome because you would want everything to just kind of print out in like a grayscale you would select your printer you know you'd probably just do like an eight-and-a-half by eleven if this is just something you're doing at home and then you would do a window selection and you would say like okay I want to print that and I want to Center .

The plot and then you'd hit OK alright and you'd see by the preview you know or even in here how big it's gonna make that view on the piece of paper okay actually this is an 18 by 24 so if I went back to an eight-and-a-half by 11 you could see it would print about full-page on there alright that's that's not exactly the way that .

You want to do it you know you could do landscape as well but the real way to do this would be a set up what's called layouts okay I call them sheets but they're but their layouts so right now we're in model space everything every video I've ever done so far in this playlist has always been in model space but layout is basically just a way to .

Set up your paper and get that to have your different views and your different I guess layouts that way when you print them they're all on the same sheet and you may have multiple sheets okay so here's how you would go ahead and do that if you go down here and you didn't already have layout one you would hit the plus and that would give you a .

Layout okay you right-click on that you hit rename we're gonna call this first one elevations and then we're gonna hit enter okay now what you do is whoops you right-click on elevations and you go to page setup manager in there you'll see that it's already set up as an eight-and-a-half by 11 but if you're printing from a plotter which .

Is a very large printer you might want to actually make this an architecture D size paper so we're gonna go ahead and select on elevations we're gonna hit modify don't worry about this message it's because I have a printer at home that's not the right size you're gonna drop this down and you're gonna look for arch D okay so we've got sorry not D we .

Want we want you know we want arch d sorry that was an C D we want arch D and we want it to be 36 by 24 that's generally the size of a blueprint that you would print out and you can see that that is a landscape copy okay and you hit okay so now we hit close so this is a 36 by 24 inch sheet okay or layout and then inside of that you have this box .

That came with it and what that box is is its own viewport okay so if I were to stretch this box just a little bit bigger the way this works is if I double click inside I'm now in the model space so I'm zooming out and trying to find my stuff okay so let's just say that this was one of the elevations that I wanted to do I can now double click out of that .

Space and that gives me my view that's set up in there and I'm back to like being able to do command line and tools within this drawing or or on this sheet I should say and you're not no longer editing what's going on in here if you single click on the outside part and you go down here you'll be able to adjust the scale so we do need to have a .

Scale for this drawing which is generally on this size paper 1/4 of an inch equals one foot you'll notice that it kind of kicks forward a little bit it's on the right scale I'm gonna double click back in and try to get some of this stuff centered the way that I want I don't want to see that front word there so I'm gonna i'm actually gonna .

Hang this down something like that and then i'm gonna double click out i'm gonna click this and just kind of cut off that word up there okay so that's my front elevation okay i could now take this and just single click on the outside and do a control c control v and i'll go ahead and put another one in there and we're gonna make this one a .

Little bit smaller we're gonna double click and we may have to size down some things here but this would be your right elevation or we'd have to go with a smaller scale if they're not gonna fit on one sheet or if you want you could do like a front and left on one sheet and then you can do the right and rear on .

Another okay so double click out single click this is probably gonna be too big so maybe we will go with one eighth of an inch when anything equals one foot double click double click out single click we'll go to 1/8 here so now we can size this down quite a bit whoops and that'll allow us to do our .

Different views on the same sheet doesn't matter what size these boxes are because those boxes are not going to print okay the grid is also not going to print alright so we've got two elevations like this we could then copy again slap them on there you obviously don't want to be within the dotted line around the .

Outside because it's gonna get cut off by the printer double click back in I can do my rear elevation I would probably just get rid of those words on the on the actual model space double click out that way it's just not showing there but you guys generally get the idea of that's how you would set up your viewports and get your .

Different elevations all in one sheet now another thing is if I was gonna do another layout here and I right click and go to rename I'm gonna call these floor plans ok so on that sheet I'm gonna do the same thing I'm gonna right sorry I'm gonna right-click on floor plans I'm gonna go to page setup manager I'm gonna hit modify and I'm going to .

Change my paper to be arch d 36 by 24 same thing you're gonna let's see we just hit OK here that should be fine hit close now we have another box that we can deal with stretch that box to be about let's see how many floor plans do I have on this one I think I have three stretch it double click zoom out and it's the same idea now the only problem .

Is is that we have so many different things on top of each other in these layouts that you don't want to print all of those things if this was just the floor plans we don't want to see the electric we don't want to see the structure okay because you're gonna have different sheets for all of those you're gonna have an electrical .

Plan electrical plan – you're gonna have structure structure – you're gonna have all these different sheets or you know sari layouts down at the bottom okay so here's how you would go about doing that if you're double clicked in you don't want to do lay off and just start clicking things that you don't want like electric and like you know the yellow .

Text or whatever you don't want because what's gonna happen is when you zoom back out and let me double click out hit escape first double click out you'll see that on your other pages now that it started turning off some of those things so you can't do you can't do that and it will also turn it off in your model space so now all that stuff is gone on .

All of these views what we want to do is we want to do a layer freeze instead so let me back up a couple steps here until everything is back okay something like that what you're gonna do is you're gonna double click in you're gonna type lay freeze okay lay frz you're gonna go to settings you're gonna go to viewports and you're .

Gonna go to VP freeze and now anything that you click on let's say this is not going to be an electrical plan I can click off the electrical plan I could turn off structure and structure text I could turn off the room labels I can turn off the well I would actually want that sorry for my floor plan I could turn off dimensions you know I .

Could turn off anything I want in here but it's not really turning them off it's actually freezing them so hit escape you know zoom back out get it set where you want maybe set it up where double-click out click maybe set it up where you've got your right scale if we wanted to do 1/4 if we wanted to do you know 1/8 or whatever it is and then boom .

You have a floor plan set up okay so just to show you going back to model space it didn't turn off any of those things that I turned off what it did was it just froze it on that layer or in that viewport and you'll have to do that for each one unless I take this one and I copy it over and I make another one that's going to have the exact same .

Thing actually no looks and it looks like it does not sorry I must be thinking of something else so you'll have to do the same thing you'll have to double-click in here and do lay freeze you'll do again one more time settings viewports VP freeze and then click off whatever you want this is a different .

Floor plan this is the second floor so I'd still click off the same things and that's the general idea of what I want it to show is just how to show up your you know how to set up your line your layouts how to have you know how did freeze different layers and not have them show on certain prints but also you know in the next couple layouts there .

You would have electric and everything else would get turned off except for walls windows doors and the electric plan and you know that makes it a lot lot simpler than trying to change and shut off layers and then print what you need then turn the layers back on then turn the ones you want off and and print those and it just becomes a little bit .

Of a mess ok so this is what you would end up with after you print all of these or plot these to a printer or a plotter you know that you would print out and then you would hand to a foreman and he would have this on jobsite alright so that's pretty much it I wanted to show that and I hope that this helps somebody set up their layouts this .

Is something that when I was first learning AutoCAD a long time ago I couldn't find this on the internet and I couldn't figure out how to do it but I you know I obviously we know now because I work at an architecture firm and this is the way that we do it ok so thank you guys for watching I appreciate it and hopefully this helped you and we'll see .

You the next one alright thanks a lot


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