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Math Civics & Science vs Holy Redeemer Boys 3A

Um i totally forgot about it absolutely good evening everybody got no audio good evening everybody and welcome to holy redeemer and matt civics and science dot here on the holy redeemer athletic network starting lineups .

Getting introduced john dola joined once again by mark atherton we're making a habit of this stuff this has been a fun run the last few days and uh boy are our whole communities excited for every team last night everybody was fired up about riverside and dallas and then tonight people fired up here about holy redeemer yeah it's very exciting time for .

District two as a whole and certainly dallas winning last night hopefully sets a tone for uh redeemer tonight well we know what we're gonna get another philadelphia school with a lot of talent like last night uh this team is athletic and you look up the street address on this .

You're talking north broad street in philly yeah i saw i saw a little tape of of uh matt civics in science and uh boy they're big six nine two thirty five six 6'5 i mean it's a tall task for redeemer and of course uh holy redeemer knows what tough tasks are .

As they were able to take down one of the best teams in the state in executive education over the weekend that went to overtime a 17-0 run something we've never seen it was crazy but it was awesome was awesome john and you know the definition of underdog nothing to lose everything to gain the .

More the people the more that people doubt redeemer the more motivated they become and they are a motivated team right now playing zach daryl wright came to play that was a huge difference for redeemer not that they don't come to play but they just played lights out i think if everybody gives just a little .

Bit more and that's what you have to do as you go deeper and deeper into the state run and daryl wright will take the basketball here for holy redeemer tonight at freedom high school not too far from where we were last night at liberty high school in bethlehem right off the bat the get-go from zach berta .

To the rack nice that you could finish early and drive you mentioned khalif crawley 6-9 he looks like he's about 25 years old with that beard he is one big dude and he's got some touch wow that's impressive .

They're going gonna trap and give you that full court pressure these lollipop passes have become a little bit more of a thing huh yeah it's a little scary too because again you know these these defenders are quick and they can pick those off justice schutz off the dribble near the free-throw line .

Banks were open for a second but it bounced out 3-2 the score it is a lead from math civics and science we just think matt's in point so so we put that up on the scoreboard you know we know the civ is in science sure are as well less to say and a travel call .

Yeah that was good they double teamed him and down low he actually dribbled backwards so that's what we like to see right nothing going to the hoop little one two two pressure here one two one one i should say 6 36 on the clock justice schultz back with the basketball as we are here at .

Freedom high school beautiful setting got a little fan section there on the other end and a little force of a shot there come back down to the math civics and science team in white and a lefty on the right hand side that looked manly still setting up this zone pressure .

Redeemer able to get it across and get it back over to purdue porter looks really quick right now but so does this team from philadelphia on broad street you see i'd like to see how the big guy how he's defending that ball screen he's kind of lane protecting coming out a little bit .

Turnover now from matt civics in science justice schutz tried to take it to the rack once pulled up for a jumper on another he tries to go in there with the bigs and going the other way yeah i think what's what redeemer might .

Find a little more success with the big guy crawl a 6-9 guarding jeff and jeff's staying around the post is keeping him in the post when they go a little smaller if the big guy has to guard pro shack pro shack may be able to pull him outside which opens up the driving lanes a little bit more and then if he stays inside matt could .

Hit that three here comes the big again he throws up a softy what touch so a good job there by math civics and science 7-2 this is kind of how the game started against executive education and then redeemer started to get a little fiery couldn't make that one two bigs down low .

Couldn't get the rebound it's coming the other way show test the guard two dudes and it's a travel you got a little break there with the travel unforced air but redeemer right now just has to find the rhythm it's not real tough pressure right now it's almost like a slow down pressure .

Which i'm not quite sure why they're looking to do that but i would think they'd want to speed up redeemer let's see as justice schultz now has the basketball 416 first quarter it's flying by just two points here for the royals and a nice take there by daryl wright .

Yeah great take way to attack the way to attack the basket so the mighty elephants here from philadelphia have a 7-2 lead there's 408 on the clock no timeouts by either squad yet and just one foul so this is what you get here in the state playoffs at a big long .

Rebound there by number 23 nair poplar he's 6'5 we got some big kids here on the floor right now big kids and you know nice size obviously burton with the jumper off the front of the rim and a rebound by pro check we haven't heard anything from matt .

Prochak yet but i've seen five college coaches show up and i think they're thinking of him i'm sure they're looking at a lot of players here on this floor in the quarterfinal kozurski with a pick rolled a little late but again more of just a presence defensively and does what he has to do here is maddie .

Prochack back over to daryl wright 326 on the clock five-point deficit now they got the big guy away from the basket project for three light it up matt prochag see i like the offense they drew the big guy tried to hedge that time .

They drew him pretty far away from the hoop which allowed that basket on the ball reversal somehow it's seven to six redeemer right there but at three-pointers we see dagger after dagger with these teams out of philly we saw it yesterday with west philadelphia but dallas was able to handle it so trent middleton is a stud .

