Saturday, May 21, 2022

Science vs Art

Society is long championed the idea that science and art are opposites existing on opposite planes science is driven by logic and rationality while art is driven by emotion and creativity but our science and art really that different to investigate we asked to scientists and to artists to tell us their honest answers to a series of questions about .

Their fields we didn't tell them what we intended to do with the footage and their answers were surprising hi my name is Amanda and I'm a science communicator my name is Anthony I am a science communicator my name is Marvin and I'm an artist my name is Simone and I'm a musician I also make visual art factual objective .

Reproducible and accurate I'll use the words fun exciting challenging beautiful I don't know if it can be summed up in words rigorous slightly geeky slightly out there nonconformist worki I think of kooky old guys with curly hair and glasses walking around in lab coats miserable sensitive dissatisfied unsure Timmy is just this cartoon of .

This little white man with a mustache and he has a beret anyone could be an artist it could be a man it could be a woman anyone can be a scientist everyone and anyone can be a scientist any person could be an artist things that make you cry in the best way possible but constantly changing shooting at skin allowing for new forms and new .

Identities to emerge I think a nature is very beautiful the colors and all the very intricate patterns and how these patterns and colors have evolved I didn't always know that flowers are beautiful I think I was 29 when I first saw the beauty of a rose but now I see it as like the most beautiful thing to stop and smell the rose people who just .

Litter people who just don't really care much about the environment aspirational lifestyles people fronting fakeness people kind of like running away from themselves vector graphics this mountain dew adds so gross a lot of the filters on digital photography are so ugly I think that we need to be very careful with the choices that we make especially .

Who we choose as early people are denying like very valuable connection to the land really engaged in a deep theft from indigenous people I fear that things are going to get worse I like art I'm not particularly artistic but I like looking at art I feel like I am illiterate when it comes to science I really wish I was a .

Physicist for me art has always been kind of confusing as a concept I'm coming to understand that that's the nature of art that pieces speak to you in different ways and some speak more than others love science was really couldn't chemistry and biology and I score he's the guy who makes all the square patterns and stuff there's that .

One with a big white square in the red and the yellow in the room yeah him I like his art there was a lady who I liked a lot of the work she does she likes to do kind of dramatic pieces she and somebody else leaned back between them and if he let go she would definitely die in a very visceral way kind of helped me to understand what .

Trust is between two people molecules organisms the way that they sort of like dissect and spread or as like a metaphor for how bodies move through space the law of thermodynamics that everything is moving from order to chaos and in fact I feel like I am explicitly a force of entropy science is beautiful exactly like art I know we're on the same boat .

Art can be observational science can be observational art can be theoretical and science can be theoretical art is science and sciences are they're all ultimately creative and technical endeavors I think that the barrier is simply pragmatic were like science is applied it seeks concrete evidence in concrete ways of changing things whereas .

Our is more concerned about implementing ideas and shifting perspectives we're very much streamed from an early age into science and math or into the arts and that's I think to the detriment of our culture in general


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