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Yo hey what's going on what's going on what's going on it's your boy ty back with another banger yo so today right today we're gonna be going on to forex account flipping right and then forex account growth now we're going to talk about the difference between both okay you're going to be .

Able to find your trading style and really just reflect with yourself when you're watching this so then the question i want to start off by asking you is which one are you would you rather flip your account or would you rather grow your account are you looking for short-term results or are you looking for long-term results .

What i want you to do right now is just spam that in the chat well first like this video and then just spam your answer in the chat you know which type of trader are you or what type of results are you looking for so we're gonna start talking about forex account flipping first and then we're .

Gonna go into growth right so account flipping here's the qualities that you're gonna need obviously you're going to need to have some know-how on how to trade okay do some people get lucky at flip account yeah all the time right but statistically okay and you can look .

This up on google or whatever you know yahoo or wherever you look up your information okay statistically 90 of forex traders fail so if there's so many successful forex traders right and that's what everybody's saying they're all successful now right so if there's so many successful forex traders you know .

Speaking and saying that they're successful then how come the statistics don't reflect that well a lot of people are giving their money right back to the market after quote on flipping an account because they just don't know when to stop so some qualities that you need to have .

And things that you need to do if you're going to attempt that feat and if you you want to you know adapt that as a trading style the style of trading that that would be called is called scalping okay so when you're scalping you're looking at like the 580 chart 50 you know .

And making your decisions from there well you're flipping you're getting in you're making your money and you're bouncing right and what i mean is bouncing is you know you may be bouncing not leaving the market but you're bouncing to that next that next level okay kind of like the stacker game um at .

The arcade okay so when you're flipping account you're exposing yourself to extreme risk uh usually you're over leveraging an account and then i mean [ __ ] it's like a [ __ ] video game you know what i mean so you're having fun just moving that money moving that money you know taking bigger risks okay taking .

Bigger shots you're coming to the game you're not shooting free throws like it's nobody on the court you're just taking straight three-pointers you're trying to just drain you for me every single shot that you can put up okay when you're going ahead and doing those account flips and stuff like that but .

The mentality right the mentality if you want to go ahead and do that is you need to know [ __ ] it's going to be extreme pressure and what i mean by extreme pressure is like that's not the way to trade you don't see anybody you know uh wealthy oh i just gambled away my funds like nah they over time you know accrued a crew .

Meaning growth like grew their wealth okay so you can grow your wealth over time if you're just if you're patient and you allow your wealth to grow over time but like i said a lot of people love this scalping they got the microwave mentality they want to turn [ __ ] .

You feel me uh fifty dollars into five million dollars within one year and if it doesn't happen in two months then they're quitting and obviously forks is a scam and then they're moving on but then they came in with the mindset of oh i'm just trying to make some quick money okay mr quick money well go get a .

[ __ ] job then i'm just saying right you come to this game [ __ ] you bout to make so quick buddy and you'll end up giving that quick money right to your broker so we're going to talk about um the approach as in you know when you're finally taking these trades and .

You finally get on your on your on your on you know on the field and stuff like that so to approach anxiety so approach anxiety is this you know and a lot of people when they're growing accounts or flipping accounts you know they have this anxiety whereas like they just can't push the [ __ ] button .

You know they get on these live accounts and you know it's not the same as a demo account this is like real money now you know what i mean so yeah it's real money on the line you really have to risk it and if you lose oh [ __ ] i just lost some real money right so they got to approach anxiety they see their trade you see the trade .

You see the trade and it's like oh well you know it looks like my opportunity maybe it's my opportunity they got the it looked like the maybe shoulda coulda woulda but whatever it is you gotta approach anxiety and you don't take the shot [ __ ] there's a lot of men that have .

Approached a anxiety as well just with life in general you know to their goals oh man she look good but then you won't approach her you know i'm saying approach anxiety it's just that's something that you got to work on within yourself and you know what a lot of people want to tell you about this .

Forex [ __ ] is okay so we can all [ __ ] read right cool now it's the personal development it's the getting out of your own way that's gonna get you to that next level can can you sit around and wait for your money can you sit around and wait for the trade to develop can you sit around and wait for the opportunity before you .

Can even move that's where your money your real bread is going to come in and your wealth is going to start accumulating in your patience so if you got if you don't have patience it's going to be really hard to get to that next level to grow and to do the things that you want to do .