Puerta back over to project and shoats they know what's coming can they stop it kazurski does a good job of just getting the possession back 2 29 on the clock 10 to 6 is the count show with the one-on-one against the 6-9 big boy and schultz goes up and draws a foul .

that's his first i think that's important if you pick up even a second foul on him early he has to play a little bit softer than being the big guy in the paint so here comes shoats on that free-throw line ten to seven redeemer just they find a .

Way to claw back into this they only had two points takes his time great stroke 10-8 two-point deficit here comes the mighty elephants bethis back over to middleton two minutes on the clock long three .

Rims out jeff kazurski with a big rebound here's prochack up court they're gonna go right at him now they're lucky because that one off the mighty elephants there here comes right daryl wright draws the foul and it's interesting .

Mcs and we're gonna call math or mcs whatever we're gonna call them they already have the big guy out on the bench so again it allows daryl wright to attack right to the rim and again i say that but they have two six five guys in in place of them absolutely well he's coming back into the game now yeah he .

Heard you down up here he's he's listening in i think rimmer out there buck 41 on the clock beautiful facility here at freedom high school in bethlehem on the holy redeemer athletic network john madola joined by crestwood head coach mark atherton ten to nine so a one point deficit .

They're doing it right now in that free-throw line doesn't have to be pretty as long as it's effective and the mighty elephants down now in their half court sack great defense there by schutz kozurski garden the tally in crawley three-pointer rims out and justice .

Schultz with a rebound three red on the board there i like that project for way out there that was nba range wow downtown for sure that was about a 25-footer project's got every coach right now eyeing him up and salivating three-pointer the other way is going to be short but they get the rebound and .

Yeah almost the goaltending cylinder ball on the cylinder didn't call it it was close pro check feeling he pulls up another three gotta be a little short almost to steal nice job by daryl right and redeemer is up two with 38.5 in the first i like the first three i don't like that .

Three attempt by mata feet weren't under him but he was feeling it yeah a little line driving on him but that first one was ridiculous and i guess when you when you make that one you're like yeah it's five feet shorter they haven't had the numbers actually i .

Think maybe to attack to the glass a little bit but i think redeemer likes even though they win faster i think they like to pace 10 12 that's that's a good score for them talking to assistant coach leighton saying two teams that are very talented like .

Executive education and math civic and science with two different styles yeah i think one of the big things here is you know i think you get a stop here and go up two points at the end bethes gets it over to number 25. crawley rebound 12-10 redeemer with the lead .

Here to n1 for mark atherton and john mandola here in the holy redeemer athletic network will take a breath and we'll come back for quarter number two we're back here in bethlehem mark atherton john dolan the holy redeemer athletic network we're in the quarterfinals mike uh mark on on today but friday dallas going to play in the .

State semifinals that's going to be an interesting game i think they got uh newman yeah uh yeah i believe so um i'll double check that but i think it's newman goretti yeah they do have newman yeah jimin ready b bethlem bethlehem yeah catholic right yep and then uh we got a bunch of teams that are underway today i mean old forge is .

Playing holy cross is playing done more girls are playing scranton is playing here this evening after this game so you know great to see our local teams doing what they do here's holy redeemer showing up and let's see what these guys could do here kazurski in the middle .

Now redeemer's coming out in a little zone little 2-3 zone here same oh no call good block and that was blocked by schultz's elbow about six seconds off that clock and schultz will get there at about eight and a half here is justice schutz to the rack couldn't finish good rebound .

And it's coming the other way a little transition basketball great defense by right there to stop that transition one of the things john i had in the first quarter points in the paint i think it's a key to keep matt civics and science to shoot over the top and not get points in the .

Paint they had four but holy redeemer also at four so khalif crawley jr 6'9 235 is number 25. the big boy kazurski's giving up inches but he can match muscle spinner crawley's got a nice touch to him didn't finish that one and matt .

Project rips the rebound gets it up to show choates has an opportunity here takes the jumper at the elbow score four-point advantage here for holy redeemer down the other way here and we draw a foul so that is jahim bethea .

Wright's got two jacob hunter will be ready to come in here shortly steal by show anticipated that one four-point advantage dallas led a good portion of last night against west philadelphia this one thrown into kazurski .

Just not on the same page there jeffrey will run down and play some defense be that presence in the middle had some foul trouble over the weekend got socked in the eye he still came back and there's an open look right there at a burton so sim burton goes 6-2 he's a sophomore .

Got a bunch of seniors in this lineup for math civics and science the mighty elephants here against the royals of holy redeemer matt prochak a little long on that him and kazurski in the similar area still two-point lead here for holy redeemer they go inside crawley with a travel .

as we get through all these games you just start seeing i remember that guy that college official oh yeah and there's no doubt this i like kazurski up here ball screening now they're going looks like maybe a stagger ball screen here kazurski's rolling pro check popping .

Misses that jumper 526 on the clock like to see herta and wright get a little bit more involved like they were over the weekend that really was important i thought offensively but hey there's a two-point lead here for holy redeemer you take what you can get sometimes in the state playoffs with .

