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Get All Riddles Right, You Scored Better Than Me

Sometime later the guy saw a couple of hitchhikers on the side of the road and in five minutes they saw a similar couple andy noticed one difference bill said there were two differences and jessica noticed three differences who was right bill this guy's backpack is different and the ladies sneakers differ slightly .

As well finally the band arrived at their next destination they noticed a beautiful house on the right side of the road suddenly jessica pointed at the left side of the road look this house is absolutely the same but bill noticed three differences and he was sure that the houses had two differences .

Who is right andy andy was looking around the town's concert hall when someone locked the door andy had three ways out but all of them were dangerous the first passage was so hot it was impossible to get through the second passage was freezing .

Literally the third passage was guarded by a robot vacuum that was reprogrammed to hunt down humans what passage should andy choose the third passage the robot might start hunting him but is just a cleaner robot what harm can it cause jessica wanted to get into the rehearsal .

Studio but the door was locked a note on the wall gave jessica a hint jessica was very smart so she cracked the puzzle very quickly and unlocked the door what was the code multiply the first and the last number then multiply the second and third the code is 25 16. after giving an epic concert the guys .

Finally went backstage to eat the catering service had prepared two identical tables full of delicious dishes can you spot four differences between these two tables here they are the guys rented a cozy apartment for one night bill was nagging all the way there .

Which annoyed andy and jessica so they decided to teach bill a lesson they dropped the key to his bedroom into a bucket of water his task was to get the key out without touching the water or using any tools and still that night bill slept in his bedroom how did he get the key placed the bucket over a fire soon the .

Water boiled away and bill took the key out hopefully letting it cool first how in the morning the guys hit the road again and reach the next city very quickly the concert manager took them to a rehearsal studio they saw a crowd of fans near the entrance everyone wanted to get an autograph there were not only humans can you spot zombies among these .

Fans that's right there are three zombies in the crowd this guy and this lady over there are pretty obvious but this guy hiding on the tree is also a zombie look at his feet during the performance it suddenly got very dark someone turned off the lights in the entire building the police .

Questioned the suspects the cleaning lady said she had been sitting in her office quietly talking on the phone with her family the electrician said i was in the bathroom on the third floor when it happened the concert manager said this is a huge money loss for me why would i do it who is lying .

The electrician look at the wall he's indeed on the third floor but there's a sign on the toilet door it's closed for renovation for two weeks andy got lost backstage he found four doors that led out of the concert hall but all four passages looked suspicious a hungry monster was hiding behind the first door a fire was burning behind the .

Second door the third passage was full of poisonous gas and there was a room without any windows behind the fourth door can andy get out of the concert hall he can go through the fourth door there are no windows there but no one said it didn't have a door after the last concert andy finally got .

The courage to invite jessica on a date she came to his place and they watched a movie then they had a long conversation jessica told andy a lot about her past and about her future plans andy went to the kitchen to prepare some snacks when he returned to the living room he saw two identical women both of them claimed to be the real jessica .

How did andy understand who his girlfriend is he should ask each of them what they've been chatting about earlier mark and ben are waiting for the elevator mark has to go down to the first floor and ben's going to have some dinner up on the 10th .

Two elevators arrive at the same time and they both get in different elevators well one of them isn't too smart which one it's ben he needs to go up but his elevator is going down you're chilling watching tv when you hear the doorbell you aren't expecting anyone but you go to the door anyway and .

Open it there's no one there just a basket of candies and a letter the letter says dear charlie thank you very much for your help i really like you and wanted to ask if you want to go out sometime all my love always there's no name on the litter and you have no clue who it could be from luckily there's a short little riddle .

3rd of august 4th of february 2nd of may 3rd of december 6th of october can you crack the code and find out who your secret admirer is the third of august means the third letter in august which is g the fourth letter of february is r the second letter of may is a the third letter of december is c .

And the sixth letter of october is e so your secret admirer's name is grace do you even know anyone named grace you open your eyes and find yourself in a dungeon there are a couple of torches around to light the room up a bit you walk over to the door and try to open it but of course it's locked there's three buttons on the right side .

