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My Experience in Accounting | Reality vs Expectation

Hey guys I'm gonna wish y'all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year I did straighten my hair a couple of days ago as y'all can see here it started to revert a little bit I will post a youtube video about what I did straighten my hair but I pretty much do the same process I used last time so if y'all want to check out how I did it .

Last time you can click the link above but this video right here is gonna be focused on my experiences in accounting and some of y'all already know I am an accountant full time that's what I do for a living that's how I earn my income I receive my CPA license back in 2017 if y'all want to hear about that process and what it is and how I studied for the .

Exam you can click the link above and whenever I tell people outside of you know the county industry what I do they think I work on taxes I don't know if any of y'all have had that experience but you tell them you're an accountant okie do my taxes or you can help me with this tax issue I don't work with taxes at all like .

That's not part of my job right now so I actually majored in economics I didn't major in the county that wasn't my intention to be an accountant when I first entered college I just kind of fell into it it came more interested in as time went on I started taking some accounting classes like I think my senior year of college so my college .

Doesn't have an accounting major but it does have one accounting class and I think the remaining accounting classes I did take were at my local Community College which gave me the courses needed in order to sit for the CPA exam and right after college I actually was in a Social Work type position for a year so I was doing nothing related to .

Accounting and then after that I moved on to become a financial examiner for the state of Texas so I was auditing different financial lenders to make sure they were in compliance with state guidelines in order to keep their financing life since within the state of Texas and I did that for about two years I didn't .

Really enjoy it it was a lot of traveling involved I was traveling every other week two different locations I wasn't in like a constant work office environment I was actually you know in the field at the locations talking and interacting with like managers and things like that for different companies that I was auditing for compliance I .

Guess you could kind of say that I did that for two years wasn't really what I wanted to do that with audit in the particular positions that I had compliance I was in other people's space and it wasn't my own like I was going to the companies sitting in their offices and telling them what's wrong with their you know how they do their business and .

It can be uncomfortable at times and I knew that wasn't what I wanted to do in the future I wanted to be in a position where I was doing the work type thing instead of checking other people's work so I moved on to work for an accounting firm but still in a more compliance related role I was making sure that government agencies that received FEMA .

Grants were in compliance so I would look through invoices and contracts and things like that and make sure they were within FEMA guidelines again that wasn't really what I wanted to do even though I was working for accounting firm I wasn't really doing the accounting that I would like and the particular kind of firm I was working for only focused on FEMA .

Grants compliance within the state of Texas and I knew that wasn't what I wanted to be confined to I wanted to look at financial statements I wanted to prepare journal entries I wanted to do bank reconciliations that sort of thing so I really wanted a position within that type of accounting but I had a hard time getting those more traditional .

Roles versus compliance is what I guess I had more access to you in terms of jobs so it took me a while to really get into a more traditional accounting role I started applying for other jobs but I wasn't really getting many callbacks I really think that getting my license and May of 2017 help put me over the hump I think it was about six months .

After I got my license that I was able to find a job with them more a more traditional County so I worked for the accounting firm for I think two and a half years or so and then I moved on to my current role right now I work in real estate accounting I prepare and post journal entries I prepare bank statements and financial statements like .

Balance sheets income statements cash flow statements I prepare all those statements which is what I've always thought as accounting so I'm just happy to finally be in the part of accounting that I like it's taken me five years to get here five or more but I finally made it and I think this is where I should be so not I mean a role that I like I'm .

Hoping to progress to more management positions I'm hoping that the CPA license that I have will help me progress it's not that stressful we do have busy time periods I work for a publicly traded company so we have quarter end deadlines and and month and closed deadlines as well what else would I like to know .

So y'all kind of asked me to compare my expectations versus reality so when I was in high school I thought of accounting is more like a number crunching job where you're in a room and alone and you just focus on your computer and doing that Yatta Yatta like solo but with my particular job I'm in a team environment and we're in cubicles .

And we can easily talk to each other I don't feel like I'm alone in any way or solitary and then also I interact with other people within the company often because I have to be aware of projects and jobs going on within the building that I prepare journal entries for us so that I know what sort of crew and things like that so there's a lot of .

Interaction with property managers construction managers things like that so my job is not in any way confined to just meet with no interaction with other people so that's something that I kind of expected with when I was in high school as I started working in the accounting and audit type positions I knew that wasn't the case .

Because with my role with the state of Texas I was doing a lot of traveling and I was in the locations so of course all of my interaction was with you know nude people almost every day and I knew that wasn't what I wanted to do but even with this particular position I am interacting with other people but it's the same people it's not different .

People every time and so that's what I like about my current position I'm the one preparing the financial statements I'm the one doing the journal entries and we do have auditors that audit what we do but that's handled more on the management side like they don't really interact with individual accountants directly the auditors don't interact .

With accounts directly I think that's it I feel like I've covered or at least scratched the surface of what I do and what my experience has been if y'all have any other additional questions please leave them below and I can do another video that covers you know other topics within accounting but I hope y'all enjoyed this video thanks for .

Watching this video please rate comment and subscribe thanks bye so I've left my previous two videos for y'all's viewing a pleasure if you would like to check them out if not we're still good but thanks for watching my video again bye


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