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Data Science In 5 Minutes | Data Science For Beginners | What Is Data Science? | Simplilearn

Are you one of the many who dreams of becoming a data scientist keep watching this video if you're passionate about data science because we will tell you how does it really work under the hood emma is a data scientist let's see how a day in her life goes while she's working on a data science project well it is very important to understand the .

Business problem first in our meeting with the clients emma asks relevant questions understands and defines objectives for the problem that needs to be tackled she is a curious soul who asks a lot of eyes one of the many traits of a good data scientist now she gears up for data acquisition to gather and scrape data from multiple .

Sources like web servers logs databases apis and online repositories oh it seems like finding the right data takes both time and effort after the data is gathered comes data preparation this step involves data cleaning and data transformation data cleaning is the most time consuming process as it involves handling many complex scenarios here .

Emma deals with inconsistent data types misspelled attributes missing values duplicate values and what not then in data transformation she modifies the data based on defined mapping rules in a project etl tools like talent and informatica are used to perform complex transformations that helps the team to understand the data structure better .

Then understanding what you actually can do with your data is very crucial for that emma does exploratory data analysis with the help of eda she defines and refines the selection of feature variables that will be used in the model development but what if emma skips this step she might end up choosing the wrong variables which will produce an .

Inaccurate model thus exploratory data analysis becomes the most important step now she proceeds to the core activity of a data science project which is data modeling she repetitively applies diverse machine learning techniques like knn decision tree knife base to the data to identify the model that best fits the business requirement she trains the .

Models on the training data set and test them to select the best performing model emma prefers python for modeling the data however it can also be done using r and sas well the trickiest part is not yet over visualization and communication emma meets the clients again to communicate the business findings in a simple and effective manner to convince .

The stakeholders she uses tools like tableau power bi and qlikview that can help her in creating powerful reports and dashboards and then finally she deploys and maintains the model she tests the selected model in a pre-production environment before deploying it in the production environment which is the best practice .

Right after successfully deploying it she uses reports and dashboards to get real-time analytics further she also monitors and maintains the project's performance well that's how emma completes the data science project we have seen the daily routine of a data scientist is a whole lot of fun has a lot of interesting aspects and comes .

With its own share of challenges now let's see how data science is changing the world data science techniques along with genomic data provides a deeper understanding of genetic issues and reaction to particular drugs and diseases logistic companies like dhl fedex have discovered the best rules to ship the best suited time to deliver the .

Best mode of transport to choose thus leading to cost efficiency with data science it is possible to not only predict employee attrition but to also understand the key variables that influence employee turnover also the airline companies can now easily predict flight delay and notify the passengers beforehand to enhance their travel .

Experience well if you're wondering there are various roles offered to a data scientist like data analyst machine learning engineer deep learning engineer data engineer and of course data scientist the median base salaries of a data scientist can range from 95 000 to 165 000 so that was about the data science are .

You ready to be a data scientist if yes then start today the world of data needs you that's all from my side today thank you for watching comment below the next topic that you want to learn and subscribe to simply learn to get the latest updates on more such interesting videos thank you and keep learning


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