Of the door a red one a purple one and a yellow one one of them will set you free and the other two will lock you in forever but you're lucky there's a hint n-t-e-r-o-w buy a val will you which button should you press to escape .

If you put the letters in the right order you'll get purple button since only one button opens the door and the other two trap you in you gotta try your luck with the purple one jessie is a mom of three who works as a detective she comes home late one night and goes right into the kitchen to get dinner ready .

Waiting for her in there a huge mess looks like someone already had their dinner a chocolate pasta sandwich she doesn't let her kids eat that kind of stuff so she goes upstairs and rounds up all her kids katie serena and hannah are all busy doing their homework they all deny .

Eating chocolate pasta but she still knows who it was who's lying and how did jesse know back in the kitchen the knife's on the right-hand side of the chocolate pasta that means the person who made the sandwich is left-handed she has only one left-handed kid and that's hannah you get lost in the forest and you end .

Up wandering around the whole day finally at sunset you come across a small and spooky house looks like a witch lives there you have no other choice so you go in and ask her to show you the way out of this crazy forest the witch agrees but on one condition you have to play a game if you answer correctly she lets you go .

If you make a mistake you have to stay with her forever here's the question you have something that's yours you barely use it but others use it a lot what is it it's your name you're abroad enjoying the sun and a much needed vacation one day at the beach you meet a .

Beautiful woman and spend the whole day with her in the evening you ask her if you can meet again tomorrow she smiles and says yes if you can guess where she comes from but she really likes you so she gives you a hint the place i'm from is two of armenia one of germany two of england one of turkey two of india and one of australia .

Can you guess where she's from two of armenia means you have to take the first two letters of the name armenia ar the rest are the same one of germany is g two of england is e n one of turkey is t i n from india and a from australia .

Together they make argentina that was a lot of work she better be worth it you're wandering in a different forest and you come across a picnic they're all witches you tried to hide before they notice you but uh oh what do they want actually they're pretty chill they just .

Need a little help there are eight of them and one of them celebrating her 999th birthday they've got a birthday cake but there's a problem and no it's not that there's too many candles and too little cake their magic knife can only make three cuts and they can't figure out how to cut the cake into eight pieces .

Can you figure it out first cut the cake in half then make another cut so there are four equal pieces now cut the cake sideways through the middle so it has two layers now everybody gets a piece jordan was very late for a job interview .

When he drove up to the office building he found out there was no free parking spaces he decided to leave his car a bit further from the entrance oh no even though there were several other vehicles in that place parking was prohibited there luckily jordan came up with an idea and didn't get fined what did he do .

He took a parking ticket from another car and put it on his windshield it looked as if he'd already been fined julia took part in a cooking competition she decided to prepare her favorite muffins she did her best and the muffins looked great but when the jury members tried them they started to pull faces and splutter .

It turned out someone had replaced the sugar julia was going to use with salt the girl understood she had lost her chance to become the winner but at least you could figure out who had done it to her she had three other competitors wayne told her he hadn't even been there he forgot to buy several ingredients and did some last minute shopping amber said .

That she had been preparing the icing for her cake and diana told julia that she'd been very busy with her recipe it was complicated and she had to follow it precisely very soon julia knew who had spoiled her muffins and have you figured it out it was amber she said she'd been .

Preparing the icing but her cake was only sprinkled with some powdered sugar that day famous chef christina was going to have some very important guests in her restaurant she was anxious because her future depended on how they would appreciate her food everything had to be perfect there was only one hour left before the guests .

Were supposed to arrive and that's when christina discovered someone had left ugly red hand prints on her sparkling white jacket she examined the stains it was ketchup christina knew that some of the cooks didn't like her she decided to find out who was behind the accident look at the cooks and try to help the chef figure out who's guilty .

there's a pair of gloves stained with something red in the trash can the only person who isn't wearing any gloves is the cook on the left he was the one to spoil christina's uniform nancy was angry with her boyfriend paul and sent him an email in it she told the guy she was going to break up with him .

But just an hour after sending the message the girl found out paul had done nothing wrong now she needed to delete the email from his computer the girl knew paul was at work so she sneaked into his house but the computer was protected by a password nancy thought the word she needed could be her name .