Just over five minutes to go yeah i think so far i mean most of the shots maybe a little rushed by matt on that one three but otherwise i like the shots but i agree i wish they would spread out a little bit more they go underneath there's some strippings by right so daryl wright .

A junior jacob punter on the floor out comes right hunter is athletic thin he could run like a deer he's not afraid to attack the basket either big take there kazurski says get it out .

Of here and no foul per to extra steppy and it's an offensive charge yeah i think purdue should have taken it right off the bat he kind of held up a little bit i think he should accelerate he had a one on one and that would have been a little bit better .

It's hard to stay consistent and play at the highest of levels you're gonna play at a high level here in the playoffs but you know you're gonna have some ups and downs some ebbs and flows and right now you know holy redeemer just kind of feeling their way out here .

Against the mighty elephants get that out of here jacob hunter great anticipation is he stuff looks like redeemer has switched back to man to man so about four minutes of zone coming back to the man-to-man so hyman snead at the other end of jacob hunter .

Trent middleton burton outside shot here that's way off in a rebound over there by schutz the griffin shot no good hunter will drive takes about a five seven footer missed it rebound foul what do we gotta push going the other way looks like a foul on kazurski .

Timeout on the floor 3 48 to go two-point lead we'll be back we are back jack's in pro shock moved over on the big guy crawley johnson into the ball game and hunter gets the rebound .

Do a nice job by jacob hunter being athletic they need him to be every bit of that extra steppy tip uppy and then that's got to be on 10. i think they're going to call both ways i missed it what happened on that so prochack was running back and 10 got in .

His way then he gave him the business again but they didn't call a foul i don't think it's just hey don't do that again yeah maybe maybe a good piece of a fishing yeah i mean you give him the the warning i thought maybe it was one edge because he gave it to him twice right and project you know was like together but .

What are you gonna do he goes in he drives and takes the shot and that's burton right now 16 14. 252 and credit to both teams being here tonight in the quarterfinal semifinal coming this weekend that should have been a foul sure .

Here comes purda back over to hunter hunter will drive in back to puerto nobody flat-footed he didn't have much of a choice here hunter goes up and gets foul so credit to he didn't have the best look but he's like if i throw this up maybe we'll get a rebound we got three dudes in there .

And you know what it it goes to show you you don't have to be the biggest guy always to get the ball balls get tipped around in there but if you have more hands in there you have more of a chance to get the rebound and that's what happened with hunter and now he's going to hit two free throws possibly i like telling the story about jacob .

Hunter so i was coaching junior high track and he would be a kid that you could put in any event coach you need you need me in this i'll go i'll go run the mile i'll run the 400. you need a sprinter he would do any he'd run through a brick wall for you he ends up going over to holy redeemer i think he's doing the same thing there he .

Is a great young man yeah he really is he had these big spec glasses and he would just try like heck and you love a kid like that don't you whatever whatever you need coach yep noah's mom uh loved everything he did and very supportive of him justice schultz back with the basketball .

208 on the clock it is a four-point redeemer lead they've been good on that free-throw line that's important showed a spinner how about that daddy lefty see what i love about this now what i love is the match-ups the big guy goes on pro shack the big guy goes on pro shack proshack .

Pulls him outside the screen shows denied the scream but the big guy was still out in the arc and which allowed him the opportunity to attack the rim with not having six nine to go against returning his ability to take the ball of the rack and we just don't know like basketball's .

Kind of you know you think all the sports recruiting lies like okay is this kid like you know an instant impact player d3 he could go play in the piece hack could he be a small d1 what could he do i think he could do a little bit of whatever he wants to do he's a gamer he .

Shows up and makes plays and steps up you know we all know he's a division one track athlete right yes won a state champion football he's probably a year away right just coming back and playing football for the first time a long time probably a year away from being a division one football player and basketball maybe .

I'm not sure what they're what they're not seeing but if it's his jump shot that might be maybe a year away from him working on that and finishing because he finishes at a division one level he runs the court at division one level i i i don't really know what it is his defense is division one .

There's matt prochak trying to throw up anything he could and we'll get a foul is that right third i think it's chris all right that's good go pepsi pap jack got the foul yeah that is good and it's good because i think everybody .

Knows what you mean we don't need a one on pro shack no or the third on right buck 12 on the clock still a six point holy redeemer lead this kind of reminds me a little bit of the west philadelphia team they weren't shooting well at all no and you know dallas took advantage of that last night .

Here we have a holy redeemer team that you know they're up six but boy it could be double digits right now and again with the big guy out i'm looking for to see if justice or maybe hunter attacks that rim 52 seconds on the clock we're in the first half the second quarter is going to be over it seems like it's the first .

Quarter the way this game has gone turnover they're going up top schutz is going to go for the good try but middleton scored it he's got the ups 20 to 16. try to time that perfectly four-point advantage and again you don't see that very often redeemer turning it over but you know .

You got tough defenders here tip in still alive pap almost came up with it now it's coming the other way burton almost lost the basketball 10 seconds on the clock they kick it out they're gonna drive in and jump ball going redeemer's way with 5.5 seconds mark .

