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FIELD ENGINEERING | Holy Roman Empire vs Abbasid Dynasty – Age of Empires 4

All right ladies and gentlemen i hope you're all doing well and today my friends are back with a showdown here between the abbasid and the holy roman empire it's going to be doubt facing off against cosma let's jump into this game and have some fun certainly two of my favorite civilizations to play as well as watch we are going to be on hill and .

Dale so hill and dale is a map that certainly opens up opportunities for a lot of the more defensive civilization so for example if you're playing china although i think china has dynamic enough play and good early game pressure with these supervisors that i wouldn't put them quite in the same ballpark as like the abbasid but the abbasid really .

Really do enjoy this because pretty much the dominant playstyle for the abbasid uh that a lot of people do it might not always win games but is the double tc right so we see the double tc taking advantage of the fresh foodstuffs which makes their villagers cost 50 less and then they're able to just go bananas with that and enjoy their best live so .

We'll see what they can do now for the holy romans down here dropping some uh good old jesus here on the villagers gonna be making them work 40 faster and gather 40 more resources here we do have three villagers going to set up the mining camp here on the east side and a pretty standard opening for both players now as far as the abbas seed goes we do .

Not see the house of wisdom coming out super quickly because it's not necessary basically you can build the house of wisdom a little bit closer to when you're ready to be teching up and you can even use the lumber to get an early lumber camp if you'd like and get extra mining and all that sort of neat stuff but .

Anyways for the abbasid and you do sometimes see fast castle age as well that is something we've seen a bit because the double tc is very vulnerable to being punished but i think due to the map the fact that it is the hill and dale which is very easy to choke off i mean you have three entry points into your base one here one in the middle and .

One on the west side you can set up some wooden palisades which if somebody does rush it gives you a ton of extra time to kind of prepare for it so um and you can even do the haggard double wall if you want to you set one up on the low ground like this like going across and then one light up a little bit higher to put layers and layers for your opponent to .

Have to get through so i would predict here that doubt is going to be going for the double tc but again the biggest hell for that is what you do is when you're playing a basseed you wanna mine a total of 325 gold here in the dark ages and why 325 well you need 200 to go to the feudal ages and then you need 125 basically to get the fresh food stuffs .

And that allows you then to pull your workers once you get 325 and put them on stone so you can build that second tc very quickly so we get our lumber camp coming up here for the holy romans no lumber yet just hitting the gold pretty hard and also eight villagers on food so again what you do for the holy romans is you just get enough food to go and then .

You move the prelate over to the golds now i casted a game from marine lord a couple days ago and the difference between his build and this one here from cosmo is that you can see we have seven workers on uh food here well what he did is when he got enough food right now uh you can see oh no cosmo's the holy romans okay i got him a little bit my .

Brain's all over the place i'm sorry but he pulled some of his villagers over to gold because when you get that pellet initially it's going to put you down to zero gold so the route to 200 gold does take a little bit longer now the house of wisdom we are going to be getting the economic wing which will be unlocking the fresh food .

Stuffs so it looks like doubt here most likely going to be going for the juicy juicy uh yeah double tc although no we don't see the two stone yet and he has not reached the 125 extra that he's going to be needing for fresh food stuff so that's going to be the big determining factor fast castle isn't bad either i mean there's a multitude of .

Strategies for the abbasid they can rush okay uh in the feudal age unfortunately camel units kind of just suck but what you can do is go like double archery range and since you get siege engineering for free you know that's a nice little one you can spend the gold on upgrades elsewhere so and against holy romans i think feudal pressure .

Could be pretty good i mean most holy roman players and their dogs and cats and hamsters and i would imagine cosma here will be going for past castle just to try and get the regular cathedral online unfortunately the civilization is a little bit one dimensional in that regard like the other playstyles like yeah you can build mine work yeah you .

Can build burgrave but they're just so sub-optimal in my opinion that um you typically don't see those so hopefully that's something that the developers will address eventually is the one-dimensional kind of options you have for many of these civilizations i'm trying to think of like a sieve that actually has good flexible .