Paul loved her very much after all but the girl was wrong and then an idea came to her mind she typed in a word and this time it was correct look at what nancy saw on the screen and try to figure out the password one two three four five six seven eight nine b .

R y m p n a c b the password was 67683 these numbers correspond with the letters of nancy's name linda was in a cafe with her boyfriend .

And their date wasn't going very well at some moment they both got angry and started to argue suddenly their waiter came up to the table and handed something to linda it was a note with a strangely written word little t big r little o big u little b little l little e question mark linda was confused what could it mean .

Can you figure it out the waiter got worried and asked linda are you in trouble dennis called the police and told them a large sum of money had disappeared from his dorm room he thought it was one of his neighbors who had done this the police came and questioned the guy's neighbor deborah a designer told the .

Officers i had to finish an important project that's why i pulled an all-nighter when i sent the final version to the client in the morning i went to bed and only woke up when you came erin a waiter said i've had a very long shift today because one of my colleagues got ill i haven't seen dennis since .

Yesterday and nathan a vet said i've just come back home one of my patients called and told me he felt unwill i had to hurry to the hospital where he was and stay with him the police officers immediately understood who was lying and you it was nathan who had taken the money he .

Lied about a patient calling him he's a vet look at these three young ladies can you figure out who the cat belongs to its owner is the blonde girl the cat has torn her t-shirt what does this rebus puzzle mean m-i-l-1 l-i-o-n .

That's one in a million susan worked as a nurse in a hospital one day she came to make injections to three patients after this injection it was prohibited to get up and susan specifically warned the patients to stay in bed but when the woman came back she realized one of them had gotten up while .

She had been away who was it and how did she understand it it's the guy on the left his phone is now plugged in but the outlet is quite far from his bed so a restaurant owner called the police and said a customer had stolen a large sum of money when the police arrived the restaurant security guard already had .

Three suspects thomas said i was just walking along the street i didn't even enter your restaurant dylan was angry i've never been to this place before i was sitting in my car when that guy ran up to me and started throwing accusations john said i did visit the restaurant .

Yesterday but i just came in to get a coffee and didn't stay longer than five minutes after listening to the suspects the police arrested the thief who was it it was dylan his car was parked in the place reserved for regular clients but he claimed he'd never been to the restaurant before .

Harrison was walking home when someone threw a bag over his head and knocked the guy out when he came around he found himself in a room with four doors and a tiny window harrison opened the window but it was too small for him to squeeze through suddenly the guy spotted a piece of paper lying on the floor it was a note .

That said only one door leads outside the other three don't lead anywhere you can try to open just one door and only once if you don't succeed all of them will get locked forever harrison thought for a while and made the right choice how did he figure it out he opened the window this created a .

Draft the guy checked the keyholes and felt some cool air coming from one of them it was the door to freedom it was sunday morning when a submarine captain found one of his sailors lying unconscious on his bunk someone had hit him on the head it could only be another crew member the captain had three suspects mateo david and owen he .

Questioned them and that's what they said mateo i couldn't do it i was checking the equipment in the machinery compartment david when it happened i was washing dishes left after dinner owen at that moment i was busy posting a new video on tock .

Who was lying it was owen people can't use the internet for personal purposes on submarines leo studied art in college and rented an apartment together with his friend andrew leo had bad eyesight and was .

Wearing his glasses at all times one day andrew didn't notice leo's glasses and accidentally sat on them they were beyond repair leo was so furious he shouted at his friend and andrew ran away leo called his girlfriend and asked her to give him a lift to the optician he couldn't drive without his glasses they .

Were turning onto the main road when they spotted andrew he was lying in the bushes unmoving leo immediately called the police an ambulance andrew was taken to a hospital and a police officer started to question the witnesses leo told him my girlfriend was behind the wheel when i spotted andrew we .

Immediately stopped and called you we didn't see anything suspicious the police officer arrested leo why with such poor eyesight and without glasses how could he notice andrew lying in the bushes lily called the police she found her neighbor a famous artist on the floor of .

