Friday, May 27, 2022

MSM HCOP with AskTheVetATL – Veterinary vs. Human Medicine

My name is dr. Freddy's Anderson I'm a mobile veterinarian here in Atlanta Georgia and I own practice called ask the vet so I really enjoyed being a part of the program I'm just exposing students to veterinary medicine I thought it was great that the veterinarian was really good I thought it was nice to see how veterinarians do .

Their day to day business and also getting a view of the lifestyle of a veterinarian I see the best on that they can see themselves doing what the vet does how much they get paid what their quality of life is like what the requirements for education are to get to that stuff that was a nice experience so seems like most students gravitate to a .

Surgery whether it's scrubbing in and like counting up or doing like the suturing and in a lot of aspects of with the program I did want to also do things that could correlate to human medicine as well because a lot of those suture patterns you would also use you know in human patients too we got to suture it was very interesting I feel like it was .

Very fun and they was it wasn't hard but it was hard I can tell you have to practice a lot open the gems loud they've got some experience with basic medical terminology which I was surprised to see how much it was similar between vets in like human medicine as far as like how to work with like blood and blood .

Samples like the bottom and stuff like that and like how to plate a blood sample and look at it under microscope and what to look for as far as pathology is concerned I would say one thing that a lot of people don't know about veterinary medicine you could go into being a general practitioner like myself you could also go into working for like .

The USDA and dealing with like food food and inspection so there are just a lot of different aspects even working in lab animal medicine or doing solely like laboratory medicine so I think when people do think about veterinarian they don't really think about all those different aspects they just think of going into like an animal hospital .


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