Friday, May 20, 2022

Bachelor of Medical Science

Do you want to work at the cutting edge of medical research The Bachelor of medical science from the University of Sydney will give you the essential foundation for a rewarding career improving the health of people around the world you'll learn about the basic sciences including chemistry biology physics and psychology as well as the .

Structure and function of the human body from the vital organs through to the intricacies of our biochemistry when you graduate you'll be able to launch straight into research in medical science and you'll have a head start if you want to move into our Graduate medicine or dentistry programs you'll be taught by Australia's leading scientific .

Minds in world-class multidisciplinary facilities including the child's Perkins Center where you will create healthier more sustainable communities and the Sydney nanoscience hub where you will discover new science at the nano scale that will change the world as we know it our degrees aren't just about sitting in classrooms all day either you'll also .

Have the opportunity to do real research in a range of scientific and medical disciplines our students do some pretty amazing things from pioneering heart transplant surgery to helping people recover from a stroke so whether you want to be a medical research scientist or a leader in the future of health services it can all begin at the .

University of Sydney we can't wait to see – yep


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