Wednesday, May 25, 2022


Hey guys it's yana the short hair if you're new to this channel to subscribe to manpo and for those who don't know me i'm currently an architecture student studying in la salvasma but i took stem and senior high school before in lpu i'm part of the so-called experimental .

Match so because i'm part of that experimental batch i literally have no idea if i should take stem or arts and design but that's obviously the closest option for architecture when i inquired in lasalle before they .

Told me that it should be arts and design but when i imported lpu they told me that it should be stem so that's basically confusing after i got my exam results in lasalle they told me that it should be separated they also considered my option and they allowed me to take are allowing me to .

Take stem nanga since it was their mistake back then but i ended up studying in lpu because of my lawless performance at the time finally taking architecture in college cheshire column if one of the reasons why you really need to consider taking stem and senior high .

School before taking architecture is because there's this thing called bridging and i'm not sure please confirm in the comment section if you have an idea about it but guys i'm not sure so if you really .

Want to take architecture in college and for some reasons yes university but there's a high tendency that you need to take bridging in college so is the subject of stem really helpful in architecture if we're going to talk about the math .

Subject i will say yes like for example the calculus objects like busy calculus and pre-calculus human so let's talk about arts and design one of the consequences you can also consider taking arts and design if you want to take architecture from scheduling .

Of course i need to review for my exam in biology my exam in chemistry my exam in physics damaging time that artist block guys i want to take developing filipino identity in arts at leadership and management in different arts and fields after i heard that subject .

Architecture in a way now every design problem in architecture requires a concept arts and design hearts in general fine arts visual arts performing arts generally speaking i think senior high school has a lot of performance-based activities performance tasks .

Film interpretative dance painting i know and it's much like high school but then although non-senior high school coming together and coming downhill to sum up everything they need to take stem before taking bs architecture yes because most of the schools require .

Bridging if not and is the subjects helpful yes especially the math subjects there are also schools that offer autocad for stem even very helpful telugu nice very guys objects college but you can also consider taking arts and design track .

If you really want the skills so yeah i think that's all for this video like comment subscribe let me know your thoughts in the comment section and good luck see you soon


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