His apartment the unconscious man was quickly rushed to a hospital the police had three suspects lily said i lived next door i heard some shouting and loud bangs i went to check on what was going on and found him on the floor zachary told the police the artist was his friend we agreed to meet at the .

Restaurant and i came to give him a lift and cooper said i ordered a painting from him but when i came to pick it up i saw the police who's guilty it's zachary if they agreed to meet at the restaurant why did he come to the artist's apartment you wake up locked in a room with no .

Windows and just one automatic door above the door there's a large screen suddenly it turns on you hear a voice it sounds muffled crack this riddle and you're free to go if not the room will be filled with toxic gas in five minutes after that you see the riddle what could it mean .

Hopefully you'll realize in time that it means sitting on top of the world look at these mirrors and say which one is magical it's the one the girl in the middle is holding apparently it helped her get rid of her mole lola is a waitress on a giant cruise liner .

One night after the restaurant closed she found an expensive watch on the floor she announced it on the cruiser's radio and three people showed up to claim it roger showed lola the tan line on his wrist and asked her to give him the watch back mary said she remembered dropping the .

Watch near the entrance of the restaurant and wants it back susie kept asking if the watch was okay and if it was working lola decided that the watch belonged to susie why you've got 10 seconds roger's tan line on his wrist is too small compared to the watch lola found and if mary remembered where she dropped .

The watch why didn't she pick it up susie knows how expensive her watch is and she was worried it broke jenna and michael were out partying on halloween night michael told jenna she wouldn't dare to go to a 120 year old abandoned castle on the other side of town rumor had it that a mad scientist used .

To live there without a second thought jenna started walking she reached the house at 3 am and the door was open when she walked in the crazy scientist showed up and told her i've got a riddle for you if you answer it correctly you're free to go if not i get to do my scientific experiments on you a sphere has three a circle has two and .

A point has zero what is it you've got nine seconds to find out dimensions michael left his work and walked into the dark parking lot in the basement to get his car when he approached his vehicle he saw a four pin lock on his door he kept looking at it when his boss showed up he .

Told michael i want to see if you're smart enough to get a promotion you only get one try if you figure the code tomorrow you'll move to the executive's office his boss gave michael a piece of paper that read which was the latest passing year that was the same upside down .

Michael started thinking of all the years that passed and the next day he got the promotion you have eight seconds think fast 1961. susie arrived at the dance studio for her rehearsal when she found her .

Instructor unconscious on the floor next to him there was a broken vase someone must have hit him on the head susie called detective allen at the scene and he was suspecting three people who entered the studio that day william another instructor said he had an emergency private class with a celebrity and left before anyone showed .

Up at the studio mason a professional dancer said he took the week off and dropped by today to give the keys back to the dance instructor because he forgot them in his bag when he left the day before sally a dancer said she had class today but when she showed up she didn't see anyone through the window and assumed .

The studio was closed detective allen knew exactly who was lying you've got seven seconds it was sally her fingers are covered in bandages and cuts they must have happened when she broke the vase lucy was walking back home from the .

Restaurant she was talking on the phone to her sister and took a shortcut through a creepy park suddenly someone came behind her and snatched her handbag from her shoulder she tried to chase them but it was too dark she only saw a figure going into the cinema lucy followed them there and when she .

Went in she only saw three girls standing there and questioned them the first girl said she just got there and she's waiting for her friend to arrive she said she's holding a big bag to sneak some food into the theater the second girl said she missed the movie because she has a broken leg and it took her a while to get all the way .

To the cinema so she's waiting for the next viewing the third girl said she came back from her friend's house and wanted to see what movies are playing lucy took a good look at them and knew exactly who was lying you've got six seconds it was the girl with a broken leg her .

Left leg is broken and instead of holding the crutch on the left to support her weight she has it on the right side alex was at the park snapping photos of trees and flowers for a photography competition when he finished he placed his camera on the bench and tried to disassemble his .

Equipment to head back to his car suddenly he heard someone running and his camera was gone he saw the person going inside a blue car alex got the rest of his stuff and followed the robber he then saw the car parked outside a restaurant he walked in and saw three people sitting down can you guess which of them is the .