It's a that's a that's a really good defensive play so let's see if redeemer could capitalize on this and finish hunter the long ball gets picked off here comes the shot the other way oh they got lucky redeemer that's a big break right there that .

Would have been a 6-0 run right to finish for math civics in science we'll take a timeout quarter number three will come your way we'll be back 30. we're back quarter number three getting ready to get underway here at freedom high school in bethlehem on the .

Holy redeemer athletic network i'm john mandola joined by crestwood basketball coach mark atherton and uh lead for redeemer how about some things you think they need to do here in this second half well i think if you're a redeemer you look for the check marks what you did well i think they kept math .

Uh from scoring in transition kept them off the boards for the most part so no offensive putbacks really that hurt you and you forced them to shoot jump shots i don't like mass civics and science's energy you know i thought they have a little bit more and i'm worried i'm worried redeemer is going to see a little bit more energy from this team .

But you have to be happy if you're coach guydo right of four points and the score holding them the 16 points is a good thing jumper right off the bat rebound contested justice schutz daryl wright throw check back over to right perda just hanging over there he'll run .

Through and so will shoats they get into the puerta's hands awfully quick ford almost lost that little body control he had pro check now trying to set up down low they're draped all over him trying to be aggressive as poplar right .

Back to pro-check fakes the three gets it to purda turtle tried to go off the dribble take a quick peek at it wasn't there good job and wright will throw a runner kazerski with a huge rebound herta down down yeah it's a big shot right there off an offensive rebound good job kazurski .

Perda throwing it in the hole 23-16 point lead beth is gonna drive goes low kicks it back out now they slow it down again thought they'd be a little more aggressive there trying to get it into the big boy crawley .

That's what the redeemer guards do he put on try to put it on the floor and the ball is gone almost to carry there by right quick oh nice job by kazurskia getting a big boy in the air that's a foul nice head fake there by kazurski .

Doesn't matter he didn't score he get another foul there two fouls now on the six foot nine crawley well i don't i didn't think there's too many people that could make matt prochak look small standing right next to him he's a big guy he is a large man .

He's got a beard they list him at 235 but i mean he looks more like he's 2 2 45 265 something i don't know i'm trying to give him a little but yeah he's a and he's pretty mobile i mean he runs the court all right how about a soft touch yeah unbelievable that miss there .

Somebody's got to be aggressive and it was kazurski saying that's my ball and i'm going to go play with it 5 59 on the clock 23 16. maddie p leh f t kenny nothing and it goes out of bounds but it's still good for the royals but man matt was .

Trying that was a try hard effort you needed that right there yeah and i like that they went inside to him pro check they're trying to frustrate him and kazurski goes hard and i love that effort from jeffrey starting to get a little physical here .

Mark control physical but a seven point lead for the royals of holy redeemer with a big bench over there for the mighty elephants and a nice put in by poplar right now with a basketball back over to puerta we got a hand check right there that's .

Good on middleton and as a coach that frustrates you he's about 40 feet from the hoop going lateral and you hand check him for no reason 23 18 5 10 on the clock quarter number three justice schultz they're getting in his pocket .

Tried to sell the foul there back over to puerta perta to the rack score the bucket as matt prochak tips it in once again just bringing the big guy out a little like a ball screen open up that lane for puerta nice step there by kazurski they kick it out three-pointer .

The mighty elephant's able to put it up and in that's the butler did it no it's burton that's that's two offensive rebound scores now for them two team fouls here on math civics and science 420 on the clock quarter three .

Justice shoats drew a little attention a little late whistle but the right call body contact now if i'm redeemer i'm very happy with my defense except the last two possessions they got to finish to play by boxing out a couple missed box out assignments and .

They got putbacks free throws again the importance of them justice shows pretty good here there was a time i remember in basketball and much like like bowling okay you hit the hand you got to strike whatever but in basketball .

I don't always remember hitting the hand after a free throw it kind of one of those little pet peeves i'm like get a greasy hand you know you know it's funny john about 10 15 years ago the referees tried to cut that out they wouldn't let you do it they thought it was to speed up the game but they couldn't stop the kids from .

Doing it and i think they felt badly if they were going to call some sort of you know penalty on it so they just let it go but they tried to and i have to come up with some other like little thing it's 27 20 there's a full timeout we'll take a timeout we'll be right back .

We're back 4 15 on the clock in the third 27-20 john dola mark atherton with you the holy redeemer athletic network want to thank our friends at the piaa semifinals coming up this weekend dallas plays friday down here in the lehigh valley that game will be streamed on streamed on nfhs i know that for sure .

So that's a definite so people get to pay to watch that game they have the rights nfhs for dallas area this weekend gonna get a foul right here to get to foul slick redeemers back in the zone back to their 2-3 zone yeah the big guy crawley will reach a .

Little bit there for a screen he's gonna we're gonna get a foul and man redeemer need to close that yeah i think matt procheck had to come over a little bit more to close that gap so daryl right now gets his third foul here but we are halfway through the third three-point attempt it's gonna be off .

The front of the rim but they get the rebound there schultz sells his body over there here's right runner pro-check gets fouled that was a long strider you know that went from one side to court to the other side and matt did a great job running right down the middle .