Options across the board okay so the preload actually went into the tc for a second he's doing like a little bit of a dancer just running in circles which is quite interesting but are we seeing the stone switch no it looks like he's building a barracks here okay so we might actually see some aggression coming in from the abbasid which against .

Holy romans i think makes sense uh holy romans can get the early mended arms though which can certainly fight back but okay so thinking about civilizations which have good tactical and flexible options uh in terms of all of their landmarks we have the mongols have the they have the deer stones which are .

Really good and they have the silver tree which is good and probably a little bit less good but still 100 viable and at the next age they have stepper eat out and coral ties that printout's in of probably one of the best landmarks in the entire game and the coral tie is situationally quite good for aggressive mongol play uh in terms of their h4 .

Landmark like yeah they have like the white stupo which is objectively better than the cognate palace but they're both like okay that's the thing right so pretty much all landmarks are good england has a pretty good split of landmarks too uh their feudal age options are pretty like one-sided like council hall is just so much better so .

You're not really going to see that ever being done the uh the other one which i don't even know the name because it's never used i think it's like the the the something i don't know the never used landmark it that shall not be named but it's the one that basically just gives .

You healing but england's other landmarks are okay um in in castles you have pretty good options you have like a really good keep or you also have a second a new tc imperial age it's pretty much always going to be varchar palace wingard palace is a bit of a meme but i mean it still is better than landmarks that many other civilizations have so .

Yeah really mongols mongols have the good ones but for the most part i would like to see some diversification of landmarks that are under use and just objectively terrible to make them like that would make the game much more dynamic and it would pretty much open up different play styles for all these sieves which i think would be quite nice .

And of course the abbasid i mean just if abbasid had good camels if like camel archers had their food reduced by like 60 or something like that i think that the abbasid would be a really really uh cool fun sieve like because they're like on the brink of being really good but they're just kind of like missing a few key elements .

Anyways rant is over um for doubt it looks like he's gonna be getting aggressive so he's sending archers across the map so he's got one archer here double archer range plus a blacksmith as well not a black i always called the barrett's blacksmith i don't know why my brain does that but spearman and uh he's got fresh food stuffs so you .

Know getting a little bit of an eco boom behind the pressure which is nice gonna be saving up some extra food and i would imagine battering rams will be coming soon yeah he's got a lot on lumber here he's got only two on gold just to kind of passively move towards the castle age or maybe get blacksmith upgrades at some point like the steeled arrow or some of .

Those other options but it is going to be aggression here and what is the holy roman response going to be okay double archery range so uh cosmo did indeed scout this so he is he is quite aware of these schemes of his abbasid opponent and he is going to be preparing to meet it head on some more and more archers popping out one and two and is he making .

Spearmint he has not so maybe he's gonna wait till he sees a little bit of an indication of horseman i do like the blacksmith here from cosby i think that's quite good in these early engagements having one extra armor upgrade to mitigate you know five you know one damage off that five is actually really really big right that's .

A that's a 20 mitigation of damage so certainly worth it so we got six archers here and honestly the army of uh cosby he's been able to rally pretty well so he certainly saw it coming is there gonna be some sort of a switch we do have the steeled arrow coming in so nope the aggression is going to be going pedal to the metal we're getting a .

Palisade set up on the wings of the base which i like that will prevent horseman run buys or like flanks that you're not expecting and if you're looking to play a more defensive eco playstyle that's going to be good what i also really like about the abassi aggression though is that it kind of pushes your opponent off pro scouts because if your opponent .

Doesn't respond with military you're just going to steamroll them especially with the bass getting the free battering rams you can get in there really really quickly right so i like that the pressure is here even if like the abbasid we're just to leave right now and be like okay i'm just .

Gonna go eco now like i wouldn't feel terrible about that the fact that it's forced to all these military units uh there's not gonna be the pro scouts giving the holy romans just a crazy crazy food boom i think there's some benefits that for sure so one of the archers here in the back taken a little bit of poke the abbas seed are working .

