Friday, May 27, 2022

Cinema 4d R25: Blender Geometry Nodes Vs Mograph

Okay well today we're gonna do something different uh the other day i was browsing youtube and stumbled across a blender video that uses geometry nodes which appears to be blender's kind of answer to mograph and so what i thought would be fun to do is take something that was done in blender and see how we can recreate it in cinema 4d using .

Mograph so let's go ahead and take a look okay so this video was by chong3d and you can actually download the assets here it is through gum road definitely recommend um throwing a few dollars his way since um you know you can get some really nice looking kind of low poly uh 3d assets but here's the effect we're .

Going for here kind of a transforming effect ah very mograph like cinema 4d mograph like where you know it kind of pops up it appears and then it disappears and kind of goes to a helicopter so that's what we're going to try and do uh now i do want to point out this is not going to be the .

Exact same um i'm going to show you kind of the basic approach and if you wanted to take it further you absolutely can but looking at the video i'm kind of breaking down um what he's actually doing uh how what properties he's using position scale a little bit of rotation as well i think um and then kind of incorporating that back into cinema 4d .

And mograph is how i would approach this and it's kind of what we're going to be doing here but just on a little bit of a simpler kind of scale since that's uh what i'd like to do with this channel so let's dive into cinema 4d okay cool and here's going to be the end .

Result so wanted to show you guys what we end up with before we kind of delete it and get going now the helicopter started doing something a little bit strange here um so i'm not too concerned about that but you know really it's broken down into two different parts here where um .

The jeep appears and then we essentially do the opposite of that uh to get the helicopter to appear and yes doing this weird thing where it's freaking out on kind of the first frame here but we'll try and and see if we can't do something about that so to start this over i'm just going to .

Delete all my effectors uh thereby just kind of leaving me with my um my geometry you can see the helicopter just does not want to play along here but just turning the fracture on and off seems to fix it i did kind of organize these assets so they are a little bit different than .

What you would see if you were to import them i should also mention that i did have to uh open the assets in blender before saving them out as like an obj or fbx to bring them into cinema so um let's actually start with the jeep .

And we'll make that jeep appear okay so here we go everything's already in a fracture and because the pieces are in there individually i don't need to change my mode here let's actually get rid of this and now in the video what i noticed is that there's several .

Different motions going on here with the jeep when it appears in that it's kind of moves moving up and then back down it's overshooting kind of the ground and then coming to rest you know on the ground like that so that's what we're going to do um and while we could do this all in one .

Effector uh we're going to get something a little bit closer if we use two effectors to achieve this so with my fracture object selected i'll come here to my vectors and choose plane and this is going to be our y position so just type in .

Playing for position and this is just going to be the the effector that gets it to kind of move up and down a little bit so i do want some movement on the um y but because the way this was brought in it's actually not the y we want um it's the z that's making this go up and down okay so we'll maybe do 20 centimeters or .

So negative 20 i guess all right something like that and now we can create our field and we don't want to use a linear field for this because what will end up happening here is it's just going to move it all up or down depending which direction we .

Move this and that's not what we want we want it to go up and then come back down so rather than a linear field i can use one of my other shapes like box capsule cylinder even sphere but i'll go with a box so that the way this works now i'm going to get rid of that linear .

Field is it'll move up when it's inside and then come back down once it goes outside okay so you know in case you're a little new to effectors we are telling the effector what we wanted to do to our geometry in the parameter tab this field controls .

The strength of the effector and so outside of the the outer box here is zero percent strength once it starts getting inside it's going to increase the strength until once it's inside the inner box or cube here that it will be 100 so think of this as zero percent strength and 100 .

Percent strength we kind of have a gradient in between here and so as i move this we can see it goes up and down so that's kind of the first part of this is now to just animate this moving up and down so i'll keyframe the z position at frame 0 go to say frame .

Maybe 30 move this through and keyframe it again so that now when i play this back you can see we get that little bit overshoot now this still looks kind of boring and plain not very appealing and a big part of that is going to be .

The remapping here specifically the contour now quadratic will give us a simplified way to kind of speed this up a little bit smooth it out a little depending which direction we go and that's looking okay i may actually want to make the inner offset a little bit let's see play let's play with this .

Value a little bit a little bit smaller yeah i kind of like that and then the last thing i'm going to do to give this a little bit more personality and character is to add the delay modifier layer and while the smooth actually looks pretty good really just adding a little .

Bit more of an ease in ease out on this i want to use the spring blending mode now right now it's only kind of springing in one direction why which is why it looks a little bit strange if i turn off this enable um .

Clipping or clamping i should say then we will get a little bit more of a smooth effect now that's probably a bit too strong so we'll put that to say 10 all right so that's looking pretty good uh the only thing i want to do now or what we need to do now is to add the the appearing or disappear because really .

Can go either way with this and it's super easy to just kind of um you know switch it uh we would switch what this is doing by coming into our field and you can just hit invert so now instead of it i'm going down and then up and then down it's going up .

Or um down up down so invert will allow us to do the opposite really quick um and we're going to need another effector to make disappear to help give us the look we want um so i'm going to create another plane effector with my jeep selected this will be my plane scale and then .