You teach your big guys run for the middle of the rim and he was rewarded for his effort i haven't seen his one of his brothers in a couple of years i just saw him out in the lobby and i think he's like six eight six nine i'm thinking man matt's like six four six five whatever that is he might have .

Another inch or two in him it might have been late growers these pro check guys but they've been fantastic for the holy redeemer community and uh yeah dad's really into it and whole family just athletic family sister is a great basketball player and you know as good as they all were they're they're all great people too .

29 to 20. math civics and science shows oh my goodness i don't like the call there no clearly had his feet set he got thrown away like one of those potato chips on your belly you know .

Wow and and he sold it well but i thought that was purely offensive had everything squared it looked clearly like a charge from here guydo just clapped through it like okay we're just gonna we're gonna move on that ball is on the floor almost and jeffrey kazurski gets another loose ball love kazurski's hustle tonight it's been .

A difference maker pro-check fakes that gives it to right wright's gonna score the three tries to went long with it it went off that back part of the rim so a good attempt there by daryl wright whoa two in a row justice schultz yeah i think paul paul's got to question .

This a little bit more i know you don't want to put your team in it but that's two in a row on shoats and they're tough calls very tough you got to have a conversation with that official dude what else can i do whether it's shoats or the coach because one of the things you have to do .

Against these guys is take away the lane and take it to charge as part of it they just took two beautiful charges and got both called blocks that's rough 29-20 somehow redeemer leads by nine we'll take a timeout and be right back well here we go mark still a nine-point advantage holy redeemer 14 000 piece 257 on the clock .

Third quarter holy redeemer athletic network math civic science are going to drive and they go back door what a gorgeous bucket has done a great job up until this point of showing his body that when he missed it but that's one thing you know that .

Doesn't show up in the box score that lane protect showing your chest down to a seven-point lead justice schultz he's got to be fired up after a couple of calls didn't go his way so now let's see how he responds to that .

He's got a wide open shots justice shows to the rack and nobody contested that that was like the departing of the red sea coming the other way that's got to be a finally there the holy redeemer faithful will say we got one and there's pro shack adding another .

Element to his game taking a charge 31-22-208 on the clock so massive excites down pulls up full court pressure man-to-man nothing redeemer can't handle with their three guards perda now with the basketball gets around the first guy and they get a reacher over .

There so the reach around by bethea redeemer up nine i'd love to see some patience and get another one to the rim buck 51 on the clock this is a just a strange feel to this game the way it's going right now and it's not a negative or a positive it's just a little different .

And right now holy redeemer under control and just not lighting up the basket but doing enough and not seeing math civics and science convert a whole lot on the other end project oh the second effort .

he went up against crawl he missed the first one able to tip that in oh travel there everybody wanted it back over to the other side they'll drive the lane and one they'll miss the bucket but a nice job by jahim bathia .

Now it's funny the as redeemer's in his own zone is supposed to take away a little bit of the penetration keep you out of foul trouble it's kind of done the opposite they've gotten the ball in the lane a little bit more against it sometimes each out a little bit there right like we saw .

Dallas yeah they lost redeemers losing a little bit of their gap coverage in this zone coach gaido's telling the box out absolutely box out how long has this guy been here it's just like eight seconds or what yeah 10 seconds he used almost all of it .

Full court pressure 33-24 porto will be patient get it back over to schutz we'll try to double him good luck with that right perda guido eyeing it up krazerski tried to come out for a screener purder throws up a prayer .

Missed everything saves it it's prochack with a fake gets it back out justin schultz set it up 52 seconds gaido yelling it out let's do one back over to puerta i like the patience here that was as good as you're gonna get right back to show church dribbles in shoats to the rack and one .

Yeah got the call to go his way this time 35-24 comes pap shack into the game maybe hunter come back maybe maybe make sure that daryl wright doesn't pick up a fourth here he comes in for kazurski .

Gives him a little blow 35 24 11 point advantage and a big bucket coming up here from schutz more than patient on this free-throw line off the front of the rim here comes the mighty elephants miss who's gonna get the rebound and we got a foul there .

Underneath is this on yeah that's on shoats let's hear how many is it three or four with 21.7 seconds man that stinks that's a real that's that's a real tough foul and you know that's where again those two charges come into play and again i understand could be a block .

Or a charge but you think one of them would have gone his way redeemer's gonna have to play now a few minutes without schutz they've got to really box out here oh man that was the highest i ever saw pro-chat go up great job by matt .

All that work he has put in eight seconds and another foul here eight seconds left in the third and both teams will be in the one one-and-one here comes perda big buck could buy perd every free throw he just can't emphasize it enough we've seen some misses 36-24 .

So you know that's three trays of old forge or two trays to hold for it yeah 8.1 seconds now on the clock they get it over to the corner quick movement four seconds i got plenty of time misses out protect with a big rebound with no time and that will do it holy redeemer and matt prochak 37-24 13-point advantage quarter four .