On upgrades of their own probably waiting to get the steeled arrow before they engage the spearmen are gonna be a little bit useless probably just gonna get picked here so one spearman does go down some of the abassi archers do pick off one of the holy roman archers so they're going back and forth a little bit of a duel of fates so there goes .

That archer how many archers we have in total it looks like it's about uh 10 on 10. so very even numbers but there's a spearman and a scout who did eat a little bit of the dps so i think the abbasid will maybe have a slight advantage here although it looks like they might be losing this fight yeah the holy roman's able to kind of pull this .

Out they got more and more archers pouring down archers for the abbasid are coming as well and overall pretty good engagement for cosmo although the numbers are looking very even now and the reinforcements for the abbasid do get there a little bit quicker and behind all this you can see he's starting trying to set up some wooden .

Palisades which would be very nice for him you could get those set up that would be a huge win for sure it would force the battering ram like earlier which i think is very very good so holy roman archer's trying to poke back i think their numbers are a little bit too low i think holy romans are going to have to mix in some horsemen or .

Something or are they just going to go double archery range so yeah no they're going even harder so they have the quad archery range coming out really just going to try and push back the abbasid because olabassi can make in the feudal ages obviously is archers and spears and archers are good against all of those things so basically just going quite .

Archery arranges the play i thought it might be horsemen considering that the spearman production has halted like a surprise horseman flank could wipe this entire army but horsemen do take uh you know take some time to get that going and he's already got the upgrades for the archers so i think that is certainly the prudent decision so the avastite .

Aggression is on full effect is there any inkling that he's switching off it okay wow a big big gold switch here is that gonna be a castle age attack maybe so looking at the current resources yeah dallas going to be going castle age behind this and that is really strong because if the holy romans are obviously a little bit trapped up here in the old .

Feudal ages and you get castle aged with the avassi you're going to be able to just whip out a fat spring old right on their face and uh that's gonna be a problem spring also pretty much hard counter this massive archer investment now why is there no gold here for cosmo looks like he's not going for gold at all he could go back here to be a little .

Bit safer if he wants to but i think he's really expecting this to be like an all-in from doubt but dowd is actually just kind of fainting it all in with a with a pretty convincing little force here and uh is gonna be actually moving up the castle age so castle age will be here in just a second boom it should be popped there it is and i would .

Imagine is it going to be economic or military wing i would assume economic let's see if my guess is correct so we got 14 archers for the holy romans against uh how many 9 or 10 or 11 actually and man oh man i mean this is this is looking good for the hre in terms of this little scrap here but really the castle age advantage for the .

Avaside being able to field engineer is going to be crazy crazy good yeah they got deer camp set up holy romans are just now getting back on gold uh no prelate to motivate them the awkin chapel positioning is okay i don't know it's not it's not the craziest awkin but he didn't really have any good options although he could have .

Like gone for his golden wood down here but that's like an awkward position anyways so yeah a little bit tricky but now the holy romans have the abbasid on the run so the archers are fleeing is there going to be any palisades set up no it looks like more and more archers coming out uh i would assume one manganella is .

Going to be made in the base as soon as he hits castle h so looking up in his base here we do have the castle age coming in a minute and eight seconds i don't think the holy romans are going to be able to do any like huge devastating damage in that window um are the palisades being finished it does not look like it .

And the archers really are on the hunch now what is going on here in the base we're probably going to be seeing mended arms coming out too mounted arms backed up by upgraded archers will be very very strong against this composition and another back uh the barracks is coming up the barracks it's a barracks it is coming and that is .

Going to be probably pumping out mended arms like the heathen kings of old here in just a minute ambassador being forced back once again cosby himself is now approaching castle age and you know abbasi cannot rapid build their landmarks they have to wait uh whereas the holy romans could rapid build the bregmans cathedral and if they're able .

To get some relics let's look at the relics here so we got one here and all three on this side so relatively neutral i mean there's one favored for the holy romans one favorite for the abbasid and then one that's still holy roman one of acid and one neutral this is actually one of the more fair relic splits i've ever seen often .