Robber you have five seconds it's the one on the right looking at the menu the others are eating they've been there for a while okay bad news you got taken no time to explain let's just get out of here so you find yourself in a dark cell with a dirt floor and a small window at twice .

Your height there's no food or water but there's a shovel why did they leave the shovel don't ask me i don't know just be happy you have it however you can't dig your way out because the walls go a long way underground so how do you get out .

You can still dig and make a high dirt pile that will make you reach the window and get out of there so you do just that and find yourself in a dark corridor you have nothing to do but to go straight hoping that sooner or later you'll find the exit and get out of this creepy place half an hour later you approach a metal .

Door you have to enter the passcode but here's a hint berlin 600 paris 400 london 600 rome 200. toronto what's the passcode each consonant in the word gives 200 points while each vowel takes away 100 points in the word toronto there are .

Four consonants that give 800 together three valves take away 300 points so the passcode is 500. the door clicks and you leave another obstacle behind soon you approach three more doors behind the first one there's an iron block with a movement sensor that will crush everyone who enters behind the second door there's an electric shocker .

That never misses behind the third door there is broken glass all over the floor which way do you choose you pick the third door obviously you're wearing some boots right so walking on the glass is definitely not going to be too hard of a task you follow the tunnel till you reach the next room .

As you step in there a metal cage falls down from the ceiling and traps you inside however there are three buttons there the red button will open the cage but it'll also open a door with a hungry lion the blue button will fill the cage with water for 10 minutes and only then will it open the door .

However keep in mind that people can only live seven minutes without oxygen the green button will set the room on fire but will open the cage door in five minutes which one do you choose you should choose the blue button the water won't be able to fill the cage because it will just splash outside you'll only have to wait 10 minutes .

Until the door opens and you'll be able to get out safely you turn right and immediately bump into a huge guard your heart skips a beat and you get paralyzed with fear to your surprise the guard looks down at you and asks wanna pass speechless you're just not okay .

You see no one here wants to play riddles with me if you solve one of my riddles i'll let you go and won't tell anyone i've seen you deal you nod again and here comes your riddle what is that invention that lets you see right through walls that's a window of course the guard .

Smiles and says beware of the vampires then he moves aside letting you go wow that was close and vampires this gives you chills but you have to keep moving and get out and again another door that requires a passcode can you crack it there's a hint again you should continue .

The sequence o t t f f s s e n t each of these letters is the first letter of the numbers o for one t for two t for three then four five and so on the last stands for ten so the next four are e t t f 11 12 13 and 14. yup that's correct the door clicks open move .

You get into a huge dark room all the light comes from the candles the room is filled with the problem is that there are four ways and again you don't know which one to take suddenly each of the doors opens and four people walk into the room there are two men one woman and one .

Teenage girl they all say they're prisoners too and the other three are vampires who do you trust you should trust the second man he's the only one who casts a shadow from the light of the candles the other three don't so they must be vampires the police got informed that one of the most wanted criminals carl walker was .

Going to arrive in the country according to this information the man was going to come by plane unfortunately the police knew very little about him he was short wearing glasses and traveling under a false name detective adams went to the airport he detained four people who fit the description they were mr lewis mr relcaw .

Mr taylor and mr wilson look at these men carefully and try to figure out who the criminal is it's mr relcall his last name is actually the criminal's last name walker but with its letters reversed a detective is looking for an important witness without them she won't be able to solve a complicated case the only .

Thing she knows is that the witness is left-handed look at these people and help the detective choose the person she needs it's the waitress she's holding the tray with her right hand and serving people with her left dominant hand look at these princesses and try to .

Figure out which of them is the fake one it's the princess on the right the tierras of the princess on the left and the one in the middle have a reflective shine to them you can see they are made of precious metals but the ice princess's tiara doesn't shine it's made of plastic a businessman arrived at his office .

After a long trip he discovered that some important documents had disappeared from his desk he immediately called the police and a detective arrived shortly after after interviewing all the workers he had a list with three suspects on it they were emma the accountant sophia the receptionist and james the sales manager .