Coming your way further more quarter four holy redeemer fans getting into it a lot of fans here from northeastern pennsylvania as much we've seen those dallas people last night but then the extended dallas family and tonight's the same you see .

Holy redeemer fans and the extended family rooting for the royals leading by 13. john madola and mark atherton with you here in the holy redeemer athletic network inside matt project they can't stop him i would ride pro shack as long as you could ride him without shoats in there .

And that is a tough miss there pro check stood still and a tough miss there by pressly as its 15 point advantage with shoats on the bench 7 23. daryl wright matt prochak outside off the front of the rim but jacob hunter is there got .

Knocked down he's got to get up and get down and the bucket inside nice play there by poplar here comes the run in the trapping port has got three dudes chasing him pro-check uses his body oh so well great pass great decision by zach burton .

Great finish by matt these college coaches salivating right now what they're going to get out of matt prochak going forward i think daryl's got to show a little bit more you know a little bit more uh i don't know patience as it were but that's his fourth i guess discipline's the right word i'm .

Looking for russ can't reach right yeah three thousand there yeah so you got right and chokes both with four fouls that's tough but you're up 41-26 that's really good so you know they they got to play it the way they do right now and yeah you're looking at the good news is .

Coach goddard's got a lot of timeouts and you're up that you know with a big lead 15 point lead the bad thing is you're putting them on the foul line and stopping the clock wow banks are open daryl wright just having that conversation with the official just making him think a little bit .

Looked very respectful pap jack's got to make sure he boxes out on this one he does but the hands were quick and pap jack tried to get back into it and they called the timeout 30-second timeout they're they're telling matt pro shacks .

Telling chris papchak you got that rebound pulled in your chin they got quick hands and you know what mass civic science is a little desperate right now they're coming in with the hands from up in the end with the pressure quarter number four 6 44 to play inside ball game seemed easy right there .

Oh that was scary i thought that one was going the other way here's puerto with that great burst zach perda trying to go oh man good move he's got to get back up down high off the glass a finish here by pressly .

6 18. i think i'm going to show to right now i'd like to get him in quicker and take my chances here yeah it's a big decision they have now it's down it's a quick 5-0 run down to 10. under six minutes to go big pick over there by project he gets .

The ball top of the key a little bit of a line driver here comes corner pocket score it it's a three middleton and now we get a foul that'll be team foul number nine oh jeffrey kazurski's coming off the bench right now .

Pap jack will come out daryl right going over having that conversation right now with coach guydo 5 38. 41-34 get a little hairy close for my liking edo run i believe by massive science here should be big free throws now .

That one didn't go in so 19 fouls for the mighty elephant seven for the royals and a beautiful move there by bethea the tenth team foul and that one's going to go against middleton it looks like just like that's a five-point game schutz is coming he's got three .

Here comes schultz with 5 24 to go that foul was somewhere under 30 seconds it might have been like 23 when he had it in the third quarter it's double bonus so shows couldn't come in can't come in yet until after the first shot you know you want to know how valuable .

Schultz is that's how valuable he is show we're waiting for somebody to come back from the mighty elephants let's go get the ball 43-36 lefty no-go .

Oh man what a rebound by crawley pro-check wanted it crawling just out muscles just sound muscled him for that there comes shoats over the right it's a tough spot i think for gaido because how much coaching do you want to do you know you're up you've been up at 4 55. the kids want to let the kids play .

Not make them feel tight it's a tough spot sure and you're up at 1.15 but yet you want to keep the gas in the pedal but be smart i i look for shows to get some drive right here justice schutz and one .

the mighty elephants keep hoping for a charge right now the last two he has put them right in the bucket you get a kid like this mark who's just strong off the dribble like justice that's not many kids can do that and .

Take it to the rack and finish as strong as he could no absolutely and again they're able to pull the big guy away from the basket opening that up and i think the reason that was a good call is the guy was under the basket a little bit too much 45-38 now drama dola along with mark atherton here .

On the holy redeemer athletic network want to thank jp aquilina the athletic director in the administration of holy redeemer for allowing us to broadcast this piaa quarterfinal game get ready for somebody to get to the semifinals this weekend 46-38 .

Kazurski went right after it i didn't mind that at all no no i think i think the bigger thing you have to be concerned with is redeemer up top of this zone they really have to close off that that dribble drive now and i know daryl wright's thinking i have four fouls it's not so easy well you got .

Jacob hunter who could come right off the bench if something happens and somebody's able to foul out but still got to produce some offense and try to stop the bleeding here as the mighty elephants just seem like they're just driving everything to the bucket right now .

they get the roll as well and they've got full court pressure but redeemer has done well handling this pressure and getting it up court and they've got the guards to handle it they just got to watch picking up your dribble go meet it wow .

That's a favorable call yeah i wouldn't i wouldn't mind to see matt pro shack come up and get a ball screen up here because the big guy will stay down and will free up justice just give him that little freedom a little bit daryl wright with a basketball ten team fouls .

Double bonus purter waiting to be patient good job by him back over to justice shoats you like to get more through that halfway point that's about six seconds away i think early in the game he shoots that i think right now he knows the last four minutes what his role is going to be .

