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Hello guys and welcome back to my channel or welcome to my channel if this is your first time tuning in my name is my name welcome to my channel welcome to my channel black girl magic so in today's video as you guys can see by the title i'm .

Going to be talking about the difference between a esthetician and a medical esthetician or an esthetician with the a in front of esthetician the reason i'm going to be talking about that is because i posted a video recently on my instagram .

Of me doing a basic facial so i did a basic facial and i posted on my instagram and i had a question about esthetician school and that person dm me and she asked me i told her that i was in a paramedical program and she asked me medical like what's the difference between an .

Esthetician and a medical esthetician and i explained that to her but then i thought like this would be a good idea for a youtube video so now here we are with this video and also since i did start my second um level i got some stuff some books this big thick book .

And a white coat so it's official now so a medical esthetician which is what i'm in school for is an esthetician they do all the function of an aesthetician they are skin care specialists but they get a little bit deeper but is still on the surface of the skin they use .

Medical grade products so a regular esthetician will work like in a day spa or resort places like that and they do facials waxing um tweezing all of that right but the products that they use are just any product that you can get over the .

Counter products that the medical esthetician use are medically grain products so those products you have to get a signature by a doctor so a lot of medical estheticians work in mythologies office they work alongside doctors .

They do a microneedling they do a lot of body sculping anything that you can get done not anything but most of the procedures that are being done at med spa a surgical office plastic surgeon office a dermatologist office those are where medical estheticians work difference is in .

Where they work the type of products they use the type of procedures they can perform and the page also medical esthetician can treat certain clients that estheticians cannot treat for example if a client has cystic acne or like really bad acne or .

Certain certain skin diseases that a regular esthetician cannot treat they would have to recommend them to a dermatologist and when they go to the dermatologist the dermatologist will send that client to me the medical esthetician and then i will perform certain procedures .

On that client we can do laser hair removals um body sculpting body cooling like there's so much difference so a medical esthetician can do all of what an esthetician can do but a medical esthetician like i said before go deeper .

Not deeper in the skin but go deeper as far as different products they use they use stronger products and they use more invasive machines so with that being said let's get into all the stuff that i got for my second level for those of you guys .

That don't know i'm just telling the people that that are new i'm in a paramedical program and with my program is a six month program and i'm currently now in the second phase of that program the first three months i .

Was doing skin care if you look at my previous video i don't know if i can pin it out or not a pin but i can put it in the cards up here or down below in the description i was in skincare where i've learned basic facials um makeup application .

Tweezing waxing etc i did explain to you guys what i've learned in that class and now i'm in my second phase which is the more medical side this is what i will be tested on in my state boards so these are all the items that i got so i got this thick book i got to do the .

Thick book first so i got the eye back i back study guide including laser intense pulsed light and hair removal and this is basically my study guide for the state board you see how thick this is i also got a milady's hair removal .

Technique book the milady's a esthetician series lasers and light therapy can y'all see that and this is what i'm talking about you guys like when you see a a in front of esthetician that mean they're a medical esthetician then i .

Also got my white coat i'm gonna put this on right now so i can look professional and it gave me a binder and within that binder is the electrolysis guide and basically chalices is a type of hair removal so that's what they gave me and put on .

My coat right now i want to put it on when i look professional this is what i'm supposed to be wearing at school now i'm probably going to buy some scrubs so i can look more professional because right now i'm just wearing black pants a black shirt and a black pants .

And clothes oh this is bright all right oh my look oh my look this make my sheets look so cream my sheet it's not white it's off-white it's a cream color .

The nicki minaj song been stuck in my head so this time i look let's close this video out so thank you guys for watching make sure you like comment and subscribe if you guys have any more questions make sure you leave it down below or hit me up in my dms on instagram at .

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I post another video thank you guys so much for watching again and see you guys in my next video


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