Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Entire STEPHEN CURRY interview, Warriors win vs Wizards: Draymond chemistry (“do that in our sleep”)

Appreciate it bro draymond checks in the first time and i guess the play was called for you to to get that spot how did that all work out in your mind as as it was developing uh i mean we have certain calls when .

Obviously when he's on the floor and especially when him alone on the floor so we can do that in our sleep and he's been out however many games and you get right back to it so it's kind of good energy good vibes from the jump then he obviously knows how to .

Make the right play and our timing and everything was was awesome tonight you made um all seven of your threesomes right around the court does your does your shot feel different when he when he's on the court is what's unique about that it's just chemistry and understanding of .

How to create good looks especially when i'm off the ball or if he's in the pick and roll 10 years of that so it shouldn't be that's surprising can it be surprising though like how open he can get you at times with screens there was one play in transition .

Where he was like basically bulldozing the guy in front of you like i said it's just i mean obviously he's amazing at reading plays whether he's the one play making or he's setting a screen he knows i sacrificed his body he's been doing it for a very long time and you know making and you're helping me and .

Clay get open for years so it's a clinic in terms of how you impact the game even if you're not the one getting the shots and you can see how contagious the energy is even if we don't make them like getting an open look is .

Demoralizing for the defense with the amount of offensive weapons we have and um you know if you're if you're out there for big stretches of the game especially for the young guys i understand like it's going to come back around when .

You create good offense that way you you've uh had a lot of moments this year like as a team and you individually and tonight you guys get back on the court for the first time in you two two and a half years what's it been like have you ever had a season like this .

Where you have all these kind of emotional benchmarks like a little bit of that just getting old some of the longevity stuff and there's been a lot of like you said milestones but it's also there's a lot of just anticipation .

Excitement for you know clay to come back in january when he did and missing the first half of the season and then draymond going out and you don't know how long it's going to be and anticipation for him to get back you know the question mark around wise and his .

Return so like it is very uh very unique year and we obviously want to get back to our kind of you know you know strive to be at our peak come april and we have what 13 games to get get there and .

Make it all worth it you have enough time you think absolutely stefan steve said it's a unique group of stars here you guys make each other better draymond said he gets his rhythm from from passing 11 seconds after stepping on the court he hits you for that for that .

Three i mean could you sense what that did for him to get him into the flow of the game immediately what it did for him is what it did for all of us because uh you could tell the energy picked up and he's plus 24 in 20 minutes for a reason so um like i said it's not something that it's .

Anything more or it's not anything more than it's built on 10 years of experience and chemistry and winning and an understanding of how we do things no matter how much time we have off you can get right back to it it is crazy i think the first time me clay and draymond have been on the court in .

A very very long time so you want to keep building on that but that's like i said we know each other like the back of our hand and we complement each other very well and there's a lot of confidence in that i was about to go get some birthday shots or something .

Thank you man how um you know the honest answer is the competitor to me was mattered i missed the shot before because i knew what time it was so i had my one little heat to get it and i missed it and we've had a lot of situations like individual games where .

That conversation comes up where game's out of hand clay going for 60 and three quarters 14-3 game he had like a lot of stuff where there's a lot more a little bit of time left and you could mess around with the basketball guys but it is what it is uh i i don't know .

But uh had a good time out there and you always get a good juice of appreciation for what i get to do in another year on this earth and playing this game and uh just having fun man that's what it's all about .

Speaking of that fourth quarter run you went on a run late in the third as well was it just a feeling at that point in the game or what was working so well um i mean live is just very decisive what we're trying to do and the way that they were guarding us was totally different than the .

Night before or against milwaukee so i had a lot more space and was able to kind of make them pay for playing a little softer on the pick and rolls and all that so and obviously you gotta make shots but um it's interesting like that uh last .

Or two our last three games were you know finishing out the third quarter and with the new rotation and all that you can kind of get hot and and uh kind of control the game at that point and it's felt pretty good .

You had a lot of people scoring the basketball today what do you have to say about like how unselfish you guys were offensively it's what we're what we're built on and you know there aren't many times where we're just coming down like picking match-ups and going iso everybody's .

Going to touch the ball everybody's going to be a threat everybody's got to be aggressive try to make you know the simple play and create open looks and everybody gets to eat so that's what we do is when we're playing well it's what we do best and we gotta you know .

Keep making that a priority because it's a fun way to play to play the game and everybody gets involved is there a way stefan to explain what draymond's presence does for the vibe of this team i mean it's indispensable in terms of just he fills a lot of holes in in terms of .

You know or obviously his leadership his um kind of demonstrative nature but his iq on the court like to impact the game with something like stat lives that he has and you know he only shoots four times but has a just very evident like impact on the game you know he's such he's such a unique .

Uh you know player in that respect kind of carving out his own lane so it works when everybody's working around him and that and that and that part and he's he's just very heady in every on both sides of the ball um you can't really teach that you kind of just feel it it just looked like .

Everybody had more of a bounce on the whole team and even in the building i mean very similar to clay's night against uh cleveland like you want everybody out there healthy playing the game and we know what he means to this team so uh we're all just happy for him .

To go rehab is horrible for anybody going through that and it's you can't really see the light at the end of the tunnel so you definitely get juice when you know guys come back from an extended you know injury like that


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