Herta with a big take and a circus shot in the backyard he wins the horse game and i think that's his role get it to the hoop if he gets something to hoop a wide open three but not a jump shot you don't want to give that wide open look over there schultz playing tight don't play too tight middleton is their guy oh man and one crawly that was muscular .

48-42 338 this is a dog fight both teams credit this is fantastic basketball much like last night p-i-a we had 4a now we got 3a tonight it's going to come down to free-throw shooting because both teams will be in the double bonus and redeemers shooting at about 69 clip .

Oh middleton with a huge rebound missed it and crawley oh lucky that wasn't an and one they're looking for somebody else 30 timeout coming to redeemer's way 3 32 on the clock lots of juice left here at freedom high school in bethlehem john mandola mark atherton we'll be .

Right back we are back here at freedom high school john dola mark atherton the shark you know people people texting me hey are you doing sharky doing the game dude so we have to get into that nickname or is that a long story oh it's kind of a long story but i will say most people say that that's from my high .

School days so they're high school buddies yeah high school opponents a lot of people in the community just uh appreciating us to be able to give them some high school basketball we're grateful as well up here yeah we are and you know what it's been three great games for us we've been kind of lucky here to overtime and this is coming down .

To the wire also crawley misses both and matt prochak does the job that's a huge play here comes purda man he's lightning quick berta's got to contrain control the dribble kozurski knows what to do great .

Job by jeffrey schultz elbow jumper didn't go but kazurski the rebound machine he is yeah and justice i'm not sure the shot gets something to go to hole you can get it to the hole give it up get another opportunity live for another pass or two 48-42 six-point advantage .

Project thought about that one take your time but and whenever they're in trouble the guards pro has the big on him he could be the guy that comes out and and takes away the pressure right seeing these guys develop this year and again i haven't seen him in every game but they can handle every bit of pressure on the .

Highest estate levels no call there kazurski rebound kick it out he's disgusting right now kazurski now we got something what was that wow wow 2 35 on the clock and again redeemers guys they come over they have a conversation with the official .

Official comes over to guide okay who's ready to collapse over there but it is what it is there's been some close calls this whole game they've been pretty consistent oh they have been and it's ten fouls apiece i mean you can't argue that it's just 2 35. i didn't see what happened obviously something happened i'm not sure but .

That's matt prochak's fourth foul i believe i thought they said two for a second but i i agree with you yeah i think it's the fourth foul too it might be too fast why do i think that's four on him i'm trying to think back as fouls i can't think of them .

I have a scoreboard here i wish they would put it up there yeah they they don't put the player fouls up it's either broke but or state playoff game we'd like to see it and they've been very accommodating here at freedom we're fortunate project with a big box out there i was .

Hoping there was no foul yeah you like to see a big box i just got to be a little careful per to right he's got the baseline thought and get away with the dribble there i'm not sure it looked funny it did but i i don't think it was anything again you have pro shack if you need .

Them now the big guy's coming outside the ark kazurski just needs to be the rebound machine he's been in these last couple minutes it's been huge over to the corner he's gonna drive he don't a care basket .

I love the confidence of zach berta i'm taking it to the rack stop me and he's throwing floaters it's going the other way zach herta right now with two huge athletic plays for the royals and jeffrey kazurski's rebounds i'm out on the floor a buck 40 to go redeemer up seven with the ball you got .

To be happy if you're coach paul guydo i think uh guy does used his timeouts wisely he's still got a bunch tommy lake goes over to the bench to check and they tell him exactly where the ball is going to be right between the t and the r and here's what you have you have a lot of timeouts left you're up .

Seven you're in the double bonus and you have three guards that can handle the ball very well and yeah pro shack was a big guy garner who could help relieve pressure if they need him by coming outside the arc and he could handle the ball for a big guy so you've got a lot going for you but we also know how quick and explosive this massive science team .

Could be and we can't you know redeemer cannot allow them to get a couple steals and scores or they're in trouble you think about the elements mark and basketball's changed a little bit and you know high school wise but you know you think of pure shooters now the shields kid from scranton he's a .

Heck of a player but like dallas pure shooter they got guys who could take the ball to the rack they have guys who could shoot now redeemer i'd say similar right not pure shooters but guys who just continue they can make plays make shots but take the ball to the rack as well it's important nowadays absolutely and you know we did dallas huss night .

Shooting 70 from the foul line we look at redeemer shooting 69.2 from the foul like that's good foul shooting here now it's a little different with the pressure of a state playoff you know game but let's see if they knock them down they're going to get this w all right about to talk to him over the weekend .

That one falls out kozerski we've seen all kind of crazy things happen i think you know somebody like shows here if something bad would you know he would foul out or whatever in the last minute that could that could change things .

Right now for holy redeemer so important to be smart he misses both free throws sure he'll make it up here play a little defense maybe get a steal oh whoa whoa whoa whoa i think they got kazurski for that one called pro-check i thought double force wow .

Eyes are getting bad mark well you know what you know what that does it takes away obviously a presence he's gotten how many three offense rebounds on the one end did a great job they do get a little quicker here maybe with the pressure right and .