But all of these people claim they hadn't been inside the businessman's office it didn't take the detective long to figure out who was lying do you have any ideas the thief is james both women wear high heels in the office but the footprints on the floor are obviously left by a pair of sneakers .

An elderly lady called the police she told them someone had sneaked into her house while she had been asleep the intruder took away the money she kept hidden in her kitchen cupboard the woman was sure it was one of her neighbors the police visited all the neighbors but each of them claimed they had spent the entire day at home .

Look at their houses and try to figure out who the thief is rick is lying he wasn't at home his car was parked near the house already after the snow had built up on the driveway look at these people carefully who does this dog belong to the dog's owner is the guy in the middle he's the only one who isn't trying to .

Pet the animal can you figure out how many watermelons there are in this picture 5. gloria failed her math test luckily her professor was an understanding woman she offered a deal if the girl cracked three riddles she'd get a good mark of course gloria agreed the first task was to .

Figure out the answer to the equation can you do the same the answer is 232 gloria didn't need much time to solve it and got the next puzzle the student saw several numbers made up of matches which should be the last number .

The last number should be one after every step the number of joints goes down by one and finally the teacher gave gloria several pool balls use only three of them to make this equation true after a couple of minutes gloria figured out the way to do it do you know what she did the girl rotated nine and got six after .

That she took the balls with numbers 13 11 and 6 and got 30. gloria's quick wit helped her and she passed the test you're trapped in a room with no doors or windows all of a sudden the room starts filling with water you check everywhere but can't find any way to turn it off you know that help is on the .

Way but it's still at least five minutes until their arrival you only have two minutes after that the entire room will be flooded obviously you can't hold your breath for three minutes you've got three objects but only one of them can save your life what should you choose a straw a rope or an empty bucket you should opt for the bucket put it on .

Your head this will create an air pocket and you'll be able to breathe for a couple of minutes until help arrives you've got lost in a desert it's already dark but bright moonlight illuminates the surroundings at one point you see a tower but an evil wizard is looking out of the window he tells you if you want to save your life solve my riddle you .

Need to figure out the height of this tower you look around and see nothing but several fallen tree branches there's also a watch on your wrist and your own shadow what can you use to figure out how high the tower is your shadow will help you you can compare its length with the length of .

The shadow cast by the tower then since you know your height you can calculate the height of the tower you see several strange symbols scratched on a brick wall it's four vertical stripes three stripes below and a check mark even lower next you come to a grid a huge rusty lock is hanging on it there's no key look around and try to .

Figure out how you can get out have you noticed that brick that sticks out of the wall try pushing it ah it worked a secret door opens and you make your way outside you go down the stairs and see a large hall several torches light up and you spot .

Four huge mirrors they reflect frankenstein a skeleton a zombie and a vampire one of these creatures is a human being can you guess who it is vampires don't get reflected in the mirror so you're looking at a human he gives you a small bone and warns that you will need it .

You get outside and realize you're in the courtyard this is the territory of a large sinister castle there are no clouds in the sky and the sun is hidden behind one of the tall towers you can see three gates ahead a werewolf is next to the first one a second gate is guarded by a huge scorpion the size of a car and the third .

Gate has a scary alive gargoyle something is wrong here find out what exactly the sun is shining brightly so there's no full moon so what's a werewolf doing here it's just a human in a costume the werewolf opens the gate and you go .

Through you're back in the castle and step into a small room there are cobwebs everywhere and a lot of garbage on the floor you can see a jar of salt on the table and a note on the wall it says a circle of salt you decide to take the jar just in case at this point a slippery viscous liquid starts dripping onto your shoulder you .

Look up and see a big spider descending towards you on his web you run away and see three doors you can hear screaming behind the first one behind the second door you hear the sound of a chainsaw a dog is barking behind the third one quickly you've got to decide where to go through the third door yeah you'll meet .

An angry dog but you have a bone you throw it and the dog immediately feels better it nipples on his trophy and forgets all about you on the floor you can see human footprints that lead to the next door you push the handle down it's locked look around the room and find the key .