Times they're like lopsided on one person's side and it's it's pretty sad for sure but are the holy romans gonna get aggressive i mean we got 24 archers against 15 they certainly could and a couple of the battle sheep are going to be left to their own devices here the new age has begun and the abbasid archers are they .

Going to be building a mango it looks like douche might not have the resources for it he's a little bit tight on wood and is gonna be forced back into his base so now cosmo with some good aggression here certainly a strong timing even though he's in age behind the score is still very even simply because of how powerful his military is .

And let's go ahead and keep tabs on cosby here to see if he's gonna be advancing on to the next age i would imagine so and yes we are getting the redness cathedral here in the back so are there any pellets waddling out on the map to try and get a little bit of control we will have to see in just a moment archer's moving down to the south .

Probably to try and snipe off the scout and i would imagine minute arms yeah archers and double mounted arms yep that is the jam because like a single minute arms is gonna be turning the entire dynamic of this fight they're incredibly tanky with three armor mitigating the damage of the basic archers down to like three that is really brutal indeed but .

The holy romans are falling back in a little bit of a defensive posture now i think he knows the abassi could build a mango and also do have the mended arm so taking the fight there would be a little bit silly now what i'm really curious to see is the castle age uh choice here for casbah and it looks like it is indeed going to .

Be the holy roman cavalry now that he's hitting the castle age he's pulled ahead of his opponent quite hardcore in terms of score so it is going to be lancers and i feel like only romans don't really go bad at arms too much anymore granted against this abbasid army comp i mean maybe mended arms could be pretty good like with the mace's i feel like they .

Would crush through the abbasid vendor arms in a little bit more of a cost effective manner but again lancers uh and knights still do destroy minute arms pretty effectively unless they're the holy roman variant in the base here we got more upgrades coming out yes there is going to be the bounce projectiles getting the more uh ranged upgrades the .

Holy roman's moving out trying to get a little bit of poke but the minute arm's able to tank that pretty darn well and are we seeing the triple knight yet i don't think so maybe he's a little bit gold tight we have a prelate bringing back a relic here and one here as well so that's really good i mean as long as ragnans can get like two relics you're .

Gonna be sitting pretty cozy in terms of producing gold intensive units for the rest of the game but the abbasid really getting super aggressive here um is doubt banking any resources it does not look like he's banking enough for any big artillery um pretty good little wood economy he did just upgrade his lumber mill or update i should say getting a .

Little bit closer to the wood line so that's a tip for anybody who's newer to the game as you cut deeper into the forest you want to build a new lumber cam to have more efficient drop off points but the ambassador going pedal to the metal man they're moving in looking to fight and are we getting our first .

Nights out we are getting our first night so the first handful of the bad boys will be here uh both sides do have the veteran archers at this point and uh i don't know how this fight's gonna go i feel like with like three more nights the holy romans would probably steamroll this army like they'd be able to snipe out the archers and uh and really just .

Leave them ended arms to just get kited and kind of dragged around the map and now it looks like the abbasid are gonna be falling back a little bit maybe teasing a fight there but for the most part yeah not having a great time as the holy roman knights do get in a little bit of a turn but you can see they tank those archers like absolute champions .

And one of the metadamas does go down as well so certainly a nice trade although one night is at about half health right now granted some of the pellets here on the back could get some nice healing and we have another prelit grabbing this juicy juicy relic here and he's gonna be bringing that bad boy back to the base so holy romance are suddenly in a very .

Commanding position uh with the redness cathedral being online and the fact that the abassi did not go for a second tc like they usually do certainly going to be changing things up but i do like that doubt knows this maybe he heard me through through the echoes and wins of time sees the past .

Present and future here but the mining camp i'm going to be getting some stone and i would imagine a second tc will follow up behind this pressure now we do have one manganelle that's going to be changing the dynamic of this fight very very heavily the knights might be able to move in and snipe it i would imagine crossbows are getting mixed in so yeah .