Dallas faced the same thing last night with buffalino going out he didn't you gotta watch all the overtime and part of that fourth now it does concern me they just got the ball and down the court and they're shooting foul shots about five seconds in that possession .

Free throw goes nice job there by bethiah i'll tell you he has a great technique on his shot and we hear the scouting reports and you know somebody had said boy you got to watch middleton tonight he's tough oh same thing with executive education we're here okay this guy's florida state .

This guy's lasalle then you see another guy like wow this guy's pretty good too so you're just not real sure sure right oh a quick stutter that was good here's jacob hunter back over and out on .

The mighty elephants buck 26. five-point cling to your jersey lead here the royals drama dollar mark atherton on the holy redeemer athletic network tonight freedom high school bethlehem you want the ball and shoots his hands as much as .

Possible they got to force a turnover schultz gets it boy they're coming out now here's the steal show test to be careful you don't want to foul just let it go and you give up the free bucket not much you could do there but it's down to a three-point lead .

Has been really good good timeout and a foul very scary right now yeah and you want to again they might have to go on that fast break and maybe do a two on one and try to score another bucket there three-point game here 50 seconds to go and they've led them almost the whole .

Way here right in the second half and the from the second quarter on nice job by puerto rico saw his mom and dad coming in before the game they're so proud of this young man the parents are all over social media just they they're they're choking up every minute of this and a great kid i always .

Tell them don't fall back on your second foul shot and it looked like you just leaned back a little bit and got the front rim yep oh offense off oh it's a gutsy play but it was a it was a charge all the way daryl wright went flying it's going that away .

45 four-point lead hunter is going to come down oh they're going to pressure him and a timeout 37.3 seconds mark atherton john mandola will take a .

Quick breath we'll be back 51-47 pressure will be on holy redeemer with a four-point lead both teams 10 team fouls we are in regulation you know normally during the season justice will never have a problem getting open .

Here the auntie's up awesome athletes on both sides i like to see matt maybe matt prochak come up and get a ball uh screen for him somebody's got to come out 13 didn't check in oh he checked in late they put him in late to the table someone caught it looks like the referee caught that .

Probably for foul purposes maybe there comes burton official scorers table the whole nine yards this is serious business here it is the state 3a quarterfinals here's matt prochak he fouled him he was caught too he was caught .

But boy that clock you get two three seconds only off of it doesn't move a whole lot that's where the double bonus does help the nerves a little bit there were nerves before this game mark up here yes .

Coach guydo going with a little offense defense for the last minutes uh with pap jack coming in project what a job right there 53-47 feels good right now two possession game three middleton misses rebound and what do we got to push from behind maybe daryl wright's fifth i think it's on schultz .

No we're both wrong then i saw the one go up and then i was happy when i saw him didn't see the other one come up we better get some binoculars or something up here in the up in the perch we are here at freedom high school with 26.5 seconds to go here comes the mighty elephant on that .

Free-throw line they're down five crawley has an edge in there but perda comes up with a basketball and perda waits to get foul say i want an opportunity on that free-throw line let me tell you little things like .

Inside there crawley got inside position on there he's six nine he'll look like he's getting that rebound and pap jack just tapped he knew he couldn't get the rebound but he tapped it away from him in the purges hands that's a play that doesn't always go notice but it's huge .

Should i yell down to him to stay on the line don't back up yeah i would be if i wasn't up here you gotta you gotta timeout i'll mute the mic for you if you want 23.2 54 48 having a little fun with zach perda great kid mark was talking the last game he was at .

The kingston wreck over the weekend shooting some threes he faded away that time but he got it he got it 55 48 22 seconds on the clock it's looking good for the royals right now to close out this ball game the three isn't good project and perda and a foul with 12.3 .

Seconds to go wow how about this they're feeling it now schutz is going over to the student section this ain't easy you know you get this far and you just don't know it's down to the wire constantly per the misses and let me tell you as a coach you know right now you're .

Figuring out five different ways you're gonna lose this game so even though everybody's cheering you're thinking we could still lose this game the more doubters though for redeemer it's just creating more motivation for these young men eight point lead feels a little bit .

Better zach berta will throw a little pressure right nine seconds they'll go outside crawlies in and out jack with a rebound and holy redeemer will go to the state semi finals in three a every single player made a difference .

Tonight for the royals what a feeling right now for these guys wow going to the final four wow in 3a redeemer showing every element of a champion and they're representing district 2 awfully well .

56-48 the final score what a feeling what a feeling for these young men i'll tell you what it's a great it's a great two nights for uh district two though devin prep win so that'll be the opponent for holy devin prep is is outstanding um i believe .

And if i'm thinking back i think they beat reading high school as number one in the state and there's a big 6a school if i'm not mistaken that's a that's a huge task but once again this this underdog role for redeemer has you know provided the motivation they need congratulations to the holy redeemer tonight 56-48 winners here on .

The holy redeemer athletic network for mark atherton i'm john mendola thank you so much for joining us tonight have a great night everybody


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