From here i'm going to go into my parameter tab choose scale uniform scale set this to negative 1 which will make this disappear i will then choose my linear field because that once i rotate it right or i could have also just changed .

The direction right in there will allow me to get this to appear or disappear now i think i forgot to turn off my position which is why i was kind of moving back like that you can see we now get that scale so we can we could animate this separately or or .

We can just kind of position it where we like inside of our box field here and then parent the linear field to the box field because uh the fields actually don't need to be associated with the the effectors or you're parented to them it only matters if they're in the list here so as long as a field is in this list it does not matter if it's you know .

Parented or whatever it can be anywhere else in your object manager so now we end up with something like this right so that's looking pretty good okay and we could play around a bit with the position of this linear field do we want the scale to happen a little bit later .

All right what do we want it to happen earlier if we move it forward right honestly kind of liked it where it was in the middle there uh but the last thing we want to do in the remapping is i'm sorry with our fields is to adjust the remapping by setting this to um once again quadratic .

Or if you prefer something like curve you can do that as well but this maybe we'll do a little bit negative here to help kind of ramp up that scale a little so great that's looking pretty good okay i actually may make the linear field just a little bit narrower oops that kind of backfired on me .

Let's pause this now make it a little bit smaller there we go i like that just a bit more and that's pretty much it for this one okay now once again i could have done everything in my linear field here and we can see that if i turn off my plane effector that's for my position .

Come into my scale one turn on position and then kind of set the value for the z what we did before which i think was negative 20. so now we have this linear field controlling both position and scale and it doesn't look quite as good because we don't have as much control we don't have the overshoot we could add a another delay here to .

Kind of help with this um but it's still not going to look as good because we're controlling we're trying to do everything with just one field and as opposed to having them be a little bit offset having the timing and values be a little different um you know we're also not getting the movement up and .

Then down technically for the up and down you could go into a linear field you could set this to curve and try to get it um to use this to help with that i've had not great success there but that is something you could experiment with to get something similar so that's how you .

Could do this all in one if you wanted something a little bit simpler but that is not what i want here so let's see have i undone enough yet no i have not i think that's about right great so that's how we could make something .

This um i'm sorry up here to disappear it's essentially the opposite right i said you could just come in here select the field all right go into remapping and check invert and so now we have this disappearing instead of appearing and i'm getting the same issue where it's .

You know freaking out at the very beginning so i wonder if it's because of this invert checkbox i'm not certain but that's really all you would do is just kind of do the same thing except in your scale effector you could just rotate it .

Okay so have it do the opposite by just rotating it let's see if that gives me oops the same same problem yep so there it lies the problem something with that but you can see that's what we pretty much had before .

Okay so i guess i can go through the helicopter now but honestly i'm just going to duplicate what what i did before so i'm going to duplicate both of these move them down here these are for my helicopter this is why naming is important .

Okay and select my helicopter do the position first then the scale that could potentially also be one of the issues here is the order of um operations with this so helicopter now is kind of showing up now we need to check our fields make .

Sure they are kind of working right we've moved them far enough turns out we have not moved the field far enough for our helicopter so we'll go to frame 30 move this through and that should be good enough i think we're just running into an issue with our delay and the delay can cause some weird .

Issues so it's not a bad idea to just turn those on or off when you get them to make sure you know they're not the things causing a problem but you know once again i don't see let's see that should be on linear field .

It's having no effect at the moment box field is aha i don't think i did apply both of these position scale so that's really strange and i i suspect some of this weirdness is because it's coming from blender um and like i said the the axis is just a little messed up here you can see why isn't up on these pieces .

It's z which is i believe that's how blender is but i'm not 100 certain of that so i think that's kind of what's what's causing some of um this weirdness here uh now one thing um i think i enabled invert here so that .

Can't be the problem um that is the strangest thing so why don't we just start over all right so that looks good just keeping the position cool now let's just add our scale i'll just create a new scale effector or plane effector that's working with .

Scale no reason to use that other one if it's giving me any issues okay make sure i come in here turn off position scale uniform scale set it to negative one and now what i can do actually is use that linear field which may or may not .

Be the problem and just drag it into my list there in order to get it so that looks pretty good all right can add the delay back in there awesome so now we're starting to get that so this is up here and we wanted it to disappear uh so i'm gonna just take .

This field and switch its direction so now we can see it's disappearing i'm still getting that weird issue on the first frame i think the reason why we're not seeing it with the jeep is because it's starting not visible so i do think this is still just a .

Problem with the axes of these objects being off and i probably would go through and fix this if i really wanted to notice the scale is kind of messed up here i wonder if i could come in here and just freeze all the rotations and scales if that wouldn't fix this .

So we'll see maybe i just made everything significantly worse or that fixed it awesome so just freezing the transforms there kind of put everything back to normal made cinema 4d like them a little bit better i do think with this linear field though we could also just make it just a touch .

Narrower like we did the other one awesome and then we can kind of mix these together by just turning both on at the same time now we may need to make the timing a little bit better uh i think we actually want to slow down the helicopter just a touch .

There we go and so that is the end result so looking not too bad so that will do it for this video let me know if you liked it if there's anything else you want to see just let me know


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