We have crossbows for the abbasid which are really good against knights in the most recent patch of course which was felt like a year ago even though it was like a couple months ago but um it does give you plus nine bonus versus heavy so you are going to be able to drop some serious shots right there as well more and more nights coming out the old .

Gold vein nice and veiny looking a little bit worn down gold in the base for the abbasid or excuse me the holy roman it's not too bad they've got two big veins here and also with ragna it's like you can afford to be pinned in your base for quite some time but we got a first royal rumble oh the double magnet l shots that's gonna be big huge aoe .

Damage on those archers as the knights do pile in but i think the manganese are going to be the big difference maker a couple of holy roman crossbows as well some of the units are being split and look at this we do have a prelate moving into combat as well he's going to be trying to get the big old wolo low on these forces and a nice movement there .

By cosma are we going to see it is this a mistake or is there going to be a low low low to cut off the retreat that would be so funny oh my god but both mangoes do die in the end and the holy romans pull out a little bit of a better situation there i think it was a miss micros yeah looks like that relic is going to be offered up to the abbasid .

However he should be able to get that back but the night numbers are getting a little bit lower more and more knights are trickling in but the avasti sustainability here is holding firm as the crossbows continue to drag down the heavy knights without the knights of men at arms of course able to really really run rampant here in this particular .

Fight and this appears to be a comeback from the abbasid i really thought it looked like they were losing that fight when their artillery got sniped but the holy romans are going to be forced back onto the back foot here uh farms are being set up okay we actually have a food problem here the deer camp out in the front is kind of being a little bit .

Compromised by this fight we have another manganell coming up and the holy romans are panicking panic building farms which is always a rough thing to do that's how you know you're really on the back foot here okay so the food planning is tough there are some berry bushes over here which i think would be a smart choice to go hit to make sure to .

Maintain your food looking at the income per minute a doubt is quite far ahead on food gold is relatively even a doubt also getting stone and do we have a second tc coming up at the moment no we have the mosque so some relics are going to be grabbed i do not think we see a second tc although i think it's very much on the table and that's very .

Impressive like behind this pressure he's going to be potentially having uh some very very good macro as well so the first ram is coming in knight's uh also pushing i feel like like men at arms honestly with maces could have been really really dominant in those fights but the knights do take some time to come out and of course the knights are .

Very very strong as well i'm very biased i just really like the hre mended arms they're probably one of my favorite units in the whole game but probably not going to be great both these players are exponentially better than myself so we'll see what they do arms pushing up taking a little bit of poke and manganella is probably going to .

Want to retreat before it gets uh swarmed here by these knights knights might be able to overwhelm this force now uh the abassi might have overstayed their welcome a little bit long after that kind of minor victory they had there and the manganese just kind of hustling we do have a prelate who just came out of nowhere with the steel chair .

And grabbed the sacred site now i'm going to be moving up and trying to grab this relic but i think demanded arms should be able to kind of hunt him down but look at this the holy roman knights pushing it back a very very good back and forth scrap between these two players more archers moving again taking a giant shot .

Right on the middle of their center mass prelate should be able to get this and another negative megadoll is going to be going down that's pretty rough for sure crossbow's also being harried and chased and the imam going to be moving over to maybe grab this relic up on the north side was he able to get any relics so far let's look at the mosque yeah he got .

One but the holy romans overall are going to be winning on the relic game as they do get that and cosba is going to be dragging that back to his base right now so look in the base batter and graham's still going after the tc but the villager here are going to be torching that down um cosmo pretty much has no .

Food income so despite the fact that he's a little bit up on score and did have some nice victories right there not having food for this like period of time could be a potential opportunity for your opponents to get back in the game also i think deleting the lumber camp and houses here uh just like right on the north side of this uh this aachen .

Chapel and setting up like farms all over the place i think would be a huge huge uh option for him but again i don't like the leading houses it's always like an awkward thing to get supply blocks so yeah more and more crossbows and just infantry coming out the food advantage really starting to show as he's constantly able to produce military .