The dog is gnawing on the bone and the key is glinting on its collar you pet the dog and gently remove the key from its neck you open the door it's dark and you can't see anything you take a small step forward and fall into a deep hole fortunately you're not hurt on the ground you find an old mp3 player with .

Headphones it still has a battery left great you put it in your pocket you can't climb up the smooth walls of the pit but you can see that someone has thrown down two ropes for you to get out one rope is white and slightly shining the other looks quite ordinary choose which you should use to get out the white rope is a spider web the .

Spider is still chasing you so you choose the normal rope you get out of the pit the rope is tied to a marble pillar you untie it and put it in your pocket you slowly walk down a dark corridor and hear a growl behind you it's a werewolf the full moon is out you run out of the corridor and find yourself in the street there are three .

Paths ahead of you the first road is covered with lava the second one is swarming with snakes and the third road leads to a poisonous lake hurry up the werewolf is coming there's a shoe lying right on the water on the left side of the lake this means that the lake is frozen .

You're sliding on the ice and falling the werewolf is still chasing you but it slips too and you have time to run to the solid ground there's a massive tower ahead you run inside and close the door you find yourself in a circular hall lit by torches human faces appear on the walls their .

Hands begin to reach out the phantoms are slowly approaching you they're everywhere surrounding you what will you do remember that jar of salt and the note saying a circle of salt you should spill salt around you and the phantoms won't dare cross that line you do and then wait for a while and they disappear you .

Climb up a spiral staircase to the top of the tower the door slams shut behind you there's one window and an iron torch stand mounted on the wall in the center of the room you notice a wide bed surrounded by a white veil you push the veil aside with your hand and see that two zombies are sleeping there they open their eyes get up and slowly .

Walk towards you what are you gonna do now use the rope you found before tied to the torch stand and go down through the window great the zombies are too stupid to pull the rope back ever was having a birthday party at one point she noticed that her twin brother .

Noah went to his room with some girl ever wanted to take a closer look but her friend distracted her when she returned the couple had already been gone she had three suspects eliza jane and isla whenever went downstairs she immediately realized which girl her brother was .

Dating can you figure it out too eliza isn't wearing her cardigan ever saw it in noah's room hanging from the chair so it must have been her who was in the room with the guy seraphina was having a birthday party and her guest brought her presents her boyfriend mason got her a pair of .

Beautiful high heels her sister daphne got her earrings and her best friend ada got her a scarf all the gifts were amazing but seraphina still had one person to change their present who messed up mason look both shoes are left once esme got lost in the forest .

After wandering around for hours she finally came across the witch's house she pet the cat and gave it its favorite snacks after that the girl asked the witch if she could help her again the witch was packing she was planning to go fishing the next day but she had a problem her fishing rod was 13 feet long and the transport company the witch was .

Going to use only allowed to take things that were no longer than 12 feet the witch couldn't figure out what to do and asked esme to help if she could find some solution the witch would help her get home esme found a way to pack the fishing rod without breaking it or breaking any rules what did she offer .

The witch should pack the rod in a box the size 5 by 12 feet diagonally the 13 foot long fishing rod will fit perfectly and the box will still only be 12 feet long ren came back from work and checked his mailbox there are a couple of magazines and a letter it turned out to be a love letter but it .

Wasn't signed instead there were several numbers in the end 18 9 12 5 25 can you guess who sent ren the letter each number indicates the position of the corresponding letter in the alphabet the 18th letter is r letter number 9 is i and letter number .

12 is l the fifth letter is e and the 25th one is y so rent's secret admirer is riley it was the first day of college lily came there with her new cell phone which she of course showed to all her friends at one point the girl went to the bathroom and left the phone on her desk when she returned the gadget was gone .

She asked everyone in the class what they had been doing while she had been away cleo said she had been talking on the phone with her best friend charles said he hadn't been doing anything just listening to music jake said that he'd been busy finishing his homework that was enough for lily to .

Understand who had stolen her cell phone can you guess jake said he had been finishing his homework but it's the first day of college there can't be any homework vivian and susannah are online influencers can you tell which one is likely richer .

pay attention to the number of followers each of them has it looks like susanna has way more people watching so she probably gets more sponsorships the police had been looking for alex for months they got the information he went to cuba that's what he told all his friends .