Because you're just not patient you got this microwave mentality and you think it's supposed to just happen tomorrow and if that was the case then everyone would be doing this [ __ ] right and i think like i said i think everybody can and should be you know reading is fundamental just like learning how to read for sure you need .

To learn these charts you know but let's talk about um societal pressure too so now you got societal pressure kicking in while you're trying to you know approach the game so then you it will force you kind of to have a you know flipping mentality because oh .

This guy got this this this you're looking at material [ __ ] you know what i'm saying never really once do people really ask like what do these people really do for this [ __ ] you know i'm saying you some of the stuff that people do for this [ __ ] you wouldn't even want to do that so that's not even the path you want to .

Follow you just want to keep doing what you was doing trust me right but the societal pressure of you looking this way and looking that way what you need to do is get off social media what you need to do is get off the damn internet [ __ ] turn you on damn audio podcast or .

Something and just listen you know i'm saying to you know successful stuff to develop your brain so you're not paying attention to nothing that's going on around you can focus on yourself so what becky got a [ __ ] house so what so-and-so got a car so what you know whoever got new whatever like .

Who gives a [ __ ] who cares is it on you though and if you want the same thing then you need to go focus on yourself straight up so that's how you go ahead and deal with those societal pressures of getting in the market thinking oh i got hurt for running this [ __ ] up all right .

Run it up there you know what i'm saying to have fun but i'm telling you over time gains over time you'll be able to gain over over years okay so results right i got these all dealt at the little little joy so you know i'm saying this i'll be making the videos to make .

It easy and i'll get on track so results so the results for flip account flipping an account obviously you're gonna be seeing some amazing results but if you look at forex from a way of you know an investment standpoint as with you know this is a savings account that can grow .

And potentially grow money over years for you and then you look at how much percentages actual savings account is bringing back and you'll see that the percentage that you will make just doing the bare minimum and forex it's still more than what the banks will give you uh for you know having your money sit .

Into account and accumulating interest you know throughout the entire year so still it's the best type of savings account if you could just get in and just do a little bit you're going to have to expose yourself to a little bit of risk if you want to make a little bit of money in life in general that's just what it .

Is all right so what to expect so what to expect from uh from flipping accounts obviously speed uh you know you're gonna have some fast in and outs you know you're clipping them joints you're clipping those strays fast uh you you know you're over leveraging that's that's what .

Comes with flipping account with growing that account you won't be over leveraging you're coming in you're hitting your daily goals and you're just leaving the market you come back tomorrow some days you won't even have to trade every day because oh should i hit my goal so i hit my quota for the .

Week i hit my quota i'm not i'm not going to trade until next week it it's going to allow you so many different options and opportunities to just have freedom to get to that next level you know i'm saying freedom to do whatever it is that you want to do freedom to just tell [ __ ] people no oh do you want to .

I don't feel like doing that [ __ ] today oh do this for what i make my own money i don't need your bread right that freedom okay when you're growing your account right so now um we talk about learning from your losses so a lot of people get you know stuck in a losing trade and you know that's like the end-all .

Be-all trade for them but the market is always like neutral you know if you lose it's really you you had to press the button you had to get in on the wrong direction you got in too early or you got in too late okay so it's really a great time to reflect on .

You know what you did wrong how do you truly feel how did i mean were you winning previously to your loss you got to really start asking yourself these questions because if you want to be successful in forex it's going to be a reflection of your life there's many areas of your life that you .

Know you'll have a chance to improve and like i said this is probably the biggest one because it has a lot to do with your brain your brain memory your personal personal development what books are you reading what books are you reading you know what are you doing in your extracurricular time how are you .

Spending your time are you just scrolling on [ __ ] instagram uh okay well that's why you're not successful are you i mean what are you are you tapping in with anybody are you you know reaching out there's people who are who are successful wildly successful you know you hit them up are you are you hitting .

Them up are you trying to find yourself a mentor are you trying to find you know yourself somebody who can uh take you to that next level you know life is like a ladder you feel me so keep keep grinding keep grinding you know but still even if you don't .

Even have access to all that you can learn from your own mistakes you can learn from okay damn you know if you keep driving down the street and hitting the [ __ ] pothole you already know it's a pothole right there so next time when i drive down the street i'm .

And keep it moving simple okay we already talked about getting off social media but we talked about again so social media right you can look at the you can create yourself a page where all you look at is positive so quotes and [ __ ] just to build yourself up you know i mean .

