Friday, May 20, 2022

Cryptology vs. Cryptography

In this video I'm going to clear up something that's a common source of confusion among beginners and that is proper usage of the terms cryptology and cryptography if you go to our website plain cipher org you'll see that we use the term cryptology to describe what we do we make cryptology videos however you'll also hear me using the word .

Cryptography in a lot of these videos so what's the difference between cryptology and cryptography well here I've written cryptology up on top and that's because cryptology encompasses cryptography down here we have cryptography which is code making cryptography is cold making and over here we have what's called crypt .

Analysis crypt analysis which is code breaking okay so as you can see cryptology is cryptography plus crypt analysis now under cryptography we have symmetric cryptography we have asymmetric cryptography and asymmetric cryptography is also known as public key cryptography public key .

And over here we have what are known as protocols and you can think of protocols as just being other stuff and protocols would include things like hash functions message authentication codes and digital signatures and basically just other stuff so now you know the difference between cryptology and cryptography you will hear a lot of people especially .

Outside the field using the word cryptography when they actually mean cryptology and that's because most people don't know what cryptology is it's not a very common word but I think most people have heard of the word cryptography before so just know that you will hear cryptography used a lot more than cryptology even if that person .

Means cryptology and you'll also hear me using the word cryptography a lot of times when I actually mean cryptology especially when I'm talking to people outside the field and that's just for ease of conversation so that I don't have to explain what cryptology is every time I talk to people however when I talk to people in the field I usually .

Stick to the technical meaning of cryptography which is cold making and when I talk about code breaking I will say crypt analysis and I will use the word cryptology when I mean both the cryptography and the crypt analysis


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