Friday, May 20, 2022

Japanese Bees Do One Insane Thing to Defeat Giant Hornets

Now it's obvious who can win a fight between a bee and a giant hornet it's like a battle between a kitten and a saber-toothed tiger and an army of bees against an army of hornets is like hundreds of kittens against hundreds of lions it seems the hornets will win because one hornet can destroy more than 1 000 bees in less than an hour and a .

Half but if this battle happens in real life it will be more complicated dramatic and unexpected than you can imagine a group of bees works all day they pollinate plants and fruits and collect nectar from flowers they work hard and return home to the hive at the end of the day they don't notice an imposter .

Flying among them a giant hornet it's bigger than 1b but has the same yellow black color no one pays any attention to it the imposter enters the bee house without an invitation and makes a crackling sound that's how its jaws snap hungry and angry it begins the feast in a matter of seconds the hornet puts the hive into chaos the hornet has a sting .

With toxic venom but it can go without it here for bees the monster uses its sharp jaws the hive citizens attack the enemy but it doesn't feel a thing the situation is getting worse because bees can't live after using their sting they sacrifice their lives to protect their home to protect the queen unfortunately all their attempts are in .

Vain after quenching its thirst the hornet flies away to find new prey only one bee manages to survive it escapes from the hive to warn the others the bee visits every hive in the valley and reports the powerful enemy all bees start preparing to attack they're raising an army unfortunately this is not enough .

The giant hornet visits a new hive but this time bees are ready they attack the enemy from all sides for a moment it seems bee stings are working the hornet is weakening its activity is falling the hope of victory inspires bees with confidence but not for long at this moment 10 other hornets fly into the hive the first hornet .

Marked the hive with the unique pheromone before the battle this smell attracted its friends and now the bees have no chance in the wild hornets leave the trace so others can find the tagged location in a few minutes 11 hornets destroy the hive of 25 000 bees recently this sunny land was blooming .

Thanks to bees now it has turned into a lifeless valley giant hornets don't want to spend time searching for hives so they divide into groups and fly to different sides of the valley they mark bee houses with the pheromone and start a large scale cleanup their hunger and thirst for destruction .

Are insatiable yeah bees now know their enemy and notice it as soon as a hornet appears in the air but it doesn't help in each battle they use a lot of strategies to fight it once bees tried to attack a hornet hive but it was a pointless mission no one pollinates flowers anymore no one makes honey bees live in fear and are afraid to fly .

Out of their hives in this dark hour when almost no hopes left a slight chance of victory appears a species of japanese bees learned to defeat the enemy the news spread all over the hives the strategy seems to be working they've managed to fight off several giant hornets the fear goes away and the bees are ready to fight again .

In the real world these bees learn to fight giant hornets but other species can't do that so bees are waiting for the enemy they all know what to do finally a giant hornet appears hundreds of bees attack it and wrap it with their bodies from all sides they completely cover the hornet and start to tremble the simultaneous vibration of all the .

Bees heats up the enemy the temperature is getting higher the hornet can't get out bees seem to burn it with the energy of their bodies a few minutes later the giant hornet falls bees throw it out of the hive now they are confident of their victory another hornet arrives tired bees attack .

It and start to vibrate again the next monster is coming and another one 10 20 100 hornets arrive bees don't have so many resources and energy the chances to win are zero again to win once and for all the bees must unite all the hives hundreds of millions of bees a huge lifeless meadow is the location .

For the final battle all the bees of the valley flock here they are ready for the last fight silence ensues then the air begins to vibrate you can hear the buzzing of hornets from afar they have increased their population hundreds of times because none of the animals can resist them .

The defeat of bees is inevitable but no one is going to back down two swarms collide with each other this is not a battle this is destruction hundreds of thousands of bees but zero hornets fall to the ground in a few minutes a whole species of insects are disappearing from the planet but what is .

It the field plugs into a strange fog bees and hornets don't see each other then through the white veil they appear silhouettes of giant creatures they come into the middle of the action thousands of hornets attack them but it's all pointless bees quickly fall down and lose consciousness the hornets pass out too .

Some are trying to fly away but the fog doesn't let them all insects fall asleep someone use gas to stop this fight and this someone is the bee's main ally a human has come into the game in thick protective suits people picked up euthanized hornets from the ground they put them in one basket and the bees in another the collection of insects .

Lasts for several hours then the bees wake up in their hives unharmed hornets wake up in special containers they're trapped and now they can't hurt anyone people are destroying hornets nests all over the world they won't allow them to multiply bees are responsible for the cycle of life in nature they help many plants to .

Reproduce thanks to pollination bees serve as berries and fruits we eat they take care of flowers that cows and other livestock feed on thanks to bees we grow a lot of cotton if the hornets destroy them there will be a shortage of clothes made of this material t-shirts jeans jackets all this will be more expensive and then will .

Disappear from the markets many products will lose their rich taste and useful properties animals and people won't get enough vitamins cows won't produce milk there will be no cheese sour cream butter and other food you won't be able to order a juicy burger at the restaurant eggplants hot .

Peppers kiwi blueberries cranberries and much more will disappear from the counter whole species of animals and plants will stop existing this will lead to other crises not only in agriculture but also in the global economy meanwhile the number of hornets will be growing there are almost no animals in the world to control them .

If people don't do anything everyone will have to wear thick protective suits to walk outside hornets will get into houses and cars attack people and pets one giant hornet can cause a lot of trouble its sting is one of the most dangerous and painful among all other insects .

It's like a red hot needle when a hornet sticks it into an opponent it injects the poison into the skin this toxin dilates the walls of blood vessels the area around the bite turns red this can last for several hours or even days the hornet is an aggressive creature it can sting several times .

Imagine what a group of these insects can do to escape you need to hide in bushes with dense foliage or jump into the water after the hornets fly away urgently contact the hospital hornets can make people's lives worse it's important to fight them .

Unfortunately bees can't do this they're absolutely defenseless humanity is aware of this danger and does everything to control the hornets population that's why giant hornets have no chances in this fight now every bee returns to its usual way of life pollination nectar extraction honey .

Production in hives the valley is blooming again bees can sleep peacefully people monitor the situation and watch for giant hornets if one enemy appears it means there's a nest somewhere special services track down the insects and find nests under old trees and in pits .


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