Friday, May 27, 2022

Is Engineering the Hardest Major?

Hi everyone it's the math sorcerer here in this video I want to talk about a question that someone who wants to ask me the question was is engineering the hardest undergraduate major when compared to say just pure physics or mathematics so it's harder than math and physics so maybe is it the hardest major of all so here's my opinion I think it .

Might be even though I studied math and I'm totally Pro math I think engineering might be a harder major as an undergraduate and here's why so reason number one is that in engineering you do have to do some math right you take calculus one two three and differential equations and then you have to take more math in your engineering classes after .

That for example I know that electrical engineers do a lot of stuff with Laplace transforms in fact I'd venture to say that an electrical engineering undergraduate student probably learned more material regardless transforms than I did as a math undergraduate so they do they still do some math right so engineers definitely do quite a bit of .

Mathematics so they still have to do that and they have to do all of the physics so as a math major I took you know physics 1 and 2 and physics 3 which is like modern physics where you study relativity and other things but that was it right if you're an engineering major you have to take classes where you do a lot .

More physics so you do the physics and you do the math so that's why I'm thinking that maybe engineering really is the hardest major there is you know when compared to math and physics so what do you know what you think I've actually thought about this for a long time because I have a lot of engineering students and I know the engineering .

Classes are really hard because you have you know you have math and you also have physics so what do you think do you think engineering is the hardest major let me know


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