Whereas the holy romans had to stop for quite some time but now they're able to produce again pregnant cathedrals here they can also use the market to balance their economy so they could just you know buy some food if need be in panic situations i wouldn't i wouldn't hate some holy roman artillery as well like maybe seeing a couple springholds .

Considering the prevalence of the mangoes so a bunch of villagers coming up and ooh the aggressive keep i like this trapping the holy roman empire in their base a little bit so if the holy romans want to come out get some gold here uh they might run into some serious problems and this is being done in conjunction with really good sacred .

Control here from doubt so he's grabbing the sacred site here and here and now we got the amended arms as well as these spears and crossbows moving up holy romans still got those palisades from the dark ages just kind of chilling there are feudal ages so those palisade uh you know attempts might be built here we have a villager .

Coming out yes it looks like cosmo is gonna be going for the build here but alas that villager will be paying the iron prices it is blasted keep is being built and the gold veins are uh very well secured for the abbasid so the abbasid obviously don't have any fancy tricks for getting like you know free gold right uh they have relic sacred .

Sites and can get trading going in the late game but they don't have like a rednecks cathedral they don't have a chinese taxation system ruse hunting cabins they have to mine gold the good old-fashioned way so here getting control of these big gold notes and forcing the holy romans to either build artillery or bust is i think very very .

Strong see how the holy romans might like win this fight here like potentially it's going to be a very scrappy one i think actually the army for the avasti oh no but a little bit of a miss micro there he didn't have the proper attack move a big mango shot able to pop down a couple units and the knights are starting to struggle because .

Of the spearmen being mixed in so yeah the pure knight army comp seems to be really really thirsty for cemented arms and now i think my bias is actually justified i do think having them entered arms here would be very very good granted they do go down to crosswoman as well but they would be able to be more numerous and cheaper and maybe bunker .

Bus through and wouldn't be as vulnerable vulnerable to the spear position so yeah cosmo's really on the back foot now the sacred sides have been taken by doubt across the board and he does have the new objective to neutralize the sacred site which is certainly going to be a very very tough ask for sure as the .

Crossbows here for the holy romans make a valiant defense is he gonna be switching up and getting more military infrastructure it looks like it's just crossbows and knights which is a very gold intensive army but again uh holy romans can certainly afford that pellets have been pulled from the main base to drop some heels and an outpost is coming .

Up as well if holy romans could get to the imperial age and get that sweet sweet uh you know villager printer via the big old uh man the palace of swami yeah slavia and then there's elsbach which is like the uh the keep which is pretty cool but typically it's never used because of how good swabia is but yep holy roman's .

Dropping some crossbow fire the aggressive keep coming in from the abbasid so man just getting super crazy with their stone here and did we ever see that second tc it doesn't look like it actually the stone in the end appears to have just been used for keeps and map control which you know not a bad idea by any stretch of the imagination it's been .

A really good combination of like constant pressure in conjunction with uh you know decent economic backing and map control which i like quite a bit so holy roman's really on the back foot here i mean keeping their base i don't think they can really afford artillery i mean they're gonna have to set up a siege workshop at some point i don't see .

Anything from cosmo i mean this is really really oppressive might even hit the edge of his farms here it's threatening his lumber line because then the abassi can move into the lumber line here uh and have cover so if the holy romans want to fight them they're going to be getting blasted by a heap and yeah that is brutal oh my god because this is .

The only lumber available for the holy romans unless they want to go for a secret agent lumber camp out on the flanks which of course is very viable and look at this another keep coming in man oh man right on top of the farms that has got to be gg that was a great game well played about dalton cosby hopefully you guys enjoyed that one i .

Really uh really quite a bit of fun seeing the abbasid actually have a really good successful game because man oh man i have to say i've been kind of scouring through replays of high level players and it is very tough to find a bass seed wins but that was a very good one uh good pressure we had some siege engineering .

We saw the fresh food stuffs coming into play but not for the wtc the fast castle threat lots of neat stuff for sure so gg well played to those champions hopefully you guys enjoyed that game and ladies and gentlemen we will be back with more content soon take care of yourselves ah


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