Build yourself up look at life quotes look at all type of stuff if you are going to use social media you know i'm saying but when i'm saying get off is when you're using it and it's not a you're not using it for anything that's going to make you any bread take you to the next level or you know business purposes or .

Anything of that matter i'm talking about just using you're just using just a [ __ ] user just scroll scroll scroll scroll tap tap tap scroll scroll scroll tab scroll scroll like all right you're just wasting time when you could just be studying you'd be scrolling through your damn charts back testing .

You know what i'm saying you could be scrolling through you know finance statements scrolling through what's the hottest company in whatever industry that you that you like and you know study what they do there's so much outside things that you could be doing to take your finance game to another .

Level if you're just sitting around [ __ ] lazy you're going to always get outworked by the people who are studying the people who are tapped in you feel me all right the next dig like i said get all those charts get all those charts increase your tar before you could decrease your chart .

Time you need to increase your chart time okay you don't know this [ __ ] you keep using okay you need to be on these charts studying all right why is it moving like this why does it move like that at that time of the day but it doesn't move like you know this particular way at this time of .

The day okay on this day uh it's wednesday why does it move differently on wednesday then it moves on friday why what is the why is the volume differently what are people doing what market behaviors you know market science start really tapping into the people [ __ ] make books right about .

Forex that you can go out there and read books whole books that you can read right you know one of my favorite books is not a forex book but it's investing book um the intelligent investor and who put me onto that book was warren buffett i said [ __ ] if warren buffett was able to become .

Wildly successful then who the [ __ ] was his mentor and then you google it who's warren buff his mentor boom benjamin gray yeah he took his class they talked about him taking this class and how warren used to show up to get you know mentorship or coaching or you know however whatever you would call it .

When you know the student you know shows up for the teacher after class and stuff you know for helping he had his book at that time as well you know so [ __ ] it just made me be like okay well maybe this is the one i need to read this is this warren buffett we talk about that could follow success success .

Leaves clues you know what i mean spend your time studying the greats there are people who are great at what they do study what they do study what they read study what they're currently reading you female just did a video on kobe and um you know he had he had uh he had asked i .

Think it was with jim cramer he had asked him uh well no they asked him they said well what are you you know what are you doing your spare time he said well i reach out to other ceos and i ask questions and stuff and you know some of the questions that he said that he asked were .

What is your book list okay yeah you made all this money uh-huh what the [ __ ] are you putting in your mind though what are you reading i need to know if we could be on that same accord you know what i mean and i was the dope part about that all right so then the next one is you .

Know successful traders really don't try too hard you think the more you work in this market the the the more results you're going to see and the crazy part is like the crazy part is that you're not doing any work in this [ __ ] you are putting your little ticket in .

And the market is moving up or down into whichever direction either that you chose or did not choose right what work are we truly doing this is you have to be comfortable with allowing your money to work for you so many people are you know grow up with the term that you need to go to work for money because .

That's you know how you we were raised growing up getting up and going to work for money getting up and going work for money it was never get up and then make your money work for you get up and then make your worthy work for you that's an entirely different mindset like you're talking about we're going through .

Years of [ __ ] rewiring and reprogramming deprogramming with de and then reprogramming like re you feel me restarting you know what i'm saying to start again to start over to do it again to and indeed you know to you know compress it deprogram to forget you know what i'm saying .

So [ __ ] that's what you're gonna need if you really want to go to the next level in this game like the finance game is much bigger than you know a few youtube videos and stuff like that and yeah you can learn how to read right by using youtube videos and things like that but i would say go .

Go start listening to audio books you know what i mean actually like listening to the book is dope you know and i feel like that's dope but the thing is you have a muscle right here and i mean so many people think about all the other muscles on our body but the brain muscle is the one that's keeping you functioning .

You know what i'm saying so well the brain muscle and the heart muscles so take care of those and then take care of you you know health is wealth so what are you putting in your brain what are you putting in your body oh you didn't think that [ __ ] mattered but it's your boy ty you know i'm saying .

Uh we'll do more videos and [ __ ] like this i don't know i just i like doing videos like this uh where people could really just put this on you know going with their day and just be listening and going and doing their thug you know keep it popping like that but once again it's your boy ty thank you for rocking .

With me we're almost at that 100k about to have a big ass [ __ ] party um you guys know i like to have uh offline stuff so definitely come offline and come rock with us but once again i'll see you guys peace


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