But then he was accidentally found in norway the police know his girlfriend helps him but they aren't sure who his girlfriend is they ask alex's friends who the guy is dating but all of them name different girls and all the girls deny being his girlfriend then the police decide to check the .

Messages the girls sent to alex take a look at these texts and try to understand who his real girlfriend is his girlfriend must be the one who knew where he was actually going looks like all the girls stay in touch with alex but the snowflake in layla's text looks suspicious .

You don't send snowflakes to people who go to cuba so leila must be alex's girlfriend and his accomplice take a look at the picture can you crack this puzzle the answer is the number of times the line cross in the image it must be three sierra found herself locked in a dungeon .

She couldn't remember what had happened she looked around and saw a door that could be a way out but to open it sierra needed to know the passcode luckily there was a hint sierra had just one try if her guess was wrong the dungeon would get locked forever can you help the girl decide which password is the correct one .

If you take a closer look you may notice that some of the digits are faded this is probably because they were the most frequently used these digits are 1 3 5 and nine the only code that has all of them is the second one three nine one five that must be the one savannah went on a business trip with .

Her husband in the evening the woman didn't feel well and suddenly blacked out when savannah woke up a couple of hours later she couldn't remember anything there were two men in front of her and both claimed to be her husband the woman could remember which of them was her real husband can you help her figure it .

Out they went to a business meeting that's why they are both dressed accordingly the guy in a hoodie doesn't look formal so her husband must be the other one the man who's wearing a suit now this girl susanna can't remember who her husband is too can you help her .

It must be this guy look he's wearing a ring while the other doesn't seem to be married ava's parents john and catherine came to the hospital to pick up the teenager can you tell which of these young people is their child it's this girl john and catherine are ava's parents ava is a girl's name and .

She's the only girl in the room esme was having her usual walk in the forest by nighttime she realized she had gotten lost again she was wandering around until she came across the witch's house the girl petted the cat greeted the witch and asked the woman to send her home at that time the witch was participating .

In a math tournament for witches from all over the world she really wanted to win and to prove she was the smartest witch out there there was one last task she couldn't solve the witch promised that if esme helped her she'd let her go home if not esme would have to stay with a witch forever here's the task make three identical squares by moving only .

Three matches you just have to move these three matches over there it works and esme can return home thor asked his friends to guess what his laptop's three-digit password was each of them made a guess the numbers they chose were three five seven nine zero two nine zero seven nine five four .

Even though no one's guess was right every person guessed one digit correctly and exactly in its right place can you figure out thor's passcode since just one of them guessed one digit correctly the first digit can't be nine in this case three people would have guessed it right and there wouldn't be .

Enough people to guess the third digit the only other option for the first digit is three which means the second digit can't be five and the third one can't be seven since the second one can't be five then it's zero two people guessed it correctly and the third digit is four if it was two it would mean someone guessed two digits correctly .

Zero and two but that's not true so thor's code is three zero four students were divided into two teams to do one task storm dean and brooke were in team yellow elsie emma and veda were in team purple following the same logic what group does lexi belong to in team yellow there are students whose names have just one syllable in team .

Purple there are students with the names that consist of two syllables lexi's names has two syllables so she belongs to team purple atlas got trapped in the attic of an old house there are just three ways out and all of them dangerous behind the first door the roof and the floor are made out of magnifying glass .

And the sun will burn anyone who comes in behind the second door there's a room filled with poisonous gas and the third door is hiding a hungry lion how can atlas escape he should wait until it's night the sun will set and the guy will safely walk through the first door .

Now take a look at iris and her close friends max jenny josh and ren who's her partner it must be josh look they have matching tattoos on a rainy night dylan was driving past a bus stop there were three people there an elderly lady who was feeling unwell a doctor who saved many lives and selena a .

Girl dylan had been crushing on for years unfortunately there was only room for one more person in the car what should dylan do he should give his car to the doctor who would take the elderly lady and drive her to the hospital and dylan can stay at the bus stop with the girl of his dreams .


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